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Has anyone tried prolotherapy injections? Do they work? A quick Google search brought up lots of promising studies on prolotherapy effectiveness for treating osteoarthritis pain - better efficacy than both exercise and cortisone injections.


  • Mike1
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    Prolotherapy is not widely available on the NHS so there may be a significant cost implication (£500+) to trying this treatment. It is usually seen as an option to try when other options have failed to maintain an improvement.

  • sunnyside2
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    Glad you answered as I too have been looking at that. I think will be out of my price bracket - for that price I would be wanting money back if doesn't work lol

  • TraceyS
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    Thank you for reply. Yeah I guessed it wouldn't be available on the NHS and that it would be pricey. I'm at the point where options are running out. Steroid injection last year helped but only lasted six months. I'm a big advocate of exercise but as OA progresses I'm finding I'm not able to lift so much weight to maintain muscle strength, plus muscles and connective tissue are becoming increasingly tight, though my flexibility remains good. Fingers crossed for some miracle breakthrough in non surgical treatment lol!