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Hello I’m waiting for a hip and knee replacement I have also got fibromyalgia I’m in a lot of pain and feel like I’m in constant pain which makes me depressed.


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    Hi @Heather68

    I see that you've got a lot of pain due to your fibromyalgia and arthritis. You're waiting for a hip and knee replacement, and in the meantime the pain isn't going anywhere.

    Pain is one of those things which has a huge knock-on effect on the rest of your life. I see from one of your other comments you've got one of the electric heating pads, which I love, so that's great. Sleep is also really important, especially to help you when you're already feeling depressed. I'd advise taking whatever painkillers you have (or talking to your pharmacist and seeing what else you can take with your existing medications) about half an hour before you go to bed, so you get the best sleep you can. Pain can prevent deep sleep, which can make you feel worse, so it's something I prioritise.

    As surgery waiting times seem to be taking longer and longer it may be worth having a look at what other treatments you could try. Complementary therapies don't work for everyone, but they do really work for some people, so it's always worth having a look if you can. There's a good list here to look at:

    Finally, I'd ask your GP for a referral to a pain clinic. The professionals there have a lot of experience with chronic pain and should be able to help you a lot. If your depression is getting to you you could also ask for a referral to the mental health clinic. This could give you CBT or counselling which could help you a lot (it has me!)

    Lovely to meet you!