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    Morning everyone

    Morning Joan how are you today? Great news nothing to be done at the dentists😁Paul is ok thanks speaking to the Dr on the 16th.Lucy had a lovely day yesterday I can post a pic of us maybe....

    Drinking our mocktails the seats were swing seats Lucy had seen them on tik tok gosh you had to hold on! Have a good day ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi how are you is that arm more comfortable today? and how is your Mum's back? Have you got a microwavable wheatbag she could try? I always think they are best for backache.

    Thank you so much for the lovely cake - that is definitely a 'Lucy' cake! Face plantable? I think so, but she has better manners.

    Great poem😊 oh dear yes cats in the garden can cause problems. Slightly better if you can bribe them with sweet stuff😉

    I am very very pleased to hear LA got to school yesterday bless him and nursery gave him a cupcake. Result!! I bet he feels a proper 'big boy' now with all the babies when he goes to pick BR up.Of course he is entitled to a cupcake and lots of attention being an alumnus 🤗 Incredible how quickly they 'bounce back' at that age it really is.

    You are quite right about your Mum's birthday a meal out will be a lovely treat for her and that is the main thing for the birthday girl. I just hope you feel not to MTX hangovery so can also enjoy yourself.

    Lucy's meal was probably about 2.30pm and really lovely. A place called Mowgli and was Indian street food. I had dhal, rice, veggies, vegan slaw and a lovely mocktail. Lucy had paneer and the same as me a vegan roti too. Paul had chops. Yes chops🙄 imagine that. We will definitely go again I should think.

    Funny but the weather seemed warmer up there we even had some sleet. I wore my trainers (insoles in) and coped quite well in the weather. Here in the village we still have thick ice another layer I think has gone on😕

    Admin is a pretty thankless job I have to agree (glad you got away with slowish typing) I only did a summer job at a life assurance society and it was lots of filing and lots of pandering to other people. I bet such jobs hardly exist now. I bet filing rooms don't and stuff is all on the computer.

    Let's hope RR recovers quickly if he isn't too good. It did rather seem as though his odd stories were escalating.

    Would this be any good for your Mum?

    Have a good day and keep warm ((())) xxx

    Morning there Toady how are you today?

    Well done going for a frosty walk (carefully) here it's thawed in parts of the road not the paths, but in general you can walk in the road so like you able to keep upright. I use my walking sticks when it's like that they have pokey bits in the bottom. I wondered about snow. On my friend's car the other morning over the original ice was another layer of like 'fluffy' ice? Looked like a white fluffy blanket🙂

    Sleek didn't sleep with me last night she trusts me to be here when she wakes up. Little does she know I'll be back in Stoke on Monday for a few days🙄 She is still super affectionate 😻

    Mrs B on the fence waiting - perhaps with a report for you about which plants are actually not hardy?

    Yes why on earth are you whitewashing the downstairs loo in this weather? better than being outside or procrastinating about something else🤨

    Oh dear. Oh dear me. A phone call of all things. Well I suppose you'll have to cope with it. Can you ring her? Just a thought I used to ring people who talked a bit much just before their favourite TV programme so it was pretty quick? Nope letters seem quite obsolete these days as will Christmas cards be soon. Such a shame isn't it?

    I am also very glad you were in touch with your cousin if you were able to share some valuable family history.

    You have a good day if you can let's hope it warms up soon and we do NOT get snow!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love to Barbara (who I heard from via whatsapp yesterday and is ok. She plans to post soon.

    and Kitty and Carol if they get in ((())) xxx

    Seems we all enjoyed our porridge yesterday now we need something else hot (sorry Aidan not pastries today)

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    Hi everyone xx

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) have a good day thinking of you. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) Do all the birds stay in the bushes to keep warm I know they eat the berries. Have a good day don’t slip over.

    Barbara (()) have a good day take care. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) Good luck to Paul (()) on the 16’th. Have a good day. Love to your friend (()) I’m thinking about you and her (()) sorry about your back (()) love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) sorry about your arm (()) and your mums pain (()) have a good day.

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    How are you?

    lovely photo of you and Lucy I’m glad you all had a nice time 👍

    I survived the day out in Maidenhead although my backs not very happy at the moment either though the right leg pain has calmed down a bit or maybe it feels like it’s calmed down as the results of the Good old coconut water💦

    don’t worry the leg pain was this time was purely a result of the car journey and that kind of thing

    I had a Nice time but got really stuffy and was almost sick at one point in the car

    mum really enjoyed herself and seeing her grandsons most of all ❤️

    The meal was really nice I had fish and chips and apple and damson crumble it was the biggest piece of fish I’ve seen in my life though haha just managed a little bit and then saved lots of room for dessert I had some little starters too and some lovely home-made bread as well as orange hot choc which was a bit evil but warm and delicious.

    i teased LA which is always fun and BR was really happy stealing chips from his mummy and also managed to cover his face in chocolate sauce and do a dance lol.

    sis is of course very pleased with her new job which will be starting soon its head of some legal department somewhere but a step up from what she’s doing now so that’s really great 👍

    poor Bill was coughing a lot I think he said it’s something to do with acid reflux and then he’s going to see a private doc about it as NHS route wasn’t helping him not quite sure if that’s the best thing to do but at least he’s getting something done he seems slimmer than usual so maybe he’s eating less or eating right because nasty coughing and acid reflux problems aren’t good at all are they? especially if they can be avoided to some extent

    okay Toni I’m going to leave it there because I should respect my back as it were and my energy levels are flagging a bit at the moment hope you have a good night I’ll send a proper message tomorrow take care xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    How are you? my backs aching a bit after car journey 🚘

    but had a nice time at meal out and visit to MH mansion / waist expansion

    mum really enjoyed herself which is main thing she was so ill for so long I’m just grateful that’s she’s still here really

    anyway on a lighter note BR stole his mums fries just like LA used to do - and prob still does lol

    i hope your telephone call went ok?

    hopefully it wasn’t anything medical and scary

    anyway I won’t pry of course

    id better go and rest my back

    good night t and take care xx

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    Hi all - I am just too cold to even think today so just a quick line with my umpteenth hot drink & hot water bottle refill, I will be tipping tea in the bottle at this rate & vice versa I have no faculties for single tasking this weather let alone multi 😣 this really is very trying.

    Glad we're all as ok as poss today and you had a nice time out frog 😊 swing seats, what will they think of next I say, in true old fogey style 🤔. Will see you tomorrow hopefully if I am not frozen to the marrow, as the old joke goes. Have heard today that a first cousin on my Dad's side has passed away, oh dear what a time of things. I bottled out on the phone call too, I will have to thaw a bit to cope with that. It's not the worry that people will keep me talking for ages, especially if they want to do all the talking fine by me, then you can just nod & say hmm, yes, occasionally. I just hate being put on the spot or asked questions or knowing I will probably speak without thinking. That's why I like a nice letter, you can think everything through 10 times. Also having never spoken to this person all this time I fear them wanting to do this regularly (how do you sign off? there really only is 'nice to speak to you must do it again sometime', or 'lovely to speak to you but please let's never do this again?' 😂). Definitely no lavatory whitewashing today I have thrown the towel in on all fronts. Glad you have heard from Barbara 😊. Have a good night and a quiet Sunday, keep warm (I'd be bribing Sleek to drape around my neck if it were me), love to all. xx

    Hello joan, I have not been anywhere today so no danger of me slipping, it is just not nice today this is a bit beyond me to keep cheerful about but what can you do, just get through it. Have seen Mrs Blackbird and my little mouse today at any rate, yes the birds roost well into the fir trees at the bottom of the garden I wish I had more shrubs with berries etc but I lost some when we had new fences & I need to get something else in their place. I have cotoneaster they like that and luckily for them because there is no one at my one neighbours at the moment, theirs is growing away nicely not being trimmed back etc & some other things, and they will get some from there. Have a good Sunday both :) xx

    Hi bosh, glad you had a good day out and a nice meal :) and every one got on well with the littleys having fun etc. The crumble sounds very nice. Yes must be lovely to see your Mum able to come & do things like this after what she's been through in the past 😊. Hope Bill gets on ok/better with the private doc, not nice to have those symptoms🤞. I am looking longingly at the pretty girls in their short sleeved & off-the-shoulder frocks and visualizing being warm enough to wear them (or go out for the nice picnic), will just keep thinking of Spring can't be long now surely 😂. Too cold to do much today so I haven't 😉 on the plus side I did manage to move my shopping slot much nearer to xmas so I feel better about that, although who knows what state I will be in after another week or so of this weather I will be going to the door like some sort of half-asleep hermit. The phone call was only social, an old friend of family I write to them on & off and they rang up to thank me, I missed the call & they left a message. It seems mean not to speak to someone who is on their own & I don't mind up to a point I'm just not that keen on phone conversations. Will be in tomorrow hopefully will defrost a bit by then, have a good night :) xx

    Love to all 😘 xx

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    Morning Joan how are you and Sue doing at the moment? All is well here last night at home before back up to Stoke to do a couple more sad things then I hope home again midweek. I will of course let you know how Paul gets on. Have you got your tree up yet? Love to you both ((())) xxx

    Morning and love on it's way to Barbara, Kitty and Carol as and when they can pop by. Poor Kitty has her eye op on Tuesday although i think she is happy about it really. It should really help. ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi I see you're a bit achy after the Maidenhead trip then? I'm not surprised, but you coped and are here to tell the tale😊 Your Dad is so like mine was with the car - never any air so of course you'll feel queasy...... sigh. At least you can console yourself knowing that your Mum, who it was all about, had a perfect day.

    Everyone in her family having a good time was probably all she wanted. You teasing LA and BR getting covered in food and doing a dance to make you all smile. I bet even Big Baba enjoyed himself.

    Sounds as though you had a lovely meal there. Good idea not eating all of your main course and enjoying some dessert. I would have done the same. Orange hot choc - ooooh! Bliss!

    Loved the snooty ladies drinking tea pic! The other two picnicking look much nice to be around😉

    Let's hope BIL is taking his health more seriously now (looking a bit slimmer is a good start) acid reflux can give you a cough oddly enough when my lungs started off playing up they looked at that for me. Probably a good idea to see the private Dr if he has the cover it will be quicker.

    I am so pleased for your Sister that she has her new job good on her. She is a good example to the boys.

    Not too much done here some washing and even a little ironing yesterday. catching up a bit and preparing to return up North tomorrow. Today we will visit Paul's elderly Aunt in Shipston upon stour.

    Take care

    Morning Toady how are YOU today?

    I know swing seats! Not the most comfortable for those of us with iffy backs but oh so trendy and pretty. Think the theme is 'jungle' Mowgli being in the jungle book?

    I am so sorry about the news of your cousin on your dad's side passing. You'd better not dodge that call for too long😕 As they say these days 'big girl's pants on'. ((()))

    I get it. This person might be lonelier now there are less people to speak to. I think sign off with something like. 'It was lovely to speak to you - even in these circumstances. You take care of yourself now. Bye take care' phone firmly DOWN! Letters are far easier. Loose lips sink ships!

    Sleek chose my feet to sleep on bless her little cotton paws. Freezing fog out there this morning but I must get my walk in!

    take care and ((()))

    We still need a cooked breakfast but it is Sunday so here we go

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) Not long to Tuesday thinking of you. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) I know what you mean I have a problem wondering what to say to people it ends up with them doing all the talking. Have a quiet day.

    Barbara (()) how are you and your family keep warm love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    To;I (()) thank you for the photo of you and Lucy lovely No I would not fancy a swing seat. Good luck for Paul for tomorrow afternoon (()) have a good day. How is your back.

    Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi ()) I’m glad your mum enjoyed her day (()) have a good day.

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    Good morning everyone hope you’re all doing ok today? Xx

    wppl xx

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    Hi Toni

    How are you?

    Just going back to something you said previously about boring admin job, filing rooms and things it’s quite interesting when I did that particular job it was both computer and paperwork that were important as well as things obviously being backed up on the computer we had the manual “back up” of all the paperwork - it does seem a bit odd today doesn’t it really? I think maybe the paperwork could’ve been kept to a minimum I of course understand computers go wrong all the time but storing all paper forms in triplicate - or whatever - it’s just wasting everyone’s time and energy I agree 👍

    ive just just had some palpitations well it felt like palpitations anyway because my dad open the window for no good reason and I had to tell him off it’s so difficult with my dad sometimes Toni.

    yesterday he tried to pay for the meal put the wrong pin in twice spent ages looking on his phone for one of his pins and then bill paid like he was initially going to do, anyway so he says he’ll see GP but the situation is really a headache for me I am afraid he may be suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s I don’t know he should at least just try and seek treatment his own sake more than anyone else’s but I’m not sure if he will he may just be saying it

    its just the whole situation is very difficult for me and also for my mum even though I was in some pain yesterday with my back one good thing is that there were no arguments because we were in public and with the EF

    yes def similarities there in their - of your father’s and my dad’s) driving routines I eventually stopped myself from almost throwing up by taking my coat off even though that was quite hard on my back because it’s a massive coat and I was in the backseat I think you’re right the backseat makes it worse somehow anyway like you said I dealt with the situation in the end😀

    my mum is not feeling too good today actually her back got a lot worse from the car as I feared it would do she also thinks it might be the mattress so my dad after much grumbling and nasty comments turned the mattress so I hope that gives her some respite at least

    LA told me that the green faced which has got a new job as an underground cleaner 😂

    senior lawyer/ underground cleaner / filing clerk quite different occupations but at least she’s working for a living haha

    not just depending on the “aristocratic coffers” lol

    my dad opened the window for no good reason and I shouted at him which became an inadvertent catalyst for family row , I’m so tired of this.

    Yes my mum def enjoyed thanks

    hope you enjoyed visiting P’s elderly aunt

    Bye for now Toni Tc xx

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    hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing today?

    Thanks about my mum

    im not too bad thanks

    bye tc xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you ? I’d saved my message it disappeared got interrupted

    so I’m re - greeting the hermit crab - or just crabby 🦀 ?

    lol just joking

    it’s late I’ve had Methotrexate so I bid you goodnight good lady

    Ps some art in honour of the massive fish course - some night time art

    au revoir tc xx

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    Hi all - bit of a long day so am going to cut off to bed in the interests of being sensible, hopefully will be able to call in earlier tomorrow instead - see you all then, have a good night & keep warm 👋😘 xx

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    Well it was three years ago today that our dear friend Aidan passed away. Very very much missed, but never forgotten I hope there is plenty of this in Heaven:

    ****************RIP our friend********

    Morning Joan I hope you and Sue are doing ok and have no snow to cope with. No snow here yet I really hope it doesn't fall such bad timing. I am up in Stoke again for a couple of days and don't want to get trapped there 😕Luckily Paul is close by all week so can rescue me if needs be.((())) xxx

    Morning to Kitty and Barbara and Carol I hope all is well for you all and your families. Kitty we will be thinking of you tomorrow when you have your eye op I hope it all goes smoothly and is a great success ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi how are you this morning? I hope no more palpitations they are so scary. I have had panic attacks, but Lucy has had palpitations (mostly when she was so sacred in hospital on chemo) and they are terrifying ((())) for you.

    Oh dear me that is not good your Dad struggling so much to loate and remember his PIN number bless him. Maybe he should tell your Mum she could have it on a piece of paper in her purse for emergency use. I am glad he is prepared to get checked out I think that is wise. You and your Mum have been worrying about him for quite some time. I wonder whether he thought fresh air might clear his own head hence opening the window? Sorry it caused HV though😕

    I think with travel sickness we need to be able to see as far as possible in front of us to minimise it and the back doesn't give a good enough view, It also gets much stuffier. Hope your back is ok. Turning the mattress is a really good idea it might help your Mum quite a bit fingers crossed for her.🤞

    Underground cleaner eh? What a good job for a Green faced witch to do LA has such a good imagination 😁

    Regarding filing and Admin. I rather think some paper back up is a good thing computers can completely break down can't they? Only some though not whole forests worth of paper😉

    Let's hope you have a better day today sending some ((())) and hopes for not to bad a post MTX hangover.

    Toady I hope everything is ok with you? It's not like you to be AWOL. Maybe you are feeling a bit like me. It's all too much ATM.

    This is a busy time of year. I've just so much to do and have to go back up to Stoke for a few days. I really hope not too many. It's not good for my health in all sorts of ways.

    Talking of responsibilities did you manage to brave the call to your cousin? I hope so and that job was done.

    How I wish we were out in our gardens pottering about like we were earlier this year not appreciating it all - well i wasn't! never mind things will improve.

    Sending you some ((())) you missed yesterday's full English vegan breakfast so have this instead:

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) How are you keep warm. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) have a good day and a good rest thinking of you.

    Barbara (()) Take care thinking of you and Mr B (()) love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) That’s gone quick 3 years for Aidan I miss him and is tippy toe in the snow. Good luck to to Paul (()) is it today he gets his results. We had a bit of snow yesterday we are not taking the dogs out to cold for their feet. I’m sorry if you have any pain. Love to your lovely friend it’s good she has you to care about her. Love to Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy ()) and Tia (()) and Kari (())

    Reshmi (()) love to your mum (()) sorry about your Dad (()) have a good day

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    'Morning all 😊 I worried for a minute there it was Kitty's op and I might be late but I see it's definitely tomorrow. All quiet today I just had to get through quite a bit yesterday, grocery shop, ebay stuff, sympathy cards & emails etc so did not want to come online again late and get too 'set' and start doing other things. Though I didn't get to sleep for ages so I may as well have been here 🙄.

    Is it one fraction of a fraction less cold today 🤔 the bird bath had a slightly thinner skin of ice and there is nothing really on the ground so maybe. No sun though. Sorry you get the ice 'lying' frog hope you have been ok getting to Stoke, hopefully as you say it gives way to better roads quickly once out of the village. I went to the postbox again last night and the pavements were better than the last time. I have actually deferred 'the call' by means of a quick xmas card saying thank you & will return call when less fraught with the roof, because when I thought about it it's true I don't feel remotely equal to talking to people in the icy cold with my mind occupied with whether I'll have a sound roof by Christmas - and I wouldn't expect it of someone else either. The person isn't to do with either of these cousins btw sorry, I don't expect you to sort out all the 'those and thems' clearly, it's a friend of my parents - doesn't send cards these days so just wanted to thank me for letters etc. I will do them more justice another time it may still be before xmas🤞. Must get on and write some cards myself today 😬. Thank you for the breakfast, ideal 😀. Thinking of you and hoping you will not have to be away too long 😔. Hope you had a good visit to Paul's aunt yesterday but yes a lot to do and to fit in for you. We will keep thinking about our gardens which will be restored to us in mere weeks 🗓️👍️🌱 though what Monty would think of me I have not even had a chance to catch up with GW, let alone do any of his jobs but I will try & squash in a few back watched episodes sometime & the winter specials, I will be interested to see how Adam's garden is shaping up, no doubt making great progress 🤨 #jealous. Thinking of Aidan today of course there is cake up there 🍰😊. Love to all sorry if I've missed anything. xx

    Hello joan, should be quiet today thank you :) just write some xmas cards and finish my grocery shop for tomorrow. Someone is having their upstairs window taken out and replaced across the road, I would not fancy a massive hole in the wall this weather 😬 still at least someone has managed to get workmen to turn up 🙄 good luck to them. As I was saying to Toni I have put off my phone call I just would not be able to concentrate I think at the moment. Hope you are both well and the dear dogs :) xx

    Hi to bosh hope things not too bad with you today especially post-mxt, and fingers crossed everything calm not too many HV rumblings 😔 so sorry about the ups & downs with your Dad & the worry of his behaviour. Have you managed a walk today how is it for cold temps with you. I am definitely still in hermit crab mode 😂 and crabby too that's certainly fair to say, I did go to the postbox last night and a bit further it was not as icy looking. Very dull though. Not doing much today except a bit of shopping etc. May pop in again later for more hot coffee and to get warm and poke about in the biscuit tin 🍪😊 see you then if I do :) xx

    Love to Kitty thinking about you for tomorrow 😊 xx

    and hello to Barbara, Carol and anyone passing, tea is in the pot 😘 xx

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    Hi everyone xx

    wppl xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you?

    three years since poor Aidan passed that’s very sad 😔

    im not too bad thanks though bit of a sauna in here in the warm - jumper shredding temp of a certain house in Reading lol 🥵

    Well not in all of the rooms but still not ideal

    thanks about the palpitations, poor Lucy 🤗

    they feel like palpitations anyway haven’t had any today so far so that’s good 👍

    I had bloods this morning I’d mentioned it in message to toady that I’d accidentally deleted lol

    lithium and rheumo today, so it was quite an important one, dad grumpily but kindly drove me there had to walk on a bit of snow but luckily not hard snow

    i saw the receptionist/ hairdresser lady who’d opted for blonde birds nest hair and death- trap heels 👠

    as I call them, but maybe she had some sensible boots inside her massive designer bag lol

    after my mums being stubborn she finally agreed to try using one of my back cushions when sitting- she said it helped her a lot👍

    Thanks about dad - yes he’s written pins in a “not obvious” way down somewhere so that’s good I will mention that to my mum though that’s a good idea 👍

    My dad says he’ll go to GP but he’s always been so moody - I’m not sure if he really will, but sometimes my mum can persuade him so hopefully he will eventually thanks 😊

    He opened window as he was trying to scare a cat away from the garden apparently, but of course he didn’t need to open it to do that, thanks about HV.

    Thanks for your info on travel sickness, my backs not too bad thanks, mum said mattress turning def helped but sleep position is still quite painful she’s doing some web physio though and using back cushion I mentioned before and she said combination of these things is helping she said no need to call a doc atm thanks

    Yes LA has good imagination that’s true

    he gets v angry if people mispronounce words, or if he thinks they are so I teased him and said “your best friends are Lolenzo and Larco” he got really angry and said “ auntie goddess mima - don’t be silly, those names don’t exist” and then he kicked my legs for a while until SSM intervened (after laughing of course) saying “LA auntie goddess mima just made up some funny names that’s all” but he didn’t seem too amused lol.

    Forests of admin paper are bad definitely 🌳

    also I think in that particular job the whole admin system was v convoluted plus one of the senior managers would sometimes say “I want to run a weekend course phone around and book lecturers to teach on Saturday” - it was Thursday afternoon! Like you said a lot of pressure for no recognition/ purpose etc.

    my days not going too bad so far thanks 🙏

    How about yours?

    i must admit I had a homemade milky drink after bloods because even though I had the nice friendly professional nurse ( whose mother has RA) they were running quite late for some reason (poss weather and other patients) so I was tired and just needed a treat when I came home, Im aware this prob wasn’t good for mxt hangover but I guess my stomach will let me know by end of day really

    Omelette lady’s husband who lives in India phoned my dad he got highly excited about this 🙄

    thats all the news really lol

    is the ice any less thick today?

    ok I’ll go for now Toni bye and Tc xx

    ps thought you might like this pic, looks like someone’s hungry 😱

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    Hi Joan

    How are you and Sue doing today?

    thanks about my mum she said her back pain is a little bit less today

    thanks about dad too

    bye for now take care xx

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    hi toady 🐸

    how are you today? It’s good that you moved your shopping slot 👍

    can’t be much fun having to go to the shops too near Christmas time

    glad the phone call wasn’t a scary medical one

    I know what you mean about phone conversations if you get on with someone then it’s different but if perhaps you don’t know someone too well or you have very little in common conversation can definitely be stilted and awkward I agree👍

    my stomach is not feeling too bad today post a mxt hangover thanks but I did make myself a milky drink after my blood test today which was probably not the best idea but it was comforting anyway I guess although I’ll know at the end of the day whether my stomach has approved or not lol

    lithium and rheumo bloods today so had to go there in the snow but thankfully not ice and I got a grumpy dad lift

    hermit crab existence not a bad idea perhaps in some ways lol

    LF has been very much silent recently shows her level of sincerity doesn’t it really? anyway I’m beyond caring about such things maybe I should be a hermit crab too as long as I don’t have to eat crab bit of an allergy situation there for me 😂

    my friend megabrain has Covid unfortunately just found out by text but she wrote that she’s not feeling too bad now and that she’s going out to celebrate someone’s birthday today - or was that yesterday? - anyway so obviously she doesn’t seem to have the most severe type of Covid quite worrying though but whether she should be going out at all right now - but anyway I won’t interfere in her business of course but she is one of those people who sometimes just doesn’t rest 🤷‍♀️

    Regarding cold temps for me after being diagnosed with arthritis I have noticed I get nasty shooting pains sometimes in legs and so on like we all do most probably but most of the time is not too bad for me personally thankfully as long as I’m properly clothed and of course movement helps but then the problem is how can people move when the roads are slippery and so on? unless they have a very expensive home gym I’m not sure there’s a solution to that no offence docs and physios but how is it with yourself?

    is it extremely noticeably different? the pain level in the winter?

    biscuits oh my goodness now you’ve got my mind going let’s eat something else for a change I’m not sure what would be appropriate let me think, how about Some “relatively harmless” toast and jam?

    bye toady and Tc xx

    ps so of course toast pic and also a second pic isn’t this an amazing sculpture? I think so anyway- let’s hope it’s not one of your relatives gate crashing? She doesn’t require a door it seems? Not sure how to deal with that security breach lol tc xx

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 2,389

    hi toady 🐸

    I thought Id just post this while I remember and hopefully while I have a minute to myself

    I must admit I haven’t read the unabridged version of the picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde but I did read an abridged version when I was much younger got me thinking about Oscar Wilde found a nice quotation not sure which work it’s from though and I found this picture which is called the sleepwalker - I know you don’t sleepwalk of course but I thought it might be appropriate when I thought of your nocturnal trips to the letterbox😀

    bye Tc xx

  • toady
    toady Member Posts: 1,535

    Quick wave to bosh 👋 toast and jam yes please, I've got some quite nice ginger preserve not too hot or apricot 👍️ I was just settling down for a quiet poke about on the internet when I got called back to the packaging corner for an ebay parcel, bit short notice but if I don't have it collected tomorrow the postmen are off again for the next 2 days (maybe) 😣 oh well it will pay for a square foot of roofing felt I suppose and for a workman's teabreak even if there are things I would rather it went on, but mustn't grumble. Anyway thank you for the very interesting posts 😀 I was looking forward to replying but it will have to be tomorrow, so see you then and have a good night ☕️ oh and hope the bloods come back 💯 in case I forget to say, must make sure I'm in for Kitty's eye appt. too, so will say hello to everyone then 😘 xx

    'night all xx

  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 28,309

    Morning everyone

    If that's supposed to be coffee it needs those coffee beans ASAP!!.

    Oh yes Joan it is indeed tippy toe weather! Aidan hated it when it was like this didn't he? We need boots for the dogs to go out must be awful for their paws. Paul gets his results on Friday. You stay in the warm no tippy toeing! ((())) xxx

    Thinking of Kitty and hoping her surgery goes really well today. I'm sure it will 'they' do these ops all the time after all. ((())) xxx

    Thinking of Barbara and Mr B and family hoping your bro is doing ok and of course love to Carol if she has time to pop in ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi how are you today? Very hot in the holiday house in the well-known holiday resort of reading. Good that your Mum tried a back cushion and it helped her👍️

    Well done getting those bloods done whatever the weather. Fresh snow is ok it's the compacted icy stuff that's lethal. The ice had gone a little yesterday, but still -1 too warm for 'real' snow at least.

    Glad your Dad drove you. Probably getting call from omelette lady was enough to make him a happier person😉 A cup of warm milk will have made you happier to after the trip out I hope you had no repercussions.

    Seems much more recent that Aidan passed, but time does fly especially with COVID it's almost like we've lost 2 years.

    I think you've said before little LA can lack a sense of humour if he thinks anyone is laughing at him. He probably wouldn't 'get' the humour in playing around with names like we would. I thought it quite funny, but wouldn't if I got kicked as punishment😣He's bright though and maye quite literal in his thinking although he does have a good imagination too🤨Plumber, police-person or high flying lawyer who knows what's ahead for that boy.

    I can't believe you would have been expected to work/roduce work for a Saturday when it was Thursday! That's a bit off isn't it? That job is well left behind don't you think? I was glad to leave my short spell in Admin well behind me. Honestly Kari did it most of her working life and was very tolerant not so me.

    Will you go to group tomorrow I hope so and that you hear good news about RR. Insensitive he might be, but we don't like to think of anyone struggling.

    Thank you for the pic of the pusskin peeping at the goldfish😁cheeky thing he is.

    Morning Toady how are you today?

    Annoying that you had time to sit and post until an ebay order had to (with the strikes really did have to) take priority. People are so used to getting their 'stuff' quickly these days with Amazon Prime and whatnot. Still you did it so that's good. It will go towards the felt maybe or a cuppa for your bloke to fix the roof!!

    Did that mean an icy late night walk to wide mouthed post-box I wonder🤔

    we are off to support Kitty in the above - hope it suits?

    Sorry you had another busy day maybe today will be better. hope Mr and mrs B and Mousie are all ok.

    Take care yourself

    This breakfast is essential I think...

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 2,389

    Good morning everyone hope you’re all doing ok? Xx

    wppl xx

    ps O Wilde related lol xx

  • dachshund
    dachshund Member Posts: 8,524

    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) good luck with your operation (()) love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) have a good day. No i don’t want new windows now. I hope you manage to get your job’s done. Have a good day

    Barbara (()) how are you and Mr B (()) doing I hope all is well there. Love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) All the best to your friend at this hard time (()) I hope they find out what is causing Paul’s problem (()) how is your back (()) love to Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) perhaps the weather makes your Dad miserable. Have a good day love to your mum (()) i hope she feels better.