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    Hi Toni

    i’ve decided that the eye thing whatever it is isn’t due to eyestrain relating to sending messages but what may not be helping is that I’ve relocated as it were I’m not going in the spare room at all right now because it’s freezing so I when I’m watching programmes on my iPad I may instinctively be sitting too close to iPad, because it’s a small room much more cluttered but I can manage it as long as I get into the habit, it’s prob mainly a bit of allergy type stuff too it did get better and it’s still a fair amount better but I had to use the medicated shampoo today which is not kind on the eyes but it’s much worse if I don’t use it otherwise I’ll become the psoriasis head of the year ha ha, not 6th form head haha, but it would’ve been worse situation if hadn’t used the shampoo.

    so I think eye - issue it’s all under control anyway thank you 👍

    I think this has to be memory one im afraid Toni because my back is still not feeling too good yes you were saying something about Star Trek and the scary girl ha ha LA has actually befriended one of the scary girls so that’s good I suppose unless they decide to be scary together oh dear

    there was a big HV situation this morning parents had a bit of a Barney anyway they’ve calmed down a bit now well mum has anyway.

    LA dressed as a pirate today - it’s fancy dress day or something like that I was very scared I must admit lol

    LA also told me off recently because I said on the phone that big baba aka my dad maybe going to get a T-Rex from Tesco he didn’t like this at all not the Tesco bit has come to terms with the fact that not everybody goes to Waitrose all the time ha ha but he told me in a very angry Professor - type voice “ Auntie goddess Mima I’ve told you before T- Rexs aren’t real anymore they’re extinct they’re just in stories and on dressing gowns and things like that! “ oh dear that’s shattered my illusions - I thought it was possible to buy a friendly T-Rex in Tesco to have a cup of tea with but it seems that I was very much mistaken

    i had the last part of my cheese portion for the week today and a very yummy veggie burger takeaway from the local café 👍

    I can confirm that it will be Riley‘s birthday party that LA may be going to but I think the birthday party itself hasn’t been fully confirmed yet I hope it does go ahead as of course LA will love it and I also hope that maybe naughty Noel eats too many McDonald’s chicken nuggets the day before and has a bit of a tummy ache so that he cannot attend the possible party in his “ringleader of the naughties” capacity😂.

    I hope Kari’s okay at the dentist

    bye and take care . Xx

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    Hi again toady

    just thought I’d say that the manager I was talking about did many dodgy things not all of them legal from what I’ve heard but I will of course not go into specifics otherwise I may be banned from society ha ha

    about the minutes issue it was quite an important meeting and senior admin lady was busy so I had to take the minutes not great as I’m used to taking minutes but not for a conference of bigwig sorts or whatever they’re called they were called lol and also I wasn’t given much notice so it was quite nerve wracking, also my actual boss said just to take detailed notes and I’d be fine👍

    so I did what I was told although it was not easy with all the vips there M Z*****berg and so on lol, also these VIPs ( or maybe GIPs? Gastro Intestinal Problems? No that’s just me, sorry I won’t digress again lol) we’re themselves digressing almost continuously), however the goddess on high / micromanager - type said it was too detailed, lovely🙄

    is it’s really freezing where you are today toady? It was fairly bad this morning definitely thermals weather thankfully not big massive coats whether I love my big massive coat but it’s so heavy it doesn’t help my backache and I do feel when walking around in it a bit like Off duty police elephant lol

    hope you have a good evening and night take care. Xx

    ps pic of one of Toni’s deer xx

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    Hi everyone - just a hello because I had water in again last night with all that rain, so bear with me for a bit while I have hysterics 🙄 will call in when poss depending on how soon I can establish if it's gutters (medium sized problem) or the roof (catastrophe 😣).

    Love to all and thanks for the amusing posts to read which have helped me to cheer up/calm down slightly this evening. Have a good night see you soon 😘 xx

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    Hope that made us all ☺

    Morning Joan(or is it Suesday? - probably not in this weather🙄) Hope Pepper is ok and has his collar off? I don't know how you managed your 3 wheelers Kari and my brains wouldn't work properly and we kept falling off! Kari was so upset she loved hers so much. Have a good day ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi I am very sorry you had HV yesterday, just what you didn't need or deserve😕 I hope your Mum is ok too.

    It's peaceful here in the café no stress just a nice gentle chat with friends. I love the flower pics around buildings thank you. I have a gorgeous one of Lucy outside a restaurant in France surrounded by wisteria if I get time I will search it out for you. It was in the village where Aidan, one of the original café crew, used to live when he and his husband lived there. Monflanquin.

    I'm glad you eye has eased off you don't need that do you. Yes you must use the shampoo even if it's tough on the eyes it works Lucy uses it too as you know. You might well have sussed out the reason with the Ipad. I hope so then you can solve it a bit at least.

    So it's Riley's birthday party? How old will he be? I have a tiny fear what age it might be, but surely they are not......? Oh they do grow up fast don't they?😕 Oh dear me imagine naughty Noel Roley and LA back together?! They will love it and I think nothing will stop Noel from attending 😉

    Oh Reshmi I am very very sorry to tell you that you can't buy a T-Rex from Tesco (or Waitrose for that matter) not even Big Baba can and he is all powerful! LA is quite right they are extinct and only in books and on pyjamas. Maybe he can get you a toy one that might help ease the blow a bit😂 Bless him!

    I watched another Star Trek last night. Not a scary girl (LA knows what he's doing having a scary girl on-side!) this one they beamed down to a ship where they were keeping dangerous people with a 'cure' to find they had taken over. Of course Captain Kirk and Spock saved the day as usual.

    Thanks for asking Kari got on ok at the dentist her purse wasn't too happy though🙄 Much easier for her now having a car to get there and back.

    I am very glad the veggie burger and little bit of cheese went down ok I hope that your stomach coped ok?

    Sending you some (((())) and hopes that your back is feeling a little better today.

    Oh Toady no😕 That's awful. As you know it happened to us too last torrential rainfall and Barbara a bit back. Let's hope it's blocked gutters which is actually very likely at this time of the year.

    I am thinking of you as it's still raining and hope the builder or a roofer has been or is going up today to have a look. Yours is a house isn't it? Not a bungalow? Huge ((())) xxx

    A very quick hello to Barbara and Kitty and Carol whether they get in today or not. I very much hope all is well ((())) xxx

    because it's cold and wet....

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    Hi everyone xx

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) have a good day and weekend. Thinking of you. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) Kitty had a leaking roof I think last year she had to wait a long time to get it mended. Have a good weekend. Pepper has his hood off.

    Barbara (()) I hope you are all well there thinking of you. Have a good weekend. Love to Mr B (()) and your son ()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend ()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) How is everyone Sue has different carers has the others could not send to carers for every visit. So now I’m doing less. Pepper has his hood off. Kitty had a leaking roof didn’t she. How are you have you any more pain (()) I hope your friends are getting on alright (()) and Paul (()) love to Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) sorry your mum and Dad had a fall out it makes a bad atmosphere. Have a good weekend and your mum (())

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are things? V sorry to hear about your water leak! Did you manage to find out the cause? I really hope it’s not the roof.

    you’re welcome about the posts

    Bye and take care xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you doing today?

    I’m timing 5 mins to spend on this message sorry just need to be a bit careful with eyes 👍

    pic of L sounds v nice

    Riley will be 4 as far as I remember

    yes Noel may be hard to deter lol 😂

    I just hope meeting the naughty boys doesn’t inspire LA to become The Artful Dodger or someone like that lol

    parents and EF ok at the moment thanks

    yes my stomach did cope with cheese yesterday thankfully but today is mxt day so sensible diet for me today of course

    that’s it buzzers sounded lol, but Ive won nothing not even toy T rex

    bye for now xx

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue today?

    Thanks, yes it’s never good when family have big rows, but no big arguments here today so far👍

    im ok today thanks mum seems ok too

    bye for now tc xx

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    Hi Again Toni 🌺

    how are you? I had mxt and then had a little bit of sleep so that was good 👍

    I’ve got time now to write a little bit more but I’ll try not to get obsessed even though my eyes not feeling too bad at all at the moment I call it good practice 👍

    back is considerably better thanks on the normal side

    problem for me now is that I had to go in the cold room for a while because some cleaners came and I put the heater on in advance like I was supposed to but I think basically I rested a bit in that room possibly even slept a tiny bit before I could wear the warmest “ersatz” leggings in the country ha ha anyway knee is hurting a bit on and off now but these things happen and if it’s a flareup it’s a flareup but I feel it will probably be okay as long as I do a bit of physio keep on keep on dressing warmly especially for walking outside of course but just wanted to mention it 😀

    thats interesting I didn’t know that Aiden lived in France 🤗

    Yes private Dentists are a tremendous pain I I agree

    i like the Winnie the Poo theme 👍

    I checked about Riley he’ll actually be five so he’s getting into a very big naughty indeed but don’t worry LA is still under five at the moment his birthday is in the summer.

    BR’s birthday is coming up soon though my mum reminded me it’s in January so I’ll have to think of a suitable gift

    Bill’s birthday is actually on Christmas Day and I’ve bought his present already at least I bought one of them and it’s some gourmet fiendishly hot mustard with red chilli and mustard seeds combined my goodness I think that would be torture for most people stomachs but he eats this kind of relish all the time and nobody seems to be able to stop him.

    I did pop in to Costa this morning but the problem with this local C*sta is that it gets so busy almost all the time unless I get up really early in the morning to go there which in the winter mornings isn’t too realistic for me unfortunately so it’s diff to get a nearby cup of tea and a sit down outside the house but it’s def not the end of the world

    i’ve seem to be have started waffling on again but I’m doing so in a controlled way so that’s good I really hope toady is okay I wonder what happened with her house and and the water leak bless her it must be the last thing she needs okay T, I’ll go for now I hope you’re having a good evening is it methotrexate day for you too? if so I hope you enjoy your austere supper as I will or at least I’ll try to ha ha bye for now Toni take care xx

    ps some nice sea - themed mosaic art xx

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    Good night toady and everyone else too xx.

    ps bottle- top owl is for toady of course xx

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    Hello people 👋 just a quick bulletin, I have a chap coming tomorrow who'll have a look at the gutters (I think I would be able to knock an Ark together in the time I would take to get the builder here ⛵️), fingers crossed he can help he is a general jobs chap I've had before & is nice and always very good. Worst case I also do have a good roof chap if needs be. Thank you for the kind thoughts I will update & post properly I hope when I am less fraught 😱. The annoying thing is I was just getting 'ahead' there for about a minute, the again, I do find it never pays to think you've cracked it and can have a bit of time before the next thing & the next thing, nature abhors a vacuum and all that 🙄. Still, worse water-related woes than mine going on around the country at the moment! onward & upward. See you soon have a good night all (& sweet dreams Pepper 🐕️😘) thanks again for the good wishes xx

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    Morning everyone

    Morning Joan. So Sue had to have new carers? Oh dear I hope they are as nice although you having to do less is good. Yippee I bet Pepper is a happy boy with no collar on🐶 Have a good day both of you ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi how are you today? Post MTX hangover? Me too yes I think Friday is the best day. I'm so glad your stomach coped with that little bit of cheese and hope today is bearable for us all ((())) Your back is back to 'normal' good if it's like mine not perfect but ok.

    Best thing was to hide in the cold room while the cleaners were in but sorry your knee didn't like it😕 keep those super super warm leggings on until it eases. My fingers are crossed 🤞 that it was only getting cold and not the start of a flare.

    I honestly hope Naughty Noel doesn't teach your boy any new tricks....

    I just knew it Riley is 5!!!!!!!! Little LA will be joining him next 🎂 how could he be going on 5??? at least I have until next summer to get used to the idea. They are babies! BR though will he be - dare I say it - 2??? They just grow up far too fast. What will you get for BR I wonder🤔 Does he like dinosaurs too?

    Glad EF are all well. BIL has a special birthday then on Christmas day. My brother also likes hot hot relish so I get him stuff like that too. Thanks for the reminder his birthday is on 7th December, but this year now he has kidney disease, I might be more sensible.

    Yes Aidan and Bill his husband lived in France for many years only coming back here when his parents needed him to look after them healthwise. Bill is still tempted to go out there again with his new partner. That's why they always had croissants and coffee on a Saturday morning in memory of their time out there. One time when we went to France (which pre covid we did every year) we went to their village and their actual house and met teh people who bought it from them.

    I was worried about poor Toady, but she has posted now and all seems to be under control for now. It was Kitty well remembered😊

    You take care of yourself today. LOVE the star Trek pic🤭

    Morning Toady I'm so glad you managed a quick post yesterday so we know you are ok.

    Of course you are right no doubt others do have it worse, but water is so clever at getting in and can do so much damage. Is everything ok is there much damage?

    You are right the builder is a bit too ellusive for emergencies such as these I hope the handyman has been by now and checked your gutters for you.

    Sleek has sorted out accomodation for you if needs be...

    It's always when you think you're on top of things isn't it? In my case when you are 'happy' that something goes wrong. Typical.

    Anyway as long as you are ok that's all that matters Take care.

    Love of course as always to Barbara and Kitty and Carol whether they are able to call in or not. Hope all families are well too xxx((()))

    Ready brek

    Clever eh?

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) How are you I hope things are going well for you. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) I hope the gutter man comes early and sorts out your problem and he doesn’t say I have to come back with some thing else. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) How are you and your family (()) love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) Do you take MXT has well has Reshmi it does not sound nice but if it helps that’s the main thing. Have a good day (()) how is Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your two friends (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) I hope you all have a good day (()) love to your mum (())

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    Hi everyone hope you’re all doing ok? Xx

    wppl xx

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    hi Toni 🌺

    How are you today you? You were right about my knee wasn’t a flareup thank goodness it’s feeling much better today thank you I’m not hundred percent better but a lot it’s still feeling a bit heavy like in the bad old days as I call them when I was first diagnosed but it’s very much walkable and almost normal 👍

    yes my back is prob a bit like yours I think too - it complains from time to time but it’s not too bad most of the time either 🤗

    yes BR will be 2 in January and LA is almost a grown man, well a grown man who sometimes hides behind his Auntie goddess mima when he sees big scary girls lol.

    that’s nice that you went to France and saw the house etc

    one of my auntie- types sent dad a v strange email she said before she married dads friend in 1972 she visited uk and my dad made her a big omelette, it was a lovely omelette that seemed to have stood the test of time, life in India is hard for her, she’s from Thailand, but this egg dish warmed her heart for so many years, she’s a v nice lady but strange to put it mildly lol, why she didn’t write about this at the time I don’t know, that omelette story is older than me now lol, I certain do have a strange family and family - friends lol 🍳.

    Sorry about your brother, yes those sauces are v unhealthy

    ok I’ll end it there , save me some picturesque r Brek please

    Thanks I’m glad about toady too 👍

    bye Tc xx

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    hi Joan

    how are you and Sue today?

    I’m not too bad thank you mum and everyone else in the family are also okay

    bye take care xx

    Hi toady I’m glad a builder is looking at the house

    tc xx

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    Hello folks, just popping in quickly again - chap called this morning as arranged but I did already have a fair idea he was only going to do his usual have quick look & quote (for a couple of other things he may as well do), so actually looking at the gutters has to wait til early Tues. Straight after Monday's heavy rain, oh thanks very much, weather. Cross your fingers for me it will be blowing in a different direction or will swerve/downgrade before Monday 😬🤞at least it's due in the daytime & not overnight, so I can sit & worry in the light of day and not the early hours 🙄.

    Yes frog, 'happy' is a red rag to a bull, you've got that right. I love the cat ark 😄 if they had left Shem, Ham & Japhet behind & just set off with all those pairs of cats, think what a better place the world would be now. (What's that Sleek? do bring 'ham' along? 😸). Hope you're all well and I am trying gamely to fit my other jobs in around this, cold frame constructing & whatnot (would have been just a nice couple of days for it 🙄 ) & will pop in on & off but probably on short rations til (if) things are more settled. In terms of damage nothing too much I hope btw, a lot of stuff in that room is boxed or crated up, and nothing got into those just some paperwork and loose stuff. Hoping that anything that hit the floor wasn't doing it enough to do much harm between there and the ceiling below. Have a good Sunday :) xx

    Thank you Joan, the chap has to come back but I knew he would likely have to, I was lucky to have someone to call at all that could fit me in even this soon. Just a pity there will be some more wet weather before then or it would be fairly plain sailing, not the best choice of words! Hope Sue gets on well with the new carers, love to you both & the dear dogs xx

    Hi to bosh too and hope things ok with you, I didn't see the owl pic last night thank you for that and I've literally only just spotted the owls in the street scene too even though I've looked at the pic 2 or 3 times. Like one of those 'how many things can you find in this picture' things you used to get in puzzle books, I loved those. Hopefully I will get the roof leak or whatever it is sorted next week it would be nice not to have to give a 'hoot' whether it rains 😬. Sorry I'm not to date with everything but I've caught up with everyone's news and will get back to bits of replies and things soon I hope 👍️. Have a good night and hope the knee carries on feeling better and not doing anything it shouldn't, keep warm &c take care yourself, will pop in & out the next few days especially for hot strong tea to keep me going ☕️ xx

    Love to Kitty and Barbara see you all soon when I am hopefully having - and being - less of a 'wet weekend' 😫😘 xx

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    Morning Joan I suspect myself Toady and Reshmi take MTX maybe Kitty too though I have a feeling she takes lef. It is a very good medication even if it can make you feel a bit yucky. How are you and Sue doing? Have a good Sunday((())) xxx

    Oh Reshmi😥 I can't believe baby R with be 2 next birthday and LA will be a 'Big 5'! Even if he does need his Auntie Goddess Mima to protect him at times. Bless them both.

    I'm so glad to read that your knee is much better and not a flare you can still walk ok. Phew. Yes that sounds like my back flares up every now and then, but usually settles back down again.

    I took Aidan photos from his old village he and Bill were so chuffed. When we go over now we always eat there one day as does my brother when he goes to France.

    What an odd memory to have very very belatedly and told to your Dad so many years later😂 Funnily I never had your Dad down as having chef skills. Must have been some omelette to have stayed in her memory all this time! I bet you and your Mum can't stop laughing about it!

    Plenty of ready brek in the pan for you. You can dodge today's Sunday cooked breakfast.

    Thanks for the gorgeous tea/coffee pot very pretty.

    Morning Toady Oh dear that's a bit of a wait Tuesday after the next rainfall too😥 What can you do other than hope for the best? The rain might not be blowing that way and yes it must at least have the decency to blow the other way and only fall during daylight hours.

    Sleek thinks you mean the meat 'ham' she is clever but not always that clever. Bless her. Imagine that a ship full of cats😻

    I am glad to hear that the room affected by the leaking roof sounds to have survived the experience. Such a good thing that most stuff was safely boxed up. I hope all is well with the floor and therefore the ceiling below.

    Keep ploughing on with the cold frame and your other jobs I have yet to put the hedgehog house together myself so none of us are perfect are we?

    Sleek will be calling in after she's been to Kitty's. She has decided that she will wear her mackintosh and sou'wester with her galoshes just in case....

    Take care of yourself ((()))

    Love of course as usual to Barbara Kitty and Carol. Hope they and theirs are all well ((())) xxx

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    Hi everyone xx

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) have a good day love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) If you have to wait till Friday will the man clean up the mess after all the rain. Have a good day other wise.

    Barbara (()) How are you (()) love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) How is Paul (()) and your friends (()) getting on. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) how are you (()) have you got a tummy ache. Love to your mum (())

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    hi toady 🐸

    don’t worry about keeping up to date with posts right now, I hope your leak gets fixed soon 🤗

    i didn’t realise the nighttime pic had owl(s) in until you mentioned it lol, I’m glad tho

    knee is same as yesterday thanks, almost better basically so that’s something 👍

    LA went to a party recently, he’s been stuffing himself with cake oh dear, let’s hope he doesn’t become the next (police) elephant lol 🐘

    I popped into C*sta again big crowd really so I just did my constitutional without sugary sustenance prob just as well really lol

    hope things are going well with you, or at least as well as can be expected

    bye Tc xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you today?

    thanks about my knee

    Rileys party has not just been confirmed it’s already taken place that was quick lol,

    I saw a pic of LA smiling and stuffing his face with icing when he thought no one was looking 😂

    there was an entertainer dressed as Tigger!

    you may have some clairvoyant powers Toni! Lol

    this auntie- type is a v nice person but prone to exaggeration my dad def isn’t master chef haha

    i think the miraculous thing may have been that he cooked something for some one else without grumbling lol

    probably the first time since 1645 😂

    everyone’s ok thanks, mum is in a bit of a mood but well as far as I can gather

    thats Nice that you ate there once a week when in France 👍

    my dad cut his finger just now though 🙄

    mum and I helped him not bad enough for hospital thank goodness

    he bit our heads off for helping him though

    so dealing with him has rather sapped all the energy I had left

    So I’ll go for now , thanks for the Ready Brek btw lol, take care xx

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing today?

    im ok thanks stomach isn’t too bad either thanks for asking

    hope you’re both having a good afternoon bye Tc xx

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    Hello all :) just sitting here hovering over the weather forecast in the hope of a minor reprieve 😬 no such luck so far. Can I order two teas please, both for me, I am going to need them - have a grocery order to finish cobbling together for tomorrow morning, healthcare @ home coming also, who knows when, and an early start Tues. Not the finest bit of time management I have ever done but it gets it all over with at once 🤔 maybe..

    Thanks for the moral support I will keep you all posted. Have done another slew of tidying in the affected room, in case the worst comes to the absolute worst and someone needs to Come In 😱 please no. Yes do tell Sleek to come with the full kit on frog, we don't want any damp kitties 🌂 only a little shower today, so cold though! maybe I will get icicles instead of drips. It takes a fair bit to put me off my beloved garage projects and poking about in there but even with a jumper it was a bit much today. Have wood-preserved some cold frame though so I am edging towards the grand assemble. Hope things ok with you :) btw 1 or 2 bits of better news, have seen mousie (the original) yesterday, and my bulblets I potted on from last year's tulips are hopping up 😊 hope to get out there soon for a proper look! xx

    Hello joan, I do only have to wait 24hours-ish now til early Tuesday, if I get rain in on the Monday then really that's my own silly fault for not calling an emergency person in I suppose. I am hoping my odd job person will be all I need without calling in my actual roofing chap that would be excessive just to clear a bit of gutter & not really his job - will just hope for the best!🤞Hope you have had a good Sunday, has the peacock been since since? xx

    Hi bosh, that Pandora picture caption is very good & too true! And I love the wide-eyed cat, that is indeed exactly what you need for weeping angels 😂 'don't blink kitty, don't blink'. Hope your Sunday is ok or no worse than when you wrote, post- DV accident/incident; by the time he was cross with himself for having done it I expect & then with everyone else too good job it did not need stitches or the poor nurse would probably have had her share as well 🙄. LA has been enjoying himself with elephant buns & cake icing, well at least someone is having some fun and hope everyone played nicely & were Tiggers and not Eeyores. Parties nearly always seemed to end up with at least one little girl upset and wanting to go home in my experience but then again these things blow over equally quickly. Well done doing your constitutional 👍️ have a good Monday, see you apres le deluge 😬 xx

    Love to everyone 😘 xx