Ruptured Disc?

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Hi All,

Hope the world is treating you ok and your having a decnetish day?

I don't know if I got this..... I have had a huge amount of pain from the neck the last few days and just not the pain changed and the radiated pain has kinda stopped..... I felt (well still feel) something is trickling down my back a bit like bleeding.

I just wondered if anyone has had a ruptured disc and does it feel like this? Lot of pins and needles over the painful bit and a lot of localised pain but the shoulder is freerer so it might be a good thing? That's advanced Pollyanna for you :lol::lol::lol::lol:

You all take care and hope our are all ok Luv Cris xx


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    I have no idea. Get thee to a doctor my sweet. I reckon the sheep have done for you this time! DD
  • skezier
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    Hi Lynn and DD,

    Its been really bad the last few days and I know there is a bulged one about there... the one 3 bones up is dehydrated so I assume that's ruptured a while back but I can't remember how it felt..... I got ruptured on in the lumber but with as much pain as that throws at me you can't really tell when that went......

    Its very sore and maybe I do need to make an appointment... be moaned at cus I have knocked it out so much of late :wink:

    The sheep are worth it though and maybe if it is ruptured it genuinely will hurt less in terms of radiated pain...... the pins and needles and light headedness Will pass.....soon with luck! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    Got to go out now... hope there isn't too much standing....

    Luv to you both and of course obligatory ((( )))'s

    Cris who is wondering what pain will come when the pins and needles mean what ever it is has come back to life :roll: xxx
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    Oh Cris :(

    Pins and needles sounds like a nerve,

    bleeding? Inside - oustide the skin??

    When you due to see rheumo?? bet its a while - you saw him in May didnt you??

    Maybe you have to do what the guys on here think.....

    See the doc :(

    Sorry to say it but this one iS ok eh?

    Love and huge hugs back at you :D

    Toni xx
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    Hi, Do you think that you could have damaged a nerve? I know that nerve pain can take all sorts of shapes and forms, from itching, burning ect. I'd go and see your gP if it isn't better soon, you may need some physio or something.
    Love Sue
  • tillytop
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    So sorry that you are struggling so much Cris - really does sound as if you need to get it checked out sooner rather than later.
    Thinking of you - flask of tea in the usual place for you when you get a chance - and I love your "advanced Pollyanna" comment!
    Lots love, Tilly xxx
  • lindalegs
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    Pins and needles Cris .....didn't know you were into dressmaking too :? :shock:

    You need to see the doc, I know you know this already but maybe you're reluctant to go. Put it this way if any of us had written what you have above then you'd advise us to see our GP wouldn't you? Well nuff said already :wink:

    We shall be waiting for you to report back what they say.

    Meanwhile here's some comfort foodt19100.gif

    Love Legs XX
  • wibberley
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    Hiya Cris, I don't know anything about ruptured discs but you shouldn't be feeling pain like that. Please get it checked out soon - it's too easy to put other things first before ourselves but the sooner it gets treated the better.

    Good luck and I hope those foals of yours are behaving themselves!

    Lois x
  • speedalong
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    Hi Cris,

    I don't know what it is but it sounds very painful and needs checking out .. what with the sheep shearing, sales, moving washing machines and so on... I'm not surprised your body is complaining. Don't wait - get an appointment and find out what is going on. Doesn't matter if they tell you off - you are used to that aren't you?! This is the sort of thing that deserves an "emergency appointment." In fact you could go to A&E as it has suddenly come on and then you would get an x ray and results sharpish ... (in hours instead of weeks ..)

    Please do rest .. I don't know how ... but try.

  • marion1952
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    Hi Cris

    How have you been today? I have been thinking about you..

    Afraid I don't know anything about backs/discs, but it does sound like something (else) has happened to yours recently, so hope you can get some specialist help/advice ..

    Marion xx
  • queenfan
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    Hi Cris sorry to hear you are suffering,
    I think you need to go & get it checked my little mate,
    It might be ruptured \or it could be nerve damage
    please let us know how you get on
    love & best wishes Sue xx
  • ironic
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    Oh Cris you are having a rough time again. It does sound as if something is pressing on the nerve. It would be best if you could go and get it seen to. Trouble is that only the experts know where the the problem stems from.

    Hope you manage to sleep better tonight.

    Lv, Ix
  • dorcas
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    Hi Cris,

    i'm going to be very straight with you....

    You must get help from your doc for this....please!!

    Self diagnosis is all very well...and we all do that...BUT..there are times when we do ourselves no favours by second guessing. :?: :roll:

    In 2002 I had a herniated (ruptured) L5 disc ,and did not pay heed or seek medical advice...result? complete prolapsed disc, then surgery & 10 months rehabilitation (3months of which was flat on my back in bed) ....with arther settling in ever since.

    don't do what I did dear friend.......go see your doc..please!?

    here is a link that gives info on herniated disc...might help but NOT a substitute for seeing the doc.

    hugs & love..

  • skezier
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    Hi Toni,

    Felt like it was fluid inside running down the spinal column. It fairly knackered anyway but its never flt like that before. The pins and needles did give way to pain but its a bit easier tonight.... bit less movement though and spread to collar bones and shoulders but maybe it will be easier in the morning?

    Hey good luck tomorrow! xx

    Hi Sue,

    Got a few trapped peripheral nerves and this felt more like something being freed not being trapped.....Its gone down to the thoracic a bit now as well and certainly its not happy but not as bad as I was worried it might be no the pins and needles have gone. Hope your doing ok? Luv Cris xx

    Hi Tilly,

    Thanks for the flask :D Will find the hammock earlier today i think. Hoe your ok? xx

    Hi Babycham,

    I was thinking bout one of those belts before I did the sheep.... do they really help? xx

    Hi legs,

    Needed pins and needles cus making Slipper Boy a new costume.... its to his own design and till I have finished it I don't know what it is but it includes a mustache and some glasses...... ummmm not sure what he is up to :wink:

    Hey I did speak to the doctor and I got an apartment for Tuesday or sooner if its not calming down. The trouble is I have long standing problems with my neck they aren't surprised or in a hurry less I say I need it and well....... I don't think its an emergency somehow..... xx

    Hi Lois,

    Ah young bracken is being friendly, or trying to be, but his mum is having none of it and getting a bit iffy about it as well..... less i got a carrot! :lol::lol: Hope Nevil is ok? xx

    Hi Speedy,

    I think I will have to rest a bit flower cus it does hurt a lot than normal..... didn't think that was possible... you live an learn :lol::lol::lol::lol: It might be better if I can make it comfy tonight and I do see the gp on Tuesday as I can't Thursday or Friday as I got a sale to do... and sadly I have to do it. Hope your doing ok? xx

    Hi Marion,

    Its a bit easier now just hurts and is a bit of swelling over the usual joints that give me grief so it might settle on its own with a bit of luck.... Well it might....

    Hope your doing ok today and had no more cat food stealing operations going on? xx

    Hi Sue,

    I have made an appointment so will see if that sheds any light on it. I guess since the only treatment they give now a days is denerving there isn't going to be much they will offer except a possible xray :roll: Mind that might be interesting eh?

    How you doing and have you had your letter yet? xx

    Hi I,

    I wonder if something shifted, burst cus it feels as if a nerve has been freed and maybe another one has been caught...... Will see what they say and I do see the pain clinic doc in August and she might have a good idea what this was (kinda hope its gone by then :wink: ) Hope your ok? xx

    Hi Iris,

    Hell I hope I haven't made you use that hand?!

    I had a big op on the lower end but by the time the old doctor bothered to send me for neck xrays it was too far gone (thy call it unstable) to operate on so have a lot of aggro from my neck at best.

    I am having it looked at I promise 8.30 Tuesday morning.

    (((((( )))))) ad a huge hope you haven't hurt that wrist? Cris xxx
  • minky67
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    Hi cris, Sorry your having more problems & youve had some good advice already.
    If it puts your mind at rest any, I get the trickling feeling down my neck,back & seems to radiate across my shoulders.
    Its different to the nerve pain with the burning,tingling & stabbing. It feels like water trickling. Ive just put mine down to nerves, tingling away in there just a different way.
    It may be something that needs checking out though, ive not mentioned it as not seen anyone for a while & waiting for next pain clinic appointment to discus it with consultant.

    Let us all know what they say if you get it checked out.
    luv debs
  • dreamdaisy
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    Next Tuesday? Please be careful in the meantime: you have enough to cope with, please, please, please do not damage yourself any further. A worried DD :(
  • skezier
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    Hi Debs,

    Sorry forgot I had posted :oops: :oops: i will let you know what they say... I am absolutely convinced this a a disc.... what ever its done it shouldn't have :lol::lol::lol:

    You take care and hopefully better weather for next week... well it will be better than last year for sure though a bit of a wind is blowing in now.... xx

    Hi DD,

    I am taking it easier than normal cus someone stuffed a red hot pole down my neck and are blow heating the top..... Its not so very comfy and now I am wondering what I can use to support my head cus the neck has resigned :lol::lol::lol:

    Hoe your ok today? Its evil this bone stuff eh? xx
  • dreamdaisy
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    Pillows and cushions hun, as you loll on the sofa. Rest please, as much as you can. I really am worried about you. :( DD
  • skezier
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    Hi DD,

    Hey isn't pa lovely :wink: Its that or a disc..... I sort of hope its a disc cus I had 3 still where they should be and maybe now there's 2 :lol::lol: best hope.... no cus they wont operate... but maybe its done something they will chance cus I know I would!

    Hope (and remembered the p :D ) you are doing ok today? Hey we got a bit of sun at last, been close though and still need a storm :wink: xx
  • dreamdaisy
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    Struggling today, to be honest. Meth stabbing this morning not very pleasant, stung a huge amount and had a rubbish night's sleep last night. It's very muggy here today, I'm now lolling around in my nightie. And I don't care. DD
  • skezier
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    Hi DD,

    Does that matter though? i always think if its a bad day then ware what you are most comfy in but here I can do that as rarely do people come without me knowing they will and I have no one to judge me except the employers and lodgers and well they tick the unsatisfactory box till they are done by someone else...... then me appreciate me :wink:

    I hope you get a better night and sending you some healing drafts and its got a built in sleep draft built in to it. ((( ))) and luv with more hopes you get a better night. xx
  • Wonkylegs
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    OH Cris, blimey .... how did I miss this one :shock: :oops: :oops:

    so sorry I didn't see this yesterday.

    I do hope that the pain has eased off a bit for you today?
    Tuesday seems like a long time to wait to see the GP, but I understand why you need the sales ...... tough choices you always have to make eh?

    please, please, please rest up all you can.

    sending you littlelegs in her best nurses uniform with special healing medicines for you .... she'll be there just as soon as she has chased the mice away from our back garden :wink: which by the way she was going tonight might be sooner than you'd like :wink::wink:

    huge hugs
    WOnky xxxx
  • dorcas
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    Hi Cris,

    glad you've got that appointment with the doc. :wink:

    please talk through 'all' that's been causing you such about you make a list :?: :!: or we could come with you :?: :idea:

    hope tomorrow's sales aren't too hard on your bones :roll:

    love and hugs .


    Ruby and Jakey boy say hi!

  • skezier
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    Hi Wonky,

    I think she just arrived but why oh why did you give them back that thermometer...... :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Oh I need some healing drafts...... It does hurt and now the dam limber (never misses a chance) has joined the hot rods club..... I feel like shift actually :wink:

    Managed to get this lot done and now taken the edge of it with 300 pregabalin and 2 tramadols but its still hurting and burning and well Wonky its either a disc or yet another flare up...... it always painful both neck and lumber but it hasn't done the drive you up the wall for a long time.. I only had the trigger points on the 23rd... but I have sheared the sheep to a fashion :lol::lol::lol::lol: What do I expect?!

    What ever this is I think it was self inflicted :roll: Mind they g045.gif had to be done and the professional shearers had knocked them back till July and I think they may have died of heat exhaustion before then..... See how much I care about them :wink:

    Right She and He k050.gif are eyeing me up...... I am welded to this chair till she puts that thing away :lol::lol:

    Thanks for the loan of her and slurps and ((( ))) Cris xxx

    Hi Iris the o030.gif ,

    I'm so glad they are back! You must feel much happier with them home :D

    I think I am going to have to see how bad I am in the morning and if like this miss the sale :roll: and phone the docs for a same day appointment maybe..... The pregabalin has worked to a degree and I think the tramadol is helping but its still on fire :roll: Maybe a bucket of cold water?! :lol::lol::lol: Think I know a few people who would throw it :wink:

    Right you rest that wrist and love to you and Wally with some pats for the 2 loons and greens of course and spare chew sticks :wink: (((( )))) xxx

    Hey least the sense of humour is still holding..... bit frayed though :lol::lol:

    Hey thinking of phoning the Rumo and asking if I can jump from 15 up to 20 cus maybe it is a flare as the wrists are hell as well..... but they also worked via the shearing....... and do them sheep appreciated it... well if they had access to mirrors they would sack me :lol::lol::lol:
  • dreamdaisy
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    Hello skezier, I hope things are better today. I strongly advise you to miss the sale anyway otherwise you could set back any improvement that you have made. You cannot keep pushing / punishing your body! Last week has taken a heavy toll - rest. DD
  • skezier
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    dreamdaisy wrote:
    Hello skezier, I hope things are better today. I strongly advise you to miss the sale anyway otherwise you could set back any improvement that you have made. You cannot keep pushing / punishing your body! Last week has taken a heavy toll - rest. DD
    Morning DD,

    Hope your feeling lot better today? Its evil this bone stuff.

    I'm sat here doped out so in less pain looking through the window and thinking looks like rain...... I haven't got a balloon, a bare in a red jacket or an umbrella :lol::lol: Oh and I don't like honey.....

    Debating flower, got a bit of improvement fr now.... it likes lying flat it seems :wink:

    So the dilemma.... will it rain (yes but not sure when) and will my neck and back have anything left if I load, unload, load and re-unload the car.......

    Hey you want a cuppa? ((( ))) xx

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