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Anyone using adalimumab?

Just need to vent somewhere I’m starting adalimumab injections tomorrow morning, the nurse just phone to say she will be here at 9 to help me and talk me through things . Can’t believe it’s come to this 🙁 Anyone have any advise or tips ? Sorry just needed a rant


  • I was apprehensive about starting on adalimumab but I've been on it for 8 months now with a good result and no side-effects so far. I find the injection easy to self-administer. It does sting a bit but it soon passes. I just wish I had started using it sooner as a lot of joint damage has already been done.

  • Thanks so much Annie I’m just so nervous I guess . Hoping I have the same results as you 😀
  • Hi Skybird
    I have just started adalimumab and like you was really anxious about it, but I've done 2 injections now and they're pretty easy to do yourself, you simply just have to press the injection pen down on your skin and the pen does its thing. Like annie21 said, it does sting a little when the medicine is going in but it really isn't that bad and feels fine within about 10 seconds or so. I always take mine out of the fridge about 40 minutes before hand so it can get up to room temperature as this reduces the stinging apparently. I've felt a bit blurgh after the injections but then I do seem to get side effects from most medications so that's probably more just me lol.
    Once you've got the first one done, I bet you'll feel much better about it, but it's totally understandable that you feel nervous about it as its something new to have to deal with with.
    Let us know how you got on with it
    Amy x
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