Advice a year after hip replacement

Hi all, I'm looking for some advice. I had a THR op last June and have had intermittent nerve pain with some numbness in my thigh until the last few months when it became fairly constant with fewer periods of little or no pain.

I had a check-up with the consultant who did the op in May and an x-ray which showed the joint is in the right place and apparently it looks ok. I told him about the ongoing pain and he basically said 'suck it up'. I then went to my GP who has referred me to the pain clinic. The pain isn't in the joint, it feels like nerve pain at the top of my hip which I never had until after the operation.

My question is, is this kind of pain which was intermittent, something that will get better over time, or is likely to get worse? I've been much more active in recent months, nothing excessive, but went from working from home to going into an office two days a week (walk- bus- tube- walk) and wondered if that could be causing the pain or if it might be referred pain from my right hip which will also probably need to be replaced if the consultant is to believed.

I did know nerve damage/numbness was a possibility when I had the operation just wondering if others have experienced anything similar.

Thank you in advance


  • MrDJ
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    Hi @alouis

    i cant help much with the pain your getting but my scar is still numb(ish) and sore to press on gently and my uncemented THR was done 27 years ago in 1996

    tbh its the best op ive ever had and compared to the pain i had before it was done im well happy with the outcome.

    Hopefully others can advise further.

  • alouis
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    Thank you @MrDJ I have a similar thing happening with the scar and that's not a problem as I never expected it to be 'perfect'.

    I suppose I'm just surprised that I had about 7-8 months of really very little pain once I got over the op, just a bit of shooting pain in my leg and back, a couple of times when I overdid things a bit, but nothing like the sharp, prolonged nerve-type pain I'm getting now.

    Like you, it's still nothing like the constant, grinding joint pain I had before my hip replacement and I don't regret it -yet!🤣