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    hi Joan

    how are you and Sue today? my arm is just aching a little bit thank you for asking mum is okay at the moment thanks dad is volatile as always hope you and Sue have a good have an enjoyable day take care xx

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    hi toady 🐸

    I see but thats still good that you heard the owlπŸ¦‰

    How are you feeling today?

    I’m not too bad thanks but just feeling a bit weak time of the month seems to be going on for much longer than normal anyway it can’t last forever I did not dare go mad on the Lucozade so have had more sugary treats than I normally would but I’m just really trying to keep awake at this stage I did resist cheese thoughπŸ‘

    do you eat cheese? Or do you eat vegan cheeseπŸ§€?

    I did Once try some vegan cheese from the health food shop but it tasted absolutely horrific so I didn’t try any more that particular foodstuff lol, I was also made to try goats cheese and that was also very nasty stuff worse than the vegan cheese in my opinion 🀒

    ps one pic is just a random one, other is one of your many incarnations πŸ˜‚ xx

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    Hello all, lovely day beautiful blue skies out there :)

    The bees are all over the flowering ivy and the noise is incredible πŸ’•, tried to get pictures showing a group but could only get one bee at a time they are so much on the move 🐝 did manage to catch the lovely red tailed bumble bee as well.

    Currently in the middle of a very complicated email exchange with builder πŸ™„ so will be back later hopefully, love to all, thinking of frog xx

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  • toady
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    hi toady 🐸

    nice to hear from you glad you’re enjoying the weather hope the builder email exchange situation is going well🀞

    Yes its A little bit unusual about Toni (as Tom Jones once sang lol) isn’t it? hopefully it was just a technical error or she’s getting some sleep or something like that

    nice photograph

    im still feeling weak today but at least bit better than this morning thanks

    Bye for now tc xx

    ps quote there for all of us esp toady the Walker bless her did the journey involve a Hill? I used to walk up and down steep hill, but admittedly haven’t tried it post PsA diagnosis yet. Xx

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    Hello again

    I've extracted myself from the builder for now I'm not sure 'going well' is quite how I'd describe it bosh, but thank you, & hopefully it will all come out in the wash 😬. Toni may still be caught up in going to & fro to her friends, hopefully she is ok but it has been tiring & worrying understandably so all we can do is hope she's had some time to herself, & keep the kettle on. Hope you are doing ok this pm, glad it's been better than the morning :) and thanks for the inspirational pic. The walk is sort of downhill all the way and uphill back, not too steep but downhill on the way back would be better haha. I didn't really fancy the taxi because it's even closer proximity to someone. so it was for (sort of) a sensible reason, or it was in my own mind. Then again some of the things I do may well not be for sensible reasons & then that's on my own head be it as they say, you can't teach stupid πŸ˜‰. I love queen toady πŸ‘‘ I do look very pleased with my new station in life πŸ˜€. To answer your question I do eat cheese; not in any quantity really, I haven't given vegan cheese much of a go and speciality cheeses like goat not at all πŸ‘. I have vegan butter type things & will give cheese another go. Have a good Friday hope DV is not too much towards the V today & your mum is ok :) xx btw did you collect your parcel ok the other day, there are strikes again today and the 20th & 25th

    Hello Joan, thank you I will take another pic of the rose when it opens. It is lovely out today you wouldn't think it was October, have not had a chance to do much it will still be quite nice the next couple of days but not much sun by the looks of it. Have a good Friday see you or Sue tomorrow either way love to both xx

    Love to Barbara and Kitty and have a good Friday 😘 xx

    and love to frog will see you anon :) xx

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    Thanks toady 🐸 will reply properly just wanted to say if it does get into a civil war situation with the builder you may want to refer to this meme lol. Xx

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    Morning everyone

    Morning Joan how lovely for Sue to 'bump into' someone from your past. Was that the old electronics company? I hope she's getting some help at the classes? All is stable atm should be able to get my friend home (which is where she wants to end her life) for after the weekend and support in place. Thank you😍 ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi well done getting to the group after your flu jab I will book ours today good of your Dad to take you to the group. I had a better night's sleep last night here at home thank you. How kind of you to help your Mum by massaging her leg for her. I hope that's the last time she gets that though I hate cramp.

    Helicopters, blue lights and sirens waking you up how awful I hope no-one was hurt and they caught the person. I suspect he had done something really bad and to be fair it is good that they were able to get so much manpower (person power?) there so late.

    As for RR and his one-upmanship (one-uppersonship - gosh this is tricky!) best pretend to believe him although giant rats does rather stretch my imagination. What on earth is in in his brownies?????!!! Did he bring any with him and if so I hope you said no thanksπŸ˜‰ Some people though they do just need the limelight.

    Loved the 'country' Mona Lisa with flowers in her hair she actually looks happier in the pic than normal. I feel sorry for the other one smelling coffee but being unable to reach itπŸ˜•

    Poor little LA sadly being an aristocrat doesn't guarantee good health, but hopefully as he gets older he gets stronger and will need less medical intervention ((())) Of course he must tell his teacher the more praise he gets the more he will co-operate. The 'bad language' has stopped too! wow that teacher has some power! Hopefully though the naughty boys at nursery aren't in his class anymore to influence him.

    Morning Toady I love the photos! A red rose against your trellis so pretty 😊 those toms will ripen in a drawer with a banana if the frosts come and you want them inside. I hope Mousie and Mr and Mrs Blackbird are all doing well. Sonic sonicking away in the background protecting everyone🀞

    My friend is much happier now decisions have been made and plans put into place for a homecoming. I can just see her face lighting up when she gets inside. Her wife and I have measured up and think the lounge not the dining room will be best it has the best view of the garden having french doors. We just need to move some furniture into the dining room. Should be able to happen after the weekend. She has some films she wants to watch that she used to love so I will watch them with her. I can do that - oh! and she even wants to try our usual game of scrabble. All of us feel better now I think a bit scared, but better.

    Today I am at home there should be other visitors coming from a distance so saving my energy and will get outside I hope if it stays dry. Looks promising I think.

    My darling Sleek is here on her blankie keeping me company I think she has been missing me these last 3 weeks I have certainly missed her.

    I am sending much love to our missing friends Kitty and Barbara hoping all is well with you both and your families ((())) xxx

    and to Carol @Turbogran I hope you are ok and family fall outs are settled ((())) xxx

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    That was yesterday's post I'm so sorry Reshmi for worrying you!

    It was indeed as Toady said a techie issue I needed to press the yellow button twiceπŸ™„

    Thank you for caring though.

    Morning (is it Suesday?) Joan all is well here thanks the OT is sorting out all the bed and stuff we are going to buy some single bedding as none of us have any anymore. I used to have loadsπŸ™„Visiting then this morning and this afternoon going food shopping with Lucy. Are you going out today you two? Sending ((())) xxx

    Good morning Reshmi you did a great job keeping the home fires burning yesterday I'm so sorry I let you all down. I suppose to be fair 'it's not unusual' for one or other of us to have a techie glitch. πŸ˜‰

    I rather loved the civil war post! I think that's (not quite but almost) you when it's proper HV not just DV or MV.

    Sorry to hear you are still not 100% the time of the month is becoming 'the month' for you that's annoying I hope things ease off soon. You need more energy so here's a tonic for you.

    Don't worry about sweet stuff all women crave it when it's that time.

    Ellen D has a serious point there about being over the hill. That's the tough part done now we can gently walk down the rest of itπŸ‘οΈ

    As for vegan cheese I have probably tried them all because I miss cheese most. The best is the nest and is cathedral city. Very nice almost 'normal'. The texture is a bit different and I do wish they wouldn't add the strong artificial πŸ§€ smell. It won't toast though just goes a bit mushy. Ok sprinkled on things though which are hot like beans on toast.

    Have a good day.

    Morning Toady how are you doing today?

    Your Ivy looks lovely. Can I have some for the Christmas wreaths we make in the village to sell? P taught me to include some along with some prickly ivy😊

    Yes yet more strikes for our post

    I just said to Bosh - try the Cathedral city vegan cheese (plant based not their lactose free) it really is the best so far apart from the artificial cheesy whiff they've added and the fact it doesn't grill at all well. Have yet to try it in a cheese sauce but am inclined to think it might work.... I eat the naturali vegan spread it is the BEST in my opinion but not so easy to find in shops (Sainsbury and Waitrose) maybe amazon thoughπŸ€”

    I managed to get outside yesterday which was lovely it was indeed a fabulous day. I still have a lot of tidying to do before we bed down for the winter though as well as sorting out a house for my πŸ¦” Hedgie. I know I have yet to see him, but I already love him!😳

    Have a good day I hope it's downhill all the way for you😊

    Now what shall we have for breakfast?

    I think this in memory of our friend Mike an egg banjo

    vegan option

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I hope everything is alright there have a good weekend love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) lovely photo’s how about having a scooter πŸ›΅ for your long journey’s. Good luck with the builder. Have a good weekend

    Barbara (()) I hope everything is alright there take care have a good weekend love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancΓ© (())

    Toni (()) I know how worried you and your friend are it’s nice the lady is going home and seeing the films. Thinking about you all. Yes it was the lady I worked with. It’s too cold to go to far. Have a good weekend. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours

    Reshmi (()) sorry you have the monthly problem that makes you tired how is your arm. Love to your mum (())

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    Good morning everyone wppl xx

    ps pic is poss J Austen storyline? Lol xx

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    Hi Toni don’t worry I’m just glad you’re ok

    im ok too thanks just been baking carob cakes, not choc, sorry LA, and am having mxt v soon,

    iron is low so need to have iron tabs AGAIN sorry for caps - GP - caused as it were lol

    so bye for now tc xx

    πŸ‘‹toady J and B xx

    ps Spock is interrogating an unnamed GP for me πŸ––xx

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    Hello all, well that turned nasty after a sunny start πŸ˜• I left my best wooden stepladder out in good faith that we were having rain in the early hours at most, turned my back for 5 mins and poor thing was out there getting a soaking πŸ˜”. I always say I'll bring everything in in between times however nice it is but I lapsed, more fool me.

    Nice to see you, twice, frog & glad you are ok 😊 it was bosh who optimistically assumed it was tech trouble, and me who pessimistically thought something might be amiss, sorry about that 😳 but am very pleased to hear your friends' plans are on course so far🀞absolutely being by the french doors is the best arrangement by the sound of it and I hope the sorting out goes well and you can soon have your game of πŸ”€ scrabble. Yes there is garden tidying to do no doubt about that, I have been planting out foxgloves and hollyhocks and doing bits of clipping back and pot bringing in (and wincing slightly at emails in my inbox telling me to buy sweet pea seeds now etc 😬 I will probably do some at this end of the year and some in Spring). Slight lack of bananas at the moment to ripen the toms πŸ˜‚ but next shop will sort that, and the one in pic has turned another few shades even since then so they are sprinting to the finish. If I even get a tomato it will be a first for me and next year I will be primed to be early enough with them (of course I will 🀨). A little worried about Mrs B at the moment actually as she was behaving oddly for a couple of days - seeming sort of nervous πŸ€” there is a Mr Blackbird around again now but I can't tell if he is my Mr B. Whether the 2 things are connected.. I have not seen her today.. things happen in nature that you are quite likely to never know the answer to which is the worst. News as I get it. Hope your hedgehog makes definitive plans to settle in your neighbourhood πŸ‘οΈ. I have ivy aplenty 😊 to all my neighbours' disgust✌️more than enough for wreaths. Thank you for the vegan spread suggestion, I have vitalite quite often & don't mind it. Really do have to do a grocery shop soon, trying not to think about that - I have had four deliveries today of various sorts and 1 parcel pickup, am clearly doing it wrong I should be selling more than buying 😬 oh well swings and roundabouts. The internation parcel I sent via 'the people' got there today, so a week inc a weekend is not bad. Have a good weekend yourself and hope your shopping & visiting went well and left you some rest time & some Sleek time :) xx

    Hello joan, I have thought about modes of transport for appts some more sensible than others πŸ›·β›·οΈπŸš£ πŸ˜‚ I suppose they all boil down to none being that practical in bad weather. Nice day today I should have had a walk before it rained & got dark, I must do better tomorrow if it's fine. Thank you the builder will be in the offing in a week or so I really hope it is straightforward. Have a good weekend :) xx

    Hi bosh hope things are not too bad with you today but with mtx on the agenda I know it's not the best day, hope you have a better weekend afterwards or as good as poss🀞more iron, oh dear πŸ˜” do they make you have a short but high dose course? My friend has just been put on vitamin D even though they take some and are out getting plenty of sun, you do wonder what our bodies do with the stuff they should be hanging onto for us πŸ™„. Yes there are many responses that need their nature explaining too. Hope the baking went well and if you want to try any vegan recipes here is the book for you πŸ˜„ (sorry if you've seen it). Hope everyone else ok are the parents babysitting tomorrow? Yes if things get sticky with the builder I will try to rise above it and go with the beat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ one of the things that bugs me with workmen is if you ask technical questions they think you're quibbling or you doubt what they say or something, it's always don't worry & leave it with me, but I'm not worried πŸ™„ I'm just interested. Is this a male/female thing πŸ€” heaven knows but if I were a 6 foot bloke with tattoos would they tell you not to worry.. hmm. Either way I'm coming back as an electrician when I regenerate Doctor Who-style πŸ˜‰ πŸ› οΈ. Btw meant to say I love your autumn pic there is something so fab about old keys, is it just they look so good or the idea of keys & secrets πŸ€”. Take care chat soon xx

    Hello dear Barbara sorry have not written much news to you specifically, things much the same as usual, had to go to my new Drs surgery - all very newfangled (as Toni surmised) - and your name going up on a big screen for your turn, not very keen on that! πŸ˜• Not many mask wearers now either. Lots of shops still empty in town as I went past; still we have mobile phone shops, nail bars & barbers, what more do we need πŸ™„. How is your area off for shops nowadays? I still miss Woolworths more than any other, where else am I supposed to fritter money on odds & ends πŸ˜‚ it's just not the same online. Love to all 😘 xx

    and love to Kitty, hope everything tickety-boo with you 😊 xx

    Getting dark now so tea it is, love to all & any callers xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    Thanks for your nice message I just reply briefly as it’s quite late ⏰

    nothing was really wrong today well no more than any other days really Just did different things

    not short-term iron unfortunately

    no babysitting

    i’ve got Covid jab on Monday

    funny about Bosh book πŸ“• lol thanks

    vit D can be related to ethnicity in some cases

    ps pic is one i May send to megabrain in preparation for next summer lol xx

    bye for now good night Tc xx

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    Morning everyone who calls by old or new 😊

    change the love of beer to love of tea of course in the above 🀘

    Morning Joan how are you doing today? It is a bit cold for going out but nice in the sun when it shines still. Yes all is going well with my friend the plans are coming together. Should be on course for Monday all being well. More extended family visiting over the weekend. It is a small world we live in Sue 'meeting' one of your old colleagues like that😊 You take care now both of you ((())) xxx

    Morning to our Kitty if you have time to pop in. I hope you are feeling happy and settled in your bungalow. Sleek says you are fine and she loves it! She is a cheeky madam really, but we love her🐱. Missing your posts but as long as you are ok that's the main thing ((())) xxx

    Good morning to you Reshmi😊 Yes I am ok well as usual on a Saturday, but you know onwards and upwardsπŸ™„

    If the GP said I needed more iron tablets AGAIN capital letters would be being typed here tooπŸ˜•. I do sympathise. Not surprised though given the length of your last monthly and our meds can do it I πŸ€” think?

    I rather like Spock's Gp sentence...'Please explain the nature of your response' I might use that🀭hah!

    Carob cake is better for us yes, but LA might disagree with you there. My news feed on my phone showed a video of a baby maybe BR's age trying to carry a load of snacks, crisps (multipacks) etc staggering over to her parents with them and dropping them and stopping to pick one up, while dropping another. So cuteπŸ€—

    Toady is so clever finding you your very own vegan book. I am so impressed - you never said you were a celebrated author!!?

    Talking of food I took Lucy food shopping yesterday after my hospital visit and watched some Anne with an E on netflix with her at hers for a bit. Chraley should be visiting her today all being well. No EF visits for you this weekend? Maybe that's no bad thing I hope it is a peaceful one for you and you managed some walks ((())) xxx

    Morning Toady how the diddly are you?

    Busy I see buying maybe more than you sell....hmmmm that happens to Kari too sometimes πŸ˜‰Not to worry it should even out.

    Some people do not like Ivy do they? I rather do and as I said P taught us to use it in Christmas wreaths which is lovely as it's fairly prolific up and down the lanes in the village. So are other foragable items like sugar plums and damsons we are lucky.

    All is as well as possible here. Things have arrived at the house and we have had a hoisting lesson - gosh it's easy these days no strength needed at all. Mostly for the wife to do, not me also stoma care lesson also easier than you think. Since no nutrients are being taken and very little liquid I'm unsure how long all of this will be needed for. No-one it seems can say for sure.

    I haven't bought any sweet pea seeds either i have plenty and will probably plant some when life has settled down here like you later in the year. Well done tomatoes trying hard to ripen outside before getting shoved in a drawer with a non-existent banana😁

    πŸ€” I do hope all is well with Mrs is a worry when 'people' act out of character. Hopefully it's something and nothing and that's her brother visiting and he is a bit like mine slightly annoying🀞

    One week and a weekend is good for your international parcel so definitely worth sticking with 'them'. Sleek says yes please get a shop ordered she is feeling the need for a doughnut and you need some bananas.

    A quick hello to Barbara who I have heard from this week with a lovely photo of her youngest GD and her cats. I hope all is well Barbara you look after those eyes ((())) xxx

    and a πŸ‘‹wave to Carol Mr T and Miss Cookie. I hope all is well with you all ((())) xxx

    Aidan's breakfast Autumn style:

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you? I know I’ve lost track of messages a bit so I’m just doing what I can lol, one upper-sonship I like that πŸ˜‚

    civil warfare pic you’ve got a point there

    RR showed me his sheep painting, tbh I think LA could do much better!

    im trying to do instalments today

    bye for now xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) how are you have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) sorry your ladder got soaked. Yes I miss Woolworth’s British home stores. I hope Mrs B is alright have a good day.

    Barbara (()) how are you doing and Mr B (()) have a good day. Love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancΓ© (())

    Toni (()) yes I know all about moving a hoist they are clumsy things but very use full. Have a good day It’s lovely the lady can come home you feel more relaxed in your home (()) love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) I hope you feel a bit better today love to your mum (()) have a good day

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you today? I may be writing/ typing in instalments as some communication is better than none or communication of one massive late in the day variety - don’t worry I’m just judging myself of course no one else πŸ˜€

    male / female stereotyping I know what you mean there’s still a lot of it about really though certain smiling TV drama types would have us believe otherwise lol, we can’t all be kickboxers or plumbers even though some members of the not so fair s*x don’t see it that way lol, not everyone of course, this isn’t an anti - male diatribe - just wanted to make that clear πŸ˜€.

    Thanks about the keys pic, yes I agree keys can have a certain charm somehow reminds me of those Joanne Harris novel covers Chocolat etc not the greatest books in the world but I used to like reading them when working full time at an unnamed college as they were quite nice to read at end of day, sort of undemanding unlike keeping a civil (non - warfare) related tongue in my head when talking to GP lol.

    ok that’s it for now, I’m writing bits and pieces when I get energy and inspiration lol, so more post (s)may be coming.

    hows your day going so far? Can I regenerate as a cyber - doc please? Full body armour included? No VAT no receipt, cash in hand, no tax return, that dodgy doctor toady, no such thing as a legal sonic screwdriver, ok I’ll stop talking semi - gobbledygook πŸ˜‚.

    bye for now. Xx

    ps self explanatory pic but I deleted the choc eggs πŸ‘xx

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    hi Joan

    how are you and Sue today ?

    I am feeling a little bit better thanks because I had some coconut water and got a bit of rest, mum EF etc are well thanks, I hope you are both having a nice afternoon take care.xx

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    Hello all, boy it's windy out there today πŸŒͺ️ so have not tarried long out of doors, but - joy of joys I have seen Mrs B πŸ˜€. A blackbird was in the trees looked like a female but I was not sure in the shadows if it was her, then later a male blackbird came for food so I was a bit afraid I had just mistaken him; but then, she came down too 😊. If anything she saw him off away from the food so I am relieved that at least he can't really be bullying her. Not sure what some of their behaviour will develop into now as the seasons go on but we'll see. Everything else as per usual, tidying up to do in the garden, things to think about (I should have put next year's pansies in shouldn't I? πŸ€” ) - and have saved stacks of wallflower seeds that I probably won't need. Pics are one pretty little peach melba nasturtium out today, and (from a week or two ago) I was surprised to find an iris seed pod from irises that I'm not even sure what are (grammar). I had known that some irises I used to have had not flowered for a while, so they were a surprise this year in themselves - maybe these were self sown at some point they were a colour I didn't particularly remember so it's possible. Hope things going well with you today frog and you are being such a fabulous friend and generally a 'ledge', may I say again. Glad things are shaping up as well as possible at your friends', wishing them the best for Monday if all goes to plan. Glad you had a chance to see Lucy too πŸ‘οΈ. Nothing much else going on with me, I was supposed to have a walk today for absolute definite, I think that's all off but it's a much lighter breeze tomorrow apparently. Doesn't a gentle breeze always sound lighter than light winds to you? The BBC say otherwise. Just as a PS did you see the story about the Beyond Meat chief biting someone's nose πŸ˜‚ not funny per se of course but you can see how it's a perfect headline. Have a good Sunday, and righto, doughnuts on the shopping list it is :) xx

    Hello joan hope not too windy where you are, it is a bit strong here. No rain but I have not taken anything outdoors that shouldn't be, even got some washing dry, don't suppose there will be too many days for that now - I have not had the heating on yet though. Delighted to have seen Mrs Blackbird today thank you πŸ˜€ I was getting a little anxious. I never had a local BHS but it was always nice to go if I went to a bigger town. Have a good Sunday and love to both & the dogs :) xx

    Hi bosh, semi gobbledygook is my favourite πŸ˜‚ good stuff too. The thing about having no receipts and sonic screwdrivers of doubtful provenance, is that the 'psychic paper' takes care of all of that, now wouldn't that be handy when websites want 6 sorts of id you could just wave that at all of them. It is pretty much like dealing with cyber life forms anyway - 'Authenticate, Authenticate!' πŸ˜„ Sorry about the not-short iron course πŸ˜• yes a civil tongue takes a bit of mustering sometimes. GPs have just asked me to come for a yearly review, couldn't they have co-ordinated that with the last appt πŸ™„ it is never useful I will probably just skip it if I can. Good luck for the Covid jab hope it goes well not too much waiting etc. Good thought about my friend's vit D they do have one parent from a different ethnicity but not an at risk one I think theirs in inflammatory related seems quite common in RA too, can't remember if they check mine routinely or not I should check I suppose πŸ€”. I know what you mean about light reading at certain times, I like short stories as well, or something humorous, things you can pick up and not have to follow a too complicated plot. I do partly choose books by their covers as well I admit, well if I am buying a book already and there's a choice of cover I like them to be the nicest design. Have a good Sunday and see you when you are next in :) xx

    Love to Kitty and Barbara 😘 any any callers xx

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    nasturtium 'peach melba' (and 'ladybird rose'), and iris seed pod.

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    Yes well, according to toady I am both TS Elliot and a vegan cook book author ✍️

    lol but I think that may not be quite factual πŸ˜‚

    LA is fine thanks bossing baby bro around a bit too much tho

    My sis saw Theresa May when she had flu jab, strange fact, not fiction! She was talking to the pharmacists or something like that - v posh circles she moves in indeed πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘

    bye for now xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    you’ve got a point there about psychic paper def but surely that’s the ultimate form of fraud lol? Also what do we really know about the underage child workers who make sonic screwdrivers? No minimum wage for them, no money of any kind just jelly babies with a tube of bonjela at Christmas πŸŽ„ if they’re lucky - yes life could indeed be worse πŸ˜‚ xx

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    Morning everyone πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

    Morning Joan yes we are all happiest at home I think. I can just see my friend coming in the door. Her face will light up😊 love to you and Sue ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi well I never! I never saw a famous person having any kind of jab. But then I don't live in reading do i?

    Much better class of fellow vaccinees there.....

    You feeling better today? I am ot so bad just tired as per usualπŸ™„ must try some coconut water l still haven't yet.

    Cheeky LA bossing BR around and blaming him for everything 😁😁 I used to blame my stuffed toys apparently.

    I think k you must be fairly well off yourself being TS Eliot and the Bosh authors. I have written nothing of note. At least Toady has the toad books.

    Looks like a nice morning so far for a walk maybe?

    Toady how are you today? No walk yesterday. Hardly any 'breeze' here at all so no excuse today. I agree gentle breeze is the way forward as is rain later on like after 6pm.

    So glad Mrs B is ok and saw off the possible not so Mr B😊 such a relief that she is ok and not an oppressed female like the rest of us (notπŸ˜‰)

    The nasturtium is lovely and just what I needed. The Iris seed head very unusual to see but rather beautiful. Yes pansies.....I cant be bothered either. Not this year.

    Really I just need to get some clearing up done just get on with it! Stop procrastinating and get on and do it.

    All well here practiced with the hoist last night am now safe to be allowed out if needs be! Well really it's a standing frame for weak people but amazing.

    As for the beyond meat man well. A great headline but I am pretty sure he didn't eat the blokes nose just lost his temper. Very very amusing though🀭🀭🀭

    I hope your day is a good one😊