Anyone using adalimumab?

Just need to vent somewhere I’m starting adalimumab injections tomorrow morning, the nurse just phone to say she will be here at 9 to help me and talk me through things . Can’t believe it’s come to this 🙁 Anyone have any advise or tips ? Sorry just needed a rant


  • annie21
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    I was apprehensive about starting on adalimumab but I've been on it for 8 months now with a good result and no side-effects so far. I find the injection easy to self-administer. It does sting a bit but it soon passes. I just wish I had started using it sooner as a lot of joint damage has already been done.

  • Skybird
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    Thanks so much Annie I’m just so nervous I guess . Hoping I have the same results as you 😀
  • AmyAcorn
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    Hi Skybird
    I have just started adalimumab and like you was really anxious about it, but I've done 2 injections now and they're pretty easy to do yourself, you simply just have to press the injection pen down on your skin and the pen does its thing. Like annie21 said, it does sting a little when the medicine is going in but it really isn't that bad and feels fine within about 10 seconds or so. I always take mine out of the fridge about 40 minutes before hand so it can get up to room temperature as this reduces the stinging apparently. I've felt a bit blurgh after the injections but then I do seem to get side effects from most medications so that's probably more just me lol.
    Once you've got the first one done, I bet you'll feel much better about it, but it's totally understandable that you feel nervous about it as its something new to have to deal with with.
    Let us know how you got on with it
    Amy x
  • GrahamD
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    I am afraid that I have some negative feedback on Adalimumab normally called Humira. Before taking this medicine or any of the biologicals please ensure you have read the small print. You should also have a very frank discussion with your prescribing Doctor on the potential side effects of taking these drugs.

    I took the drug and ended up with Global Neuropathy which is if you read the side effects you will see can affect 1 in a 100. But let me be clear there are 99 people who have no side effects so I am just the unlucky one.

    I am now on another biological (Secukunimab) which so far has caused no side effects so please don't take my comments as a statement that you shouldn't take the drug. This is merely a warning that you need to risk assess the potential up side to the potential down side of taking a drug. And more importantly your prescribing Doctor should have these discussions with you before you take the drug.

    There are thousands who are benefiting from these drugs but remember there are a few who now have serious side effects from taking them.Thats life Im afraid?

    In the end its your decision.

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    Hi @GrahamD

    Welcome to the forum. I see you are posting already which is great,but I just want to welcome you to the inline community.

    You say you are on a drug called Secukunimab and so far it is helping and has no side effects at this present time,and have psoriatic arthritis.

    You don't say as far as I can see on all your posts how long you have had psoriatic arthritis it would be good to know a little bit about your arthritic story.

    Meanwhile keep on posting and enjoy chatting to others

    All the best Christine

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  • janp72
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    Hi Skybird,

    I’ve been on Adalimumab since just before Christmas. I was scared to death of starting, having read all the side effects, but having suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis for several years I made the decision to try it because my pain was becoming unbearable and I had no quality of life.

    I’m happy to say I have had no side effects (yet), the injections are really easy to do.... it’s just like an epipen, and there will always be someone you can contact if you have any queries or problems.

    Good luck, I hope it works as well for you as it seems to be doing for me. 😘

  • Elmbow
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    Adalimumab has been great for me. I've been on other biologics before that were okay but this one really made a difference. No bad side effects and you only take it once a fortnight. It's the best there is, the gold standard; it's unlucky that your condition is bad enough to need it, but you're also lucky you get to try it when many around the world do not. I wish you all the best with it.

  • kayzea42
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    I'm currently on steroids and just received my adalimumab. I'm very concerned that the patient alert card that came with the jabs states that the serious side effects include heart failure and cancer.... I'm worried to say the least.

  • Anna
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    Hello @kayzea42 and welcome to the online community,

    It’s understandable to be a little worried about starting a new drug treatment for your RA such as adalimumab, especially when you read the contraindications. The drug itself is considered a game changer for many people with inflammatory arthritis such as RA and as you can see from the posts above, many people have few side effects. Perhaps you’d like to read the Versus Arthritis page on the new anti-TNF treatments which include adalimumab - there are some interesting personal stories at the end of people whose lives were improved by taking the drug:

    It might also be worthwhile talking to your Rheumatologist or GP about your concerns - they will be able to discuss with you the risks and benefits.

    Best wishes and do let us know how you’re getting on. Keep posting as you’ll find that the forum is full of friendly supportive people who will be happy to share their experiences with you.

    Anna ( Mod)

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  • jonescm
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    Has no one suffered anxiety with Adalimumab. I must add I have always suffered from mild anxiety I just fear this treatment makes it worse.

    Annoying because the treatment works very well. Climbed 4 Munros a month ago and can play a round of golf without pain killers.