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    hi T and t very tiny message from me as I am having our dear friend a methotrexate as soon as I finish this little instalment

    Mums appointment went well thanks she has to have a routine ECG but no probs with kidney 👍👍

    that’s so cute Toni you stole a pencil and had to give it back bless lol 😂

    hi toady so Lazarus mouse gets free cheese it’s alright for some🧀🧀

    yes Toni he’s got far too many lady baby friends that LA lol you’re absolutely right I’m somewhat worried about what adult LA will be like 😂

    ok that’s it for now need to have glorious GI upsetting med and I will maybe try and write a bit later on today depending how I feel if I don’t take care everybody have a nice Friday afternoon xx

    ps Toni I found the earring!

    This a pic of toady well it’s more likely to be bosh really 😂.xx

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    Bit wiped out after methotrexate today tbh 🤢

    so have a good night everyone Tc xx

    toady I’m glad you liked the pic

    toni I agree it’s all too easy to catch a chill accidentally

    ps pic is an alternative ML xx

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    Hi all, just a quick goodnight, hope you are alright frog I am putting the kettle on for an extra late brew in case you are 'teahydrated' 😉 big hug if you got through the 'doings' and of course a big hug too if for any reason you didn't xx see you tomorrow.

    Late hello to joan, I don't have any apps for this sort of thing, and not many for anything else technology is leaving me behind 😳 not very keen really. Hope you have had a good day and hopefully no more than the burst of rain we had here, have a good weekend :) xx

    & a little wave and some tea & sympathy for bosh on mtx day, I have not done much today other than the things I have already posted so no 'new' news, just to wish you as good a night as poss and an ok Saturday :) v pleased your mum's appointment went well 😊. Also wanted to say I genuinely laughed out loud at your picture, the scary thing, not Mona, it's fabulous you have no idea how much that amused me 😂😂 (that truly is me going to the door btw it's all there, the spindly limbs the wispy hair the haven't been outside for weeks pallor 😂) - I actually tried to click like and thank you but I forgot you can only choose one lol. Brilliant 😂 well I won't need a Hallowe'en costume, anyway. The owl is hooting tonight & adding to the seasonal spookiness. Ps glad you found your earring :) xx

    Love to Kitty and Barbara 😘 and if Kitty or Carol would like to help me out with spider season, thank you 😍 instead of our eight-legged 'friends' why can't I just swap for 2 x four-legged friends, then I could have lovely dogs like joan's 😀 xx

    'night all xx

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    I only went and did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There were 4 students 1 nurse and the Dr doing the procedure all women.

    After it was done (and what a fuss I made😳) the Dr couldn't stop laughing insisting I was the funniest patient they have ever had. Eyes balled shut, almost in a foetal position, feet kicking, two students holding my hands and probably wailing🤭NO sedation and results all clear (that end) so keep taking the lansoprazole.

    Thank you everyone for being with me willing me on I couldn't have done it otherwise.

    Right normal service!

    Gosh I wonder if some people are still using loo roll from lockdown?

    Joan thank you for your support yesterday it was pretty dreadful but I managed it you would be proud. Oh dear the hip is wearing out? well 20 years is pretty amazing really isn't it? Let us know when your X ray is ((())) xxx

    Thank you Toady

    Always a bit of Mouse and garden trivia is exactly what the Dr ordered! I fair wore my battery out the clinic was so very behind I was done 2.5 hours late and was the very last out. People were moaning and complaining I am thinking no Toni sit it out. Everyone was so kind in spite of my terror no need to complain; rather to compliment their patience and hard work trying to help us all.

    I was proper dehydrated gosh no drinks for hours especially with the delays and that extra brew before bed was perfect. Did I mention that the small staircase also lead to the mortuary😯

    I love your arch. How on earth did you erect it on your own? Ivy! Lovely and some clematis too. Dear Robin there bless him already testing it out and finding it satisfactory🐦️ Without him how would you know if it was good enough? The sunflowers did not let you down in the end I loved the garden statement one just a bit different and lovely to still be there in October.

    I must mention that my friend was a huge support to me and her courage this last few weeks did help me to cope yesterday. She is still doing better. She is eating a little more her wife cooking meals and bringing them in for her.

    Morning Reshmi thank you for your support yesterday. It helps so much knowing you are all rooting for me.

    Such reassuring news about your Mum I hope MV has settled now 😊 You must be so relieved too she means so much to you I can tell.

    Now I hope you are feeling ok, like me MTX hangover day today so we are allowed to eat whatever helps ok? I am going savoury. No hospital visiting for me today as my friend has family up so can rest a bit although I do want to visit my sister (7 mins in the car) as we have missed each other lately.

    I fear for the women in LA's life as he grows up. Tell your sister she needs to get in good supplies of tissues for the trail of girls he will leave behind😉

    Now the weather has turned a bit we must start wrapping up properly especially around 🧣 necks there's a red scarf for you. I am going for my walk in a minute now it's getting light. No chills for us. Possibly for your dad who I presume is still not wearing his coat?🤨

    You found your earring!

    I adore the tiny creature pic as he braves grabbing his parcel bless him!

    Love of course to Kitty and Barbara and Carol if they get online today. ((()))

    Breakfast in memory of Aidan

    take care everyone

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I hope everything is going alright for you. Take care. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) yes I saw the Robin lovely plants. Have a good day

    Barbara (()) i hope you are all alright there. Have a good day. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) Congratulations 😆 you did it that’s good it’s alright down there (()) that’s good your friend is improving (()) I had my ex-ray yesterday get the results next week thank you. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (())) that’s good your mums appointment went well no problem with her kidneys (()) love to you (())

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    hi toady 🐸

    how are you this afternoon? it’s just a quick from memory one I’m afraid as I’m still feeling quite tired glad you like both the monster cave pic and the library girl pic lol, so the pic reminded you of yourself in your youth that’s interesting pale colouring long hair 👍.

    I’m Glad that you’ve got the docs app changed to a better day .

    I just did a short walk today myself but I didn’t buy any form of choc at all tho did buy some naughty biscuits ginger nuts but I’ve discarded most of them that’s something lol.

    yes maybe the Jane Austen style heroines did stand up for themselves while torturing themselves with tight corsets and elaborate “updos” involving thousands of Silver pins piercing their scalps in a most contradictory manner haha. Was quite Cold this morning on my walk was it cold where you are too?

    bye for now toady take care. Xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you today?

    I’m so glad that you got the endoscopy done and that the results are favourable that’s brilliant news 👍

    thanks so much about my mum 😀

    yes LA may cause tissue shortages now and in the future very true ha ha

    With Dad well yes losing battle indeed sometimes he wears summer coat😡

    Sorry v tired still double “blessing” of mxt and time of month today unfortunately 🤢

    I had some evil stuff in cafe when I returned some shoes, hot choc with rice - coconut milk at Pret A Manger also some kind of cookie, anyway made partial amends today I guess, family and EF all ok thank you.

    That’ll be nice if you see your sis.

    I’ll go for now T may write again later, thanks for scarf btw lol, Tc. Xx

    ps pic is of the earrings I bought. Xx

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    hi Joan

    how are you and Sue today?

    I hope that the x-rays went well, thanks about my mum I’m not too bad thank you just quite tired today due to methotrexate etc, have a good afternoon both of you take care. Xx

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    Hurrah for frogmorton!! 👏 😊😊😊😊 😀. And hurrah for lady doctors too, even ones that laugh at you 😂 (much better than a dour po-faced sort any day), absolutely delighted to hear that all's well too 👍️😀 that's brilliant news. You could of course have come in & told us all you were cool as a cucumber, chill in fact, so it's very noble of you to tell it like it was 😂. I'm glad we helped even a little bit (I would have posted more but I thought you may be off being prepped or something by half 2/3, of course I should have known that a wait was far more likely!). Also if I had known where else the small stairs led I would probably have stopped saying they weren't scary and told you to run like the wind 😱 so it's a good job I didn't know!!! Anyway welcome back to the all-singing non-off-limits end of the cafe where tea & biscuits can flow freely ☕️👍️ and the sun was even shining for you today. Hope you can see Kari soon :) & hope you are having a well-deserved bit of peace & quiet, the relief must be lovely. Pleased to hear too that your friend continues to do a little better 😊 . I have been out tinkering in the garden just a bit - the arch is sectional & easy to assemble, just a matter of getting the sequence right (and the pieces the right way round / right order!) it's not that big overall; the height once in only needed the first step of the stepladder. Whether it'll rust on the spot, probably, but I've rustproofed it as far as it goes and it will have to take its chances as to the rest, bits can be replaced, etc. Have not done much else except some washing while it was fine. The sonic is installed btw & I can hear it squeaking away, will see if it's any good probably needs bits of adjustment, at least it is not frightening off anything it shouldn't, like mousie 😀 spotted a sparrowhawk today which had to be seen off, there's no peace 🙄. Anyway very very well done again u r a ledge :) 🏅 and have a lovely weekend xx Ps I expect you have read about the candle stockpiling haha so get your candles while you can (I expect you have soy?) I keep thinking about emergency stoves but never really fancy anything too inflammatory.. 🔥

    Hello joan has been a nice quiet day thank you, I earmarked most of today to wash bedding &c while it was sunny, always have to remember to allow enough energy to finish and make the bed & hoover or else I run out of steam & am facing an unmade bed 🤨 but don't plan to do anything much tomorrow. Have a nice Saturday it looks to be quite nice hope it will be for you :) xx

    Hi bosh memory messages are fine :) 👍️ glad you're not feeling tooo bad today & managed a short walk 😀 was not too cold here but I was probably not up early enough to know what it was like first thing, quite warm in the sun here & it still looks ok next week🤞. Hope everyone has a good weekend and hope it's quiet for you too. I like your earrings I would wear those I always like silver better than gold colour, glad the pair has been reunited, happy ever after like LA and well, one of the lady babies haha, take your pick 👫. I will see you tomorrow have a good evening :) xx

    Thinking of Kitty and Barbara 😘 xx

    and love to all xx

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    Thanks toady

    lady docs hey? Well a doc is a doc at the end of the day and they’re far more embarrassing procedures than endoscopies, but anyway it’s a kind of agree to disagree situation from me basically but main thing is of course the Toni did brilliantly 👍.

    I had lucozade before walk and my stomach is pretty bad so not so ok at all really but thanks.

    im leaving it there, one of the lights gone too dark to type properly

    bye for now t and Tc xx

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    Morning everyone

    Pretty dark out there this morning brrrr!

    Morning Joan thank you I am so amazed I managed the camera, but hope I never need one again! Good news that your Xray is already done hope it shows what the problem is. How is Sue doing? ((())) xxx

    Morning Kitty if you pop by. How are you doing today? I hope all is well and you have managed to get into some routine with the carers and are still enjoying visits from the family. Love from me and Sleek ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi how are you today? How is the MTX hangover? Getting easier I hope and added to time of the month you have my ((())) sympathy.

    Gorgeous earrings I'm so glad you found the missing one!

    Oh dear that hot choc at pret did not sound nice 🤢lucozade ATM suits much better.

    I hope you didn't think I was being sexist about the Drs it was just that the last Dr to try the endoscopy was that male Dr who wanted to get off to his golf lesson if you remember😁and was impatient not only with me but his staff too. This lady was fabulous to the 4 students and her normal nurse as well as me. She said one patient had attacked her in the morning that day how awful. Thank you for saying I did brilliantly 💖

    Glad everyone is ok in the family including EF. I did get to see my sister. She is doing ok - still doing a bit too much, but adding her citalopram back into the mix which is good.

    I hope today is a good one for you take it steady ((())) xx

    Morning Toady a short walk is better than no walk. I managed a half decent one and will do the same again in a minute. Taking advantage while my friend's family are here so I am less needed.

    The Dr was just lovely so good with her staff and me too. Told me afterwards that one patient had attacked her that day. That's not good at all. I think she knew I was a harmless, if gibbering, wreck😁 No not at all chill 😉I entertained my friend with my tale afterwards back up on her ward which made her laugh. With what she is having done!

    I know imagine being sent down to the depths like that.... As for your entertaining pics and post it was lovely who knows I might ave got in early! Unlikely we know, but the precautions covid-wise were excellent I sat nowhere near anyone else.

    Aha! The Arch is sectional! That is a great help and I get it now. I thought you had to erect the whole thing on your own in one go. I actually like my garden metal rusty I think it's lovely as long as it doesn't break. I will get mine in next year I promise I expect it will be erected the same way.😊

    Oooh! the sonic is in place! Good job mousie isn't bothered by it she needs to stay with you even if it does repel the cats at least she is safer with you than anywhere else. Do let me know how it goes.

    I won't stockpile too many 🕯 I am not selfish I don't think just enough. Yes mine are mostly boring old soya no smell ones with my lungs. A stove? Oooh! I'd love one, but maybe not a fire risk....generators run a CO risk don't they? Might just stick to candles, books and blankets.

    A very quick hello to Barbara who has been AWOL for too long i am so cross about those eyes😠 ((())) xxx

    Love also of course to Carol Mr T and Cookie ((())) xxx

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    good morning everyone hope you’re all doing ok? xx

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I hope you are well you are doing so well there. Have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) that’s good the sonic is working how are Mr and Mrs Blackbird. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) I hope all is well there (()) thinking about you have a good day. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) you did so well it doesn’t matter if you were nervous you did it that takes guts I bet you came out of there smiling that’s over (()) How is your friend (()) have a good day. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) how is your mum (()) have a good day

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    Hi all apologies again fir not getting in I read your post botby bit and take notes 😅 thankyou everyone xx

    Toni you dud it I am very proud if uou ..really am at least the staff got a laugh xx

    So sorry to hear about your friend is it the ones you were best women fir..I rwallyfeelfir them but whT a hood friend they have in you xx

    Joan I hope you and Sue are ok think I saw Sue was poorly..hope all is well ..Mr B is doing ok thankyou xx

    Reshmi I hope mum didn't get covid bless ...there are so many with it again ..and thankyou for the photos you post especially the old ones you rake care xx

    kittie I'm so pleased you are settling in bungalows looks so nice and cosy xx

    Toadie..I have had a few laughs at your post..😂😂I'm sure you don't need makeup anyway..I see the toilet seat kept you busy and you outdoor domain..think we need to sort your neighbours.. I'm with Toni better the devil you know sty put..I have the same prolem with cats..I have my water pistol but not always on hand to see things 🤬 thankyou for the info on our black birds xx

    Love to all xxxxxxx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    How are you today? No I didn’t think you were being sexist I was reacting to toady’s comment, which may well have been a misunderstanding too, but Anyway no need for concern at all and you’re welcome about endoscopy, you had the guts to let doc examine your gut as it were 😂.

    just wanted to write about one funny thing before I answer points etc, firstly i was watching a fantasy series, won’t name it as what I’m about to write is a kind of “spoiler”, anyway, so a man has a special gemstone which makes people around it speak the truth and take actions that please themselves regardless of the consequences, for example a couple sit down to dinner in the cafe, it’s Their anniversary, the wife says to the waitress, “ one spinach salad and my husband wants the same, isn’t that right husband?”, but the gem 💎 is at work already and he says “no actually I’ll get one of those double quarter pounder meals please”, the wife objects, he responds by saying, “it’s our anniversary - a celebration, remember?” Ive ate those awful salads every day of our married life, just let me have one day off”, such a funny episode, reminds me of bill no doubt, not that he even knows what a salad 🥗 is of course, lol, but it’s the kind of (fraudulent) claim he would make, lol

    ok there’s def more to follow but this is first instalment bye for now xx

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    Hi again Toni 🌺

    another “instalment” now this one’s a LA story 😀

    Now undoubtedly LA worships all his family members but outside his immediate family his absolute fave relative is my dad, lol, he calls him Big Babu, which is his attempt at saying Big Baba - Baba means father. LA dressed up as his grandfather for “Dress as a family member day” at school, mummy found him some v unfashionable glasses and also some very dirty looking and unstylish trousers for his fiendish disguise, then he lay on the sofa with an extremely grumpy expression on his face, he was the best impressionist ever! Not talking about Monet this time! Lol.

    im glad your sister is ok Toni 👍

    ok end of second instalment, bye for now , xx

    ps two pics, one speaks for itself lol

    second is Lilac Irises by poss the second best impressionist ever, also known as Claude Gas Man Monet, oh no sorry Claude Monet, been reading / writing too many LA stories 😂. Xx

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    hi Barbara so nice to hear from you 😀

    no my mum didn’t get Covid thankfully although her friend did whom she talked to face-to-face so I am of course extremely grateful that she was spared catching that, thanks so much about the pictures, My eyes have been bothering me too not a great deal I must admit it’s just cooking smells really upset my eyes more than they used to anyway it’s a very minor concern really how are your eyes feeling today ? and how is Mr B doing? okay I’ll go for now take care of yourself Barbara. Xx

    Hi toady 🐸how are you? Yes I understand about earrings, gold tone often gives me allergies unfortunately, sorry a bit tired, think I’ll leave it there for now, I do also hope for a monogamous “adulk” LA tho, lol. Tc xx

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    Hi Joan

    not sure if I’ve replied properly to you today, seemed to have lost track lol, but hope you and Sue are well and are having a good Sunday afternoon. Tc xx

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    Hi all 😊 well this is a bit chilly isn't it, not keen 😕 oh well shortest day in 9 weeks or thereabouts 😂.

    Afternoon frog, hope you are having a good afternoon, all the better for an appt behind you & not ahead of you, isn't it super when you are the right side of something it's just a pity there are no shortcuts. Awful that your Dr was attacked, once upon a time one thought of it being v much a rarity but not these days it seems. Of course your friend would be pleased for you but how tough that there is that inescapable contrast 😔. Yes these are getting to be dark & chilly mornings & no mistake. Fed the birds early & mousie has been out since having a good lunch 👍️ so all well so far, have been testing the sonic, sidling up and down the paths at different angles to see what sets it off & what the scope is 😂. Sectional was definitely the way to go with the arch, for one thing delivery would have not been as easy either, instead of a little box of bits 🤨. A timber one would have been nice too but as the aim is for this to mostly end up covered it's not that vital what it's like. You could certainly make yourself quite a good polytunnel too using half height ones joined up 🤔. I meant to tell you about my international parcel (long story short), what happened was that I thought I would have to book a collection for Monday as there was not a Sat option from the parcel people, but I realized as I went further you could book a sameday collection & for no charge, so I squeaked in Friday morning 😀; much better than customer waiting til Monday for it to even go off. I usually use ebay's own program but it does work out cheaper to quote directly, the key thing was the no collection charge which is definitely new because of a new depot (they may always have done same-day) if it's any help to you or Kari sometime can pass on the details as I think this would cover Staffs too. It certainly meant I could do a more competitive price to US. Anyway no new customers since but it is fee reduction weekend on ebay so I should list some things 😬 if I can get around to it. Have a good new week and love to all (is Paul back?) xx

    Hello joan, I meant to say about your xray, when you first mentioned it I didn't realize it would be arranged so quickly - sorry it's been painful, good luck for the call back about it. Mrs Blackbird is fine I see her every day, Mr is not so much about at the moment so I think he is just keeping quiet while he sorts his new feathers out 🐦️. Have a good start to the week :) xx

    Hi bosh, hope you are doing not too bad today, funny that LA's favourite is your dad, that's so interesting 🤔. Hope everyone else well and it's great that your mum missed out on the covid thank goodness, how is her friend? Sorry didn't mean to open a can of worms 🐛 with the lady drs comment, I was just pleased Toni had had nice drs/ cheerful nurses after last time so I suppose I meant 3 cheers for these particular lady drs as much as anything. In honesty I probably would say my experience is that I've been luckier with female drs than male but that's just the luck of the draw, the new male consultant I spoke to last (have never met him in person) was very nice & would happily see him. Hope you have a good week, I have slacked off on the walking again must do a bit better, it will be time for the panda mittens any day now 😬 see you soon 👋 xx

    Kitty hope everything well with you I expect you are nearly all sorted now, are the blinds up yet 😊 xx

    Hello Barbara 😀 lovely to see you. I have a squeezy water bottle for the cat I have never used it on them but actually they don't even like the wheezy noise 😉 I think I am finally gaining on the catproofing even though it means I can't get round the side of my house without going through my own barricades 😂 😂. Take care 😘 xx

    Love to all and the kettle is going on again xx

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    hi toady

    no worries about the lady doctor misunderstanding 😀

    it is a bit strange about my dad being a fave isn’t it? Just shows the innocence of childhood really lol, at one point my dad used to hold a very tiny LA in his arms while he was watching the financial news at night so maybe that had some kind of subliminal effect lol, oh no Getting into Doctor Who territory again just joking 😂.

    it’s definitely panda mittens weather where I am at least it was this morning to be honest I went for a brief walk in a thermal vest and thermal socks added to my normal clothing and I wasn’t warm 🥶, which probably means that tomorrow morning we’ll be in T-shirts and sun hats lady toady could you perchance lend me a parasol? Haha.

    I’ve not got anything that exciting planned for tomorrow just another lovely hospital blood test at 11 collecting a parcel after that from the mail centre I’m trying not to eat too much rubbish because I’ve got the flu jab on Tuesday so I need to keep my stomach normal or what passes for relatively normal in the wonderful digestion- related planet of bosh 🌎.

    I hope you have a good night too take care toady bye for now. Xx

    Ps found this online thought it might make you laugh 😂 xx

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    Good night everyone xx

    Sweet nightmares 🐈‍⬛👻

  • toady
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    And to you too :) 🦇 I will be having my bloods tomorrow at almost the same time as you, good luck with yours & see you back at the cafe anon 🖖 xx

    Goodnight to all xx

    & a toady's late night trivia question for you (from a quiz I was doing earlier) - do ants sleep? 🤔

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    Morning everyone

    Joan I was so happy you're right! I was on a 'post endoscopy high' if you know what I mean. My friend is doing a bit better ATM she is at least eating a little. Only food her wife brings in and maybe only 3 or 4 mouthfuls but better than nothing. Don't forget to let us know what the X ray showed ((())) xxx

    No sign of Kitty yesterday? Kitty if you have time to call in I hope all is well. Sleek says it is but you're bus getting straight and with the carers.... sending love and ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi how are you doing today? I hope the MTX hangover has completely subsided by now. I did manage a walk yesterday Paul dragged me off to a car show at Bicester so looking at the cars covered that. Hospital visiting pm means too much sitting down.

    I love that boy LA! Big Babu (Baba is a lovely sounding word for Father in my opinion) So Grandad. I can so see him dressed up as his hero pulling a grown-up grumpy face wearing old man's specs. It's sweet that he adores your Dad I mean someone has to🤭 I expect he never sees the DV you see; just a nice man with patience and sweets.

    I think I wouldn't want that gemstone near me Reshmi - nope! I would definitely be saying things I shouldn't😧I expect we all would. As for BIL I don't think for one moment he eats salad at all. In fact it's quite likely that your sister has to hide his vegetables in his food so he gets somewhere near his 5 a day😉

    Love love that gas man Monet picture imagine if he could fix pipes as well as create such beautiful 🎨 art.

    Good luck today with your bloods - hospital ones I don't envy you I am sick of those places, but at least teh staff can usually take blood there🙄 Take care😊

    Morning Barbara

    It was so lovely to see you and hear from you yesterday.

    Yes I gave them all a laugh and managed the endoscopy so very pleased with myself even if it was embarrassing really🤣At least they all knew me as Antoinette anyway so it wasn't really me who made a fool of herself was it?

    As I know you know cancer is a dreadful disease soo it's all really sad and scary. Fingers crossed my friend will at least pick up enough to come home and they can have just a little time to be together in private to get their heads around it all. It's been so quick. I believe Ovarian is a sneaky one.

    But i hope you are all well? The boys Gkids and your brother?

    Sending ((())) xxx

    Morning Toady I am happy to come along for your bloods too today I'm sure all will go well with a walk thrown in for good measure.

    The contrast between my elective procedure and my friend's unavoidable ones is huge isn't it? Ah well shows how lovely she is doesn't it that she can still support me while she is having the toughest time.

    The birds need our support already with the berries on the trees having ripened too early this year. I have no mousie, but something is leaving poo.... must investigate🤔I suspect I have a hedgehog! and I didn't even have to import it. A hedgehog house needs to be built ASAP😊

    So the sonic requires fine tuning maybe positionally? Ok just let us know if it works and doesn't put off mousie or any hedgehogs you might have!

    That parcel delivery/collection service sounds unbelievably good! I will definitely have to tell Kari - dare you tell me who it is? If necessary PM me if you don't mind. She would so appreciate a service like that. Did you list much more on ebay?

    I think today that I might get outside for a bit! there is hope😊 I doubt I'll build a polytunnel, but might bank up my spuds and also pop some envirofleece over the lettuces.

    Paul is definitely back, but away again later on this week. He has promised (my poorly friend) to start booking Fridays off. He works to hard last week 70 hours I worry about him.

    Right let's get some breakfast on shall we?


  • dachshund
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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) How are you feeling I hope all is well there. have a good day Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) I can just see that you getting through all of the barricades. Have a good day (())

    Barbara (()) It was nice seeing you on here good everything is going well for you (()) have a good day. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) I bet you can not believe you did the endoscopy. That’s good friends you have (())) How is your back now (()) have a good day. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) good luck with the blood test (()) have a good day and your mum (())