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    Hi everyone xx

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) Have a good day love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) have a good day good luck sorting your multitasking out. Keep warm. They say we could have snow this week.

    Barbara (()) how are your eyes (()) and Mr B’s hips (()) have a good day. Love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) thinking of you (()) and your friend (()) love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) take care love to your mum I’m sorry she had a hypo (()) have a good day

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    Hi, can anyone post on here or is it like members only?


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    Hi @Keef

    im not sure maybe you could find out by live chatting with versus?

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    Hi Toni🌺 toady 🐸Joan

    how are you all?

    im enjoying some solitude- but it may not last long!

    I’ll report back soon lol xx

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    There are regulars who drop into the cafe every day but I'm sure anyone is welcome to call in. Not everyone leaves a comment. Some, like me, just stop by now and then for a sit down with a quick cuppa and enjoy hearing people catching up with each other. It's comforting to know that people are there for each other.

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    hi Toni 🌺

    how are you doing this afternoon?

    thats a v nice good morning pic 😀

    my mum is well today so far thanks so much for asking

    she’s gone with my dad to see EF I decided not to go after walk and on mxt hangover day

    but I’ll no doubt see the littleys v soon 👍

    got a takeaway veggie burger but it was v plain so hopefully I’ll be ok

    arms a lot better thanks, hot shower and sleep were beneficial but I think one prob for me is that dad is always making a lot of noise these days so I twist around more than normal trying sleep comfortably, oh well at least it wasn’t the leg this time.

    Thanks about the poem 😀

    yes indeed about bill lol, the wife’s pals may even charge him mates’ rates, no cappuccino no fee / foam or something like that lol.

    yes luckily my mum understood this time about EF waist expansion/ mansion prob, I didn’t have quite enough rest when they set off and the prob is with bill is that he tempts me with evil food and pressurises too, also really didn’t want to be sick in the car AGAIN sorry for caps.

    LA had high temp unfortunately

    sorry Toni really running out of steam now from doing laundry and exciting stuff like that lol

    plus no light in laundry room, so I had to rush back upstairs to use phone flashlight 😡😡

    Ok I’ll contain my anger and end message

    bye tc Toni xx

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    hi Joan

    how are you and Sue today?

    thanks about my mum she’s feeling well at the moment thank you

    i hope you and Sue are having a good day take care xx

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    Hi people, am still here, and gaining.. I think.. 🤪 had to stop and pack an ebay parcel too, but I'm getting ahead again now and I can definitely sit down in here long enough for someone to bring me some tea 😉 even if my post might be a bit scatterbrained.

    Good luck to frog & friend for Monday, I quite quite understand the horrid nuts & bolts of 'afterwards' and the having to restore order even though it's a funny old sort of order at that, hope you are doing ok if still bolthole-ing on/off in the conservatory and I'm glad you could see Paul 👍️ did he bring the advent calendar or will it be rolled over to more suitable times. Thank you for the hello etc yesterday and I certainly did & always do read everybody's posts I was very glad to have something to look at other than listings and letterwriting 😀 I am plodding on with ebay but there's not a scrap of light to take photos by so it's a bit trying 😕. I have only seen my birdies briefly but speak of the devil there was indeed a naughty pussycat actually with paws on back doorstep when I left it open for a moment. A grey tabby & white, not sure whose he is (I may be maligning him as naughty but I think he may have been one of the parties in a couple of catfights, if nothing else 🤨). I had my 'new' porridge yesterday actually perfectly acceptable 😀 own brand from online store we all mention quite a lot here, large river type store to be precise, golden syrup flavour. All quiet other than current doings, will be in again soon hopefully. Will let you know what the ?wildflower turns into when the time comes - I still have tulips to plant, I know there's time still but I do hope they aren't mouldering in their pack behind my back 🤞🌹. See you soon have a good night :) xx

    Hello joan, I am catching up a bit now thank you. I don't send that many cards these days but because of moving around in the past and of having family around the country most friends & relatives aren't local (and I don't put in many to neighbours there aren't many that I'm on those sort of terms with! used to be more so, but people move etc and I haven't got 'in' with some of the newer ones). I also like to put in letters if I can and I'm not very quick at it which is why post takes me a while. Hope you & Sue got on alright with your jabs on Friday, do you notice what goes in in the town or go straight there & back, I wondered if you had lost shops in particular over the last couple of years that you used to go in. Have a good Monday both of you love to the dear dogs :) xx

    Hi bosh, hope you're doing ok and it sounds like a good idea to have 'skipped' the EF visit, hope your parents got on ok. Xmas chocs on demand is it 🤔 are the littleys going to have them locked safely away til nearer the time or is that just not realistic, will they be hatching a plot to get their paws on them. I was laughing at your flight of fancy on the theme of space owls & cosmic roofers thank you 😂 yes I know exactly what you meant, light humour is the way to deal with things for sure I can see the funny side of some of the things I've had go wrong (mostly funny people! you can't make some of it up 😬). Also at your little swipe at Kirk, lol, poor old James Tiberius he doesn't get cut much slack for his vain ways does he from you, ouch, but it is very amusing 😂. I have tried my porridge as I mentioned to Toni, it was not too bad at all, I have stocked up on various warm oat type breakfasts (I will keep the RB on a high cafe shelf out of temptation's way 😉). I did once have an elec blanket actually, it was ok but I just never got around to replacing it, nights aren't that bad I just get grumpy about the cold in the day but don't mind me, I shouldn't grumble really I would have something to grumble about if I didn't have ways to be warm. It's just that my inner (very imaginary!) fairy wants to skip around in the sunshine, that's all. I take your point about applying something to your skin, I have noticed before sometimes that certain face creams make me feel hot but I don't think I ever connected it with the reasoning behind the old methods you spoke of. Interesting! Hope you have a good start to the week and that your Mum stays steady after her hypo the other night 🤞 speak soon :) xx

    Hi to @Keef do call in now & again always glad to see people especially with new chat there is only so much of me grumbling about the cold and being catty about my neighbours that anyone wants to read! Hope you're as well as possible, you too @clonsea :)

    Love to Barbara and Kitty & hope Carol is well too 😘 xx

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    Hi toady

    Im not doing too great right at the moment thanks backache has kicked in after laundry 🧺

    but most likely will go or significantly reduce overnight 👍

    As for Kirk well it’s just humour really isn’t? Ive never met him lol, maybe he doesn’t even own a mirror, maybe he only washes his hair on Christmas Eve and bathes at the turn of the century in expired soya milk from “al fresco”…it’s very hard for me to judge 😂

    BR is a v good baby and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gave away all his choc, LA has high temp atm bless him, I think chocs not on his mind right now 😔

    ok I have to listen to my back now even with 2 cushions it’s not feeling right

    bye toady Tc xx

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    @Keef anyone is welcome to pop into the café the more the merrier here. If it helps we can briefly tell you a little about me?

    I am Toni, Mother of 3 girls (one step) all now mid 20s. Two are married one just moved into a flat nearby. That one has epilepsy and AVN mostly as a result of childhood leukaemia which this forum helped me through. I also have a cat called 'Sleek' who is not so thin!. I have inflammatory Arthritis and also Osteoarthritis and have posted in the original cafe since it was first 'opened' by a lady called Valval many years ago. At the moment I am actively supporting a friend (at her house - we've been friends for many many years) whose wife died on the 1st and am shattered.

    Other than the main posters 2 'regulars' have unfortunately died one nearly 3 years ago and one this year. Aidan and Mike1 respectively.

    We also have 2 more regulars who have eyesight issues, one luckily treatable@Kitty the other not so (AMD) called Barbara12.

    We all mostly just chat about what we are doing/have done. It's a good bit of distraction.

    Always keen to chat to new friends.😊

    Ps @clonsea feel free to post anytime please do this is not a closed group at all just a group who like to chat. Nice to know you pop in for a cuppa😊

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    Morning Joan another extremely late night here. Today should be a busy one hopefully medical equipment going back possibly funeral arrangements to be made. Paul is up in Glasgow today I am missing home very much. love to you both ((())) xxx

    Moning Reshmi how are you today? MTX hangover subsiding yet? I see your back has kicked off again after overdoing it a bit doing the laundry ((()))

    Try to rest a bit today if you can. I hope you did while your parents visited Excess family? I'm very glad your arm feels so much better at least.

    How awful feeling travel sick in the car when you are recovering from your Methotrexate dose😕I wonder whether your Dad's driving is a bit like my Dad's was🤢

    Safest anyway if your eldest nephew (LA) had a temperature the last thing we want is you catching anything to be fair.

    It's no good your brother in law (BIL) trying to get you to eat stuff which will make you feel awful either. I am sure a plain veggie burger should be ok fingers 🤞

    Morning Toady how are you?

    All as well as can be here although I am pretty tired emotionally and physically. Hoping today will as you say restore some sort of order. A new 'normal' which must be endured until it feels ok. Paul didn't bring the advent calendar it seemed inappropriate so will have to wait. I want to get home soon, but think it may need to be a few days more. Too many late night tears here I hope other people will be able to step up soon.

    Aha there sounds to be a friendly puss-cat who wants to come into your house! Sleek was nearly involved in a cat fight herself the other week - an unwanted visitor on her territory. I intervened.

    Ebay sounds to be frustrating ATM it is just so dark isn't it? Miserable here I fear snow but maybe ice will come first with some sunshine.

    Regarding the tulip bulbs I hope you don't accidentally cook them 😮

    I'm so glad the instant porridge was a hit! I think i know where it came from😁golden syrup used to my favourite non vegan flavour too!

    Have a very good day if you can

    breakfast anyone?

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    Hi everyone xx

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) how are you have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) we have golden syrup porridge you cook in the microwave for 2 mins. Perhaps your new Kitty wanted a warm. Yes we’ve lost a lot of shops Sainsbury the council put the rents up so they left now the shop’s empty. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) how are you keep warm. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) and your friend (()) I know it’s hard for you but you are doing so well (()) Toni did you read about the policewoman who went to a house to see about the lady’s son seeing a accident the lady said don’t go in that room my dog gets excited she did and the little tiny dog bit her so the dog has to wear a muzzle. Love to Paul (()) and your friend (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day love to your mum (()) what is the mxt you take i take Aldronic acid.

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you?

    back isn’t too bad today thanks I didn’t walk too much though and also wore less heavy coat 👍

    I love the laundry pic lol I think if I’d have done laundry in those times my back would really be in torment

    I think I’ve learned though that back - hurting tasks are probably best left till almost last thing for me, so that I can have paracetamol and sleep it off if need be 👍

    Yes sad about poor LA he’s still not really got appetite back either though his temp is slightly less

    Yes Marco is a new friend

    its like LA is living in some sort of gangster movie isn’t it? Lol Lorenzo Marco and Alexander are all the new male friends I believe, SSM told him that people can fall on wet toilet floors, but all LA did was reply proudly “ Yes, I know mummy I almost fell too!” Lol

    by the way LA told my mum that BR goes to SB’s (supermarket) hopefully not unaccompanied though lol, let’s hope he’s not buying undiluted squash 😂

    mum is ok today thanks

    its meant to be v cold and icy Tue - Thurs here, I hope that forecast changes

    how is the weather where you are?

    in the rhyming slang tradition I’ve got a new one my iron tablets are called ferrous fumarate (but I prefer ferrous fumigate) lol

    i went to the local shop today and held packets of cheese and choc mousse in my hands but then put them back again lol I was a good little dinosaur today (even though I’m on the verge of extinction according to scientist / Lord A)

    you’ve got a good point there, my dad’s driving isn’t too great he’s always rushing around etc would make anyone queasy 🤢

    I’ll go for now Toni hope you’re day is going ok so far, bye and Tc xx

    ps more healthy food hand - chopped by my dad - look out for eggshells lol xx

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing today?

    I’m not too bad today thanks

    mum is ok atm too thank you

    actually it’s prob mtx lol but I’ve got used to writing mxt which is short for methotrexate,

    you take aldronic acid I see that’s interesting to know, does it have strong side effects?

    bye for now tc xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    it seems LA has been transferred to a new littleys’ educational establishment- oh dear! Lol xx

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    Hello all 😊 I was doing rather well this morning and got quite a lot done but the roof issue has raised its head again rather in that I had a quote from the recent chap, rather more than I thought.. the main point of having him to do it was to be quick and hopefully not a big outlay, but this has rather edged me back round to (reluctantly) asking original roof man (it is his chief speciality, after all). But am in a bit of a quandary and rather chewed about it all tonight, will have to sleep on it, wash my hair in the morning 🙄 and knuckle down to setting wheels in motion. Ugh.

    Back tomorrow hopefully a bit further onwards, meanwhile love to all. Frog you are being a brick and of course you will feel homesick now and a lot of other things beside, I too hope there will some others around shortly to pitch in. Hope the mediquip people came and that the funeral arrangements are in motion, once done that's all you can say really, that it's something done. Thinking of you. No pusscats today and hope no intruders on Sleek's territory - the idea! The tulips have not gone in today but no they have not been consumed, I can't remember the last time I had an onion in the house actually 🤔.

    Goodnight to joan, no visiting cats today I do wonder how far Kitty would actually have come in the house if I hadn't been right there - I might have found him curled up on one of the beds asleep 😄 he is rather like a tabby I used to have visit, he was a dear old thing, his family moved away. Only bad tempered kitties round here now it seems - at least no nippy little dogs! Sorry about your Sainsbury's what can they be expected to do if the rent & rates are raised so much. Ours here moved out of town like so many so is no use to me now, only if I wanted deliveries. Cold tomorrow & colder by the day for the rest of the week apparently, eek ❄️ have a good day both xx

    Goodnight to all good dinosaurs too, I mean to bosh that is, and to all naughty schoolboys with high temps 😔 hope he gets well soon, and that kind chocolate philanthropist babies don't get it too. See you when I'm next in and keep warm if you have a walk tomorrow in whichever coat is appropriate at the time, certainly are a few chilly days ahead to say the least you're right there, minus 4 a couple of the nights 😬 good grief. Any time you're making one of your 'good' hot chocs if you have one going spare it will be very welcome thank you. By the way Al Fresco is my favourite of all so far 😂😂 have a good night 👍️ xx

    Love to Barbara and Kitty and all passersby 😘 xx

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    Morning Joan. That poor little doggie😕 He snapped in his own home that's not fair but I am so grateful he didn't get put down. We always popped my friends' in the kitchen so they couldn't get overexcited 🙄 Hope you and Sue are doing ok today? ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi How are you today? Glad your back has eased . Good idea to do back breaking tasks when you can take painkillers and recover.

    Gosh yes imagine us doing washing like that? No wonder they only did it once a week on a Monday I bet Tuesday they were laid up🙄

    I like your onion dress, but may I ask is it a tad smelly to go out in?

    Glad your Mum is ok she does very well with her diabetes most of the time. I thought it might well be your Dad's driving. Mine also had the heating on too high no music on the radio and sitting in the back well say no more🤢

    I see young LA (and I hope some of his counterparts) is now attending a school to address his behaviour issues. I hope there's a whole term discussing not licking 🎂

    New friends in the baby Mafia are they? 🤔 this is indeed a worry as is LA's response to the possibility of someone hurting themselves on a wet floor. He'll be moving on to bunging up the loos like Tia did next without the timely intervention of the Witch Academy.

    Good that LA is feeling better, but I am shocked to my core that BR sees it necessary to drop standards as love as Sainsbury when he could chose the far more refined Waitrose!

    Ferrus Fumigate🤣brilliant!

    Please do thank your Dad for the fruit salad great consistent dicing there only found one piece of eggshell😉

    Pay on the back for you resisting temptation in teh form of cheese and chocolate mousse.

    Have a good day.

    I managed a good chat with Kitty yesterday who sends her love to everyone here and asked about us all. She is having her eye op a week today and is going to have a new tablet which she hopes will make it easier to see to message us lot.. Take care Kitty! ((())) xxx

    that should warm us all up and Toady it's already cooked so you just help yourself. No need to microwave or even put the kettle on it's all yours.

    I hope your day yesterday wasn't too stressful although is suspect it actually was no getting away from it you were clearly very busy ((())) for you.

    Hope you at least had 2 minutes to look at the birds or Mousie.

    Take care.

    Love of course to Barbara and Carol if either of them manage to get in ((())) xxx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) good luck next week for your operation (()) keep warm love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) have a good day. When we had a letter from the council we had to meet at a place and we were all told we had the for the bungalows so we all moved in in the same week we have been here 21 years now so have died but it’s nice we all know one another. Good luck with your roof (())

    Barbara (()) How are you and Mr B (()) have a good day love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) you made me laugh the thought of you closing your friend in the kitchen when visitors come. Love to your friend (()) she is coping well with your help. Thank you for getting in touch with Kitty ((()) and saying how she is (()). Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie ((()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) how are you have you still got tummy ache. Love to your mum (())

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you?

    I thought I’d posted this morning but evidently not silly bosh🙃

    busy day for me as went to town centre today instead of tomorrow not to the Tue group as I think I’d have to email the admin lady for that - it’s a bit more formal than Wednesday group

    just had a cup of tea and bought a few things I needed

    def a big coat day🥶🥶

    LA has mostly got his appetite back 👍

    ok tired from hot shower so this not a full waffle lol

    ill do some more “baking” of ideas later

    bye T and Tc xx


    hi Joan

    how are you and Sue? My stomachs ok atm thanks and mums ok too 👍

    bye for now everyone xx

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    Hi toady

    I’m being quiet right now as not much time and I’m def not nocturnal unlike your good self 😀

    time for a haircut tho - even if it’s diy I’ll fetch the garden shears lol 😂 xx

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    Hello all 😀 well that bit of sun today was a real tonic, you forget what it's like to be bright. Quite a bit to come for the next few days too 👍️

    Hi to frog, I have cleared my head a bit today, so thank you for the porridge it gave me the nice slow-release energy to get some things done this morning and I am now (almost 100%) settled to get the non-roofer chap to do this flat bit of felting - bit of a swerve again I know, but hopefully on balance it will work out - without a flippin' crystal ball who knows anyway. So on with the motley hopefully. The sun was so nice I had a reasonable potter thank you, haven't seen Mousie to speak to today but the birdies were all out in force. I potted on a few plants and even got the bulbs in. Next stop cold frame (if events/people will kindly stop interrupting me 🙄). Now what I really need is a super duper ebay sale or two plz 💵🤞. Hope your day is going as smoothly as possible and hope everyone is well, glad you got to talk to Kitty and I will remember nearer the time to wish her luck with the op (and to turn up for the cafe bus if we are all going along). Have a good evening :) xx

    Hello joan, that's nice that you have familiar people you have lived in the same place with for a while, if people move or have passed away here the houses tend to be marketed to families so you don't get anyone older it's a shame as there is not a mix of people then. Hopefully will get on with the roof now thank you, the best you can say is at least there is decent weather for it, I could have been much more unlucky (and it didn't wait til xmas eve to develop the leak 😱). Have a good evening :) xx

    Hi to bosh quick wave back to you to thank you, I expect it was a bit more pleasant to go out in today with the sun but obviously cold if it was big coat day. Glad you had a cup of tea and some shopping 😀 I was browsing online for the odd present or two and several times I saw socks with Mona Lisa on, maybe that is a trend for some reason 🤔 but I'm not sure what Mona would think of it 🤨. Glad LA feels better and will be well enough to rejoin the junior baby Mafia as Toni said - if they start demanding protection money or chocolate to keep scary monsters away don't pay them, they will only ask for more 😉. Hope everyone else ok and good luck with the haircut/scything session, that hairdo above would be warm 🤩 I could go for that. Have a good night even if you don't stay up with the owls and me xx

    Love to Kitty and hope you will get on well with the new tablets, see you nearer op time 😊

    and love to Barbara, think of me when I'm getting my roof fixed & send me a little bit of good luck 😘 hope all are well as poss xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    My backs a lot better thanks been lying on the back cushions for extra support which was helpful 👍

    thanks about my idea of delaying the physically diff tasks 😊

    yes must have a massive and painful workout doing laundry in those days

    oh yes I do hate the smell of onions 🧅

    in the fifties there was a special Chanel No 5 with undertones of red onion though, invented by a certain auntie- type omelette -enthusiast no doubt 😂

    yes your dads driving style seemed v similar to my dads lol, he also has no music on but listens to the most depressing documentaries he can find extremely annoying

    yes LA ‘s change of environment should do him some good lol, atm he only fears his class teacher (well sometimes anyway) and sometimes green - faced witch 🧙‍♀️

    Thanks about mum yes she’s v brave and controlled today I managed some of that control I had tea 🍵

    in the shop and some choc but I just broke off one segment of it - ok segment was on the big side - but that’s not my fault) and literally left it there, donated to the leftovers of the coffee shop table lol 😂

    for me that was good control anyway👍

    Witch academy I like that lol, yes not v good antics from LA I agree, maybe if he himself falls he’ll learn a lesson, I don’t know, one good thing is that Noel is no longer his friend as N threw a ball at him apparently 🎾

    thanks about LA yes v good that he’s recovering I think his temp is more or less normal now but I’ll check with mum about it later👍

    He only ate a mini cake for breakfast though but his appetite is def approaching normal thanks

    BR isn’t a Lord you see, he’s a man of the people haha, so he’s economising, being the sensible chap that he is,

    but maybe he’ll get to do a bit of Xmas WR shopping if aristocratic big bro treats him lol

    glad you liked iron tablet joke thanks

    LA asked my mum if she wanted to go to the soft play area for her birthday implying that he’ll arrange it or something like that haha

    its boiling in this house right now Toni

    It’s not good really on top of the anaemia the normal tiredness there’s this stuffy house issue

    anyway I can’t do much about it

    hope you’re day’s going ok?

    bye and Tc xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    thanks I was actually thinking of your hair not mine but I was only joking lol 😂

    I wasn’t outside for too long so didn’t feel too bad thanks

    Spare hot choc is fine of course but not revealing secret recipe lol.

    have a good night Tc xx