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    Hi everyone hope you’re all doing ok? Xx

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) how are you feeling today I hope has well as possible. Have a good day love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) you have some lovely plants how is your mock orange. Have a good day

    Barbara (()) thinking about you and Mr B (()) I hope things are alright have a good day (()) love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) I hope everything is going well for your friends (()) thinking about you (()) love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) How is your arm. Love to your mum (()) have a good day

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    Hi Joan

    How are you and Sue today? my arm isn’t too bad thanks it’s just hurting a little bit thanks, I hope you both enjoy the day, bye Tc xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    How are you today? “authenticate authenticate” - I love that 😂

    i’m not too bad thank you tired but generally not too bad in other ways thanks 😀

    Covid jab tomorrow exciting stuff lol, I just hope my stomach behaves so that I’m able to go to it, i’ll leave it there for now toady got a few things to do may post again later hope you’re have a good afternoon? Tc. Xx

    ps Do you dislike pictures of mist? I can’t remember if it’s offensive please let me know and I won’t make the same mistake next time take care. Xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    How are things with you?

    my sis actually saw T. May in Maidenhead town centre not Reading and I don’t think she was being vaccinated herself but she was talking to the pharmacists or something like that but yes it’s a posh kind of area really much posher than Reading to be honest haha.

    We’re all more or less okay thanks for asking, family and EF at least right at the moment I’m not too bad thanks Toni but I’ve been noticing that I’m finding it more and more difficult to leave the house not mentally but physically just really lacking energy but now I know why the iron deficiency I used to think it was just the heating and arthritis but now I get that it’s more than that I’ve got the covid jab tomorrow and this is last day of my weekly mxt hangover so I’m following the rules no cheese no rubbish nothing tasty I just really hope that my stomach is okay tomorrow morning because it’s a morning appointment for the jab anyway all I can do is do my best if the worst happens I have to maybe just eat the bare minimum tomorrow morning just until it’s over I think I’ll leave it there Toni to be honest because like I said getting increasingly tired these days I’m not starting the iron tablets till after Covid jab so sorry about that

    how is your back now?

    bye for now xx

    ps pic of Spock struggling with tech lol xx

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    Good night everyone xx

    ps pic of my red blood cells / haemoglobin etc as visualised by one of the Alice artists lol, Tc xx

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    Hello people :) just a lateish post, no news just to say hello and wish everyone a good night etc. Bit dismal out there, 3rd wet day in a row that I was promised faithfully wouldn't be, in some cases even checking the forecast at the very minute & it denying flatly it was raining. 🙄 Well frog you said there would be so obviously you can trust frogs more than the forecast, like pinecones opening up or cows lying down 😂. Hope you got out a bit for some of this elusive tidying up. I did some garage & seed sorting not much else. I'm not a huge one for pansies either I meant to just repeat 1 or 2, then again this year's ought to come back.. in theory.. a bigger error is not getting any wallflowers sorted earlier for next year. Think I may be better going with a perennial variety there. Mrs B was around but yes there is a definite atmosphere between the 2 of them 🤔 will keep an eye. I laughed at you blaming your toys for your past sins 😂 who was it, teddy? or dolly, or maybe they were all in it, a notorious criminal gang - poor things I hope they were all retrospectively pardoned. Hope things ok with you today in general and have a good start to the week :) xx

    Goodnight to Joan and Sue, thank you the garden is untidy in a lot of places it's just as well you can't see the rest 😉 but I am hoping to bring a bit more order to it as I go, it needed a lot of replanting after I lost things down the boundary side when the fences were last done & I had to lose some trees too, that's taken time away from getting on with other things unfortunately. The little orange plants are doing ok fingers crossed, they grow about a foot or 2 a year do hope they'll survive ok the first year and get established. Love to both have a good Monday :) xx

    Hi to bosh and thanks, I don't mind misty pictures at all that one's very pretty 😀 if I've ever said anything it's probably just when I was having one of my general dramatic sulks about wishing it was summer 😉, I'd rather the mist than what it's doing at the moment, ie buckets of rain 🙄 and all next week they say on & off, well I will be able to hire one those handy alligators in your previous pic if I need to go anywhere and don't want to walk 🐊. I'm still laughing about jelly babies and 'bonjela for Christmas' btw, that was a tiny surreal masterpiece 😂. Yes the psychic paper is very dubious of course but it's ok for me to use it to log into things with, because I am me 😄 I just loathe them nagging 'are your details correct', as if you've changed them 10 times and forgotten to say. I just say aloud 'yes thank you, nice of you to ask' and click away to a page where I can get around it and not have to click confirm. Ah well one of life's small petty amusements, they will make me do it one day I expect. Hope the jab is ok tomorrow and then all being well the iron will start to address the tiredness for you 👍️. Have a good night and a better hangover-less tomorrow really hope your stomach is ok for the appt. xx

    Love to Barbara and Kitty of course 😘 xx

    and night to all xx

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    Morning everyone

    the above concerns me a bit are they saying people over 70 don't wash????

    Morning Joan thank you for thinking about us all you are such a lovely person caring about us all. Hopefully all will be well today my friend will be home early this morning I will go over to control the dogs while she settles in. They will bark at the ambulance men as you can imagine🙄 Love to you both ((())) xxx

    Morning to Kitty if you have time to pop by today I hope you are ok and that the carers and you have got into a routine together in the bungalow. Sleek will be over later ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi how are you today? I hope pretty well. Glad to here everyone in the family and EF are doing ok 🤞 its stays that way.

    Shall we have a whip round and buy Spock and Ipad poor man! You know the wisteria picture? I love it and the bark of the tree looks like a cat stretching upwards stretching and sharpening it's claws😺

    Aha so your sister was in Maidenhead super posh. That's how to mix with the rich and famous. Yes much nicer than Reading which is nice enough anyway. Having said that I'm happy enough here mixing with the farmers and competing with the next village😉

    Oh dear you sound quite washed out due to the lack of iron😕 have you got the tablets yet? I hope they make a difference really quickly it's just horrible having so little energy. Still you do very well indeed to push through it and make yourself get out I think. That's the right attitude to have to be fair.

    Good luck with your COVID jab today I was absolutely fine just the usual sore arm nothing more. It lasted just over 24 hours and I am very happy to have the extra protection.

    Thanks for asking my back isn't great, but I am coping ok just keeping taking the tablets like you do!

    Morning Toady how are you doing today? We had sunshine every single morning then rain later on in the day sorry I feel quite bad for you😕 Frogs and toads quite like wet weather though don't we? Ignore cows and pine cones and weather apps we can really only rely on ourselves can't we?🙄woe I hope you have better weather today.

    When my friend gets home today I expect to have more time on my hands unless she goes downhill very quickly then I will be there more to support her friend who is mildly terrified about 'the end'. As am I really I know very little.

    The toy who wrote in crayon on the wall was of course a cat. She was a red knitted cat which my Mum made for me and I loved her very much she had a long stretched neck which was how I held her. I will dig out Lucy's and take apic because she was made from the same pattern.

    Oh dear me what has Mr B done I wonder - it's bound to be his doing😉. Did he steal her worm maybe or was he chirping to another female B????🐦️ Let's hope they make up soon for the harmony of the garden. Well done starting in the shed I haven't not much chance ATM so little time...

    Well I'd better get me in that shower hair doesn't wash itself does it?

    A quick wave to Barbara if she has time to call by and her eyes let her. Hope everyone is doing ok? ((())) xxx

    and of course the same to Carol ((())) xxx

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    Hi everyone xx

    wppl xx

    another Alice pic xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (())how are you i hope everything is going well for you. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) I hope you have a good day we have had a bit of rain perhaps Mr B has to many girlfriends.

    Barbara (()) how are you and Mr B (()) I hope you have a good day love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) I know what you are going through with your friends it’s very hard. I will be thinking about you (()) love to your friends (()) love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) how are you feeling today love to your mum (()) have a good day

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you this afternoon? glad you liked the Doctor Who related semi - gobbledygook ha ha

    covid jab went ok thanks Stomach is also okay at the moment thank you whether it will remain ok for the duration of the day I don’t know but I’m just glad behaved that itself at jab time

    yes authenticating and so on is a big nuisance I agree also they asked the wrong questions they shouldn’t be asking me if I’m a robot they should ask me if I am indeed a timelord 😂

    so I may have got confused you said you dislike something it could’ve been rain not mist so don’t worry 😀

    that’s it for now unfortunately because I am running on coconut water and woke up early this morning so I know that my energy is very limited and I have to use it wisely I may well chat later take care xx

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    hi Toni 🌺

    how are you today?

    sorry to Hear about your back do you do any physio for it?

    I do a lot less physio than I used to to be honest (but also I seem to need it less) but there is a back exercise that I do every day, saved the exercise online but it seems to have expired, it’s basically adopting the foetal position (but not the arms - part) that’s one way to put it anyway, but not on your side but straight bending your knees and pushing your legs up to stretch upper back, I don’t have a visual maybe this could help? I Do this exercise in bed as soon as I’ve got up, or as soon as practical after rising, mattress should be good though if it’s a rubbishy mattress like the one in my spare room it’s just going to make it worse, hope this helps.

    thanks about my iron deficiency yes hopefully tablets will help but the problem is these family rows are also taking it out of me mentally and physically, anyway we all have our crosses to bear and that kind of thing👍

    jab went well thanks , saw Barack Obama waiting for his jab, ok that bits not quite true, he told me he’s visiting you though, just no wisteria arrangements please, he’s on his antihistamines 🌸🌸lol.

    need to go now will try to post again later. Tc Toni xx

    ps pic of smug bill, sorry Cheshire Cat xx



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    Hi Joan how are you and Sue?

    I’m not too bad thanks mum is ok take care xx

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    Hello all 😊 quite nice out there today.. if you can rise above the windy bits earlier which were fairly bracing.. sunny now and sunny tomorrow supposedly, which I hope it is, given that there are 11 days of rain straight, after that 😱 oh well maybe they will recant on some of that as we go along. Have been outdoors poking about a bit, the little rose has come out although will not last long as it's already had 2 heavy soakings but it was a brave effort anyway 😊. I have bought the Hugh Warwick book on the British countryside as you can see, which I expect will be interesting and depressing in equal measure (I always book-buy in clusters and then not for a while for some reason). Today now mostly doing some online jobs, and putting things in my grocery shop, heavens the prices 😕 since even very recently. There's also a lot of that business of taking something off range, & bringing it back at a smaller weight for more money. Well the doughnuts are in, and hang the expense tell Sleek frog. 😀 Oh that naughty knitted cat 😂 even Lucy's looks like it may not entirely be thinking good & pure thoughts. I had a skunk that was rather of that shape, its neck was so wobbly it couldn't even hold its head up - why a skunk you may ask, I could not now tell you. Contrary to what you might imagine, I don't remember it getting up to anything, not even crayoning. Hope the hairwashing went well and I meant to ask you if the haircut did too. Thinking of you & your friends (mildly terrified would not begin to describe it 😔) and you too today xx

    Hello joan hope not too bad a day where you are. Have seen Mr B today not sure where Mrs is possibly in a 'bad mood', who can say what Mr B has been up to, while she was keeping a low profile and regrowing her feathers perhaps it was a case of t'other dear charmer 😉😂. Yesterday had a magpie perching on the lilac branches and leaning over head upside down to get at a suet filled half coconut, I had not seen any birds on it but it was going down, so quite likely it had been helping itself before. It was for the little birds but never mind, all welcome. Have a good afternoon/evening :) xx

    Hi bosh glad to hear you got though your morning & your jab 😀👍️ good for you and hope things are still fairly ok and no side effects of course 🤞. Quite nice here today I really must go out even for a little walk while the weather holds; it's more than likely I've grumbled about misty or foggy weather before, as well as rain, so I doubt you've misremembered whatsoever, if it's not sunny I'm probably grumbling by default 😬 I will be like that til more or less May now haha. But pictures are fine 😊 just ignore my whiny-ness. I have posted my recent online shopping-trip books so as you can see, I am doing my poetry homework 😉 kidding except in that you did help prompt me to fill a few gaps in my books. The one that came with the cd is a very nice book I don't think I even realized it was a big hardback. Anyway this is a strict one-off I won't be starting toady's book club, just out of interest. I always hope I'll find something in 2nd hand books and this time found a 1990s Swedish train ticket, which is better than nothing 😀. Yes they should indeed be asking 'are you a timelord', good point 😂 the trouble is now that they have made a 'synthetic brain' (ugh, scientists) how long before robots start ticking I'm not a robot, and then where will we be. Have a good evening & hope the littleys are ok xx

    Hello Kitty and hope you're well 😊 xx

    and love to Barbara and family & cats etc 😘 xx

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    shopping 📚️ and same little rose from 12th Oct

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    Hi toady

    nice pics thanks 👍

    littleys are well as far as I’m aware thank you

    jab was ok but admin lady seemed fascinated by fact I take methotrexate, v odd really, you would’ve thought I’d just landed from outer space 🪐 lol, I almost did but even dr bosh needs to find a legal parking space for tardis - transportation lol, also bit of confusion about lift thing, got one in the end but I was cold and tired, was only marginally better than taking bus and you know my dad - will never admit to any wrongdoing 😡.

    ok so pics of rain etc are ok that’s good to know thanks 👍

    I have to have the dreaded iron tablets tomorrow 🤢

    I can’t put it off any longer, Ive had iron medicines in the past three or for times now, this is a relatively new GP I have mentioned that to her before…anyway I’m meant to take them for 3 months but if I feel too ill I will of course contact her before that, but like you once implied it’s a terrible medication really, I’m supposed to have slightly more contact with other people for my mental health, there’s no way of doing that if I’m feeling sick as a dog, sorry cat, ok as sick as a Darlek lol.

    Not sure if I mentioned this before RR showed me his sheep painting, to be frank I think LA could’ve done a much better job, also the sheep seemed to be on an odd background, orangey red or something like that, unless the sheep were wondering around in some long forgotten corner of outer space not frequented by Kirk ‘s ship, I can only assume that the C jab admin lady had given him industrial strength brownie, laced with more than ferrous fumerate tablets and methotrexate oh dear😂

    other than the jab pretty uneventful day, also bought some M & S leggings that I couldn’t find online, so my arm was really hurting during The Dreaded Wait For Dad, no point telling him that though, might as well be talking to a Tribble lol, ok I’ll go easy in the S Trek references lol.

    have a good evening, bye toady Tc. Xx

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    Morning everyone who pops by regulars or new visitors 😊

    Morning Joan how are you doing today? Thank you for your support. My friend is home and much happier it remains to be seen whether she will eat or drink there. We'll see. Did you realise it's actually almost a year since P died? That was November 6th last year. What is life like? 😕 Sending you and Sue some ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi I loved the Alice pic especially the photo of the cat on the wall on the way down the hole....

    How are you doing today? Now I am very glad to hear you are needing less physio (although I think we should still do it if we can???) and also do that back exercise. It actually helps then I rock from side to side in that position too do you?

    Iron tablets affect my stomach when I need them as does any sort of tension so you have my sympathy 100% for that Horrible isn't it? I wonder whether there are any mindfulness exercises you can do if HV is erupting🤔 I know going for a walk helps so hopefully taking the iron will give you more energy to get out more ((())) xxx

    Poor Barack (we are on first name terms now like yourself😉) I didn't realise he had seasonal allergies bless him. I can easily dodge any flowers and stick to artificial. Not a problem I hope you are both not too sore of arm after your jabs yesterday.

    Hoping your Mum is ok HV is calm and EF are all well atm

    By the way I love the glass cups in the pic you posted to Joan so pretty.💗

    Morning Kitty if you call in I hope all is well with you today and the carers too. Sleek will be over later with a latte for each of you I am sure yours won't be a fishy one 😻

    Morning Toady how is your day today?

    How many books have you bought😮 How fabulous that will keep you busy! I'm sure the hedgehog's eye view in Hugh Warwick's book will not be totally depressing just frustrating as we cannot affect everyone else just do our own little bit. P used to plant wildflower seeds anywhere she went bless her😉 Your own garden sounds just lovely and nature filled mine is getting there given that I didn't so much as have a bee and only one peony when we moved here, only flies. Last summer (and still now on sunny days) the place is teeming with life.

    Sleek has been reading over my shoulder and seems happy with your online shop. Oh she says she's read over your shoulder too and would like a jar of herrings added🤢 I know what you mean about prices my soya milk went up by 25p in one week!!!! Shocking.

    My cat was very naughty Lucy's naughtier I had a Mummy cat too called Katy mine was called (originally) ****. I was a sickly child and from time to time '****' would get quite gross so when I was in bed my mum would knit another one then the jumping bean would come along.....

    My Mum and me would put **** (filthy and smelly) on the top of the door and shout 'Jumping bean make **** clean!' we would bash the door over he went and my Dad on the other side (if you're reading this Reshmi you can see he wasn't all bad) would throw the new one back to us. That was worse than Father Christmas when I sussed it...

    Nothing wrong at all with a long necked skunk if you loved him💖 Have you ever read the velveteen rabbit? If not you MUST MUST MUST!!!!!!!!!

    Hair ok I suppose as ever it is.🙄Hope yours is remotely under control too.

    A quick wave to Barbara I hope those eyes are not being too naughty, but expect they are.🙄 Love to you Mr B and the family all those GDs ☺️

    Hi also to Carol if you get time to pop in ((())) xxx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I hope you are coping well have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) your little rose is a lovely thank you for the photos. Have a good day

    Barbara (()) I hope all is well there and you are having a good day. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) Yes I thought it was nearly a year that P died the days go so quick don’t they. I miss Aidan. That’s good your friend has come home she will feel happier (()) it is so hard for you to be happy with her when you and your friend are so worried. Thinking about all of you (()). Yes we are alright thank you.

    Reshmi (()) i hope your other arm is not too sore after your injection. Love to your mum (())

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    Hi everyone sorry not feeling well at all after C jab, bye xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you this afternoon? I had a v bad night morning etc felt so wiped out this morning that even breakfast was a struggle, sleep was bad which obviously worries me sometimes from mental health perspective but it was just covid jab side effects

    this is another from memory incomplete message sorry about, I take your point about physio but tbh every day isn’t the same for me physio wise and of course this draining anaemia isn’t exactly helping, I haven’t had a day like that for a long time when I couldn’t even find the energy to put together a bowl of porridge, but my mum helped me, bless her.

    Family etc are well thanks, LA is coming here on “HOLIDAY” as he calls it, his caps of course lol, 25 th to 26 of this month, I think my mum has booked seats for us at a Rapunzel puppet show in a small theatre here, if everyone is well, that’s his favourite fairy tale lol.

    I'll leave it there for now

    bye Toni Tc xx

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    hi toady 🐸

    nice pile of books in your photograph

    I’m feeling just about human well let’s call it 25% human at the moment ha ha that doesn’t mean the rest of me is timelord that would be a delusion of grandeur, yeah it seems the Covid jab side-effects got me in the end but okay-ish now thank you how’s your day been going on so far?

    I got a message from LLF saying that she went on holiday to Spain it was hot and sunny then she went back to where she lives now which is somewhere beside the sea and she said that it’s sunny but not hot I wouldn’t have thought that’s really very newsworthy information but least she’s trying ha ha.

    have you ever had bad side-effects from Covid or flu jabs? just curious

    LA told his mummy that he’s been watching a cartoon which is teaching him about white blood cells my goodness he’s a clever little clog isn’t he really? I think he may be a much more sympathetic doc than my current one ha ha only thing is I have to make sure that I’ve got lots of chocolate cakes to bribe him with so I get the right diagnosis only problem is I’m not sure if my baking skills are up to it, but Im trembling in fear just thinking of that angry “not from shop” stipulation, oh dear.

    I started having those horrible iron tablets today my goodness they even look disgusting like pieces of mud or something like that, I don’t know It certainly wasn’t designed by RR or LA for that matter

    Swedish train ticket that’s interesting 👍

    ill leave there for now hope you’re having a good afternoon toady take care xx

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue today? I wasn’t feeling very well because of the covid jab side-effects but I’m starting to feel a little bit better now thank you they did it in the same arm but I’m having pains in the other arm too, back legs etc but it’s just a very temporary thing thanks for asking 👍

    I hope you are both having a good afternoon take care of yourselves, bye for now. Xx

    👋Barbara xx

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    Hi all - hope we are having a good evening, dropping chilly now as you'd expect but a fairly decent day 🌞

    Have just been out filling a dodgy section of wooden window frame prior to painting, definitely not a labour of love but then again I feel virtuous for it. Nothing much else happening and quiet around these parts thankfully, every little helps.. unlike Tesco's 25p price hike frog 😣 they have taken favourite items ranges of mine away altogether at one time & another too which is equally annoying. People will be shopping around & swapping supermarkets more than ever I suppose. That may not be all the books I bought actually 😉 but I do buy in clusters as I say so will probably go a while without any purchases.. it's something to do with buying things in satisfying sort of groups if you know what I mean, I do that quite a lot. But these are mostly reference & dip into books anyway, not read in a sitting books. Btw no thank you and no feedback from the US customer, predictably, shall we say the better off privileged customer is always the least grateful (in my experience, not as a blanket slur! but it's what I find). Glad the hair is no worse than it might be, it's about the best we can hope for 😂 actually mine's having one of its comb out in handfuls stages, probably paying me out for grumbling (very funny, life 🙄). Hopefully like Mrs B I will regrow what is moulting otherwise I will be a very tatty 'bird'. That is hilarious about little (censored) cat, kind of a brilliant scheme of your parents really 😂 and an excellent tale. Have I read the velveteen rabbit 🤔 must have a think. Brings tears to your eyes says one review, have to pick my moment for any sort of sentimental stuff, sad bunnies and thy servant a dog and greyfriars bobby & all that 😫. Hope everything as well as poss with you today :) xx

    Hello joan, hope you & Sue and the dogs are having a good day, I keep thinking it's still Monday 🤔 must order prescriptions etc before they get caught up in post strike, and probably other things as well. Will have to think of renewing my broadband soon one more thing to think of, there's always something isn't there. xx

    Hi bosh, glad to hear you felt a bit better as the day went on. I don't have the flu jab I just turn into a hermit over winter instead 😉 some years they've jumped the wrong way guessing which strain it would be & everyone got it anyway, it just put me off (not meaning to be too negative, just me). Sorry it was not the best trip to your appt with DV 😕 it must feel like swimming against the tide but as you say there is no talking to some people. How very very odd of the appt woman to find methotrexate fascinating, someone who gave me a lift to a hospital appt once seemed fascinated by the very idea of arthritis, hardly a novelty illness! & the same goes, she must have come across people on DMARDS &c all the time (you would think). Yes the Tardis would have come in handy (no Tardis emoji is an outrage btw); I have been listening to a bbc drama where people are forgetting the Doctor, one character (this isn't really a spoiler) was told to get a tattoo saying The Doctor and The Tardis so they wouldn't forget - I have a terrible memory but I hope it won't come to needing a tattoo saying The Doctor, or Mr Spock for that matter 😬. Did you finish watching the Tolkein thing, it did not seem to get all that good reviews 🤔. In other news, it's not as warm as Spain at the seaside, and sheep fields are an orangey red, well I never 😄 we will laugh on the other side of our faces if he is the next Damien Hirst I suppose. Maybe invest now while you can. Have a good-ish evening & keep up the good but horrible work with the iron pills 😔 xx

    Love to Kitty, I have been buying poetry books as per my previous post, hope to find something new to like 😊 hope you're well xx

    and hello to Barbara 😘 are you one of these people that shops early for family xmas presents or have you got a 'system' (like vouchers or something). Hallowe'en first - very large pumpkins were only £2 something outside Lidl, how do the growers make anything 🤔. Love to all xx

    Tea time again I think xx

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    hi toady 🐸

    thanks for your nice message yes the tattoos are a bit of an extreme memory aid I agree lol

    yes odd indeed about the person fascinated by arthritis, the RR character told me I’m too young to have it, I almost said “thank you oh great medical authority” lol

    I did eventually finished seeing the Tolkien series, you’re right it wasn’t great bit of a change I suppose but definitely didn’t live up to the hype as they say.

    I saw a bit of a sad thing on the day I went to the town centre, in One of the shopping centres there is a seating area a central one which is just seats basically sofas or whatever no actual café just a place for people to sit down, that was a rather large man young-ish maybe mid 30s or something like that and he had fallen down he was on crutches and he didn’t have proper shoes on just slippers and bare feet, he had almost fallen flat on his face there were two men on the side sitting on the sofa drinking coffee reading newspapers who completely ignored him but there was an older man who was passing by who tried to help the person who had fallen luckily the person said he didn’t need any help it was just quite shocking the way some people ignored the vulnerable gentleman I felt sad I know this isn’t the first time this kind of thing this happened but it’s it’s never pleasing when certain characters seem to be so self absorbed, at least the fall wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been I think anyway so thats something.

    I also saw a toy shop and on the floor was a massive tarantula toy moving right towards me my goodness that’s a bit scary isn’t it? At least it was for a second when I thought it was a real spider ha ha maybe I should have “not actual spider” tattooed on my Covid jabbed arm? That Would be a somewhat unique fashion statement lol.

    Think I’ll leave it there for now toady hope your evening / night is going okay, bye Tc xx

  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 28,315
    edited 19. Oct 2022, 05:44

    Morning everyone

    and cats we welcome cats.....

    Morning Joan how are you today? I also miss Aidan very very much. We have an anniversary of his coming up not long after Lucy's birthday so I won't ever forget. But time really does seem to fly doesn't it? I'm glad you're both ok all well here ATM ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi I do hope you feel much more yourself today after your COVID jab. Someone else felt whacked after their's I know it was my friend's sister and also my own Kari, but not for too long. For you I imagine it's exacerbated by your low iron levels. Good job your Mum was there to see to it that you had some breakfast yesterday. Anyway I am sending you some ((())).

    Oooh how lucky is a certain little boy to be going on such a fabulous holiday to yours! They are so lucky t be able to stay with you because (it being half term) all the hotels will be full of holiday makers! Seriously though I think it will be lovely to see them.💖

    Rapunzel indeed! Like the picture. I hope he enjoys the puppet show and that you are ll well enough to go. Bless him and BR should be able to watch it too now he is growing up a bit.

    I read what you had written to Toady about the man who had a bit of a fall and healthy people 'didn't see' him choosing instead to mind their own business🙄 Very sad sign of the times that is isn't it?😕

    I Watched star trek last night! It was fabulous to go back there again☺️ Your pic has a point....why no seat belts!!!!!???🤭

    Morning Toady how are you doing today? No rain here yet although it is absolutely forecast.

    I managed to get outside yesterday for an hour which was just LOVELY!!!!! I did some more tidying and banked up my spuds. Emptied one of my bokashis into one of my composters. Stuck my head into the current composter after Windy Millering. It smells lovely so that's ready for my veggie patch😊 I also shovelled up some fresh horse poo (outside the house!) and stuck it under my roses. Got caught be the horse's owner doing it though a bit embarrassing😳

    Funny you should say your hair is moulting - so is mine! I wonder whether it's a time of year thing maybe? I feel a bit like mrs B myself. I'm sure ours will grow back as annoying as ever🤞

    Well done doing that prep on the window-frame. I bet you feel all virtuous. Woo-wooo! Get you all DIY woman!

    Read the velveteen rabbit again do not fear it has the happiest ending it really does. Yes it makes you well-up in a good way.

    Did you seriously expect a thank you from the international buyer? 🙄 No appreciation for people's efforts some people.

    I suppose I'd better get on today I am going to my friend's where we will attempt a hair wash. we have bought one of these

    please wish us luck.

    Quick hello to everyone missing that's our Kitty and Barbara as well as Carol.

    Also we are definitely due a visit from @mig who normally appears around Hallowe'en.....