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  • Lun
    Lun Member Posts: 1

    Hello I am a new member. I have had OA for about thirty years now, have to use a mobility scooter when out walk with two sticks. Mainly in my lower spine and knees with a touch in my hips. Have to have injections in my knees and am on 2 di hydrocodeine and 2 paracetamol four times a day. Been having this dosage for over twenty years which has left me very addicted to my medication but don’t care if it works. Thank you

  • Ellen
    Ellen Moderator Posts: 1,300

    Hi Lun nice to meet you.

    I am sorry to hear about your longstanding Osteoarthritis I think you will have plenty to give to others newer to the condition.

    I am presuming your Dr monitors your medication and is happy with your dosage or he/she would change things.

    Please do join in wherever you feel comfortable you will be made very welcome 🙂


  • Hi @Annj thank you for the welcome and your kind words of advice which I will certainly try after lockdown is over. I am looking forward to chatting to you all

    with best wishes


  • njgw1234
    njgw1234 Member Posts: 1


    Stroke and Aphasia. Cat. 49 years. Male.

    Right Knee. osteoarthritis of the knee (RIGHT)



  • Sharon_K
    Sharon_K Member Posts: 460

    Hi @njgw1234

    welcome to the forums it is lovely to have you here. Please let us know how we can support you on the forums. I understand you have osteoarthritis on the knee and that you are experiencing pain. You might find this section of our website useful

    I am sure our members will share their experience with you

    Best Wishes


  • Hello I'm new. My name is whitefeather. I have cervical spondylosis, gout, osteoarthritis in the lower back and coccyx and I also have fibromyalgia.
  • YvonneH
    YvonneH Member Posts: 1,077

    Hi @Whitefeather

    Welcome to the online community, it's great to meet you. You have quite a few conditions to manage, are you coping OK with the restrictions brought on by the COVID 19 virus?

    Here is our section on Living with arthritis generally that may just have a couple of new tips for you

    If you could post help and support to any of our members in the Living with Arthritis category that would be brilliant. I'm looking forward to seeing your posts soon

    Take care

    Yvonne x

  • graham57
    graham57 Member Posts: 1

    Hello. I'm Graham. Have just recently joined 'Versus Arthritis', after seeing the television adverts. I honestly thought I was the only one with Arthritis that felt like the people on there. My arthritis has attacked both shoulders and everyday chores now really hard. Simple things like daily showers are like running a marathon. Spent fortunes on lotions, potions, capsules. Constantly full of Nurofen/ Co.Codamol, Cant find anything that helps to be honest. Would really like any advice on pain relief to be honest. I try my daily exercises etc as much as possible, carry on with gardening etc. Still working, (although Furloughed at the moment). But the agony just goes on 24/7. I know among the the latest to join the thousands of you, but at wits end really. Only 62 years old, but feel 92!!

    Yours Gratefully


  • Sharon_K
    Sharon_K Member Posts: 460

    Hello @graham57

    welcome to the community and I am delighted that the adverts mean that you have found us. Yes indeed you are not alone we have a wonderful community here of members who will understand what you are experiencing. Shoulder pain can be extremley draining and having experience of that myself I understand what you mean by everyday chores become really hard. We have a section on the website specifically about shoulder pain

    Some people find a hot water bottle helps to ease the pain and others prefer cold. It might be worth trying these out to find what works for you. I am sure our members will also have lots of ideas that will help you. Keep us up to date with how you are getting on

    Best Wishes


  • Jojo78
    Jojo78 Member Posts: 5
    Hi there, after seeing your adverts on tv I decided to take a look at your website. My name is Jodie, I'm 42. I was eventually diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 21, I'd had problems throughout my childhood and nobody joined the dots. I have it in all my joints apart from my hips. It's osteoarthritis there. Through the years the Rheumatoid decided to bring along many friends. I just wish there would have been something like this available when I was first diagnosed. What a big help it would have been.
  • Brynmor
    Brynmor Member Posts: 1,764

    Hi @Jojo78 and welcome to the Community. Great that you have seen our advertising campaign and decided to join us. I'm sorry to hear that you have had rheumatoid arthritis for so long. With your long experience I'm sure you will be able to give some very useful help and avice to those who are new to all this.

    Do join in across the Community, ask questions and call in for a chat to let us know how you are getting on.

    All best wishes


  • Talula
    Talula Member Posts: 7

    Hello everyone, I have been a member since March but I have only just started using the site. I thought it was about time I introduced myself.

    i am 75 years old, married with two children and five grandchildren. I suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis and I have good days and bad days just like everyone else. I live with my lovely husband and two very demanding cats.I would love a dog but my age and condition make that impossible.

    I'm coping fairly well with Corona Virus, making do with video calls to the family, I think not seeing the grandchildren is the worst thing of all. Take care and have a lovely Sunday everyone xx

  • Scb44
    Scb44 Member Posts: 6
    Hi, I was told have psoriatic arthritis in sept after numerous visits to numerous specialists over the year’s. It interesting seeing on here people say they also have O/A as the ends of my fingers ( last knuckle by nail) so hard and swollen and painful which my mum has and she bedbound with O/A. I have hypothyroidism which am told is all auto immune linked. I sadly am still working as a nurse though on methotrexate and have asthma as my Gp and consultant did not give me the 12 week high risk shielding letter....
  • Angie1983
    Angie1983 Member Posts: 3
    Hi, I'm Angie and I've just joined Versus Arthritis. 🙂 I'm a 37 year old working mother of 2 and I have avascular necrosis of both feet and ankles which has caused severe arthritis in my ankle joints.
    Until my 30s, I was totally fit and healthy, so the last five years or so have been quite a challenging period of mental and physical adjustment to living with this condition.
    Nowadays, I feel very much like a young person trapped in a much older person's body and the physical limitations can be so frustrating at times. I noticed there was a forum for under 25s but I was wondering if there is also a group specially for those of us in our 30s and 40s, sitting somewhere between the 'young' and 'elderly' categories? 😉 I'd really love to chat with some people in a similar age group to myself.
  • Terryc7749
    Terryc7749 Member Posts: 1

    Hi all. Have had Rh for over 30 year the pain comes and goes like it does with us all. Can’t begin to think of all the different medications I have been prescribed over the years. I even had a heart attack because of some of the medication.

    i have taken part in several drug trials including an infusion, that worked for me very well, however it got stopped because of my heart attack. I have a regular infusion of retuximab that helps me a great deal. I have been told that I need to have several joints replaced, however I am trying to resist any operations as I have had 8 over the past few years.

    I have constant pain and find that a little quiet time spent just relaxing and letting myself become calm I can think myself into a place where there isn’t so much pain ( a form of meditation) helps when things get a little tough. I also find a positive outlook goes a long way to making the problems caused by Arthritis lessen.

  • Hi @Terryc7749

    Welcome to our online community!

    It's lovely that you've joined us.

    It's particularly interesting to learn about your journey. I hope you will be able to share your experience and advice with our other members.

    It great that your using meditation techniques to help with your pain.

    I look forward to seeing your future posts.

    Best wishes.


  • Hi all I have just joined in the hope of finding some advice/suggestions. I am in my 60s and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the right hip 10 years ago but until very recently, apart from odd flare ups, it has not massively impacted on my life and I have been able to do more or less what I want which is travel, work, exercise and so on. I tripped and fell about 3 weeks ago but just carried on which has resulted in being unable to bear weight on right leg (almost) and a trip to A & E I was worried I had broken something (fortunately not). The x ray showed severe osteoarthritis and I was told that based on the x ray alone they would expect me to be in agony but I have not been.

    I will probably have to have a hip replacement at some point but at the moment everything is on hold so I would expect to be waiting at least a year. In the meantime I will have to manage it and try to get the inflammation down. Has anyone tried supplements/treatments that have reduced pain and therefore increased mobility? I have just ordered chondrotin, MSM and glucosamine.

    For exercise I have been doing Nordic walking which I can recommend for people with hip/knee problems. It is really good exercise.

    I hope you are all coping well with the coronua virus crisis and looking forward to a brighter future.

  • Hi, new member doing my first post :smile:
    I have RA and some other very annoying auto-immune diseases
  • DebbieM
    DebbieM Member Posts: 33

    Good afternoon @Spine_of_Gorgax

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis Online Community - we are so glad you've joined us! You will hopefully find a lot of support and like minded people here :)

    So you have Rheumatoid Arthritis (amongst others - these things love company don't they?!)

    There is some information on RA over on our website you might be interested in:

    It would be great if you could share you experiences of living with RA with the rest of our members and share how you manage your multiple conditions :)

    Look forward to hearing from you again,


  • Jenks784
    Jenks784 Member Posts: 1

    Hey, I figured I best say hello, I signed up to the forum just now as I was sitting at my computer doing some work and got what has become a familiar twitch in my hand. That's all it began as, what I though was an old injury flaring up between Christmas and New Year. Only it kept getting worse and eventually I got a consultation with a rheumatologist who has diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis. I live in Sydney but I'm original from the UK. I've found an exhaustingly limited amount of recourses over here (like... nothing) and having to deal with this feels very extra isolating at the moment. So here I am, looking for resources in what seems like the right place!


    Hi everyone

  • YvonneH
    YvonneH Member Posts: 1,077

    Hi @Jenks784

    Great to meet you, you have come to a good place to work your way through a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.

    Differences may come when we get to medication names, but if you look at the name of the product like Etanercept, one of the biologic meds, it comes under several names like Enbrel, Benepali or Erelzi. There is a link to our information on RA in the post just above yours so I won't repeat that here, but instead link you to our information on managing arthritis

    which I think will be helpful.

    If you can share with us what kinds of resources you are needing I am sure we can wither help you directly or point you in the right direction.

    Do keep posting and sharing your experiences, and do visit the other discussions to see what else is going on here, it's not all about arthritis!

    Take care

    Yvonne x

  • Pammy
    Pammy Member Posts: 5
    B) Hi everyone. I've just been out clapping, great to see and here so many people tonight.
  • Kaz71
    Kaz71 Member Posts: 1

    Hi my name is Karen I'm 49 and I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my early 20's. I also have fibromyalgia, double scoliosis, peripheral neuropathy and asthma.

    My daughter is 23 and has arthritis of unknown form - this came from her having septic arthritis aged 6 - it wasn't properly treated and so it left lasting damage and they said she would start getting worse in her teens. By 13 when she was riding, her feet would get stuck in the stirrups and she had to wear gloves to ride even in warmer weather.

    Presently I'm having trouble with my hands, knees and back - even though the weather is warmer. Does anyone else have this?

  • Ellen
    Ellen Moderator Posts: 1,300

    Hi Karen

    Welcome to the Community you have definitely come to the right place for support and to hear other people's experiences dealing with Arthritis.

    You sound to have a lot going on there with your daughter in pain too. I wonder whether you have come to the forum due to recent pain in your hands, knees and back?

    This is information on the subject of pain which is worth a read:

    Interesting that you mention the trouble is in spite of better weather. Do take a look at this:

    I will leave our members to welcome you now.

    Best wishes


  • Loz
    Loz Member Posts: 1
    Hello everyone, my name is Lorraine and I have osteoarthritis of all my joints from the age of 32, was told I had the bone structure of a 70 year old.