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    Hi again toady 🐸

    forgot to post this image before, I think it’s a raven - even though it’s mechanical and wearing a diamanté necklace lol 😂

    bye Tc xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    just thought I’d mention elephant trunk lady baby’s birthday party was yesterday, LA was highly excited and is still singing Happy Birthday apparently- lol

    whole family was invited including BR which was lovely, the birthday girl was wearing a lovely ballerina / fairy outfit which did really remind me of coconut sponge cake - you can tell it’s mxt hangover day can’t you? Lol

    there were 2 cakes LA didn’t eat the chocolate one (at least that’s what he’s saying but “methinks the Lord doth protest too much” as they say haha.

    LA also said my mum needs to buy the ingredients so he can make the sandwich “on holiday” she need to buy one piece of cheese and two pieces of bread 🍞

    shes yet to tell him that food shopping portions don’t work like that not even “Wart - rose” (or whatever the toads call it these days lol), he emphasised no block of cheese just a slice, my goodness what a blockhead I am been using the wrong sandwich- making process all these years, I prescribe myself a diet of iced buns - just for me and the elephants you understand.

    ok bye for now xx

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    Hello all 😊 well I did get the day to myself but I have done practically nothing with it, this week has kinda caught up with me as these things do 🙄 not that I intended to do much but doing nothing on purpose is a big difference from doing nothing because you don't have the spare energy, as we all know. Still I have knocked off a few little jobs and there's always tomorrow. Not a drop of sun to be had for love nor money though apparently 😔 and some rain tonight 😕. Long story short with the roof, frog - it's not the gutters, it is the flashing, so at least I more or less know what the problem is & should be sortable; the tricky bit is, this chap used to be a builder (I didn't know this) and says he could do the work if wanted. He seemed to assume I would not want the whole thing releaded on account of cost - which tbh makes me think well at least that sets him apart from firms who want you to go for the expensive option 🤔 - therefore suggested a substitute, some sort of bitumen/lead alternative I assume. Is this false economy or sensible...? If you & Paul have had experience of replacing flashing & know what to not touch with a bargepole, any advice appreciated (I should be able to get a pic sometime). Have done a bit of research but no 2 people agree, as usual. I was expecting to call in my previous roof man but I still don't know why the previous problem area he fixed has recurred so it's made me less confident of him (this may be unjust! it may be a new problem). So I'm in a bit of a quandary, ugh. Anyway hope things are not too bad with you today, sorry Lucy is unwell and hope the antib's dispatch the problem v. quickly. Glad you could see Charley too and hope all's well with them both - is it upstaging to say I sat on a plate of bread and butter this week, that I had put there myself? 😳 When is the actual advent sale? I have lost track, but am thinking happy summery thoughts of jam 😊🍒🍓. And I love you having an advent calendar you roll on from year to year, nicer than new. Mrs B was straight over for food this morning, Mr B too, not sure whether they are on slightly spiky terms with one another or more of a détente at the mo, hard to tell. As long as they're ok. Well sorry this is a bit of a lumpy paragraph, more normal bite-sized news next time I hope. Hope your morning visit to your friends was as well as could be expected 😔 love to all, have a good Sunday xx

    Hello joan, what a dull day 🌘 even if you wanted to do much there is no light to see what you're doing. So I have been mostly time-wasting and looking at my watch to see if it's tea time again yet ☕️. I ought to start writing my christmas card list too 😬 hope things well with you, have a good Sunday xx

    Hi bosh, sorry if you do get Star Trekkin' a bit stuck, I should have warned you of the dangers 😂 yes don't anyone ask me about physics either, of all things. Good to read all your news & funny tales of LA 😊 obviously one has very precise requirements in terms of life, the universe & cheese-sandwich-making. Is it alright for cheese sandwiches to start off square and be cut into triangles 🥪 that is the question. I sometimes have 4 little squares that's as far as I go with geometry, heaven forbid I have to worry about the square on the hypotenuse as well as whether I can digest the thing 😂. Glad to hear you are not too bad post-mtx and you had tea & toast out yesterday too 😀 and that the littleys had a nice party to go to, seems to be party season for small naughty-ish boys and lady babies worse luck for their mothers 😉 all that hostessing to do. Yes I bet the Lord doth protest too much too, chocolate cake, I mean to say. Lovely hats 🎩 we will need a bigger hatstand, maybe I will rummage around in my garage and knock us together one out of all my odd wood bits 🛠️ we will need a peg for the 'eccentric Hatter's' hat too, and one for if Mr Raven wants to hang his up. He is fabulous! A raven with castors, what an amazing idea, I love him 🤩. And days filled with mystery would be nice too, hopefully not just happenings like mystery drips of water for a change! Hopefully that will get sorted soon. Have a good evening and a quiet Sunday :) xx

    Love to Barbara and Kitty & any other callers 😘 xx

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    Hi toady🐸

    glad you liked my post the weather is getting distinctly ooky again lol

    glad the leak business is slowly getting sorted 👍

    geometry isn’t really my domain either lol, but still a better option than physics 😂

    bread is a rectangle I thought but probably best not to get caught up in technicalities lol

    ill leave that to professor / Lord A haha

    yes parents must have a hard time organising all these parties I agree but at least with the lady babies dressing up can’t be that difficult it’s only when we grow up we don’t like looking like coconut sponge cakes apparently lol

    yes energy - sapping days are indeed nasty aren’t they? I agree

    a hat stand would come in v useful thanks lol great idea 💡

    Glad you liked the raven

    I’ll go for now toady I hope you have an ok night Tc xx

    ps a nice warming bowl of chestnut mushroom soup for you, but remember chestnut mushrooms, not the “magic” variety lol xx

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    Morning Joan how are you doing today? Paul's apt is on Monday at 2pm then Tuesday at 2pm to remove the monitor. Lucy is already feeling better now the antibiotics are working. My friend is definitely going down faster now bless her😕 How about you two though? How are you doing? ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi how are you doing today? I hope your MTX hangover is easing off a bit.

    I'm glad you love ginger too, but gosh though! biting into a bit would be awful. I think it would be 'interesting' in an omelette maybe your Michelin 🌟 father could try it for you😄 no perhaps not!

    Please would you take the hat full of fruit punch off of your head straight away! One false move it could strangle you😯 Great hat I expect it isn't really full of liquid well I hope not anyway. Cat in the hat is good too!

    I would suggest you wait until LA is old enough to laugh at himself about his Waitrose obsession before you break the devastating news about his chocolate brownies😉

    Thanks for your kind thoughts about Lucy. She is doing ok on the antibiotics as it's the weekend she can sleep in today, but I think it will be tougher at work tomorrow.

    You found a photo of me (Marie Antoinette) eating cake how embarrassing😳

    Yesterday I didn't walk early, but managed a very short walk at about 3pm better than nothing I think. Let's hope we both manage one today.

    Morning Toady. Well done for ticking off even a few jobs after the week you had!

    The roofer here who does most of us in the village is very honest and says short of redoing the whole roof it can be a case of trial and error. Water ingress can be a nightmare to diagnose. He had to come back 3 times to sort ours out at one point. A completely different area to our most recent issue which is along the join between the main bungalow and the extension the previous owners put in. I think what I'm saying is your roofer might not be to blame especially if he does not charge an absolute fortune like the village one.

    Checked with Paul who thinks the cause of the leak could easily be flashing and that the flashing around our new(ish) skylights in the kitchen) are not lead. It does not have to be lead it's how it's applied which is important. As long as it is done well encouraging any water right off of the roof it should be ok. Did he quote you? Can you cope with getting a quote from the roofer. The hassle and extra delay? Those are what you are no doubt thinking about🙄

    Lucy seems pretty cheerful atm thank you I think we caught it early enough.

    Oh dear me bread and butter😣 that is far worse - a greasy rear and no lovely bread and butter to eat😦I bet you were so looking forward to that too.

    The advent market is at 2pm today. I am looking forward to it a bit hoping we sell plenty towards getting a loo. Today we have a portaloo outside in case anyone needs to go. Really it's to prove the point and get people spending. There will indeed be jams and chutneys😋

    for you to go with Bosh's lovely soup.

    Glad Mrs and Mr B were there today even if relations do seem a tad strained.

    Right I had better get on if I am to squeeze a walk in today at all.

    My love and very best wishes as always to our missing friends today Kitty, Barbara and Carol I hope they are all well and their families too ((())) xxx

    vegan option available....

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) have a good day. The days go so quick don’t they. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) I hope the roofer does not charge you to much it’s difficult because it’s not a job you can do (()) have a good day.

    Barbara (()) how are you and your family getting on. Have a good day. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) that’s good Lucy (()) is feeling a bit better. Thank you for Paul’s times I will think of him tomorrow (()) Sorry about your friend but she has her friends with her who care about her very much (()) we go for our flu jabs Friday. We had porridge with coconut water for breakfast. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely friends (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day and your mum (()) the days go quick don’t they.

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you?

    Did you manage to squeeze your walk in?

    Im glad L can rest today, yes tomorrow will be tougher, she needs something to help her through the fatigue I think, poss squash or fruit juice? Just a thought

    HV is happening right now over shower switch problem

    today isn’t a good day for sending proper messages unfortunately, at least not so far

    whole house stinks of bacon

    this atmosphere in the house is really wearing me down

    id better go for now

    sorry about this

    bye Toni Tc xx

    hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing today? I’m ok - ish thanks, mums ok, yes days go quick

    bye for now tc xx

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    Hi Toni 🐸

    im back again I seem to have overheated the house with central heating I mean not rage 😡 of course lol

    shower switch was a bit stiff so we couldn’t access hot water but my dads sorted it out now after a lot of shouting and so on and so forth

    walk was ok this morning thanks relatively mild

    how did the church jams etc sale go?

    BR is learning some new words my mum asked him “did you like the party?” He said “party, yes” she asked “what did you eat there?” to which he replied “lemon” lol, maybe lemon - flavoured cake? A v good attempt at “chatting” indeed tho from young BR

    in other breaking news Riley licked his own birthday cake, oh dear I suppose that’s one way to stop the guests guzzling it down lol 😂

    don’t worry I’ve removed fruit punch hat lol

    i got a nice salad from Wart - rose as the green- faced witches call it (delivered didn’t actually go there) but it’s got some cheese in so Ive been looking it longingly from time to time though of course won’t eat it till mxt - hangover free 👍

    at the moment LA doesn’t like laughter unless he’s laughing though, if we laugh at his antics he thinks we’re mocking him, i remember very early on he said to me “not make fun”, bless.

    sorry forgot some more breaking news another child hugged BR at one of the parties, outrageous, LA said that only he can hug his little bro and he tried to teach BR to say “please go away” but BR was a bit taken aback by the new environment I think and also by the fact that his name was finally on the guest list! About time too 😂

    Don’t be embarrassed about cake pic no one’s seen it just the whole of the Internet 😀

    Ok I’ll leave it there for now I hope you have a good night, bye and Tc Toni xx

    Ps RR seems to have undergone a transformation hmm somewhat odd, wardrobe choice is better though, every time I’ve seen him he’s been wearing dungarees like BR - not joking! Xx

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    Hi again toady 🐸

    how are things?

    I know what you mean about cheese it doesn’t always agree with me either

    my sister’s stomach is also pretty sensitive to cheese too but often she eats it anyway 🤷‍♀️

    a bit odd but there you go I understand giving into a craving sometimes but she does it quite often really, oh well it’s her stomach at the end of the day lol

    when I went to visit EF for the overnight stay I was trying to be really careful with my stomach but bill was about to order pizza for everyone so I had to assertively remind him of my “no cheese no problem” outlook at that moment lol, if that had happened at home I would’ve just thrown the pizza at my dad’s head, well maybe not lol, good shoulder physio though😂

    i hope you have a good night toady bye Tc xx

    ps salem the cat / bill may have enjoyed those fat- and dairy - ridden pizza binges a little bit too much lol xx

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    Hi all :) ooh it's cold today! it's really nipped at me I feel quite like an unfortunate potato plant that's not under cover and has caught the frost 😮🌿 hope everyone keeping warm or in some cases too warm apparently 😬 at least it's dry! Thanks so much for the input on the roof situation frog, I really appreciate it, and thank Paul for me. I'd like to think original roof man's work is not at fault because he was great to deal with and 'very old-school' as I imagine yours is, so hopefully it is just the curse of the water ingress diagnostic nightmare as you so aptly say 😱. This other chap certainly won't overcharge so I will have words with him this week & get him to quote, and I could of course always get him to 2nd-opinion the other problem too. Will update as & when and thanks again for help, especially as you have enough going on yourselves - all the v best for Paul's appointment tomorrow and the 24-hour results 👍️ and hope Lucy will manage work ok & will have just about turned the corner, another couple of days would have been ideal wouldn't it 😔. Hope all went well at the advent sale and a goodly amount of funds were raised🤞I am just choosing my xmas cards today, not that I buy & send many at all, but can't find what I want at the moment, getting to that silly stage where I've looked at half the cards out there so must stop it and just buy something nice/eco/good cause-y that will do. Not to mention then I can stop seeing 'funny' cards with jokes about pigs in blankets & upsetting myself 😕. Thank you for the lovely replacement bread & butter 😂 I managed to rescue the jeans somehow even though grease usually puts up a fight - was your sat-on loaf salvageable? Flatbread?! 😄 I have had hardly got anything done today I am still weather-proofing the cold frame which is taking a dog's age what with constant interruptions, there will be a pic one day. All the best for this week :) xx

    Hello joan, definitely porridge weather today ❄️ do you microwave yours; I don't have one, I ought to make some properly in a pan but often that's too much trouble. I do have instant sometime too. Have a good start to the week, at least it looks like it shoulde be mostly dry - I will get on with the roof one way or other, I trust the chaps (either one) not to overcharge they never have before. Love to both and the dear dogs :) xx

    Hi bosh sorry your day has been a bit mixed but if it has ended with a slight upturn in the shower switch situation that's good 👍️. It's been really cold I was glad of hot mushroom soup in fact I must get soup next shop, thanks. I hope you got all your shopping so that as well as salad there isn't a cereal shortage any longer. Are you a porridge fan at all if so how do you make yours (if you haven't already mentioned). Funny that LA didn't take kindly to unauthorized children hugging BR 😉 he could do worse than add 'please go away' to his vocabulary at this early age, extremely useful phrase if you ask me, even more use than party or lemon 😂. Have not done much today and I could do with it being Sunday all over again tomorrow to catch up on some things, hope you have a good week yourself :) see you soon xx

    Love to Kitty and Barbara 😘 xx

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    Morning Joan how are you and Sue this rainy day. I haven't asked lately how are the carers doing? I will be off up to my friend's briefly later so that her wife can pick up some medication for her. I hope the porridge was nice? I usually have mine with soya milk. Have a good day ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi aha....shower switch issues caused a period of HV yesterday. I'm not really surprised. Not nice (well done for keeping a low profile while that was going on), but your Dad did well to fix it at least.

    Thank you I managed a very short walk in the morning yesterday enough to be fair how about you? Did you get out at all? I see you overheated the house by mistake.Ooops😳

    BR is learning how to communicate so well. Bless him he is just adorable and is on party lists now as a 'person' not just a baby😊. I bet he loved the hug he got at the party. It's cute that LA is protective (or maybe possessive of him) really, but maybe BR would have enjoyed hugs from other children. Charley was overprotective of Lucy when she was little too.

    Oh Riley that is a bit 🤢no one can have any of his cake, not even me.

    Bless LA being a tiny bit sensitive thinking people might be laughing at him. As if anyone ever would and if they did it would be because you all love him and his antics so much. 'No fun me' That is so sweet he needs an extra hug for that.

    RR - dungarees? how old is he? Mind you there's a chap in the village who has a pair. Takes all sorts doesn't it?

    Thank you for the adorable Salem pic you have to love him don't you? 🐈️

    I hope your day is good and you get a walk in and maybe eat your posh cheese salad by Waitrose too!

    Morning Toady it didn't rain during the day yesterday! Although I ended up spending most of the day in Church getting things done for and then helping at the Advent Market. I'll let you know how much we made when I know myself. All towards the 'reordering' of the Church - putting in a much needed toilet and kitchen area.

    It sounds as though you have a real plan now for getting the roof dealt with I am pleased i expect you feel better now just knowing what you are going to do.😊 We do have a lot going on, but we'll get there one way or another.

    Thanks for your kind wishes about Paul the sooner he is 'wired up' the better. He needs to get past this so that the diagnostic or treatment journey can continue or start.

    Luckily Lucy is only on a half day today so can rest in the afternoon I think anyway her rota is quite complicated. More so by the fact it gets emailed so tiny and has everyone's rota on a chart which being dyslexic she struggles to read. The lines can dance about a bit. Another day or so off would have been ideal, but she'll cope.

    Shame you weren't here we had Christmas cards (all tasteful no poor piggies😕) coming out of our ears yesterday. Just order something charity. Versus Arthritis do them? and get them off. I'm not sure how many people actually look at them. I will post a pic of mine in a sec it's my own cat Daisy by P and Christmasised by Kari.

    I hope the cold frame will soon be done and life return to something a bit less manic for us both soon. Take it steady in the meantime.

    Finally a hello to our missing friends Kitty Barbara and Carol. I very much hope they and their families are all doing as well as possible ((())) xxx

    another hipster breakfast

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    Good morning everyone hope you’re all ok? Xx

    wppl xx

    ps “scary” cheese sandwich no triangles here my young Lord lol xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) are you in sheltered housing that’s nice because there is always someone there. Have a good day love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) now you have a plan for your roof. Have a good day thank you for thinking about the dog

    Barbara (()) how are you and Mr B (()) have a good day. Love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni ((()) thank you the carers are lovely there is always two of them. Good luck to Paul (()) I hope they can find what is causing him to faint. Lucy is a good worker (()) Have a good day (()) love to Paul (()) and your lovely friends (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day is your mum alright take care.

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    Hi Toni toady and Joan

    my mum has an upset stomach today so I’m worried she hasn’t eaten much either she’s getting some rest now, I hope she feels better afterwards.

    how are you all doing today?

    I’ll try to post again later

    Thanks and bye for now tc xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you today?

    yesterday was a bit mixed that’s true I think the upturn came with peoples moods calming down as well with the shower switch being fixed that’s true.

    mum seems to be feeling a bit better now thanks she’s eaten a few more things very plain things of course dry toast jelly that kind of thing but her mood seems more normal now and she’s stopped resting which is good

    I remember once when she had really bad stomach problems and she had to go to hospital i’m just glad that this time it seems more of a normal stomach issue

    not really done a great deal today I just went on the walk in the morning helped my mum things had a shower that kind of stuff tried to get a few things ready for my rheumo appointment which is in roughly 3 weeks time I think

    nurse was meant to call me back about discussing methotrexate self injecting hasn’t happened yet anyway it doesn’t really matter so much I guess as l remember to talk about it in the appointment

    I like porridge and have it most days I just have the instant microwaveable stuff to be honest with milk or water in the morning, sachets in other words may be a bit lazy of me but I like the taste , at one point I will have to look into things like arthritis friendly saucepans at the moment we’ve got an extra heavy saucepan probably my dad was involved in that purchase 🙄

    It’s so heavy that even Captain Kirk on steroids couldn’t lift it okay I exaggerate ever so slightly, poetic / intergalactic licence they call it apparently 😂

    sorry you felt so cold yesterday like an unfortunate potato plant did you feel warmer today?

    yes no cereal shortage atm thanks shopping has all been sorted out now

    I had ready Brek this morning which was great for me because I got really addicted to it in the past so I went cold turkey on it as it were haha but now I think I’m in control of the RB as opposed to it being in control of me 😂- I’m going to make a ready Brek chart or at least note in my diary the days of cereal indulgence so I don’t go Ready Brekking across the universe you’re responsible for that pun by the way 😂.

    yes hugging needs to be regulated and legalised according to PM LA, ban it completely and it’ll just go underground, first step ban the baby - embracing, next step ban the licking of communal cakes, as long as you’re not living the life of Riley (or just called Riley) 👍

    ok I’ll leave it there

    have a good evening toady bye Tc xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you doing today?

    Yes you’re right at least my dad did fix it as sometimes he just refuses to do things because it’s upsets other people

    yes I overheated the house at one point yesterday but the overheating didn’t last for too long so it was okay in the end thanks

    yes I did walk yesterday morning thanks didn’t buy anything at all which was quite unusually disciplined of me 😂

    that was cute about LA and the hugs I think that BR was just taken aback by the whole thing an “adulk” party well “adulk” by his standards hugs from L.A.’s friends it was maybe a little bit too much for him and I could feel that maybe he was longing to just be at home and play with Lego and his big bro ❤️ Yes you’re right part of him may have enjoy the attention as well👍

    Toni I’m going to cut this short because my eyes are hurting again because my dad is cooking something horrendous and I’ve already put eyedrops in that’s not solving the problem bye for now take care xx

    i will however quickly say hi to Joan before I forget and then I promise I’ll rest my eyes xx

    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing ? mum has a stomach problem today unfortunately but not so bad that she needs hospital attention thank goodness she seems to be a bit better now thankfully bye take care, xx

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    Hi again Toni 🌺

    it’s ok my eyes have recovered now 👍

    that was sweet about C

    Yes LA is sweet when he gets sensitive he said “not make fun” but when he did his monkey impressions it was v hard to keep a straight face 😂

    dungarees - yes it takes all types

    yes LA needs an extra hug true but sometimes I fall out of favour and auntie goddess mima- hugs are banned, it’s normally when I’ve said “that’s enough choc brownies young man” lol, then he hugs my mum and looks at me with vengeful eyes, bit of a manipulative Lord there lol.

    is L managing ok with work and the antibiotics?

    ok I really am going bye for now Toni Tc xx

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    Hello all 👋 terribly late to the party, 'adulk' or otherwise, and I haven't even brought anything 😳 I just felt I had to catch up on my backlog of irritating jobs today so I mustered myself into a bit of a conveyor belt mode and plodded through a fair few of them 😫 so I haven't got anything much left in the tank tonight but at least I feel self-righteous. Still a few things I want to get behind me but I have done some v. boring necessary stuff and will be in tomorrow 👍️.

    Just to quickly say again that hope Paul is getting on ok with the test frog and good luck for 2pm tomorrow, love to Joan Kitty Barbara and everybody and see you all tomorrow 😘 xx

    still chilly bosh but at least it was bright for a bit earlier, although I didn't get out for a walk, I did have one at gone 10pm last night (don't ask me what silly fool does that when you're meant to be out getting vitamin D from any scrap of winter sunlight 🌥️😂 - will try & do better). Will catch up tomorrow 😊 hope you have a good night, and your mum has a better day xx

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    Having a busy morning today because once I am ready (sorting our repeat prescriptions, ironing, cancelling commitments, packing and of course outpatients with Paul etc) I am going to stay with my friends for the duration. I will have my laptop with me so will keep in touch. Plenty of entertainment please everyone if you can.

    Morning Joan I'm so glad Sue has lovely carers and they come in pairs I bet it's more fun that way. Paul's resting heart rate was NORMAL yesterday!! It never is can you believe it? The minute that monitor went on🙄 Love to you both ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi I hope you are ok today I managed a walk yesterday not a huge one but a walk at least did you? I see Toady did at 10pm! I am fast asleep by then!

    How is your Mum today? Is she ok? It must be a worry when she is poorly for you with the diabetes. Such a balancing act keeping your bloods right as it is.

    I bet BR would have preferred to be at home with his big brother not at a scary adulks party being hugged by strangers. Bless him. I have to say you are right about making hugging illegal; history has indeed shown that it would go underground....then who knows where it might end. AHP anti hugging police?

    Pretty soon BR will have his own parties to go to which he will love. He will have his own (Life of) Riley in his friendship group to entertain us all with his antics. Cake licking needs to be banned immediately though🤢

    Of course LA will manipulate you all playing one off against the other especially when people like his Auntie Goddess Mima tries to stop him overindulging in brownies😂 Children are just so entertaining.

    What was Big Baba Masterchef cooking yesterday to make your eyes sting? I hope he popped some in the post to his number one fan🤭

    Have a good day 😊

    Morning Toady how are you? not out walking at 10pm again I hope? Not the best time for topping up your vitamin D levels no not at all. Although I don't think there's much to be had anyway at this time of year.

    Well done getting little jobs done I bet you did indeed feel very virtuous - maybe eben smug or self satisfied I know I would have done. I am doing the same this morning before off to my friends'. No choice really although I will pop back hopefully at some point I am likely to be there for the duration now. With laptop.

    Paul is ok a bit unhappy about the lack of a shower last night or this morning and for some reason resting heart rate normal at 70 which has never happened. Today he will make himself breathless, if he can, doing some heavy lifting as well as talking.

    Right a very quick hello 👋 to Kitty Barbara and Carol if any one them manage to call in today to see us. I hope al is as well as possible with them and their families ((())) xxx

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    good morning everyone xx

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) How are you I hope everything is going well for you. Love to Anita (()) and Val ((()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) Are you doing a walk around at 10 00 tonight. Yes we have a microwave we warm the milk in it better than a saucepan. and scrambled egg. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) how are you and Mr B (()) doing have a good day. Love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) I’m so sorry I guessed why you are going to your friends (()) Yes that’s how things happen isn’t it. so Paul has to do a lot of talking and lifting (()) you might find all the furniture moved when you get back home (()) love to Paul (()) and your lovely friends (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) sorry about your mum (()) I hope she feels better today (()) have a good day

  • toady
    toady Member Posts: 1,477

    Afternoon everyone.. (puts light on) sorry about the electric, it's so dark! 😣 can't see to sit in my cafe corner & read the paper with my coffee.

    I don't see me getting much done today but I've ironed a thermal curtain for the icebox, I mean boxroom (bet sales of those have gone up!) and will have to settle down to some nitty gritty emails and online stuff, it's just too cold for housework or outdoors. I did buy my xmas cards yesterday frog and people jolly well had better look at them 👀 😂 and some boring shopping as well. Are you remembering to stock up on things for no-new-clothes year, I expect you are but it's a miracle if you remember half the odd things on your to-do list at the moment 😔 I'm so sorry the situation is such that you are going to your friends' and will certainly pop in & out here as & when with any odd news or story I can. I do hope Paul will get on ok with his any-minute-now appointment, and typical for his heart rate to behave like that 🙄 I'm not sure I understand why he'd need to raise it by exercise etc because I thought the point would be to monitor it being routinely low, excuse ignorance. Anyway thinking of you all and all the best with things 😘 glad to hear Lucy is improving and was down on the fiddly rota for a half day. You will laugh I have just checked my ebay and I've sold a little pack of my own seeds 🌼😂 now I'll have to go to the wide-mouthed postbox. I put them up as a little cheap wildcard listing because I wanted to enter a 'sell something/buy something' n*ctar points thing, I have (of course) made the sale now, long after the event. Never mind it will buy me another packet of something in turn and I had more than I would ever need. I hope they germinate for the person🤞. I may well be going for a late night walk if at all, I can't seem to fit it in any earlier and as we know I am a night owl anyway 🦉 I suppose I must have been able to function with earlier mornings & bedtimes once 🤔 but a long time ago, I'm probably never asleep much before gone 12 or 1. Glad the sale went well and hope it will help the church with its 'convenience' 👍️ I happened to read a story this morning about a village xmas lights switch on that didn't happen because something went wrong with the timings & some misunderstandings, at one point on the day the parish council chairman went across to a van with guys with high-vis jackets to check everything was on schedule and they were nothing to do with it - imagine that conversation! 'Christmas lights alright are they?' 'Er, what?' 😳😂. Have a good as day as poss and see you in here soon for tea - I have just bought some vegan instant porridge pots, I might even be over by the kettle trying one of those. xx

    Hello joan, yes I might go for a late walk if I haven't organised myself sooner 🕙️😄 I have got to go the postbox anyway and as there is no collection til tomorrow it doesn't much matter when I go. I bought my own xmas cards to send yesterday but I am mainly concentrating on writing letters now in case I run out of time to put one in with a card, then at least people have had something recent-ish. I've booked my next grocery delivery too you have to think ahead or all the slots go so quickly now 😮. Have a good day I have not had porridge today but I have bought some different ones to try that you just add water to the pot. xx

    Hi bosh and hope things are not too bad with you. Glad to hear your mum does seem to be better because you are bound to worry when it's something she's had before in a worse way. Hope she is eating a bit more even if it is plain stuff. I was just saying to Toni well to everyone that I bought some vegan instant porridge to buy, I can't use the sachets as easily without a microwave but you can still add them to a pan of hot milk and simmer for a bit if you want as long as your saucepan is not too heavy! Mine is a bit, but not too bad as it's small, some brands seem to think a milk pan is more like what I'd call a small saucepan and just don't make anything any smaller. 🤔 I laughed of course at Ready Brekkin across the universe 😂😂 yes my own fault but well worth it because that is a pun after my own heart, thank you 😄. Excellent party Trek picture too and as for the hats not suiting them, well I beg to differ Mr Spock 😊 . I meant to mention about the muppets pic too with the thing about scaring kids with old school tech, I don't know if you will ever have used a 'proper' landline phone like the other pic you posted of the green one with the rotary dial, they should bring those back because people don't know what they're missing if they've never heard that iconic sound of the dial turning 😀☎️. Hope you got your bits of advance prep done for your rheumo appt and you know what you want to ask etc, will wish you luck with it nearer the time too 👍️ xx

    Love to Kitty and Barbara 😘 xx

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 2,112

    hi Toni toady Joan

    Sorry I didn’t sleep too well the situation with mum was v stressful I really need to rest a bit now

    hope you’re all ok?

    toady glad you liked the pun I could tell LA about it but he’ll just say Auntie goddess mima -

    ST is extinct!! I need to go back to school

    bye xx

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 2,112

    Hi again Toni 🌺

    my mums stomach prob wasn’t related to diabetes thankfully but she’s had a severe stomach prob in the past which had required her to go to hospital but she’s better now thanks but I was terrified in case it happened again

    though you’re right in a way eating properly at correct intervals is essential for diabetic blood sugar related issues, but she ate a little bit more normally today 😊

    I also didn’t sleep well due to some technical thermostat control related issue but it’s been sorted now

    ate some rubbish due to the stress oh well sometimes these things happen I guess

    Yes cake - licking is not a good leisure activity lol needs banning 👍😂

    dad was heating spring rolls lol

    dont know why they smelled like that one of toady the raven’s life - mysteries 😂

    Sorry I know this another short bullet point style message but better than nothing

    im hoping to go to group tomorrow if I feel properly caught up on sleep

    bye for now Toni good night Tc xx

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 2,112

    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing today?

    thanks about my mum she’s feeling better today thankfully 😊

    I hope you have both have a good night bye Tc xx