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Hi, do any of you sufferers with OA of the neck work out with weight at the gym. I’m 55 & my body if starting to get flabby & I feel I need to work out. Afraid lifting weights might cause me to have migraines/neck pain but maybe if I was to build up the weight very slowly. I don’t know? Any advice would help. Thank you.



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    Hi Donna, I'd suggest having a word with a qualified physio to come up with a work out programme for you. They should be able to advise on exercises to avoid and how to build up gradually on those that are safe for you. I do sympathise, my duff hip means I haven't been able to do yoga and pilates for 2 years now and feel all my core strength has gone and I've put on over a stone. I'm still not in a position to exercise much (post op complications) but I'm hoping I can get back to it eventually before I turn into a fully fledged blancmange!

  • Hi DonnaC,

    Thank you for joining and posting on our helpline forum, I agree with Lilymary it is very important that you receive the right professional help and advice when it comes to exercise of any form and knowing the right thing to do so’s as not to cause any damage.

    I have attached a couple of links below called neck pain and exercises for the neck whilst you are waiting for an appointment to see a physiotherapist, I hope that helps.


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