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    Hi toady 🐸

    roundabouts were ok for me as long as I was holding on tightly

    never did scary rides though like ghost trains or rollercoasters

    my sis would like scary things though like horror film binges 🙄

    im sure I had a boss who looked and acted just like evil Edna even her voice was the same a kind of screech

    sorry you got so cold have ever tried wearing 2 hats outside?

    I find it helps

    good night toady Tc xx

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    Well it's all over everyone. If I can say so wonderful and beautiful gentle calm and loving.

    Morning Joan today will be a busy day here I imagine after the quiet and calm of yesterday. I will stay here for a few days until I feel I can safely leave. The dogs will be and already are a comfort. Take care both of you ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi. I am glad you have a fan to cool you down. This house has been well and truly warm these last few weeks, but now we can cool down I think. I hope you don't feel too rough it being the time of the month ((()))

    Do not attempt the cake the last thing we want is you being turned to stone!

    You did go a bit gothic yesterday didn't you?

    By the way I do indeed remember those 'mobile phones' very well bless us you had to have enough change to make the call. I had a 10p in my blazer pocket at school in case I ever needed to ring my Mum.

    I think after the cake licking lesson your sister will need to hang on to LA's cake next year when he is 5 - safety first! They are a cheeky bunch aren't they?

    I hope you have a good day.

    Morning Toady how are you today?

    I'm so glad you saw Mousie in her winter residence yesterday. The house of Commons sounds a bit iffy I don't think i'd want to eat in that cafe you are right ours has a 5 star rating

    Yes there were 22 Vulcans at my brother's birthday do. Kari and I (the planners of the event) decided Klingons would be too tough an assignment for any of us!!

    Today will be a busy day here I think getting re-straight and hoping mediquip will come and do their part though I have my doubts. It's very very foggy here and chilly. Hope those new curtains have made a difference?

    Yes the deer photo is like a Bosh pic. I can never get a really good photo as they are very nervous our deer.

    You had a RM24 parcel? Wow! That is odd. The nurses too I wonder how many actually will as many really haven't gone into that profession for the money. Time will tell. Glad your postbox wasn't overful. Robot what's? Nurses😮 nope I don't fancy that. I am not really too happy with robot-much it's a bit scary I think.

    Address labels printed early probably a good idea for this year. There are so many Christmas lights up here already where my friends' house is so many. Lots of young families so I understand it.

    My love as always to Barbara, Kitty and Carol I hope they are warm enough and well ((())) xxx

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    Morning everyone.

    Its Sue day again

    We are going for our flu jabs in a little while so Joan is walking the dogs.

    Toni Joan is very sorry

    lots of love and happy Christmas to everyone Joan will chat tomorrow

    Love Sue

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    Hi everyone xx

    wppl xx

  • toady
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    Just calling in with a quick hug for frog 😔🌼😘 xx

    I will see you all later xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you?

    yes I agree about Better cartoons with softer colours etc back then 👍

    modern cartoons are so bright sometimes hurts my eyes

    im no good at RC - type puzzles sis was as far as I remember but she’s a megabrain so it comes with the territory I guess 😂

    she loved horror when young and once she and her pals tried to get me to rent an adulk horror video for them , I of course refused and said the police crocodile 🐊

    is doing his rounds so be careful

    ok stopping for now tired bye tc xx

    ps pic is bills ancestral mansion

    Pps oh yes one thing i remember now cafe eyebrow plucks safe was fully broken into, not just an attempt 😱 xx

  • bosh
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    Hi again toady 🐸

    i did have a good nights sleep in the end thanks

    but it was interrupted by one nightmare (not a big deal of course) but also my dad was doing some stretches in the middle of the night because he was going to exercise at about noon of the next day 😡

    he is becoming increasingly difficult to live with

    how did your night go?

    is your day going ok so far?

    bye Tc xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni 🌺

    I am very sorry to hear about your friend 🤗.

    im not feeling too great thanks but I had a naughty sugary drink and walked this morning as my back really needed it so that was something plus am having mxt in about half hour

    no don’t worry I generally steer clear of choc cake but I can’t say the same for all cakes 🎂

    Yes quite a lot of goth images online so it was easy to do lol

    Yes we needed enough change

    cheeky bunch of monkeys indeed🐵

    cafe eyebrow plucks update- I remember now the young girl said that someone successfully broke into safe so not just an attempt 😱

    could it have been bill I wonder? I know he loves his caffeine but this is a step too far especially with his being married to a legal professional! Oh well I think you need to book another seat on the good old police helicopter please T, lol.

    I also wanted to mention that at one of the parties some cakes were in a tent outside and naughty Noel had ordered his sidekicks Riley and LA to lick all the cakes, but v fortunately LA’s mummy went into the tent to get something and caught all three boys with their tongues hanging out, just about to lick the communal sugary confections, just like mischievous kittens after someone else’s milk! Needless to say she told them off and prevented another cake - licking birthday- based crime, in her super - mummy capacity 👍

    my dad was stretching in the witching hour though, woke me up, he’s becoming really difficult to live with

    I’ll go for now, got to have mxt soon as well

    bye Toni and Tc xx

    ps police are also questioning another potential safe - breaker xx

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 2,112

    Hi Sue

    how are you and Joan today?

    I hope the flu jabs went well

    bye for now tc xx

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 2,112

    Hi toady 🐸

    Just thought I’d send you pic of police crocodile on his day off lol.

    bye Tc xx

  • bosh
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    Hi again Toni 🌺

    I just noticed your rhyming slang the shop known as “ Text”

    I like it lol 😂

    maybe it shouldn’t be Reading rhyming slang though lol?

    its a bit too regional “readers rhyming slang” perhaps?

    no that’s not great let me know if you think of a better term please 👍

    bye for now tc xx

    Ps pasta dress xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni 🌺and toady 🐸

    as an alternative to Reading rhyming slang Ive thought of monkey’s tree climbing slang inspired by LA of course but that’s a bit long winded ,maybe MTC / mtc or how about gang slang? As in Val’s Cafe gang slang? Oh well it’s just a bit of fun to pass the time anyway 😀. Xx

    ps cucumber dress for Toni xx

  • toady
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    edited 2. Dec 2022, 21:24

    Hello all 😊 I have had my head down putting together some ebay listings as it's last decent weekend before xmas, gets a bit of a slog but I have the next 3 days so will spread it out. Anyway must knock off now and tea please someone, as my tongue is hanging out, though I hasten to add not in the hope of coming across any iced cakes that are not mine 😉.

    Hello frog and I hope you are alright this evening and sorry that you feel it's a faint hope that mediquip will be timely but hope all else is as you last posted, quiet & with the dear dogs. Thinking of you xx Hope all's well at home too. Have just had a quiet day other than a bit of an ebay stint, so no news but I have posted a couple of little pics for you as follows. 1, am I being dim do you know what this is? it came up (I think) from a wild flower packet or it could be a weed 🤔 either way it has made a bud now so I ought to recognize it now. 2, just a silly little benchmark pic to show (even though you can't really see) that the clematis has made it to half way up the 2nd rung of the arch ⬆️ and 3, a little bud that was on the salvia nachtvlinder on arrival has come out, would you believe. I wouldn't bloom in this weather if I were it! I can't say I have noticed a dramatic difference from the curtains but in any case, I have actually now put the previous standalone curtain linings up in tandem, they are only cotton but were new and may as well have another layer! My xmas cards arrived (few little packs of cards in a big cardboard box - I wondered what I'd ordered for a moment!) and I'm pleased with them 😀. Love to all and more bits & bobs of news another time 😘 xx

    Lovely to see Sue and hope Joan's dog-walking went well, and your flu jabs too - hope it was not too busy. Love to you both & the dogs :) xx

    Hi bosh, nice to come in and read all your news after extracting myself from ebay's clutches 👍️ would you believe I had that very frog & fairy pic for many many years in a frame, it was postcard sized, in the end it faded but I still have it somewhere 😊. Glad you had an ok night but not that you were woken up 🙄 what is the theory behind the midnight exercises and then at noon, is that because it's some sort of right amount of time between them 🤔? It is still v cold here, when I said it was cold before that was indoors at the time 😬 so if I were to wear 2 hats in here, would I have to wear 4 when I go out? 😂 Mind you it might be warmer out than in for all I know, the loft ladder is down & the hatch open because of going up to check for drips, just the ideal time of year to have all the cold air swirling down from above 😂. No horror films for me, gosh no not even a bit really, goes to show how different people are. The police crocodile and witches and small children are scary enough for me 😉. What a super picture that is of the fantasy cliff-face miniature castle I really did think that was a photo at first. Awful about the safe break-in was it while people were there? That's not where you think your money is going when you pay for your coffee do you 😮 another one of the many scary things. Thinking of you on mxt day and hope your Saturday is not too bad and is uneventful🤞.

    Love to all & have a good night xx

  • toady
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    Salvia 'Nachtvlinder'

  • frogmorton
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    Morning everyone

    It was Suesday! Lovely to see Sue's name here Joan thank you both for your kind wishes. I hope you don't both have sore arms ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi thanks for the fruit I think I'll have some it will do me good👍️ I hope that you are ok MTX hangover day. Well done going for your walk exactly what i do even if our backs are a bit sore.

    We took the doggies for a walk which was nice they were so well behaved and deserved it after what they have had to cope with these last weeks. Thank you for your kind wishes too.

    Noooo! Not BIL a suspect in the safe break-in! I know he likes all the naughty substances available at that well-known high street coffee shop, but that would be a stretch too far! His wife will need to act for him in court maybe🤔

    I had no need to fear that the cake-licking escapades might continue with sister super mum (SSM) on the case did I? The cheeky little monkeys they really are! This time their japes were thwarted😉 I shan't worry about LA's birthday cake next year - she has already thought of that I'm sure.

    I love the cucumber dress by the way - you are so clever!

    Morning Toady how are you today? I hope not too 😴

    Thank you for your kind words too. The good (ish) news is that mediquip will be along on monday so not too long. We are hiding out in the Conservatory so we don't see the empty bed and it's a bit chilly. The dining room can't return to normal as it's full of stuff from the living room🙄 Still Monday isn't too bad better than the week after and we so appreciate the loan it helped so much.

    The dogs are appreciating the extra attention they had a lovely walk yesterday which they deserved with what they have coped with recently.

    Great pics! I think number 1 might be a wild flower too which is fine you can make sure it doesn't go to seed and just enjoy what it does for now can't you? Wahay! Well done clematis!!! That's amazing so quickly😊How brave of the salvia to pop a flower out even in this weather!

    Why not add another layer of curtain? I think we all should if we have them it will help conserve the heat I'm sure.

    Well the cards are here in a large box!!! Now all you have to do is to write them🙄

    Will sign off for now with Aidan's breakfast:

  • bosh
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    Hi everyone

    hope you’re all doing ok? Xx

    wppl xx

  • dachshund
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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) have a good weekend keep warm love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (()) how is he.

    Toady (()) have a good weekend. Do you have a lot of people to send cards to we only have friends and neighbours. That must be cold having the loft door open.

    Barbara (()) how are you and Mr B (()) have a good weekend love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) I’m so sorry it’s hard love to your friend she will get through it with your good help (()) it’s nice she has the dogs for comfort (()) How is Paul getting on. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) that post box you had we had one and we used to put 2 pence the call lasted half an hour without putting any more money in that was in the 1980’s. Have a good weekend I hope your mum (()) is well (())

  • bosh
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    👋quick hi to toady 🐸

    hope you’re ok?

    i see I misunderstood about outside/ inside and hats 🎩

    im ok atm thanks

    may write more later bit busy - bye tc xx

    ps random instrument etc pic xx l

  • bosh
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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing today?

    that's interesting about telephone box

    mum is ok atm thanks

    bye tc xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you doing today?

    mum is ok now but was unwell in night - hypo unfortunately

    LA was told off by deputy head for pouring water on floor of toilets with pal Marco - doesn’t seem to have out him off tho - a v naughty monkey indeed really 😱

    sis isn’t a criminal lawyer but she has some crim law pals 👍

    seeing EF tomorrow at Maidenhead mansion or to use VC gang slang, as it were, “waist expansion” , I’m not keen on going as I’ll have to semi - starve (mxt hangover) but no choice

    my right arms quite painful maybe sleep position

    I’ll stop there as need to do a few things

    we’re taking the boys’ Christmas choccies to them tomorrow, LA has ordered it - scary

    bye for now Toni may post again, Tc xx

    ps vegan dark hot choc for you xx

  • bosh
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    Hi again toady 🐸

    nice pics, well logic isn’t my dad’s strongpoint tbh when it comes to stretches or anything else he’s becoming even more cruel really even mums finding it diff to deal with him “not like most peoples dads” is how I describe it

    glad you liked the pic

    about the safe - break in, I’m not sure, it’s an open plan cafe eyebrow plucks in the centre of shopping centre so v visible with a lot people around at least during day, could’ve happened at night I suppose (when the guardian - owls were on their tea - break lol).

    sorry it’s so cold for you maybe you could get an electric blanket? Or possibly not I’m not sure some people say they’re dangerous, do you wear thermals? I have another tip to keep warm it’s a bit strange but it works if you put soup tureen- more gang slang - or I’ll just call it petroleum jelly (see? no brand name my censor - friends) on your face it instantly warms you up, yes a bit greasy which some don’t like but maybe that’s not the most important factor, many centuries ago they used goose fat, tho of course I’m not suggesting that to you, same principle though, insulation 😀.

    Toni’s right porridge is best breakfast to keep you warm, RB is good too occasionally as long as you don’t get addicted of course, because if you start flying around the universe in a RB - fuelled manner looking for space owls and cosmic roofers, I will have to inform Kirk, if I can tear him away from his mirror of course (enigmatic smug smiles don’t just practice themselves you know).

    oh dear went on a bit of a gluten - free waffle there didn’t I 🧇? Lol

    hope you have a good night and of course the roofer situation isn’t funny just attempting some light humour

    bye and Tc toady xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you tonight?

    you’re welcome about the fruit 🍎

    I need to eat more fruit myself, my dad has taken to storing the apples right at the base of fridge where I can’t reach he is getting really really difficult

    the day was ok - ish in the end thanks started off badly tho as mum told me in morning that she had bad hypo in night she had lucozade and woke my dad so he could help her get some biscuits or something like that I slept through it, but thank goodness he was there to help her

    that was nice for the doggies

    no need to thank me 🤗

    SSM - that’s a good acronym 😂

    yes I’m sure my sis has thought of some cake - licking prevention policy lol

    maybe she could make a four poster bed for the cake and cover it in mosquito netting lol, I remember sleeping in the netting on hol in India as a kid I liked it I used to pretend it was magic netting but I still got bitten loads anyway lol.

    glad you liked the cucumber dress 👗

    thanks but I’d be clever if I made it lol, I just stumbled across the pic 😀

    i saw some v evil new hot chocs on my local toffee shop menu (you know which one lol) but I thought WWTD?

    What Would Toni Do? So I went home and made one myself (pre mxt hangover of course)

    Bye for now Toni and take care xx

    ps oh look Hansel and Gretel are off to the gingerbread house - I’ll tell and the naughties to stay at home, I hope they listen lol 👍

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    Hi all a little poem from me 😀

    Poem for VC - H*cate and Methotrexate 

    There once was a witch 

    Who fell in a ditch 

    And hurt her head quite badly

    She was so bitter and angry she wanted to spread pain and suffering very gladly 

    So she brewed a pot of methotrexate which helps us walk

    But makes life taste like fatty and rancid pork 

    And often makes cheese a fantasy quite sadly 

  • toady
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    Hi all - i rather overbooked myself today in the multitasking dept so it's just a quick visit, & thanks for the various hellos and the chat which I shall be replying to next time 😀 sorry not to add any news or trivia to the cafe conversation today but have a good night everyone & take care, see you soon 😘 xx

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    Morning everyone

    Morning Joan all will be well given enough time. Doesn't feel like it at the moment so much needs restoring to 'normal' and so much paperwork needs sorting. I am missing Paul very much although he did bring us a curry over last night so I saw him then. He has a Drs phone apt to discuss results on 15th I think. I hope you and Sue are well? ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi oh dear, your poor Mum😕 today had better be a better day for her no more hypos. You too. Is that arm any better?

    Not easy to go to Maidenhead mansions when you have an MTX hangover, but I expect you'll get through it. Those Christmas chocolates need to be delivered safely don't they? and well before the big day it seems😁

    Good job your sister at least has friends who are criminal lawyers to help of BIL gets charged with breaking into a certain popular high street coffee chain.

    All being well LA will stop his toilet japes with another cheeky friend Marco (is he a new friend?) as cheeky as naughty Noel and Life of Riley I fear🙄

    Thanks for my vegan hot choc it was lovely and the art-meme of the cross lady when her husband was late home from work did make me smile!!

    Love the latest MTX poem😃 well done!

    Morning Toady who seems to have had far too much on yesterday 😕 Life can be like that sometimes sadly.

    Do not worry if you can't always post as well as you want to things happen. I expect you didn't really have time to read much of our posts either, but at least we know you are ok which is the main thing isn't it?

    I hope you, MR and Mrs B🐦️ and Mousie🐁 are all well and have had no puss-cat visits to scare any of you.

    Have a good day if you can.

    I am sending my usual love and very best wishes to Barbara, Kitty and Carol hoping they are all well as well as their families ((())) xxx