Osto arthritis in hip

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Good afternoon I'm new I would like advise if possible

I need a new hip but my B M I is high need to loose weight

I feel I've been left to cope alone no physio or coucilling I'm so down I'm only 57 x


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    Hi @Twigtree - welcome to the online community!

    I see you've been advised you need to loose weight in order to have a hip replacement - this is a very common thing to have been told. We have a couple of threads where we are attempting to loose weight - I'm doing so myself right now as well. It is much harder with arthritis given that it restricts your movement.

    You are right that a physio would help a lot - they give you personalised exercises which are exceedingly useful. You may be able to refer yourself to physio - I know I can in my county, so you may be able to. If not, you can outright ask for a referral from your doctor - they will give you one if you do so. It's possible that they didn't think about it before (looking on the positive side). If you feel you could do with some help mentally as well you need to ask your GP for a referral to your mental health team - this can be a bit of a long prcess (it is in my area) but that's the start. You then have an assesment with a mental health nurse who explains what the different options are (here it's CBT, counselling or a psychologist) and then you get referred to the service you both agree on, and you generally have some form of waiting time there. It's well worth it tho - I've always found it helpful even if it's simply the effect of knowing I'm taking steps to help myself and someone is listening to me.

    There are a couple of things I'd suggest you look at regarding loosing weight. It is possible to loose a lot of weight simply on a calorie controlled diet, with no extra exercise. This is hard, as you have to be very strict with your food, but it is possible. There's a group of us on the community who are doing so, have a look here: https://community.versusarthritis.org/discussion/54409/join-me-in-losing-weight-with-arthritis

    Versus Arthritis have also got a couple of exercise programs designed for people with arthritis, you may want to have a look and see if one works for you:

    Do go back to your GP and request a referral to a physio and counselling. And please have a look around the community and join in anywhere - new members ideas and perspectives are always welcoe!

    Lovely to meet you!


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    Hi, I'm in the same boat. Was also told to lose weight and it makes sense, I know. Have decided to do If (interm. Fasting) and have lost 15 kg since June 2021,eating one meal a day. It is very doable. I used to cycle several km to work and back and now I can only walk on a crutch, so reducing food intake is important, but nothing really worked until I discovered fasting for myself.

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    @Twigtree In addition to the helpful comments made by @Shell_H can I suggest you check out the free videos and documents on Lou Grant's website. She's a physiotherapist based near Leeds, UK who had a hip replacement a couple of years ago. I found her exercises to be really useful both before and after my hip replacement operation. Some suited me better than the exercises given to me by the physiotherapists I actually saw. Everyone is different and I found it was necessary to experiment with different exercises to see what suited me best. For example my knees wouldn't allow me to do the lunge exercise recommended by the physiotherapist but I found alternatives on the internet which I could manage.