My Right Knee

Hi Everyone its been just over a year since I had my last right knee operation. the surgeon performed micro facture to my knee joint to try and encourage cartilage growth. Six weeks on crutch's and weeks of physio  . the pain and stiffness never changed and the constant crunching from the inside of my right knee never improved the last meeting I had with the surgeon in February resulted in him saying the pain and stiffness may be physiological and recommended me to a pain clinic. then Covid happened. In July I had reached a point of utter frustration. I paid for a private consultation to see a Knee professor in Harrogate he accessed all my MRI scans and Xrays. The consultation was great he basically said the MRI scan and Xrays were definitive I had osteoarthritis due to cartilage loss and damage in just one compartment of my knee and I was bone on bone when walking or standing in the medial part of my knee. He said I had two options either put up with it which I have been doing for over three years now or have a partial knee replacement. He said it was pretty obvious and even though I am only 47 this condition is pretty common. I immediately got referred to him through the NHS. I did ask him why this had not been offered to me two or three years ago? He replied by saying my age would be a concern for some surgeons, but he did not see it that way, why wait when your quality of life is bad and in constant pain. Yes I may need a complete Knee in 15-20 years but that is not now.

Roll on 5 months I have seen the surgeon again and he still stands by his prognosis he also put me on the waiting list back in July so hopefully early next year. I am relieved there is a light at the end of the tunnel but also very frustrated and annoyed at having to struggle and limp and take 8 tablets a day just to manage to work. the only positive I had gained from three years of constant pain is I have huge empathy with other people who fight daily in pain and huge admiration form hearing how other people cope and carry on living with Arthritis. Stay strong people and Merry Christmas 


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    Hi Chris

    I too am named Chris, from Halifax in West Yorkshire but have lived in South London for over 30 years. I had a full replacement left knee in March just before C19. My surgeon was brilliant and due to C19 I could not attend physiotherapy, but as I run my own Cattery after retiring from the NHS, I walk up a lot of steps at least 3 times per day and put a massager under my knee regularly and did many of the exercises on the sheet sent to me and found all these regular exercises helped. My surgeon was very surprised at how well my knee is recovering, but agreed it was because of the exercises and movements I did. I can ride my exercise bike too, only about15 mins a time, but this too helps, so I would strongly recommend EXERCISE to all, as it has worked for me. I am 60, but have a fantastic GP, and of course a fantastic surgeon. I would be delighted to be in touch if anyone wished. BW Chris

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    I am waiting for a knee replacement but who knows when that will be now. There are many more deserving souls in front of me. I'm 65 and fairly fit being a golfer so used to walking. I was wondering how long it was before you were able to walk again normally. Pleased you are doing so well.

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    Hi, I had a new left knee March 17th 2020 and then C19 hit us, so I had no physiotherapy, but as I now run my own Cattery having retired from the NHS I walk up and down steps at least 3 times a day, even with my crutches and used an electric massager under my knee to get my muscles going and also helped with the pain. I also did some basic exercises sent to me by physiotherapy and found the more movement, although sometimes not easy helped. I would say I walked after about 2 weeks with my crutches and gradually none. I can now even ride my exercise bike for about 15 minutes. My surgeon said he was amazed that my knee had improved so quickly and agreed that the exercises and movements were clearly working.

    I hope this helps. Feel free to contact. BW Chris

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    Thanks for the encouraging comments i have found these forums hugely helpful i have some dark days but i find talking to other people helps a lot. when i find i am struggling at work with the pain and i get frustrated i have a little Mantra i say to myself. ( Chris be kind to yourself and take a rest stop being so stubborn) I find this helps and i manage my pain better. Stay safe people.