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    'Night all, 'night bosh, yes diy haircuts of course my speciality not yours 💇‍♀️ I see what you mean 👍️. Mine will have to last til the springtime now until the birds start nesting in it then I may have to do something🐣 😂. See you anon here is a very blurry little xmas tree from along my road, from my crepuscular walk to the postbox 🦇🦉xx

    Just an extra little wave to frog who I hope is ok and I will crank the kettle into action nice & early for tomorrow morning's cuppa ☕️ sleep well xx

    and to everyone 😴 xx

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    Morning everyone

    Morning Joan I can't believe it read like i'd shut my friend in the kitchen!!! No the dogs get upset with strangers. It's been a lot for them to be fair bless them. Kitty sounded very upbeat which is lovely 🙂 Have a good day if you can both of you ((())) it's COLD!!!!!!!!!!!

    Morning Reshmi I am doing ok thanks for asking I hope you are too in spite of the hot oh so hot house.

    If you are going to group I hope you wrap up warm it's a big coat hat and gloves day for definite today. Glad Weds group is nice and informal and you can just go when you are feeling like it.

    Well done getting into town though that's good and I hope the cup of tea warmed you up.

    Glad LA is much better must be tough for your sister when he is poorly with her working and your BIL too (in theory, but somehow it seems to fall on Mums more when one of the children is ill) he'll soon bounce back they usually do pretty quickly littlies. I hope Marco and the rest of the Mini Mafia behaved in his absence 😉

    OMG!  Chanel numero cinq avec l'odeur des oignons

    I'll dodge that I think!

    Your back seems much happier with cushions just keep it warm too in this weather if you can.

    Well done keeping your food intake under control a cup of tea and some chocy is fine why not? You don't have loads of chocolate every day. Good your Mum is doing ok I think she does well. Nice to think LA will organise her a soft play birthday party she'll like that😯 bless.

    I quite forgot that BR is not a Lord (yet? ) might he become one? No I doubt it he is indeed a man of the people! He might venture to WR for some festive treats maybe hehe!

    Those were pretty pics you found yesterday thanks for that.

    I hope your day is good and RR doesn't talk too much rubbish.

    Morning Toady lovely to see you.

    Must feel better having made your decision about the roof. I think it should work out ok all being well. these things are really not an exact science I think. We can all hope for the best for you.

    I am pleased the birds were out we fed the ones here with left over grapes - grapes that were overripe when we bought them oddly enough form Waitrose!! Must tell Bosh and she can tell LA! Mousie was hopefully just keeping warm. Bulbs planted wow well done you I hope you can manage the cold frame very soon.

    Perhaps I will have to get the bus out for Kitty's op🤔 then we could all go and support her? I reckon we'd all be up for that so a week yesterday. She is nervous, but also quite keen that it be done I think.

    Today is not going to be fun, but a date may be set I am terrified it won't be until after Christmas, but hopefully not fingers crossed.

    I'll just get some ready brek - yesterday's porridge was very warming glad it gave you plenty of energy☺️

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) you are doing so well take care love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) have a good day you don’t need a leak around Christmas. Have you seen the grey cat again.

    Barbara (()) how are you love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) I hope everything your doing today goes well (()) take care love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day take care love to your Mum (())

    take care
    joan xx
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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you today? Nice pic of Xmas tree blurry but good lol 👍

    im wearing my summer dress inside boiling house 🙄

    you’re welcome about al fresco lol

    choc philanthropist- I like that one

    im ok thanks went to group as slightly warmer than predicted

    avoided cheese was a bit of a choc day I admit but it’s not every day so that’s good 👍 - at least not big portions

    walkings always good not a lot of vit D related sunlight these days anyway

    bye for now toady tc xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you today?

    im ok atm thanks

    I went to the group because it was slightly warmer than expected

    it was indeed a big coat today

    thanks about the pics you’re welcome

    yes mums don’t have it easy at all and also to be honest even though he’s doing a bit better than before Bill is a bit lazy about caring for his kids

    thanks about mum she’s ok today thankfully, yes soft play or the farm or bird park were all the choices give to her by LA the party planner lol

    yes no doubt BR will buy himself some nice tangerines 🍊

    and maybe some baby - sized choc portions and leave the serious choc buying to LA and daddy the chocoholic

    RR wasn’t there hopefully he’s not seriously ill- or maybe just too many sweeties mean he’s drinking gaviscon - smoothie haha

    ill leave it there for now this is just a vegan mini - muffin but I’ll attempt full v waffle baking later

    Bye for now tc xx

    ps found this pic my goodness Riley’s sis had put her whole face in the cake 😱 xx

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing today?

    i’m not too bad thank you and mum is okay today too thanks for asking👍

    I hope you and Sue are having a good afternoon

    bye Tc xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    just forgot to say that was funny about Chanel lol 😂 xx

    ps new map - reading technique lol xx

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    Hello folks 😊 thank you for the ready brek this morning frog I think my fuzzy glow might be wearing off about now but it did very well 😄. I remember that ad clearly, gosh, cold school mornings, weren't they awful. Have been thinking of you & the difficult day you had ahead of you and I hope it's all the better for being behind you🤞and you having as calm an evening as possible. Not a day to get much done here, it was bright this morning which helps a lot - I went out with the birds' food and there was my dear Mrs B, large as life and twice as beautiful 😍 lovely to know she's around. Extra cheese and sultanas and seeds for her 😉 sorry your grapes were a little bit past their first flush even when you got them - the birds will be glad though (should have got them from 'al fresco' maybe 😄). I will have to go there for a shop myself soon but can't put my mind to it at the moment. Have indicated to roof man that he can go ahead, all I have to do now is actually get him here 🙄 . Have made a note of Kitty's op date 👍️ it will be fab for her to get done this side of xmas. See you tomorrow :) xx

    Hello joan, no grey cat today I do think I know where he may be from though but it's only an educated guess. Just a sighting of the unwelcome next door's one, but only in its own garden. Yes I don't want a drippy Christmas but I do tend to have a festive household crisis of some sort or other, plumbing, boiler &c, it's like a tradition🎄😂. Have a good night, down to minus 5 tonight apparently 😬 where do the dogs sleep do they just have a basket each or a favourite chair or something 🐾 love to all :) xx

    Hi bosh, ooer, summer frocks indoors, you must not know if you're coming or going 😬 hope you can get an ambient sleeping temp somewhere between the 2 extremes. Not much doing with me today and no walk either. Yes it's a fuzzy little christmas tree, I was of course aiming for an impressionistic effect like our friend Monet 😉 that, or I have no idea how to use my phone's camera, I never use it. As you went to the group and avoided cheese and only had a bit of choc you're well ahead on balance 👍️ have a good day tomorrow whatever you have planned or if nothing much on. I'm going to get off to bed early for a change it just seems sensible if there's nothing to stay up for so will save on elec, get a milky drink and listen to the radio if I can find something. I read a review for a scifi/fantasy type book yesterday which mentioned an unfriendly fairy character with 'hostile fairy disorder', well why not after all why should all fairies be sweet haha. 'night from me :) xx

    Love to Kitty, Barbara, Carol and any fellow cafe persons who may also have called in for a warm and a milky drink 😘 xx

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    Thanks toady👍

    keep as warm as you can good night xx

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    Morning Joan I hope you and Sue are ok? very very cold here I expect also with you? Good job your heating finally works isn't it? Thanks yesterday went well now we have a date - the 20th - so something to work towards. Have a good day ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi how is your back today? I see you did wrap up warm, but felt warmer than you expected! Good that is good. I think it got to -3 here I hope it's warmer today. LOVE the mobile phone joke!

    I am glad BIL is a bit better helping with the boys. They usually are when they get a bit older, but some seem very happy to dodge the baby stage and leave it to Mums🙄That sounded a bit sexist and is of course purely my own experience😉

    How is your Mum doing I hope she is well. I rather like LA's ideas for her party so if it's soon I have a suggestion. Go with the soft play it's far too cold for outside😁I'm sure he'll book it for her - or perhaps ask his PA (your sister) to do it for him😁

    BR will just have his🍊quietly....

    No RR at group? That's odd, but you never know he may have been drinking gaviscon or even been booked for some public speaking event??

    Oh dear I see face planting in cakes is a family trait in the Riley household🤣

    Have the best day you can and keep warm ((()))

    Morning Toady

    How are you? I hope you are warm enough gosh it's cold up here. Hoping the ice warms up a bit. Brrr! Going home later and need to check on my bird bath -3 wasn't good at all the night before - was it -5 yesterday🙄

    School was cold wasn't it? I bet (hope) it's warmer now. Wet feet all day I remember and wanting to wear gloves all day.

    Yesterday was 'fine' all sorted now for 20th which is what we needed. Somewhat relieved really I think we both felt which was good we even watched some TV in the evening. I am going home today (she sort of suggested) with me returning for one or two other tricky things like viewing etc I need my bed so very happy with that.

    So glad you saw Mrs B! This weather is worrying for wildlife. Extra anything for them yes those grapes were iffy - I ought to get LA on to it! Don't like soggy 🍇 the birds need them more anyway.

    I am glad that you have given 'the man' the go ahead to do the roof will have fingers crossed it's sooner rather than later.

    No ready brek today but this omelette keep us warm too all being well.... no eggshell Bosh's Dad didn't help!

    Vegan option available.

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    Good morning everyone

    I have an check up at the Dentist at 10 00

    Love to Kitty (()) and family and Barbara (()) and family

    and Toady (()) and Reshmi (()) and her mum and Toni (()) and Paul and her lovely friend (()) and family.

    have a good day everyone

    take care
    joan xx
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    Morning toady

    or should I say Monet? Lol

    wppl xx.

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni

    How are you?

    my backs not too bad atm thanks

    wppl xx

  • bosh
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    Hi again Toady 🐸

    how are you?

    ML fad, you may well be right I’ve also noted more funny like ML pics around that normal 👍

    As for The baby mafia demanding protection money , it could well be the case but I think they’re probably demanding protection chocs - although it’s not something that happens in any gangster movies or so I’ve been told 😂

    birds nest hair okay I’ll make a note of that lol

    I’m not too bad today thanks but LA is not very well again possible earache fatigue that kind of thing so his parents are taking him to the docs today his appointment should be about now hopefully it’s nothing that serious although of course we’re worried until we know what’s happening😔

    nasty weather isn’t it at the moment? hope you didn’t have to go out anywhere?

    I’ll go for now toady take care xx

    ps new look perhaps toady? Lol xx

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    hi joan

    how are you and Sue Doing today?

    how was the dentist’s?

    im ok thanks mum isn’t too bad either thanks for asking 👍

    LA isn’t feeling very well tho he’s at doctors atm

    bye tc xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you today?

    Yes I did wrap up warm thanks but the forecast changed a bit so it was above freezing and so I decided to go to the group after all

    -3 degrees that’s not good I think it was a similar temperature here in the night hope it’s a bit better for you today?

    yes good about bill helping a bit more yes I know what you mean about certain dads but I’ll be politically correct too and leave it there 😂

    my mum is doing well today thanks for asking 😀

    her birthday is on the 11th so very soon I think you’re right there not a time for gallivanting outside birthday or not 😂

    there is a plan for us to have a birthday meal out with her in the Maidenhead area where my sis lives, it really depends on what happens with LA as he’s not feeling very well again unfortunately fatigue possibly earache and so on he’s got an emergency appointment with the doctor today the appointment should be happening about now so will have to wait and see what happens which is a bit worrying really I’m hoping it’s just something minor though of course will let you know

    there are some nice restaurants not far from where my sis lives I went to one once with mutual friend megabrain a long time ago now it was a really nice place the only prob was that it was right next to the river and we were seated right near the door so the river breeze was really was pretty cold I wore my massive Michelin woman coat all through the meal haha really nice food though I think it would’ve been better if we had been seated on the other side of the room or something like that away from that terrible breeze it was colder outside than inside

    I may be repeating myself but I got a hot choc I was when I was there and it came very nicely presented with a whole bowl of Smarties oh my goodness I didn’t eat those of course but I was missing LA he would’ve gone crazy for the choccies “retro” or otherwise lol

    Ssm as PA that’s funny lol when she was v young she once got in a tantrum over something a girl in school had said to her so while crying she said to mum “ I don’t want to be a typewriter” lol

    no shame in being a typist though of course I must admit my typing / w processing skills are terrible 5 wpm perhaps (5 words per millennium? that’s what it stands for isnt it?) lol

    are you good at typing / w processing fast?

    yes BR is quiet kind of chap lol

    no RR that’s right last time I saw him was saying some things that were very odd even for him and J said he’d seen nurse recently, so without going on about it too much, I’m wondering if he had a minor relapse…anyway he’s seeing the nurse which is good I can’t worry about everything

    Though could conceivably be just eccentricity and public speaking lol 😂

    Face - planting - I like that expression lol

    im keeping warm thanks a bit too warm really 😂

    hope you are as well?

    are you still away from home and helping your friend’s family?

    bye for now Toni and Tc xx

    ps oh no there’s a big scary girl on the phone LA will have to write a letter instead ☎️

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    hi Toni toady and everyone

    just a v tiny poetic offering from me again this one is actually about arthritis - so should be 100% censor - friendly 😀

    VC poem titled The End Of The Rainbow

    Spock has “malformed” ears

    I have malformed fingers - it’s really matters not

    because at the end of the rainbow there’s not gold but turmeric tea brewing inside the comfortingly warm winter pot.

    Hi Toni 🌺and toady 🐸

    just wanted to quickly add that LA is ok - doc said nothing serious wrong with him poss a cold or something like that

    good night Tc xx

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    Hello all - well if there were ever a 4-hat day this is it 😬 really was a bit of a grit teeth and get through it, just nothing to be done in cold like this. Break the ice on the bird bath as you say frog and then just hunker down & sit it out. So glad that you are (I assume) back home this evening and able to at least be cold in your home with family & Sleek 😘 and in your own bed. I hope things will go along as well as possible and as you say a date is at least a fixed point now, talk about the bleak midwinter 😔 thinking of you all. Have just heard I have lost a 2nd cousin, not close, but sad to receive the news and to know I will not hear from them, they were a link to my Mum's side of the family and we exchanged some nice correspondence. So sorry for their family too. Absolutely nothing else going on with me, I have run out to the birds Mrs B included and rescued or covered a few frosted plants - this really has knocked a few things for 6, hardly surprising. See you soon hopefully will thaw out a degree tomorrow but then a drop again if I read correctly. Keep warm take care xx

    Hello Joan, hope you are both ok and that things went well at the dentist, at least it was an early enough appointment before things dropped even colder but I would not have thanked you to have to go anywhere today - have a good Friday all xx

    Hi bosh, yes I did not have to go out today thankfully! this is really not funny any more this weather, please stop 😬 mind you I've just noticed I still have my sleeves rolled up even in this, I just can't help it apparently 😂. V glad to hear LA has been given the ok that there is nothing too much up or anything to worry, poor thing, are some of the things he gets propensity to high temps etc go back to when you said he was quite poorly as a very little littley, or is it just your usual childhood things now. Glad your Mum is ok at the moment and will keep well for her birthday, whether or not something will be arranged for it. Lovely bird hairdo I would be very tempted but might it be a bit hard on the neck to keep upright 😄 I was going to make a terrible pun about the fact you might 'egret' letting a bird roost on your head but it's no use, I think they are cranes (or herons maybe), ah well, next time. Good poem anyway and very true 🖖 I can still manage this with my left but with my right hand, no chance. I think I will have to do a quick interim stock-up shop this week or I will run out of things, so instead of al fresco I will probably do a mini online shop with the place called after a very cold land, if you would like to suggest a suitable Reading rhyming slang for me 🤔. Sleep well see you all soon :) xx

    Love to all keep warm ☕️😘 xx

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    Morning Joan how are you doing today? How did you get on at the dentist? I hope not too bad and didn't need any fillings🤞I am home today got here last night it's Lucy's birthday.((())) xxx

    Sending my usual love and best wishes to Barbara, Kitty and Carol hope they and their families are all well ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi I'm back home so my own back is cross again a) not enough walking and b) change of bed being back to my own (for now). Today Is Lucy's birthday so we are going to treat her. How are you doing though?

    Oh thank goodness for that! I just scrolled right to the end of your posts to see how LA is. With that scary thing going round with littlies, I read on my news feed, your sister was so right to get him seen.

    Loved the spock poem BTW we do indeed care not a jot!

    I think your Mum will be much happier with a meal near EF yes definitely not gallivanting about outside🙄 I just hope LA is well enough. I will remember your Mum's birthday is near Lucy's now! We are going to treat Lucy to a meal out today too. Let's just hope little LA feels much better in time ((())) for him. That restaurant you ate at in M'head sounds lovely I think a window seat would be perfect for your Mum's birthday if that's where you go. No draughts😉That hot choc sounded absolutely wonderful😋

    The temperatures in the well known holiday resort of Reading increased yesterday? Now wonder tourists flock there like LA! Not so in sunny Stoke. Thick ice over the day before's thick ice resulting in needing some shifting for me before I ventured home. The ice here in the village is also thick looks lethal, but Paul will drive today I will be much happier I've never liked driving in snow or ice.

    Oh gosh you know that about RR maybe not being too well sounds quite likely knowing what you said about (even for him) some of what he was saying being odd😕I wish him well.

    My typing skills are pretty slow to be honest although I did take it deliberately for a year at night school in case it ever came in handy. I am still not quite two handed. Yours would be better than mine I am certain! Having said that I would also not want to be a 'typewriter'🤣 5 words per millenium indeed 😄

    Yes face planting was Aidan's expression whenever he saw some lovely cake it's what he wanted to do. Aidan loved his cake!!!

    Loved the pic of the little girl on the phone. I bet kids play texting now on their phones these days🙄

    take care and have a good day.

    Morning Toady how are you doing this freezing morning. Just so you know I am home for a day or so to celebrate Lucy's birthday which is today. Hopefully for the weekend. My fitbit is already happier even in one night as I had more sleep. So am I.

    I probably only managed an hour on the sofa Sleek's little body pressed against me before I decided bed was where I should be. Sleek followed and after checking I was tucked up settled with me on the end of the bed. Nice to knwo I was missed. Erm I think Paul missed me too😁

    Oh what a huge shame about your 2nd cousin that is dreadful a link gone with your Mum's side. I do hope all was peaceful.

    It needs to thaw a good bit here soon if it doesn't we stand no chance at all of getting the threatened snow for middle of next week. Luckily for me, although I abhor driving in snow and ice, Paul isn't bothered by it. He hates fog and i can do fog. Mind you we'd better avoid the freezing type😉

    I will be checking in on the bird again this morning a kettle of boiling water will probably only render the water tepid or even partially thawed🙄Hope your plants are all ok and your dash to rescue them was enough.

    You just keep warm if you can.

    I think in this weather it really has to be

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) have a good weekend keep warm. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) I’m sorry your 2nd cousin has died not nice around Christmas all the arrangements. Have a good weekend. Thank you for thinking about me it was alright at the dentist.

    Barbara (()) I hope everything is alright there. Have a good weekend love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) Happy birthday Lucy (()) have a good day. Toni love to your friend it’s very hard for both of you (()) thank you for thinking about me at the dentist nothing done. How is Paul (()) have a good weekend. love to Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) that’s good LA is alright love to your mum I hope she is alright now. Have a good weekend

    take care
    joan xx
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    Hi Toni

    how are you today?

    sorry about your back hopefully it’ll settle down soon

    im ok thanks generally speaking but my left arm is hurting again not carrying anything with it atm prob bad sleep position again oh well hot shower will def help 👍

    happy birthday to L hope you all have a great time🎉

    wrote another little poem inspired by toady- hi toady 🐸- hope you’re well? - she was requesting r slang for *** land shop

    I couldn’t find great substitute but came up with this

    VC poem called Shoppers

    The people who shop at the land of rice

    are impeccably genteel and ever so nice

    unless your cats destroy their beautiful gardens

    In which case you must bribe them with teacakes choc and doughnuts and only then you may receive your royal pardons

    hi Joan

    how are you and Sue today?

    thanks about LA I’m not too bad thanks

    mum has backache unfortunately but it has improved a little bit I think

    Bye for now everyone I’m quite tired after my battle for the bathroom I will post again later on

    bye and take care all xx

    Ps birthday cake not from “al fresco” lol xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Toady 🐸

    how are you this afternoon ?

    as to whether LA has a propensity for high temps etc I’m not quite sure but luckily he seems to have improved quickly this time he went to school today as well so that was good and also got free cupcake when he gatecrashed the nursery party haha well not quite sure if it’s gatecrashing or if he was allowed in as a relative and alumnus 😂

    important thing was he got some free cakes not that he really needs free stuff being a lord and all that oh well some people have all the luck 🍀

    I’ll leave it there for now I’m sending messages in little instalments well that’s my plan anyway

    Oh sorry just one more thing- so it’s a four hat day that doesn’t sound good, habits are so hard to break I know whether it’s not rolling up sleeves limiting sugar or whatever is plaguing us at the time good if you could somehow manage to break the sleeve thing though anyway I’ll go for now take care toady you keep warm too, though preferably not so warm that you’re wearing summer dresses inside a tropical sauna of a house🥵

    bye for now tc xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    How you this late evening?

    im glad your back in your own home now 👍

    Thanks about LA yes it is a big relief especially at this time of many childhood illnesses as you say

    thanks about the poem👍

    yes LA is feeling a lot better now thanks he went to school today and yesterday he went to BR’s nursery party not quite sure how he got through security lol maybe it’s because of his being a relative and an alumnus lol

    He managed To get free cupcakes from party even though he is quite an aristocrat and doesn’t really need free stuff😂

    It was a nice restaurant thanks window seat would’ve been great true my sisters chosen the venue though and it’s a diff posh place in the MH area menu seems fairly nice we’ll see but it’ll def be a nice change for my mum anyway and I think that’s the main thing Bless her 😀

    How was is Lucy‘s meal? or is it an evening meal that hasn’t happened yet?

    oh no thick ice! That sounds really bad - I hope you’re not walking in the ice though? be careful

    I See that’s interesting that you took typing at night school - no my typing is pretty diabolical I think it would be a lot less than that but I was lucky in a way because when I had an admin job at an unnamed college i didn’t really have to type fast just amateur pace was fine it wasn’t really just typing anyway it was also lots of boring things like filing photocopying etc and also being the scapegoat for various senior managers a bit of a nightmare in some ways I wouldn’t say it’s the worst job I’ve ever had but it was a lot of pressure for not a lot of pay or job satisfaction well that’s how I saw it.

    Yes bit of a shame about RR hopefully he is on the mend now anyway I doubt he was hospitalised and that’s the main thing in some ways but I think I’ll leave that topic now even though I’ve raised it because like I said anything remotely resembling a trigger…

    I see Aidan’s expression - that’s lovely.

    That bowl of porridge looks especially nice by the way I feel hungry for that breakfast right now even though I’ve just had my supper lol

    I Think I’ll leave it there Toni

    I hope you have a nice evening

    tomorrow will be a birthday related extravaganza so I’ll post when I can or possibly if I can

    hope you have a good day tomorrow anyway bye and take care xx

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    Good night everyone xx.

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    Hello all, just a quick goodnight from me too 😴 I have been for a frosty walk (it was a bit frosty too, I kept well away from the side of the road where it hadn't really thawed ❄️).

    Happy birthday to Lucy frog 😊🎂 sorry it's a bit belated by now I didn't read it correctly earlier, hope you all had a nice meal out and a nice time being together of course 😘 glad to hear dear Sleek was sweet and being lovely company 😺 xx Birdies all fine, Mrs B was waiting on the fence for me this morning; I'm sure some of what was lying about was a tiny powdery bit of snow, almost 🤔 really just not looking ahead right now, it will do what it will do I suppose. Have lost a few plants nothing vital, these last 2 days really have sorted the hardy from the half-hardy & no mistake, but at least every day that we get some bright sunny bits at the moment. Can I explain why I've been whitewashing the downstairs lavatory in this weather, the literal coldest place in the house? No, no I can't 😂. Nothing else going on here except an old friend of the family I write letters to wants to Ring Up 😱 oh, my worst horror. Funny how nowadays every single person I know prefers the phone or email or whatever, and therefore that's what we do, & somehow poor toady that likes letters doesn't get any (cue violins). Thank you (re my cousin) yes I believe all was as peaceful as can be, I will miss hearing from them even if it was not often - we only began to be in touch in a roundabout way but since then I was able to tell them quite a lot of family history that they had no idea about, so I'm glad I could do that. Have a good weekend and I hope the week ahead is ok as poss :) xx

    Hello joan glad you got on ok yesterday 👍️. I had really a very quick line from my cousin's family, in response to my writing, they were not specific because we really only do keep in casual touch but I felt from what they said that this was probably a few weeks ago so the arrangements will have all been done and are not ahead of them. But still, not a good time of year, no 😔. Hope you have both had a good day and can stay in ove the weekend :) xx

    Hi bosh, I don't think it was quite as cold today? maybe? or am I just getting inured to it (is that a word 🤔), anyway I went for a walk this evening so at least I've had some air. V glad to hear LA is better 😀 and funny about his alumnus cupcake 😂 free stuff going to the already lordly, well that does happen doesn't it 🤔 the way of the world. I have not yet been to the land of rice 😂 I don't know if I can even fit it in before the al fresco shop now, I keep hoping I can push that slot on a bit but there just aren't any 😫. Oh well I still have enough teacakes & choc to be going on with from all the fines & forfeits people have had to pay me haha, no doughnuts though. I love the teatable pic how do people do such lovely work, there's so much to that and all the detail and colours, even the scrabble letters, very clever. Lovely little birds 😍. Hope your evening has been ok and your mum's back improves some more too, and that the birthday venue is nice and suits everyone. See you tomorrow, I probably have to make a Phone Call as I mentioned to Toni 😬 we'll see how that goes. Goodnight & keep warm (whenever I say that I think of Robert Frost's poem Good-by and Keep Cold, from school - toady's poetry corner for this evening). xx

    Love to Kitty and Barbara 😍 Barbara will feel sorry for me having to speak to a Real Person on the phone I expect, still it's better than A Visitor 😱 xx

    'night to everyone 😘 xx