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    DXDH20 is the model I think Toni after looking at a few of them online. I will have another look tomorrow and see if there is a plate on mine with any model details.

  • Skinny Keef
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    Apparently it’s listed as a “Designer Dehumidifier”, so far too posh for me.

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    We have snow🙄

    I knew it and on the day of the Advent Fayre too....

    So not a huge amount but might be enough to put some people off.

    Morning Joan hope you and Sue are ok. Yes a whole year isn't that shocking? It feels like 6 months. Hopefully this year will see her enjoying some aspects of life and hopefully going back to work of some sort. Your washing machine? Oh gosh is there a good repairer near you? ((())) xxx

    Morning Keef thanks for that I should be able to find something very very similar to to yours even without the serial number now I know what make it is and the type DXDH20👍️ The bike is probably very happy to hear he will be even cosier. Think I found it on catazon! Great ta.

    You don't want condensation either but it really has been ❄ for a sustained number of days so understandable. Good job all musical instruments were safe😮


    Morning Reshmi

    I am so sorry you were icky sicky yesterday very ookey indeed😕((())) hope today is better. You were careful yesterday so hopefully that has done the job and settled things back down.

    On a positive note your Mum's bs is still stable. She does so well.

    In the absence of a haircut feel free to pop this paper bag on when out in public😂 Kari actually did something like this as a teenager after a disastrous trip to the hairdresser.

    Gosh yes do tell BR that he won't be the baby forever no and that Big Babu was indeed a baby once. That might make him less scared if he witnesses anymore BB-bellowing in future.

    I do rather wonder what the boys (or is it just LA?) have got you for Christmas that is biiiiig🤔 Sounds intriguing I bet you can hardly wait.

    I hope it has nothing to do with eggs. Won't it be cute (and possibly funny) to see what the boys chose for you?

    Take care today especially if you have snow.

    Oh yes I ahve keep the techers insoles in the boots but taken them out of my techers trainers and put my proper insoles in them that's the only way to fit them in.

    Morning Toady

    I am expecting you to have snow too?

    It stayed so cold all day solid ice until about 7pm when the temperatures gradually inched up until that happened🙄

    Was at Al Fresco yesterday doing the Christmas foodbank collection we got 3 trolleys full in the 2 hours I was there. Fantastic people it was so heartening.

    Today is the Village Advent Fayre hope people can get here we're not exactly on the beaten track😕

    Still all is ready at least. The two warring parties may well come head to head today I will keep busy and hide behind a stall I think.

    Those cobwebs look fantastic I wonder whether that's where the idea of tinsel came from🤔Hoping all birdies are coping in this weather. There is a dreadful rumour there may be rain next week though.... I love sunshine you see even if it is cold. Gloom gets me 👇

    Tommy and Sleek loved their visit yesterday to see you and all the biccies they had thank you. She does rather suit a russian hat well most hats really..

    On her holidays last year....

    Keep warm and safe. If you have snow no 'tippy-toes' as Aidan would have said.

    Love to Carol if you get in hope all is well and all 8 pressies are now purchased! ((())) xxx

    Got to be a cooked 'full english' (other areas are available such as Cornish or Welsh and vegan)

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) keep warm love to you and your carers (())

    Toady (()) yes it will be nice when it’s warmer. Have a good day. Have you thought of hibernating.

    Barbara (()) have a good day love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) yes that year went quick. I bet your friend thought it went slow for her (()) I hope the Fayre goes without a problem or a fall out. How is your pain (()) love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) I’m sorry you were sick do you feel better now (()) love to your mum (())

    Keef (()) have a good day love to Sucr’e (()) and Loanda (())

    take care
    joan xx
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    Good morning everyone

    I’m feeling a lot better thanks

    mums bs is ok thanks but she’s in a bit of pain right now, maybe mattress not sure

    wppl xx

    ps not sure what this pic is thought it was astronomical clock Prague, but it’s some kind of Czech architecture I guess lol xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni

    how are you this afternoon?

    i love the paper bag!👍

    my stomach is a lot better thanks 🙏

    LA is making a massive list for Santa (also known as granny / mima / parents/ BB etc) made of words and drawings aww - I dread to think what’s on there. Scrambled eggs- no doubt, clothes pegs, coffee dregs, vegan sausage rolls from Greggs, oh no that belongs on your list lol.

    be careful Toni don’t go out in snow / Ice, you don’t want to fall again

    one funny thing, you know that my dad is quite unhygienic? Well with the al fresco shopping he got a free soap!! Oh dear, a less than subtle hint for the grime monster, grandfather to the cheese monster of course lol

    ok I’m attempting instalments today

    bye for now Toni tc xx

    👋greetings to toady Joan and Keef

    ps some Moroccan architecture- not sure of the details xx

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    Hi all

    Still here, still ploughing on 😬 not snowploughing thankfully. There may have been a small layer overnight frog, that or a thick frost it was hard to tell which, anyway soon turning to slushy icy mucky rainy mess 😕 your poor Fayre, just typical. Rarely the jolly xmas card cheery scene of villagers in market squares & whatnot is it, we've all been sold a fantasy. Hope there is a decent turnout anyway but as you say it's no small effort for people especially if they are maybe being advised not to go out/drive in it (19 hours stuck in your car because you set off for a wedding in silly conditions, er no thank you). Certainly hope the 2 persons in question don't end up being the only 2, what an awful thought, you definitely need the diluting effect of a good crowd, v good luck on that score! Well done foodbank al fresco people 😊. Hope everyone ok, Sleek looks adorable, the very thing 😍. I will not be going out in this so no fear on that score, me slipping I mean. I have done birdbath & food duty, that's it. Robin has been twittering all day practically, no idea what he has to sing about. I have the same dreadful rumour as you, in fact mine is setting in heavily overnight if what they say is true 🌧️ maybe it will change course 😕 fat chance. Thank you for the cooked breakfast, just the thing when you've singed your pain au chocolat 😄. Have a good afternoon/evening🤞xx

    Hello joan, yes definitely hibernation would be the thing for me, and would suit everyone else who knows me too they would be spared me grumbling til Spring 😄. It's the logistics though, how many packets of rich tea biscuits would it take to see you through to next May 😂. No more trouble from appliances today for you & Sue I hope. Have a good new week :) xx

    Hi bosh, I too love the paper bag 😂 sorry about your HD, do people really want festive barnets already, it takes all sorts. Technically everyone wants the same handful of best day appts I suppose nearer the time, must be v awkward. Maybe you'll get a cancellation otherwise I'm sure I could fit you in 😄. I never get any free gifts from al fresco 🙄 my face obviously doesn't fit as the saying goes. I think I had a free tiny tin of mysetery cola in the summer to try, not exactly pushing the boat out. Poor LA having a temp again, hopefully working on his long xmas list will take his mind off things. Hope everyone else ok and your day has been not too bad 👍️ have a good evening/night :) xx

    Love to keef Carol Emma Julie mig & of course Barbara & Kitty 😘 xx

    Kettle on (again) ☕️

  • Evening everyone, apologies I've not been on here.

    this last week has been full of hospital apps, lack of sleep , not to mention 1 hell of a bad mood.

    I Also had to watch my grandma funeral on line as my joints won't let me get back up north, something odd about watching on line feels disrespectful and lazy. But comfort in it than not seeing at all I guess.

    Anyway !

    To answer your question it's -3 here in Essex. Dont think it gets this cold sonearly on here, So the winter duvet went on and I slept like a glow worm last night. All cosy!

    @bosh that's rose milk looks amazing, did you make that. Yummy.

    So many pictures to look at

  • Skinny Keef
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    Hey Emma where abouts in Essex are you. I’m on the Essex/Suffolk border.

  • Skinny Keef
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    Toni I noticed my dehumidifier was blowing out colder than normal air today, so it might struggle with the slight warming effect (that’s the phrase in the manual) when the weather is this cold.

  • Skinny Keef
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    My number 1 guitar got several blasts of icy air yesterday and I should have actually put it away in its case but I didn’t and today I played it for an hour this evening after my two left and it sounds AMAZING. It always had a fantastic tone but now it’s better than ever. Must be something to do with the wood molecules all being lined up the same way due to the minus 3 degree wind blast.

    It actually bothers me that it’s a bitsa guitar and if it went missing I couldn’t simply buy a replacement. Pickups aren’t available anymore and my OCD always make me buy a spare of things like this 😳

  • Skinny Keef
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    Hey Reshmi, 4 posts in a row 😁😁😁😁

    Go on, beat that if you can 🤪

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    Hi again Toni

    how are you this evening?

    my stomach is ok so far thankfully 👍

    I would like to say again how great K’s bag idea is, no makeup, a Big Babu style hair - related faux pas - a bad psoriasis/ eczema day - it’s all hidden by this miraculous bag - casual question, who owns the copyright? Only joking lol.

    Oh dear a HV situation occurred and has sapped my energy never mind.

    have a good night Toni tc xx

    Hi Joan

    how are you both tonight?

    i thought my stomach was better but it is playing up slightly now, I’m over the worst of it though I still feel 🙏

    mum is ok thanks

    hi toady

    sorry you’ve got such nasty icy weather

    be careful not to go outside too much

    yes I agree about festive barnets lol, it’s like if something is advertised people want it for no good reason lol, the HD made an online advert about looking your best for the in laws, well some kind of relative - types anyway, it made me imagine what would occur if dad were actually my father in law, festive barnets? I think if he had a festive wash with his free fresco soap that would create as much “melodramatic effect” as one family could take really, at the most dad would say, “What’s that in you hair Reshmi? Gel you say? I thought it was instant gravy? You do realise no one eats “sicken” gravy with turkey don’t you?” No I think I’ll have an understated kind of style and I appreciate your kind offer of the garden shears, but I am a bit concerned that if you read too many gothic novels it might become a Sweeney toady / Todd situation and I may encounter your nocturnal form “toady demon on the birdbath” or something like that 😂

    so I think I’ll stuff my hair into childish luminous pink hairbands or whatever I can find if it’s all the same with you lol

    LA’s temp is borderline now thanks

    Hi Emma

    sorry about your grandmother and the pain

    no I didn’t make it I don’t like rose flavoured food and drink but I thought it looked nice

    good that you slept well

    hi Keef

    how are things with you?

    hope everyone has a nice night and take care xx

    I still can’t reduce pic size unfortunately but hopefully this glitch won’t last forever

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    Morning everyone

    It's raining! At least it washed away all the snow.

    Joan yes that year went very fast - in some respects it dragged for my friend. She couldn't face the thought of living alone for the rest of her life 20/30 years, but one day at a time she is doing it. I am seeing another friend today who lost her husband 15 years ago now when he was 44. She understands. Take care Joan keeping jabbing your sister 😁((())) xxx

    Morning Emma -3 in Essex are you near the coast i wonder🤔

    As for the funeral I really think it's one good thing to have come out of COVID because now people who can't get to important events like funerals can at least 'be there ' in real time. Sad for you though being on your own left with sad feelings.

    I hope you have a quieter week ahead and feel in a better mood. Horrible when you feel down.

    Morning Reshmi

    Kari will be so pleased that you love her paper bag idea! She also used to attach a roll of loo paper to string round her neck when she got a cold. She was a funny sister to grow up with. The paper bag idea came about after a disastrous haircut and a few hours crying first bless her. My sister could howl in those days! She howled for 3 days when she wanted us to have a dog🙄

    Her kitten arrives today! Now this time no wailing was required!

    What is on LA's Christmas list I wonder? (quite right the greggs vegan sausage rolls are miiiiiiine!) cheese almost certainly....dinos? cakes for licking maybe? Will he help BR with his too? No shicken of course on his list understandably.

    I bet you and your Mum had a little laugh at BB getting a bar of soap from Al Fresco if his personal hygiene can be a bit dubious🤭

    I reckon your Mum needs a new mattress, bless her that back is becoming a regular problem for her.

    Love all the beautiful architecture pics by the way. We do nothing like that here do we🙄

    Morning Keef

    I lived in Sudbury at one point and also Kelvedon, Feering and Coggeshall. Anywhere near you?

    I reckon it is quite likely that the dehumidifier will only blast out cooler air in this cold weather. Paul agrees it's a good idea for the garage so it looks like we'll be getting one😊

    How is the bike by the way? Did you get the repair done?

    Number 1 guitar sounds very happy with the cold air that is good to know/hear. I hope it is well-insured? If it's a rare one and irreplaceable 😕

    I hope Loanda and Sucré got off ok? Such a blessing for you to have music you can lose yourself in.

    Anyway here's a cuppa for you

    Morning Toady

    Rain here yes rain again😒 safer admittedly, but so dreary and risky with our rooves😕

    Sleek will be over on her own today (mackintosh and sou'wester are out ready) before she goes to meet the kitten, Meg who arrives this afternoon. I will go tomorrow and let her settle in first.

    I suspect that your Robin prefers rain to solid ice maybe hence the singing? eat least food is not rock solid.

    I think it was a shame about the fayre, but the path is on a slope and the 'organisers' were convinced the footfall would be too low to risk it. I would have gone ahead. It's not all Midsomer no you're right. Still at least there are no murders. Yet. I suppose the 'enemies' were kept apart for another week too.🙄

    Oh what a shame I love a good pan au chocolat Pass-the does a great vegan one. Do Al Fresco sell them I wonder🤔

    Right time to get dressed and do something constructive with my day.

    Glad you enjoyed the breakfast today I am thinking ready brek. Any leftovers for the 🐦

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    Morning all,

    Church Christmas fair and concert over and one with now, was a great day just a couple of photo from the day, Mr T myself and youngest daughter. On my table sale I made about £60 ,which along with the left over knitted items will go to one of the hospital local to us St George’s neonatal intensive care unit in the new year.

    Hope you are all as well as can be in this awful weather. I know maybe some of you have snow ❄️ We are lucky there but the bitter bitter wind and cold weather we have is nit nice. The cold gets right into your bones and really makes all the arthritic joints play up at the same time. AS I said to my youngest daughter on Saturday Arthur in having an early Christmas party.😀😀😂

    our Cookie spends most of her time in her cat cave bed keeping warm. Except of course when she wants food or is trying to destroy the Christmas tree.

    so this week except for getting presents for the little people things will be a little mor relaxed until Saturday when we will be Carol Singing at Sainsbury’s in Wandsworth near to our church. Then we are of off on the following Thursday to Ramsgate to see the family.

    Couldn’t resist showing you this photo of our Graycie. This year’s School photo cannot Believe she is 7 this month

    thats a little catch up on things with us here.

    Much love to you all ❤️❤️

    Stay positive always👍xx
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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) have a good day. Love to your carers (())

    Toady (()) I like malted milk and ginger nuts. Sue likes quavers but they can be a bit salty. How is your leak. Have a good day (())

    Barbara (()) love to you and Mr B (()) have a good day. Love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Em:a sorry about your grandmother funeral. Travelling a long way you would have had more pain. It was nice you could watch the funeral yes it would feel strange (())

    Toni (()) was there any problems with the Fayre. Kari has Meg coming to day good. Sue starts her last box of injections 10 in the box. Have a good day (()). Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day and your mum (()) how is she.

    Carol (()) lovely photos the years go so quick.

    Keef (()) how is the weather there we have rain. Love to Sucr’e (()) and Loanda (())

    take care
    joan xx
  • bosh
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    Good afternoon everyone

    wppl xx

  • Skinny Keef
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    Hi Dachshund, rained earlier and guess what, it’s raining now too. I need a dry mild day to empty the bike side of bunker to get the ceiling lining up. I’ve got the outlaws over Wednesday and woofwoof is helping me. Thats what Sucré calls Anda’s dad.

    when I say helping I really mean he does it and i make tea and tell funny stories and say you’re doing it wrong.

    i am quite stressed over it actually but at least the bubble wrap insulation is up. That has stopped the indoor rain. Very expensive gold bubble wrap but i used it on the walls and it works really well.

    i want it done yesterday really and it all back to being tidy and clean.

  • Skinny Keef
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    Hi Toni, yes Sudbury is the next town and our nearest Macie D’s. We often there as they have the best drive through car wash too.

    Sucré never turns down a happy meal and he quite likes the guys that clean the car.

    I picked up the new cam cover Friday for my bike. I took the guys at the bike shop some Christmas drink and a big box of heroes chocolates. Decided i would fit it myself if I do the next service, if not one of my closest friends who was on the bikes in the police will do it for me. He has a BMW GS too and is a very good mechanic.

  • toady
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    Hi all

    Had hardly any sleep thanks to the constant lashings of rain, so today has been a washout in all senses, and a write-off, hate wasting a day getting nothing done whatever so I am not best pleased 🙄. Yes I wouldn't wish icy conditions on anyone having to go out in them, but as far as just me, I'll take the cold over this at least it's quiet! And not sniggering and plotting and trying to get in our rooves, indeed, hope yours is ok frog. Dreay is the word too, ugh, well it's what I'm having here for the foreseeable so will have to lump it obvs. Sleek was on the grumpy side too I have to say, I dried off her things to go back with, we played a round of 'Catty Families' over a pot of tea but that's about it our hearts weren't really in it. She will probably say I was a right misery 😄 talking of catty families I do hope all went well with the homecoming can't wait to hear! 😊. Ah, the fayre didn't even go ahead then, oh shame 😔 to be rearranged? Hope your day was okayish anyway, did you get outdoors I wanted to plant my tulips but I only got so far yesterday bringing in some pots & won't get any further today. The generic slip of growing advice in with them helpfully informed me that 'Bulbs are some of the easiest bulbs to grow' 🤷‍♀️ thank you for that 😄. Oh, did you see the story yesterday about an unexploded missile that some people had had in their front garden for years, I loved that the wife said she used to knock the earth off her trowel against it after gardening 😱😄. Well it only turned out to be a little bit explosive. Have a good evening :) xx

    Hello @Emmasknackeredjoints so sorry about your gran 😔 sending condolences. Sorry you've had such a run of appts too I hope that is it for you for a while 🤞and that some of them hopefully all of them were helpful. Yes -3 is about it here too, warming up a degree or so with the rain, but you can keep that 🙄. Hope you can stay in and keep warm, take care :) x

    Hi joan, yes I like a nice malted milk myself, and ginger nuts I buy own brand ones they aren't too hard, I dip them in tea anyway though. Quavers are too salty for me also a bit strongly flavoured all told. No idea how the leak is I am operating a see no evil policy 🙈 what the eye doesn't see etc. I will check on things at some point but whatever it's doing I can't do much more about it than I already have, at this point. I could do without the horrible damp conditions outside let alone inside, just going in the garden for 5 mins everything is mucky and depressing. Can't be helped at least I'm not in Cumbria 😱. Have a good afternoon both, love to the dear dogs :) xx

    Hi bosh, Sweeney toady, oh I love it 😂 perfect. Yes I am in an especially grim gothic mood today having had v little sleep so I think you are wise to steer clear of my 'salon', surprising actually quite how few bookings I have 😂. Funny too about opting not to go too avant garde with an impress your relatives barnet, probably the right choice. Glad LA's temp is steadying off hope he's ok today & all EF too. Nothing happening with me at all just doing a few nosegay listings, to an entirely ungrateful & uninterested audience of buyers, apparently 🙄. Have a good afternoonevening hope your stomach is definitely on the mend :) xx

    Hello Carol what lovely things for sale 😀 glad you had a good turnout and people could get to your fayre ok unlike Toni's. No snow here but the weather is a bit grim and yes doesn't help the joints. Hope the roads are ok for you when you go to Ramsgate next Thurs. 👍️ xx

    I would want everything back and tidy too keef 😬 hope it all goes ok and that the helping bit can be kept to a minimum. Interesting about the effect of the cold on the guitar's molecules 😄 wish it had that effect on us, I might go and stand in a minus 3 icy blast myself if did some good 💨. Seriously whole-body cryotherapy is a thing, isn't it, anyone fancy it? 🤔 Have a good evening good luck for Weds. xx

    Love to all I am going back to bed until bedtime, I know when I'm beaten 😄😘 xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni

    how are you today?

    A toilet tissue paper scarf - that’s great lol

    oh dear K was a bit of a howler

    happy for her about the kitten👍

    mums bs is ok🙏

    LA’s temperature is going down slowly and his appetite is improving which is really good 👍

    mum said her current backache is not due to mattress, but due to her doing housework type activities- she wouldn’t let me help her with housework in question and she also said it’s not bad enough to see the doctor- so I can’t really do too much more, but the good thing about mum of course is that she’s a very sensible lady and if she really needs help she’ll ask for it unlike that soap - free dad of mine lol.

    yes indeed a big laugh was created by a free bar of soap ( think of a very old well established brand - nothing to do with Californian apples thankfully lol, rhymes with “stairs”)

    yes cheese must feature on LA’s list

    BR says “sicken”, quite clever really lol, there can now be no mistaking about his poultry - related aversions haha

    You’re weclome about the pics

    I like your hypnotic advertising- I went straight for the R Brek this morning 😂

    its such a tasty breakfast when it’s freezing though isn’t it?

    my stomach is ok at the moment thanks Toni

    how is yours?

    You know I had a falling out with an online friend? Well he somehow managed to contact me again and said some really offensive things about my bipolar condition, so I’ve 100% blocked him now, but that was a nasty experience I could’ve done without, not the worst problem in the world I know, but when people disrespect mental health conditions it can be a bit upsetting, but as you say Toni we are strong women 💪whether or not we choose to howl 🐺

    ok have a nice night Toni tc xx

    ps pomegranate caramels xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Joan

    how are you both today?

    mum said her backache happens in the night and may be caused by housework but she won’t let me help or see the doctor, but she will go to the doc if it worsens

    i hope you both have a nice night bye tc xx

  • bosh
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    Hi toady

    sorry the noisy rain didn’t let you sleep

    I’m glad you like your new nickname lol

    ill only refer HD’s clients to you if I abhor them, the vampire nurse of the large scruffy Barnet perhaps 🦇

    My stomach is ok today thanks and I think it’s generally improved but whether it’s normal or not I must alas wait for yonder oracle

    yes it was a funny HD advert, it read something like” office party? Get your hair done. Cinnamon porridge consumption with toady at 3 am? Get your hair done” or something along those lines

    sorry those pesky nosegay customers are being a nuisance

    thanks about LA he is playing a shopkeeper in Bethlehem in the school nativity play on Thursday if he’s well enough- but not an al fresco shopkeeper! Oh dear, is that because his brother ate the soap? He thought it was a tuna sandwich perhaps? Then LA said, “How dare you consume my sister in law?” anything’s possible if your imagination is fired by R Brek - I blame that Toni lol.

    have a good night toady if poss bye tc xx

    👋Emma and Keef - hope you all have a good night tc xx

  • Skinny Keef
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    Toady, I know Exactly what you mean about a wasted day. I had SO many lately with the migraines. Hopefully it will be a better night tonight for us both. I was watching the MotoGP end of season test this morning at 4am.

  • Skinny Keef
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    Tea anyone??