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    Toady, my favourite breakfast.Here is my bed.

    Love to all.

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you this afternoon?

    I Really liked that cat poem thanks for that 😀 I v much found it true to life because I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but there have been a couple of days when I’ve woken up in the morning opened the curtains and seen this very spooky cat black cat (or should I say Familiar 😂? ) staring right at me from the neighbours garden or from my own, obviously the cat is just looking at general things and having catty daydreams about catnip flavoured brownies or some such notions lol, but sometimes I get the feeling that it’s spooky green eyes are looking straight at me, not a great start to the day, lol, no offence cat lovers of course.

    Goodness It’s already much later than I thought it was I’m still recovering from the EF last minute debacle to be honest, it was lovely to see the kids of course but my mum got obsessed with food prep and so on didn’t let me help you can imagine the situation 😔, no she’s not got her diabetes results yet but that can take some time she told me. It’s One of those days when I’m hot and also cold can’t really get comfortable but at least I’m free to roam about the house and stick my head in the cool room from time to time if I feel the need to do so.

    How Are things with you? is the builder being helpful now or perhaps a bit over - helpful? As in you can’t get rid of him? I’m going To leave it there for now toady I hope you’re having a good Tuesday so far, bye and Tc. Xx

    ps unorthodox clothing advice lol. Xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you today?

    no problem of course in your short message I understand

    thanks about BR

    I see about your dad that’s interesting to know I’d like to say that my dad also has a good sense of humour but unfortunately that’s far from being the case lol.

    my back isn’t too bad thank you don’t worry I was careful with the window if I felt too much pain etc I would’ve definitely have closed it 😀

    I got a little bit of pain in my waist but that’s probably my fault bad posture to be honest sending any message on the iPad even using the stand isn’t always good for my waist or back on so I too will try and keep it short which may be difficult because you know how I love to waffle lol

    The visit from EF was nice of course in its own way nice to see the kids etc but it was so last minute mum got obsessed with food prep she wouldn’t let me help and so on I just hope I manage to get to the group tomorrow probably will but obviously depends on the weather really and various factors because I just need a break from this home atmosphere no offence to anyone

    i’ve got some lovely handmade earrings from eBay they have dried flowers in their centres I’ve cleaned them but I haven’t worn them yet I always tend to carefully clean earrings I haven’t bought directly from a well-known brand, so I’ll let you know later on what they’re like when I wear them etc 👍

    i ate no added sugar choc today was very good I threw all the evil full fat full poison ice cream out (or whatever it’s called lol), that’s good I think I better go now T as I’m already pretty exhausted I think it’s just one of those tiring days hope your Monday is going alright and I’m glad that Paul has got a lot of work going on in Scotland I liked Edinburgh too when I went there for a brief holiday long ago with parents I wasn’t in the best mood at the time but as you say nice place cultural historic etc 👍, hows Lucy doing these days? okay that’s it for now Toni bye and take care of yourself. Xx

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    Hello all, a quick pop in for me not so early (it was a shock I know frog 😄) just fitting in odds & ends today wherever they work best - I haven't had the bloods yet, that was just me mumbling yesterday about what I had on this week and various bits of beforehand prep such as hairwashing (which I didn't do, so had to do today 😣) - appt is Fri so I'm still on for nipping back from that and turning around to come with you + cafe for yours. Partly didn't fit in hair yesterday because it was randomly quite nice and warm/sunny so I played truant in the garden, did a few bits & pieces and the arch is nearly up! Stand by for updates. Have seen plenty of mouse btw 😊 and the sonic doodah is here now so I will be setting it up as soon as I get a chance. I did see kitty looking down from the fence at the bit she dropped down from the other day and clearly didn't fancy it that much now - every little helps I suppose (I do still feel sorry for her, such a shame she's such a hunter). Your poor village estate people having to put up with the noisy neighbour all this time, that really is taking the mickey. Bosh having got me into refreshing my memory of Seamus Heaney, one of the first things I read mentioned him referencing a medieval poem about someone being disturbed by noisy blacksmiths - I looked that up too and the punchline was, the writer of the article didn't have much sympathy for the disturbed person, so plus ca change, maybe people really don't think you should be that bothered by noise 🤔. The estate people really must have been tempted to stage an unfortunate Midsomer 'accident' over the years, can quite see how people get to that point! Hope things as well as poss with you today despite being partly away from home and that things are steady with your friend. Cleaning out Charley's car would indeed have been the perfect mindless occupation, don't suppose you found any £20 notes & if you did they would be no use if paper (horrid new plastic ones, ugh 😕 not that I handle that many these days). I had not thought of my poor postbox feeling poorly 😟😂 must have wondered what was happening to it when it's used to being so 'regular'.. normally would only be that full at Christmas, but that's from overindulging in xmas cards 😂. Garden pics as soon as I get my next few chores done, hopefully tomorrow after grocery delivery etc 👍️ xx

    Hello joan, bloods for me on Friday thanks for the good wishes; should be straightforward apart from I've never been to this surgery & I won't know my way around. It might rain on me too but maybe the forecast will swerve by then🤞rather dull today (and cold!) hope not too bad for you, love to both :) xx

    Kitty ooh isn't your home beautiful 😍 thank you for showing it to us, and you have a nice outlook too, so glad 😊 have a good day xx

    Hi bosh, glad things are a little calmer after the EF debacle, have never been to Edinburgh we once lived fairly far north as a family and should have gone to more places while we had the chance I suppose, but didn't for one reason or another. Hope they are getting on ok there. You did mention black cats but I didn't know that they (or one) tended to look at you 🐱 rather unnerving yes 👁️ as they say, you never have any idea what cats are thinking really & it would be fascinating if you could, even the best of us tend to ascribe attributes & motivations to them that they probably haven't got in the slightest. It's like bird song, we think they're singing prettily but a lot of it is either territorial or aggression etc. The builder is supposed to be doing something at some point yes but have lost track of him at this precise moment, in that he hasn't replied to my last email so will have to chase it up with a phone call (hate talking in person because you don't have a record of who said what 🙄). I found that Seamus Heaney was v. underrepresented in any books I have, probably have a bit of an imbalance of Oxford Book of English Verse anthologies etc, so will pick myself up something of his along with a couple of collections I was looking at, one with a cd of some readings by the authors - including Eliot, not The Wasteland but maybe I will have a go at that again one day! Also has some Dylan Thomas, Pound, Auden, the usuals and Larkin (I like Larkin even if he is gloomy) - trouble with anthologies is that you end up with duplication but never mind there's usually something new. I love the book & scenery themed pics 😀 the staircase, etc, & the one you posted in Toni's message has bunnies as well, yay for bunnies 😊 🐰. Have a good rest of day, & if you are going to the group tomorrow hope it's ok weather and you have a good morning :) xx

    Love to Barbara & family 😘 xx

    & anyone calling in, see you all soon xx

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    Morning everyone

    There we go some definitions of the different fancy coffees!

    Morning Joan this is such a scary time no idea if I will be needed again today. We are beginning to feel a lack of trust for one of the nurses seems to be pushing for end of life. Lots of family came up from down South yesterday which was lovely for her. I hope you are all feeling well today at least? ((())) xxx

    Bosh that take on the starbucks sign is fabulous☺️

    Kitty me duck! Lovely, just lovely to see you again! The bedroom is gorgeous too so pretty and bright. I hope you'll need a kitty of your own one day I could see a pusskin there with you. In the meantime, of course, you have Sleek whenever you need her she'll happily sleep on that bed!🐱

    I see a butterfly!

    Good morning Reshmi how are you this morning? I am very glad to hear you wouldn't let yourself get a draught I didn't think you would but I've done it before sleeping with the window open. Not so often now it being in a bungalow. Posture yes the trickiest thing to keep correcting with our overuse of tech these days.

    I thought it was group today. It's windy here, but i hope you get there anyway wrapped up. I hope RR is there with his cakes and temptation and that he is that he entertains you at least he is an eccentric. I do know we are all different I do know that really, but he is a one off😉

    No sense of humour with your Dad at all? Your poor Mum! Mine could be really funny at times, but you never knew when he'd blow so permanently lived on the edge. I always thought it was that stress which gave me my belly aches when I was younger.

    Your Mum worries too much about food when you have visitors if it is family they should take you as they find you shouldn't they? She never lets you help when it comes to family visits either which would upset me in your shoes. At least the children cheer the atmosphere up, but Reshmi you deserve a bit of respite I hope you get out today ((()))

    A picture of the earrings would be lovely yes please. Always best to clean them thoroughly I agree who knows😕I lost one of my 'usual' ones last week and have looked everywhere to no avail. Even checked the contents of the hoover🧐no luck.

    Edinburgh is lovely isn't it I think rather posh in parts I love reading the 44 Scotland Street books by Alexander McCall Smith they just put me back, there silly I know. I'm glad you've been and hope one day you go back without DV!

    Well done ditching the full fat full sugar ice cream! that choc sounded lovely. I had some rhythm 108 chocolate once it was so lovely I ate too much it had too many sweeteners for me and I was out of action temporarily as a result😳

    Due to the possibility that Lucy might have caught covid from her friend we are only messaging this week. She seems ok. Tia has been helping with my puss while I support my friends and Charley rang for a good natter yesterday which was lovely.

    I hope today is a good one for you take care now.🤞

    Morning Toady how are you today? You have clean hair?! wow well done! I forgot to wash mine before my COVID jab which was stupid so had to wait two more days!

    I thought your bloods were the same day as my c*mera - say no more😫

    Well done getting outside playing truant how lovely. I have the hygienist today then either hospital visiting or walking their dogs (not far they are Yorkies!) so still not much chance. The arch is nearly up!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahay! Pics yes please as and when. Mouse is ok too😊happy days!

    Noise pollution is still pollution even if it is a blacksmith making it rather than noisy neighbours. My new neighbour shouts never talks to the family - well none of them do. Top of their voices🙄The little estate probably did want to do a 'Midsomer'!! there was an incident outside their house with some trashed bedding plants.....🤨never did solve that one.

    I hope the postman (person?) ah I'm going to go postie! has helped the poor postbox out. Poor thing I agree and that did make me laugh the only time it would normally be that bloated is at Christmas and that happens to all of us😁

    Hope all your food shopping delivery items are present and correct.

    Sending my love to Barbara of course and Mr B hopefully getting out in the car now it's all fixed.

    and to Carol, MR T and Cookie puss.

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    Hi everyone hope you’re all doing ok? Xx

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) thank you for the photo your bed looks comfy. Have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) I hope you get everything done that you wanted to do. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) thinking about you and your family. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) It’s so hard for everyone. I think about you and your friends (()) love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) I hope you have a good day today. How is your mum (())

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    hi toady 🐸how are you today?

    this is a quick as lightning message at least that’s my intention ha ha anthologies are nice also audio recordings I like Dylan Thomas too tho didn’t get far with under milkwood although one of my Welsh friends is very much a fan of that poem.

    The weather wasn’t great but definitely good enough for me to go to the group so I went by the time I got home though I could see the wind had blown over a lot of peoples bins and also some bits of rubbish were dancing around on those gusts yucky 🤢. Hows Your weather been so far today? is it extremely windy?

    that’s for it for now because I am trying not to get fully exhausted today not right now anyway so I’ll try and write more later glad you liked the pics take care. Xx

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    Hi Toni how are you doing today?

    no my dad is not a humorous person at all though he does occasionally laugh at my jokes in fact we always say at home that he would win the world’s most boring man contest hands down as they say ha ha.

    Mum got her diabetes results it’s not too bad, she’s seeing specialist soon anyway so need to worry 👍

    went to group it was ok thanks RR absent but Michelle and J were there - nice ladies 😀

    I see about Lucy still it’s good that she’s keeping in touch

    I will of course do some LA etc related gossiping but now is not the time I’m going to shower because the mouse needs to shower while the cat is away or something like that okay bye for now Toni I’ll try to write again soon take care. Xx

    hi Joan xx

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    Hello all, it's all a little bit random with me today, grocery man arrived 15 mins early and caught me on the hop 🙄 but nothing missing frog (just jam doughnuts instead of plain, not a tragedy 😉) now answering an overseas ebay shipping query and wondering how it has got to gone 2pm. Bit showery & definitely windy, am hoping this is not the cut of its jib for Friday but it's looking that way so far, oh well my hair can only get so much more frizzy 😱 and will be all set for your appt come what may, we will all go together when we go as they say 😉 hang on in there. Will try and pop outdoors a bit later & at least see if everything's standing as it was 3 times as windy as this in the night. Quiet out today anyway it has kept the strimmers & mowers indoors, sorry about your shouty neighbours and I meant to say before likewise the yappy dogs, at least I don't have any of those (yet 😬). Hope things ok with you, Paul too, and Lucy, I am hoping that you still are only talking about the theoretical possibility she could have caught Covid, seeing as you say she seems alright. I am so sorry you are not 100% happy with some of your friend's care, that is the very very last thing you all need 😔 I do hope this is not going to be an issue that could affect things significantly. Awful position to be in because of course few things are cut & dried & it's harder to stand your ground when that's the case 😧. Nothing more going on with me at the moment so will go about my business, with a quick pause for a 'frothy coffee' or a 'tea (not coffee)' will be fine too 😀 as we have a choice of lovely cups & teapots. Isn't it lovely seeing Kitty's home 😊 she is making me want to shop for bedding & curtains & new things :) xx

    Hello joan, I am getting through my chores and by the weekend hope there will not be much to do. My grocery shopping was fine if early, at least they always manage to bring milk 🥛, I buy some ordinary and also some filtered which lasts much longer so I can go onto that when the shorter dated milk runs out. Hope you are having a good day :) xx

    Quick hi to bosh too, and hope the mouse got its shower 😂🛁, it was certainly windy here and I hope it isn't for when I go out on Friday especially if rain too I will end up at the drs surgery like every other bedraggled poor soul 🙄. Glad you got to the group ok & nice people were there 😀, the wind was blowing bins over was it, yikes - were they standing in exposed places out for bin day or just ones that were not very stable on their wheels - lot of people here drag theirs in when not due or have little huts for them. I did just see in your message to Toni that your mums' result was not too bad, that's good she will feel less anxious, hope her next appt goes well. I will see you when you are next in, I must go and get some lunch I suppose if I can think of anything - have a good afternoon :) ps I bought some other books in the end too (though it's never as nice as browsing real shops), will write about them another time maybe - Under Milk Wood yes not something I've tackled, I like Fern Hill etc (the accessible stuff, not brainy enough for too much complexity, me). Bye for now 👋 xx

    Hello to Barbara and Kitty, hope all well & will see you when have caught up with myself a bit xx

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    hi Toni 🌺and toady🐸

    i know I’m very behind on the posting so I’ll do it from memory but maybe just mainly writing what comes to mind since it’s quite late in the day lol

    hi again Toni thanks about the earrings I’ve actually lost one already basically there was a bit of a DV situation yesterday and the earring somehow got lost while my mood was being disrupted, mood is fine now don’t worry it’s just a shame because it was such a nice little trinket anyway I may try and buy another pair after a decent interval 😀

    I did go to the group which was good it wasn’t great weather but I’ve got a lift there from grumpy dad and the bus back I just about escaped really strong winds on the way back 👍

    RR was not in attendance which I think wasn’t all bad at all as toady v perceptively gathered because he can be amusing but when he makes light of peoples health problems I don’t think there’s anything very good in that to be honest.

    Michelle was there she’s the lady who can’t see her children most of the time due to bipolar and marital issues, also J the organiser. Michelle‘s dad sometimes comes to the group to support her I believe which is really nice of him I can’t imagine my dad doing something like that he likes to support himself ha ha.

    Not sure if I mentioned it before or not but my mum ate some wrong things regarding her diabetes on holiday she would have been more controlled if she were alone but my dad bullied her into eating lots of sugar etc which was really nasty of him so basically her HbA1c level has increased from 59 to 65 and she’s seeing the specialist on the 19th of this month - no one has contacted her saying that this is extremely serious or anything like that so I’m hoping it will get sorted out properly when she has her appointment 🤞.

    LA said that he wanted to go on a play date to see Auntie goddess mima the next day bless him, his mum tried to explain that play dates mean meeting up with other children but he very aristocratically disagreed, lol, I think he sees me as a big kid lol.

    I’ll leave it there for now T take care and have a nice evening. Xx

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    hi again toady🐸

    I used to like browsing in bookstores too they’re definitely less book stores where I live now but they’re still some decent ones around i haven’t been to those for a long time though because as you implied in covid times you just wonder how many people have been touching those books and so on and also it’s just a much more expensive way of buying books compared to online purchasing of course.

    I think the bins were out because it was bin day whether the wheels were faulty or something like that I’m not quite sure luckily our bins seemed fine, I see some people having a little area for the bins that sounds like a good idea👍.

    yes I managed to have the shower before DV erupted thanks lol.

    how long does it take you to walk to new docs surgery?

    i’ll leave it there for now getting a bit of a headache here in the cold room I think I need to re-locate and switch off my iPad bye for now and Tc. Xx

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    Morning everyone.😊

    Morning Joan thank you for thinking about us all over here having such a tough time. It's just all happened so quickly it was only 5 minutes ago that we were all up on Northumberland having a great time🙄You make sure you both take care of yourselves ((())) xxx

    Morning Kitty if you get in Sleek has been over reckons your garden is full of 🐦 she says she hasn't got the energy to try to catch them now, but will watch them from your window. She has found a gate to yours so can dodge the worst of the weather😉

    Morning Reshmi how are you doing today?

    Indeed the mouse must shower while the cat is away😁

    I'm so glad your Mum's bloods are all good and that she sees her specialist soon you can breathe out now. As for the longer term blood sugar result hopefully all they will do is advise her to be more careful. I think she should let your Dad go in so he can get told off really I know what it's like having to go along with bullies.

    Lovely two nice ladies were at the group, but I see no funny RR stories or flippancy over people's health either so not a bad thing maybe. 🤨 Glad you went anyway even if you did have to accept a lift from DV! good on you. How lovely one lady's Dad going to support her.

    Your poor Dad though, I mean really, imagine not having a sense of humour? That must make life very difficult to enjoy. Luckily no-one has inherited his affliction.

    We have secondhand books for sake here at the Church and jigsaws too. I don't fear covid on them I don't think I ever did really to be honest because we had them in the Church porch during the pandemic for people to go and help themselves to I did loads of the puzzles trying to remember did I wear gloves I have to admit I washed everything even veggies from my online delivery before putting them away.🤔in soapy water! Imagine that! As yet I have never hit anyone with an artichoke yet😂

    I am so sorry about the missing earring they are far too easy to lose don't worry too much yet they can turn up days later🤞

    You are looking at the prospect of a playdate with LA? How sweet is that? I wonder where on earth you would go? Don't you just love that cheeky boy💖I would love that. I think I'd go to a wacky warehouse or the park.

    Morning Toady how are you today? The weather was pretty bad wasn't it? Today is much better so might be noisier too hopefully not.🧐 yippy dogs are annoying i mean my friends have two yorkies they don't make a racket and are brought inside straight away if they try to!

    As for my friend they have moved her again to another side room (with a TV) we hope another positive move, but wonder if it's a step up or even down although we are being allowed free visiting - can that be a good sign??. Plan today is to talk to someone maybe at palliative or maybe the Macmillan staff there to discuss options for coming home. It's what she wants, but will be very tough and intrusive for her wife with the need for some support at home. Not yet but soon.

    Kitty's new home looks so cosy and comfortable I also want brighter curtains ours here are quite dark and warm for winter. I wonder whether I can talk Paul into letting me have having two sets just for the living room? Ok i strongly doubt that in the current economic situation. Nice thought though.

    Sorting out international post🙄the bane of Kari's life! What a sucker on time that is! Jam doughnuts? Well I'm sure you can force yourself😋 Sleek will be happy enough with those.😉 I really want a fancy teapot, but as most of the time it's only me it seems a bit wasteful a teabag will do. Seeing them on here though they are gorgeous.

    Must get on now braving a walk before the dreaded hair wash 😕 I want to look half decent today and maybe it will last until tomorrow. Or maybe frizzy weird hair doesn't matter???Yesterday we recce'd the location of endoscopy and guess what? It's practically in the basement😮

    Love to Barbara and Mr B those eyes are just getting so annoying we miss you ((())) xxx

    and a very quick hello to Carol, Mr T and Cookie too ((())) xxx

    welsh rarebit

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    Good morning everyone hope you’re all doing ok? Xx

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I’m glad you have carers to help you with your problems. Have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) my hair goes frizzy when it gets wet has well. I knew a lady who did not like having grey hair so she bought a black wig we used to see her hanging it on the line.

    have a good day

    Barbara (()) I hope all is well there (()) how are your eyes (()) love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) Don’t worry about your Endoscopy we will be there (()) that’s nice if your friend can go home she will feel more relaxed (()) I know it means carers coming in and it seems has if they are taking over. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day I’m sorry about your Dad being miserable all the time. Love to your mum (())

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you this freezing cold morning 🥶? I’ve no idea why it’s quite this cold weather forecast said it was meant to warm up soon I really hope it does brrr! I am in the warm room with the heating on but I’m still wearing 1 million layers and probably looking like Bill’s tummy these days ha ha.

    Yes I don’t think humourless people have the capacity to really enjoy life I agree, but then again if they’re bullies at the same time maybe it’s what they deserve in many ways.

    yes I agree RR is a two sided coin type situation as it were but he doesn’t make insensitive comments all the time so that’s good 👍

    Yes fresh air is def good for Covid etc so books on the porch definitely better than books living in the stale air of a shop’s interior.

    As for potential play dates ha ha I think that LA would be satisfied with indoor activities like cake baking storytelling and a bit of TV I don’t really like the park too many dogs and no wacky warehouse type of thing nearby, good idea in theory though

    thanks about my mum’s diabetes.

    A little LA related story now, as everybody knows he’s a ladies man But what I’ve only just discovered is that not only has he got at least two new lady baby friends from school he also keeps in touch with his exes as it were when he goes to get his brother with his mummy from from the nursery he massive chats with these female admirers outside the nursery gates even told one of these ladies I think it was Olivia that he stole some lego from after-school club but was going to give it back tomorrow well his mum heard this and said it’s not good to steal and he listened as far as I know so that’s a good sign at least he’s not headed for jail not just yet 😂.

    just a tiny tale about BR he was sitting in his dads lap the other day and decided for some reason to sample some of the sauce his dad was eating it was an extremely hot and spicy tamarind sauce that my mum had made from scratch for bill the great definitely not meant for babies and definitely not meant for most normal people if I just had a taste of that sauce my stomach would def be killing me anyway little BR liked it so much he was having spoon after spoon of it oh dear Bill eventually realised what was going on and took the spoon away from his tiny son which meant that the baby had a massive tantrum but at least didn’t have to consume an antacid pudding to counteract affects of dodgy sauce ha ha.

    Ok I’ll go for now Toni really hope it warms up soon hope your day is going well? take care xx

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue? im ok thanks, thanks about my dad, mum seems ok today atm 👍

    bye for now. Xx

    ps pic is of carob cakes xx

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    hi toady 🐸

    sorry I didn’t forget you there was just a bit of family drama etc going on, but all is okay now thanks I’m just a bit tired, how are things with you? are you practising the walk to the doctor surgery today? Maybe If the weather is bad you could possibly take a taxi or something like that? It would be bad to catch cold… anyway up to you of course I just hope you don’t have too far to travel 🤗.

    mum is okay well kind of she’s got a kidney related telephone appointment tomorrow so understandably she’s stressed about it and I can fully understand that but she has really exploded today toady my goodness at first I didn’t realise what was happening then I remembered about the appointment, the thing is when my mum explodes is pretty terrifying I know it doesn’t happen all the time like with DV but when it happens it’s an 18 rated Netflix horror film I’m afraid.

    I saw something funny on the Internet the other day it was a humorous article called “what caused young women to expire in certain classic novels” or something like that, the causes were very funny things like having a beautiful face or a mane of chestnut coloured hair having too many pillows or cushions (depending on time of day and the shock of someone unpleasant entering the room it’s a good job these ladies never had to go to contact GP’s surgery receptionists then lol.

    I had A cup of tea outside with my parents today dad made a scene as usual what can I say? Nothing unusual there really but it’s so embarrassing and awkward, anyway I won’t elaborate as I need to have a shower in my non - Lazarus mouse - related capacity, lol, hope your day’s going ok so far? Hows DIY dad?

    bye for now, Tc xx

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    Hello all, bit of a funny old day but at least sunny in parts 😀🌞 and only blowing madly for some of the time. How right you were about the overseas post frog, took me ages and still there is a hitch 🙄 so will have to be finalized tomorrow. Having that said I don't have to finish packing this evening and I will have more time tomorrow ahem on account of having scored a cancellation for blood test next week. It really was not looking at all nice and although when I booked first they said they were chock-a-block it seemed a bit silly not to check in case there was anything. I will therefore be ready in extra good time for you tomorrow 👍️ and I will happily stick my head out of the window into the drizzle for a bit beforehand so as to acquire a bit of frizz for solidarity 😀. (The basement though, what's that about! 🤨). Have been in the garden finishing off the arch and doing a few tweaks, so am nearly at clematis-planting stage. I have done a U-turn on the project involving troughs I mentioned (well U-turns are very on trend at the moment 😉) so will return to that later on. Nothing much else got done after that in the morning on account of having to corner and evict a spider that followed me into the house 😮 was no fun at all but better than leaving it loose about the place, I had already come across the remains of one (in another room) that I would not like to have encountered in life. Ugh, spider season. All well with me otherwise, no noise, no early delivery men, etc - you remember the courier that should have picked up from me, well he came on the Monday with a delivery and I'm sure if I hadn't been there he wasn't going to take the collection one - looked at me rather blank. He's not my usual one so maybe he's just covering, otherwise not a promising start if he's new & permanent. Hope everything as well as possible (thing we don't mention notwithstanding 🤫), and hope to also hear that things are stable with your friend🤞xx

    Hello joan, as you may have read I'm not going out tomorrow so I will not have extra frizz, just what I've already got 🙄 maybe I will get a better day next week I was lucky to get in. I hate all the depressing recorded messages on the drs phone line, and the jangly music, I wish they'd just go back to being either engaged or ringing. Tempting sometimes to try a wig just as a way of seeing what you'd look like with completely different hair, might give you a whole new character too. I hope the black wig lady was happy with hers and it washed up well 😀 xx

    Hi bosh, I didn't expect a new message really as I hadn't posted today so thanks 😀 the drs surgery is about a mile & a half there, so double if I walk it both ways - bit more than I usually would. I always used to get a taxi but don't fancy the enclosed space with covid, maybe a bus one way if stuck but I'll keep that as back-up. With a bit of luck I won't get wet & cold if it's better weather next week thanks, now that I've moved the appt on. 👍️ I hope your day didn't have any more HV episodes later, hopefully not once your mum calmed down( maybe to a 15 or even R rated level) and also all the best for her telephone appt🤞sorry going out for tea was not without its own incidents though 🙄 xx I was in the garden today at the right time to see Lazarus mouse come out & help himself to plenty of food especially cheese of course 😀 so he lives to squeak another day. DIY Dad not in action today and everyone else was quiet, having fitted their lawn mowing in &c yesterday when it was nicer. Have to put my own bin out in a minute so hope it stands up 😂 it's only a little one I kept my small one when they offered everyone larger ones, maybe that gives it better wind resistance haha. I love the pic above that is actually me in my youth if you factor in a hefty chunk of wishful thinking 😉 my colouring, anyway. Though as 'I' am reading Transfiguration Today I must have plans to change myself into something else, maybe a toad 🤔 or maybe just to someone with an even better mane of chestnut coloured hair. Then I too could expire gracefully 😂 perhaps I'll stick with the toad. Very funny article, yes they did not fit young ladies for drs receptionists or drs either, in those genteel days, maybe just if you were a Jane Austen spirited type heroine good at standing up for yourself. Have a good evening & if you feel like putting quill to paper it is National Poetry Day today which I have only just seen now a bit belatedly, with the theme of the environment 😀🌿 xx

    Love to Barbara - getting a bit parky isn't it, don't suppose you fancy a hot water bottle full of ice cubes now 😬 hope all as well as poss xx

    Hello Kitty and have a good evening 😊 xx

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    Morning anyone who calls by regulars or newcomers all welcome

    I know we are Val's cafe really but it's funny....

    Morning I think it's 'Suesday' (Joan too) The weather isn't great are you going to the cafe? I'm sure my friends will soon get used to having help at home I don't think they will manage on their own so they'll have to. Well today's the day then for my camera. See you at the hospital at 3pm ((())) xxx

    If Kitty pops by do join us at the hospital for my camera at 3 and bring Sleekipuss with you if you can😘 Hope all is well in your new home ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi how are you today?

    I see MV erupted yesterday - worry over today's telephone consultation I expect bless her, but gosh bless you too not expecting it. I hope it goes well today and your Mum is reassured afterwards.

    Oooh! LA the Casanova!!! What will happen when he's an adult! Crikey your sister will be constantly sorting out one tearful girl or another🤭 Erm well on the subject of half-inching stuff from child care establishments I purloined a pencil down my sock at about 4 years of age from school and my Mum spotted it and made me give it back to the teacher! What a lesson that was - never did it again.

    BR can eat the hot stuff can he?😮wow I am quite impressed, but glad BIL saved him from the need for a bottle of baby gaviscon (if there's such a thing). I'm sure if it was especially made for the golden BIL it was very spicy indeed.

    I wonder whether some bullies might be humourless people because their lives aren't as fun as the rest of us so they need to make their own entertainment? Just a thought.

    I think it was that dreadful wind here which made it so cold today an early peek out there suggests it's a bit warmer today fingers crossed.

    My plan B playdate for you and BR was indeed to be baking! My girls used to love making cakes when they were little. 😍

    Have a good day Reshmi 🤞for your Mum.

    Morning Toady how are you today? the weather got so windy yesterday in Staffordshire it was rather nasty today already looks a bit better. Well DONE getting an appointment for your bloods for next week😉 respite for now and you won't be a drowned lazarus rat when you get there all being well.

    Ready to erm come and have a look at the hospital later? This time it needs to happen. I am eating in a minute even though I'm not hungry and must drink like madly too 6 hours is the cut off🙄 No idea why the basement, but it's down from ground level some sort of small scary staircase😥 I think today up there we'll easily get frizzy hair maybe Ken Dodd hair even😂

    Get the post off today if you can and do not adopt my policy of 'never do today what you can put off until tomorrow'😁

    My friend seems to be improving a tiny bit every day at the moment although we are looking at how much will be needed at home which is where she wants/needs to be soon.

    Well done getting the arch up and being almost ready for the clematis! Which one have you in mind? I can't wait to see a photo.

    Delivery people eh?🙄 maybe you can train him if he's a new and permanent one on your round? I hope so.

    8 legged people? Mmmmm I am in fear too. We need @Kitty and Carol (@Turbogran ) they normally deal with such issues for us having some 'pet' 8 legged friends who can encourage them elsewhere for us.

    Hope your day is a good one see you later!

    Love to Barbara Mr B and the family ((())) xxx

  • dachshund
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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I hope you are feeling well (()) have a good weekend. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) I hope you have a good weekend. I have a app from the Doctors so that I can book an appointment there also see when I have ordered tablets.

    Barbara (()) I hope you are all alright (()) have a good weekend. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) that’s good your friends wife is feeling a bit better (()) I will be there for you this afternoon (()) I went to the Doctors yesterday because of a pain in my artificial hip that’s over 20 years old he said I think it’s worn out go and have an ex-ray and we will go from there. Have a good weekend. love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) I hope your mum (()) gets good news this afternoon have a good weekend

  • toady
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    Hello all 😊 I am just nipping in to say morning and hi to frog, I will be in again later (not sure if you can look at your mobile in waiting area but I will post anyway in case a bit of garden and mouse and ebay trivia is what the Dr ordered) - currently waiting for the parcel man, not local courier guy another one, all being well parcel will be off today.

    Love to everyone and see you shortly 😘 xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni toady Joan and everyone

    how are you all doing today?

    I’m ok thanks but it’s a busy day so I’m just quickly checking in as it were 😀

    mum is ok thanks- waiting for appointment 👍

    Will reply properly later still a load of things to sort out in the house bye for now, Tc xx

  • toady
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    Hi again, just some bits & bobs and will pop in again later if poss. Parcel man has been all worked out well 😀 will mention a couple of things another time about that. Just starting to drizzle a bit now, forecast still looking a better bet for next week so fingers crossed I haven't cancelled one rainy day appt just to walk into another.

    Hope frog is getting herself together in person and in spirit not sure how long the trip will take? But am free from here on so will be there with flask of tea and anything else necessary 👍️ I'm sure the small staircase will not be so very scary when we get there, we can do scary staircases we are tough cookies 🍪. Here are some v hasty pics for you, quick early look at the arch in situ, haven't tidied up much but it is in and stable, and my reserved-for-purpose strands of ivy already being encouraged up it. They are only cheap & cheerful arches I have another two actually haha not sure where they will be going but for the money the parts would be useful in all sorts of configs eg you could use the curved sections for something, the ladders as a freestanding support, for less than purpose-designed items. Can't see all that clearly against the ivy background but the clematis is in now too, it being one of 2 I've had in pots waiting - the 'Wisley Cream' 😀. As you can see in the very blurry little pic Robin is as always the first to perch on anything new, well he already has while it has been being assembled, but here is proof 🐦️. Also small other normal sunflower and one of the Garden Statement, all getting a bit blown about in this so have probably had the best of them now. Anyway do hope you are alright and we are all here 😘 xx

    Quick hi & bye to bosh and talk to you all later xx

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