Week Ending 27th March

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It just happens that I chose this week to start a new feature for the online Community: a summary of things that you may have missed over the last week. Oh well... its been quite extraordinary and I will be restricting this post to what's been going on here rather than events in the wider world. 😑

1. Wider world! - It's Spring!

It's Spring and the sun has been shining. Just about warm enough to sit outside for a short time where I live and admire the flowers beginning to appear in the garden.

2. Coronavirus: We have established a new Category on the Community for all things related to the Covid-19 virus. It includes a locked section where you can find links to all our latest information posted on the website. Discussions, questions and comments about anything to do with coronavirus are welcome.

3. Helplines have changed their hours of availability as a result of the huge number of calls they are taking and the need to allow some time for those answering calls to recuperate. The free Helpline on 0800 5200 520 is open Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 6:00pm.

4. OUCH! An Online Community support group for those who need help and can't get it! With hospitals under pressure, this is a place for Cancelled Surgery Victims and anyone else who needs a sounding board! Started by lindalegs, do join in and support each other with help and advice on what to do if your operation has been cancelled.

5. Exercise ideas for our time in lockdown. Now that some of us have had a 12 week isolation letter from NHS and everyone able to only leave the house for very limited purposes, we have a discussion thread where you can post ideas for exercise and activity.

6. The Store Cupboard. A discussion started by frogmorton, where "we could swap ideas to help each other get by...… what sort of items are sensible to have in the house.  How to store foods.  Ideally some easy ideas for meals too maybe?" Add your suggestions and ideas to help build up our store cupboards.

7. Music to Distract and Relax. What music helps you to relax, distract or helps you to rest and sleep? Would be great to build up a library of music, videos and recommendations that we can all dip in to in time of need 😄

Stay Well. Stay Safe.