Am I having a flare up? How do I know?


Hey all,

I have recently been diagnosed with RA and am currently on steroids aswell as Dmards, but for the past 4-5 days I’ve been experiencing more pain than normal, it’s so hard to explain to people how I’m actually feeling and what’s normal and what’s not... but currently since finally being diagnosed ive always had pain in my elbow joints, wrists and fingers.... but as I said above these past few days I’ve had this pinching/tight gripping sensation in both elbows, wrists and now my knees 😭 I feel exhausted, it’s as if I’ve been holding my arms in the air all day, or have been walking for miles... does this sound normal?

Im terrified to let my rheumatologist know because I’m already struggling on these steroids with weight gain and other awful side effects, I’m only hoping to be on them for a few months and I’m worried these symptoms may mean that I am worsening rather than getting better 😣

Ive been trying to put it out of my head these last couple of days but I feel worse, laying in bed of a night feels like I’ve got growing pains like when I was a child in my legs and arms, this bloody disease sucks!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Sorry for the depressing post in advance 😓



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    Hi again @Abbs06,

    It sounds to me like you are having a flare up. I can understand not wanting to contact you doctor because of all the side effects of what you are already on but I think it would be in your best interest to let them know. It may be that they can offer you something else or change the way in which you are having your steroids. For example steroids can be given in tablet form, injections and infusions so that may be something to consider. Heat/cold therapy that can really help ease pain and stiffness. Maybe even an Epsom salt bath could help to ease your suffering. Just a few suggestions but I hope you are feeling better soon!

    All the best

    A x

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    To me that sounds like uncontrolled RA which probably requires some tweaking of meds. It's really important to get on top of it so I'd try to get in touch with rheumatology. You don't say what dose of DMARDS you're on or for how long but most take up to 12 weeks to kick in. Yes, fatigue is part and parcel of RA. Steroids are not a long term solution but they do have a role to play, especially at first.

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