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  • KazandNoo
    KazandNoo Member Posts: 129

    Hi,I'm new to this forum.

    I have recently been given a diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis,not the best news but at least now I know what has been wrong with me for the last year!

    Any tips will be much appreciated!

    Thank you.

  • dreamdaisy
    dreamdaisy Member Posts: 31,520

    Hello, I began PsA back in 1997, began meds for it in 2002 then it was accurately diagnosed in 2006 which changed nothing. Things are much better now as GPs are better informed about auto-immune arthritis and more able as a result to refer patients to rheumatology.

    My first tip is do not research the meds on the net unless you are a rheumatologist. The second is do not expect any meds to work instantly and be prepared to redefine what the word 'work' means. The third is when on your medication do not socialise with ill people. Fourthly ensure you have the free annual flu jab. I am now in my 24th year of the nonsense, you name the med I have probably tried it, distraction is my preferred pain relief method and I regularly exercise. Fun it ain't but it is what it is and will do what it will do.

    I am in my fourth or fifth week of staying within the confines of our house and garden, I will only leave for my next blood test which is due in July. Fun that ain't but it is what it is. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
  • nmt
    nmt Member Posts: 1

    Hi everyone, Im from north lincolnshire and thought i would drop by and say hello

  • ajolly
    ajolly Member Posts: 59

    Hi nmt, welcome to the forum!

    It is lovely to have you here, and I hope you find the forum to be a safe and informative space.

    Please feel free to get involved by browsing and contributing as you feel comfortable. Don’t hesitate to ask us or the forum’s members any questions that you might have, and also feel free to offer any advice that you may have.

    Best wishes,


  • chris8
    chris8 Member Posts: 57
    Hi new here, hope you're all well x
  • YvonneH
    YvonneH Member Posts: 1,076

    Hey, thanks for posting, great to meet you!

    Yvonne x

  • Hi hope you’re all as well as you can be!
    I have had PSA for 10 years plus OA following on from that. It’s great to have taken the plunge to post as I have to own up and admit that I’ve been a ‘lurker’ for a long time!
  • Brynmor
    Brynmor Member Posts: 1,755

    Hi terriergirl. Well done for posting. Lovely to see you here. 😃

  • Thank you for the welcome 😊
  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 28,872

    Hello @terriergirl

    and @nmt

    lovely to meet you!

    Come on in and join the rest of us 🙂

  • SarahLJ81
    SarahLJ81 Member Posts: 3
    Hi everyone,
    I'm new to the forum. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at 21 and am now 38.
    I've had five surgeries and am on 3 different medications for it.
  • chris8
    chris8 Member Posts: 57
    Hi everyone and hi @SarahLJ81 I've got RA to was diagnosed in my mid 20's, in my mid 30's now, had a few surgeries also so can relate :)
  • Brynmor
    Brynmor Member Posts: 1,755

    Hi everybody. Quick note: if you put @ infront of a username they get a notification that you have mentioned them. eg: @chris8 *waves * 😄

  • BiddyBee
    BiddyBee Member Posts: 2

    Hello everyone

    Saw the advert so I thought I would join and meet people in similar situations as myself. I have RA and fibromyalgia. Looking forward to reading the forums and getting involved. 😊

  • Al
    Al Member Posts: 169

    Hi and welcome,

    I'm glad you have found our Community. You have fibromyalgia which can lead to pain, sore or stiff muscles and joints and 'brain fog' - what many of those with fibromyalgia call the forgetfulness and fuzzy thoughts symptoms.

    You might like to look at the Versus Arthritis page on fibromyalgia


    Fibromyalgia causes widespread pain. Learn about the causes, symptoms and treatments.

    or even phone our helpline 0800 5200 520 9am to 8pm


  • annie21
    annie21 Member Posts: 4

    Hi everyone

    I'm new to the forum. Hope you are all well. I have had PsA since I was 29. I'm now 51. I also have OA. I take Methotrexate and Humira. I started Humira in November due to a flare-up and it seems to be working well. Just hope it continues.

  • Brynmor
    Brynmor Member Posts: 1,755

    Hi Annie and welcome to the online Community.

    Great to hear that your PsA and OA seems to be under control. If there are any questions you have, do ask, and do join in the discussions.

    Best wishes


  • Lordy63
    Lordy63 Member Posts: 7
    edited 18. Apr 2020, 20:19

    Hi I am new to the forum

    i have had cervical Spondylosis and cervical stenosis for several years but in recent times the muscles at the front of my neck have really tightened up putting pressure on my throat. Has anyone else experienced this or similar?


  • Hello. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis just before Christmas 2019. i did wonder if I had Rheumatoid Arthritis because of the speed that it developed, but apparently not according to my GP. I just have Co-Codamol which I only take very very occasionally because it wipes me out for about 2 days! Otherwise I manage on Paracetemol or by using warmth to ease the pain and stiffness. Thanks for having me in the group.

  • Brynmor
    Brynmor Member Posts: 1,755

    Hi Judith and welcome to the Community. Its lovely to have you here.

    I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis of osteoarthritis. And yes, co-codamol also wipes me out if I have to take it - absolutely drained for the day!

    Do join in across the forum and ask any questions you may have.

    All best wishes


  • chrisb
    chrisb Moderator Posts: 613

    Hi Lordy and welcome to the forum.

    I'm sorry to read about your ongoing conditions and the issues you experience with your neck.

    I hope that other forum members who have experienced similar symptoms are able to share useful information with you.

    Best wishes


    Need more help - call our Helpline on 0800 5200 520 Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

  • Meenaji
    Meenaji Member Posts: 1
    I'm meena.
    I have OA. All over body.hands are the worst.
    Pain an be unbearable but I take paracetamol daily. I do baorixen but confused about when to doctor said not long term.very confusing.
    Good to be in a support group. Thanks
  • chrisb
    chrisb Moderator Posts: 613

    Hi Meena,

    Welcome to the forum.

    I hope you find the discussions useful and can benefit from others sharing their experiences.

    You may find some of the information here relevant

    If you think that our helpline can be of assistance at any point then here are the contact details: You can call our free Helpline on 0800 5200 520, or email [email protected] (Mon - Fri 9:00am – 6:00pm)

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

    Need more help - call our Helpline on 0800 5200 520 Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

  • Sarah
    Sarah Member Posts: 1


    I’m new here. Had arthritis for over 30 years but it’s finally getting the better of me. Really struggling to walk now. Looking for some advice. Thanks.

  • Hi Sarah,

    Welcome to our online community – I love your username!

    I see that you’ve had arthritis for over 30 years and you’re now finding it difficult to walk. There are several sections on the website that you might find helpful. Perhaps you could start by reading our Living with Arthritis section which gives plenty of tips for living well .

    I am sure that many of our members can offer you support through our forum. Why don’t you have a look through some posts and join in wherever you feel comfortable.

    If you want to talk to someone, you can always contact our helpline on

    Best wishes, Anna