Had RA for 18 months now diagnosed with OA in hips and knees

I don’t really know where to start as my RA is now largely under control with methotrexate injections, but each time my hands and wrists stop hurting I would have pain in my knees and hips. Recent X-rays have shown OA. I’m finding it hard to exercise as even walking the dog makes my hips hurt. Anyone out there dealing with the double whammy and managing their pain? I’m open to trying anything.


  • noddingtonpete
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    Hello @Jerseysteph and welcome to the Community.

    Have a look at the following from our website which might help.

    Also you could have a look at a couple of free programmes

    Nuffield Health

    Escape Pain

    Hope you find something to help.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @Jerseysteph

    There are loads of us here who have the double whammy unfortunately🙄

    From what I believe it can be due to having had the inflammatory arthritis for a long time and it damaging your joints or just simply bad luck.

    We have a lot of people here with multiple diagnoses too like Fibromyalgia and diabetes to name a few.

    Have they offered you any treatment for the OA? Physio, painkillers? Or said at least how far advanced it is? As in would surgery be an option yet?

    I hope you'll decide to keep posting

    Take care

    Toni x