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    Good morning everyone wppl xx

    ps bills breakfast lol xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Toady (()) I saw some small birds in the garden yesterday. Sue kept being sick Wednesday afternoon and through the night she went to the Doctor yesterday the doctor sent for an ambulance she’s in hospital she has a tummy infection. I just phoned her the physio was there checking if she can come home. I will let you know. Have a good day and weekend (())

    Barbara (()) love to you and Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (()) have a good day and weekend

    Toni (()) I’m very sorry Lucy had a seizure I hope it wasn’t too bad (()) I put a post about sue in Toady’s post sue had a tummy infection it was green. Have a good day and weekend. That’s good Mabel is happy. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day and Weekend love to your mum (()) is she feeling a bit better today (())

    Skinny Keef (()) how are you feeling today (()) love to Sucr’e (()) and Loanda (()) have a good day and weekend

    Charlestown (()) I hope you feel a bit better today (()) have a good day and weekend

    take care
    joan xx
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    Good morning all. Today we have rain. Again 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️

    @toady Ipca Labs the hydroxy. I never even thought about different brands or side effects tbh. Took hydroxychloroquine for immflamation & ended up with immflamation somethings not working right …🤔Just been Drs still got rash he said give it time see if it lessens & if not refer to dermatology. Im having bloods again in 3 wks & awaiting appt for Rheumo but tbh im wanting to take no more tablets for osteo its put me right off tbh im trying to stay as natural as poss. Light yoga & stretching & physio for my sciatica, low fat diet & good posture. Once the weather is better will walk alot more or swim.

    @frogmorton My son is 18. 18 goin on 55 lol. Hes a good lad tbh hes into his computers doesnt smoke very rarely drinks but enjoys eating out with friends 😀

    @Skinny Keef how u doin? U feelin any better???

    @bosh are u still feeling sick or???

    @dachshund raining here too it just never ends does it 🤦🏼‍♀️

    who mentioned its nearly tomato seeding time???? Ive not bought any taters yet or cherry toms. Id rather buy plugs than seeds if poss. 🪴🍅🥔

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    @dachshund i hope your sister gets well soon that sounds awful. Are u visting her today? Xx

  • Charlestown
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    Ive got snow forecast for tommorrow has anyone else????❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️☃️

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    hi Joan

    How are you both doing today?

    I’m not too bad thanks.

    I think mum is feeling slightly better but she is still having the antibiotics and isn’t fully better yet

    Hi C

    how are you?

    no not feeling sick at the moment thanks 🙏

    hi SK

    how are you feeling today?

    mxt day was shattering thanks but could’ve been worse, one good thing was that I was able to get a very early night, woke up, feeling very much refreshed and energetic this morning which is a very rare thing to happen for me👍

    Sorry I haven’t managed to read back properly, how are Sucre and Loanda today?


    how are you?

    All is well in the sauna apart from the temperature of course although there are worse problems I know

    I did however manage to have a good nap earlier on today in the cold room though wearing thermal vest type gear not very glamorous, dont tell the hairdresser 😂

    mums BS is okay thanks but she’s grumpy with the antibiotics. I don’t blame her for that though

    I’m going to quickly shower while there’s a lull in the storm

    everyone remember to keep warm.

    Oh no, that was a half - accidental poem lol

    take care xx

    ps food art xx

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    Hello folks 👋

    Buckets of rain first thing then sun then wind now just very cold, all good fun 🙄 got a nice rainbow out of it at any rate.

    Not the most fun day 1st day of the month for me, just wading through odd boring jobs, too wet to do much. Then waiting through a queue of 10 people on the phone to make these blood tests (don't know what was the matter with no 7 but they took a dog's age 🤪), not really the day/time I wanted but I couldn't face any more 'have you got this no but we've got that', for one day. Especially after having done it all once before, when the hosp hadn't send the bloods through 🙄 oh well mustn't grumble but the new system is not veru good. Hope your day is going ok frog, yes a lovely google yesterday but I wanted sound!! 😫 #ribbit. That's what it needed! Freedom for Mabel, oh lovely, hope she's fine. And Lucy too of course 😔 is ok now I hope. Not much else happening, still madly tidying all my gardening stuff hoping to be in a more organized position than normal. Sink filter in situ 👍️ all systems go for some planting. Have a good weekend love to all :) xx

    Hello joan, oh poor Sue, she hasn't had 5 minutes peace since her ankle, pass on my best wishes 😘 hope you are alright too. Glad you saw a few little birds around. They must not know if they're coming or going this weather. Hope to hear better news of you both xx

    Hi bosh, hope you're doing ok today 👋. I must confess that I had giant chocolate buttons in my ama*on basket until today when I went to put my order through and the price had gone up. Money may be no object to RR but that 10p was a bridge too far for me 😱. Mind you (in terms of RR's hedonistic breakfasts), one could argue that a giant button these days is suspiciously close to the size a proper chocolate button used to be, and heaven knows what size they are now, probably more like a 'polka dot' as they used to be called (maybe they still are 🤔) that were for baking & cake decoration. Hope your mum is getting on ok apart from the understandable grumpiness. Have a good evening :)

    Wave to SK 👋 hope things are ok with you & family today and everyone recovering nicely. And you got some more sleep after the early hours tea time🤞xx

    Hi @Charlestown no snow forecast as such but minus 2 for tomorrow night 😕 really cold today have really felt it. Hope your rash does lessen now you're off the hydroxy, it is one of the poss side effects supposedly, so if it starts clearing I guess it points to hydroxy being the culprit. Brands of hydroxy are one of my pet subjects haha as they are not all the same pill & ingredients, have sent you a PM with a bit of info just in case it's ever handy. Frogmorton has got her tomato seeds all set to plant and I must make the effort as well, I have handy lists of what to plant Jan/Feb but somehow it still ends up being March before they go in 😬. Keep warm have a good evening love to the cats too 🐾 :) xx

    Love to everyone 😘 xx

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    Hello everybody.

    been bad all day with bad head again. Cancelled osteo, couldn’t face it today. Tried to spend time with Sucré today but he is being a little **** and is not nice to be around atm. Tried to play bass but made head worse so gave in and went back to bed. Got up to cook them dinner.

    Toni, I did a brief read over, saw mention of a seizure. I hope they are okay??

    Reshmi, it will be early nite for me tonight, hopefully some of your re-energisation (is that even a word) will find its way to me.

    hi to everyone I haven’t mentioned.

    I can’t wait to be on my own again this week. Does that make me a bad person? I think maybe it does. Just had enough.

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    Hi toady

    Don't worry, I know you don’t eat giant choc buttons for breakfast lol

    Mums grumpy but not too bad thanks

    LA said his mummy should have dressed in a smart long ball dress when she came to pick him up from the school dance lol

    Im wondering if he’s becoming some strange gentleman baby version of Jane A??

    what a thought haha

    so here are some “Dainty Ladies” Edwardian style sweet tea biscuits- but will Lorenzo put down his tiramisu and eat these feminine substitutes? Well that’s another story completely lol

    good night everyone I’d better retire from my tablet before I have an attack of the vapours at the the thought of L having a non - Edwardian dessert haha take care xx

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    'night bosh 👋 sleep well see you tomorrow 😴 x

    SK you're only human & imho doing all you can, it's only partly 'you' needing time alone (& why shouldn't you) it's the illness talking as well 😔. Not every 100% well parent is cooking with their kids & having music time & whatnot. I couldn't have an energetic kid around for half an hour and I'm not exaggerating 🤨 give yourself credit where it's due &c. xx

    'night everyone 😘 xx

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    Hello everyone sorry I went a bit quiet again got the virus that lasts weeks then my leg started bleeding for no reason (the Lymphodema) so I’ve had to go back and dress it with more pads, don’t know why it’s happened, practice nurse thought I might have an infection but dr reluctant to give me antibiotics but wants me to go back and see them twice a week now instead of the once every 2 weeks. Keeping an eye on my temperature fingers crossed it isn’t an infection. Think the weather did me in today it’s been cold and whatever arthritis I’ve got is really hurting me so I slept for 2 hours this afternoon (my ME and general everything) didn’t even realise I had dropped off!

    Well some GOOD NEWS you know how I thought I was having the same rheumatologist at this NHS appt as I did at my private appt they rang me up on Wednesday saying a lot of people have to write to them about her so they don’t get her so I’m not alone in thinking she didn’t examine me properly so YES I’m seeing a lady rheumatologist who looks lovely and it’s so lessened my anxiety a fresh pair of eyes should be good.

    So my first ever NHS Rheumatologist happens this Wednesday at 9.45 am obviously nervous but I’m just so glad I’m not seeing the woman that took no notice of me. Oh one more thing my dr even though I have pain in all my joints has yet again only told them in the referral letter that it’s my hands and fingers he’s even seen me at the surgery on a stick I’ve told him numerous times so I’m going to have to put that as my first bullet point that the pain is not just confined to my hands and fingers! One day he will get it right. He did mention the constant stiffness and how I can’t work so at least she will know how bad I am.

    One thing in this whole thing now is because my leg is bleeding I’m having to really cover it and I’m going to have to wear sole lined slippers to the hospital because where it is on my leg boots and shoes would make it worse. I’m sure they’ve seen people like that.

    Sorry I rambled on then!

    Sending my love to everyone and I hope you aren’t in too much pain & that life is being kind to you.

    i have no idea why this uploaded two photos I was going to say Happy St David’s Day to all my fellow welshies out there (I’m English but my mums mum and dad are Welsh) & that’s my photo of some sheep.

    Weirdly the other photo was taken the day dad got home from hospital in April and yes that’s our cat Mr Thomas!

    Nothing surprises me anymore lol I must have pressed two photos with my swollen hands so you got a 2 for 1 photo then!

    Keep warm and lots of love Julie x

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    Lovely to see you Julie 😊 will have a proper chat soon (only really up now myself as I had an afternoon sleep like you, must have needed it but it puts me out a bit for the rest of day). Anyway SO so pleased you are having a different person to see 😊 that's brilliant news. Sorry your leg is not happy 🙁 take care and will say hello again before Weds 👋 XX

    Lovely pictures :)

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    Oh no Joan. Please send my love to Sue how scary for you both. My mum in law had a similar issue it was a twisted bowel sge has in hospital for a while but made a good recovery. Huge hugs ((())) and flowers 💐 for you

    Charlestown 18 is he? Wow so an adult already. Glad he's a good lad not drinking or smoking that is good for a Mum to know.😊 a techie is also very useful to have in the house!!

    I confess it I who is about to start of her tomatoes....

    Hope you yourself are doing OK?

    Take care

    Morning Reshmi

    I myself will not partake of BILs breakfast but Sleek will help you out with one or two!!!

    Hope you're doing OK today and that your mum is and has maybe not too long left of those ABs

    Hope you git your shower OK and are coping in the sauna.

    I have a vest on at all times till usually about June! The HD is stupid vain we are definitely not! Practical that's us👍

    Take care and have a goid day if you can ((())) xxx

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    Morning Skinny K how are you this rathe

    r chilly Saturday morning?

    I Hope you are feeling a bit better today.

    A bad person is someone who is not aware of how they are feeling and takes it out on others. If you were the type who hit his child or lost his temper. You have the sense to put space between you when Hooli is being challenging and your tolerance is low due to pain.

    Very sensible. You'll get some rest soon ((()))

    Lucy had the seizure the youngest the one who had leukaemia but don't worry she's OK.

    Morning Toady Hope you're doing ok

    I am chilly. It is still raining so the garden is out of bounds 😕😕😕

    Well done getting bloods booked even if number 7 wanted to talk excessively about his piles or something 🤭bad Toni new system is rubbish totally rubbish.

    Glad you are feeling quite organised too this year we will do better in our gardens I am determined. If I can't be found that is where I'll be. Knickers to food I'll be in the garden 👍

    Sleek wants to share some of Reshmiss doughnuts with you. She's so excited. Mabel is coming too having 'buried' her cone!

    Sound! Yes 🐸 rabbit rabbit that's what we needed!.

    Julie I was hoping we'd hear from you before your appt. I'm so very glad you have a different person to see great news.

    I live Mr Thomas! 🐈 😻 🐈‍⬛️ he looks do pretty.

    I am so sorry to hear how bad your poor leg is and yes the hospital will have seen far worse. Put that out of your mind. Its your chance to hopefully get a diagnosis.

    Love the photo for your dear Dad's homecoming ❤️

    Take care.

    Love to everyone

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    Morning Toni, I still have a sore head, I rather think that it is turning into a chronic pain due to the state of my neck, but thank you for asking. The only time I can get any relief is to curl up in bed and lie still. At least I can still have some music on quietly. I am not quite that bad this morning, but it just won’t go completely.

    i hope Sucré is better behaved today. They just getting up for breakfast.

    best wishes to Lucy.

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    Good morning everyone wppl xx

    ps bill is still on a diet lol xx

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    Hi @Jewels1973 just to say I love the name of your cat Mr Thomas! Our neighbours cat is called Mrs somethingorother can’t remember lol. If I had a cat, which I would like, but Loanda is allergic, it would definitely be a Mrs ……… Maybe Fender or Clapton or maybe East.

    If I remember correctly, which is somewhat of a non event these days, you are in Essex same as me, but the Welsh part I see. Never been over the boarder to that part myself.

    Hope your leg gets better. All the best SK.

  • Skinny Keef
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    Thanks Toady.

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    Good morning everyone

    Toady (()) It’s fine here at the moment. Thank you for thinking about sue she came home last night 9-50. I hope you have a good day you must have needed that sleep.

    Barbara (()) have a good day love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) Thank you for caring about sue she had a tummy infection she came home last night. Have a good day. How is Lucy I hope she didn’t have any injuries (()) love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day love to your mum (())

    Skinny Keef (()) sorry you feel so bad (()) love to Sucr’e (()) and Loanda (())

    Charlestown (()) have a good day sue is home now thank you.

    Julie (()) I know people that have that problem with there leg (())

    take care
    joan xx
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    Popped some tram and had hot bath, feeling much better now. Even managed to read Sucré most of the Hairy MacClairy series of books, so we friends again now, for a while at least.

    Raining here in the English part of Essex 😁

  • Charlestown
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    Afternoon all

    its cold here atm. Stopped raing for now! Im sat wearing thermal socks & a throwover over my legs, bloody laminate flooring is so cold under yr feet 🥶Stsying in today. I had to go to the Drs twice yest, once in morn then again at teatime as couldnt get double appt & even then were still 20 mins behind on appt times i hate it every time i have to go there. U feel so rushed….So, whats everyones plans for today?????

    @Skinny Keef thats great you feel better & have managed to read with yr son. That bath must have worked a treat. Cant remember last time i had a bath lol yrs ago i couldnt get back out so never bothered since jus showers.🤣

    @dachshund thats great news about yr sister u must be so relieved to have her home. 😀

    @frogmorton yes its handy having a techy in the house but im quite clued up or so i think myself lol. Is it not too cold for planting tommys?? Is Lucy yr cat or daughter? Who has had a seizure?🤦🏼‍♀️

    @toady thanks for the pm. Do u or did u take hydroxy? Ive stopped. Im using hot water bottle, stretching, yoga & physio & naproxen when desperste but theres no way im taking daily meds. Take hydroxy for imflammation yet ends up with bad imflammation no thank you!!

    @bosh so whats the weekly mental health group like? Do u get some relief or satisfaction from going? Does it actually help you?

    @jewel59 sounds like u had a rough time of late. Its nice to pop in & give yourself some relief in chatting 😀👍

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    Hi Toni

    how are you today?

    mums not too bad thanks

    it’s a stinky sauna in here dad is cooking 🤢

    I’ve been banned from cooking and I may need to see the antacid monster before the day is out

    LA said the prime minister has a job, the job involves collecting the bins and taking them to the dump, but grandad / BB has the job of returning all the bins to the front gardens, BR also has a job of eating the jelly babies, I said that he eats them too, but Pinocchio said he only eats one or two haha and BR eats packets and packets of them because he’s naughty. Oh dear and this was without his coffee ☕️

    I’m not too bad thanks

    I need to seize the shower opportunity now

    hi C

    how are you? The group is very informal it’s in a cafe, people just converse generally but they don’t have to talk, I like it as it’s a chance to have a break from the fraught family atmosphere for a while.

    👋 toady SK Joan

    Bfn all, will write properly later tc xx

  • Skinny Keef
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    Home made spagbol tonight with fresh pasta that Sucré chose. Went to start prep and we fresh out of onions so Anda had to do a quick supermercardo dash to sainsbos. It’s done now so I can relax whilst it cooks slowly till 6.

    oh and garlic bread, but not homemade. Too much faff.

  • toady
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    Hi all 👋

    Ew cold 😕 you forget so quickly when it's been a tad warmer for a day or two. Heavy rain woke me up far too early for 2nd day running, no wonder I need a liedown by afternoon.

    Hope it wasn't too bad with you frog, once it dried up it was just about ok outdoors but mostly just did odd jobs towards the great spring seed plan 😂 even cleaned out the under utility sink cupboard (unheard of!). Have some new secateurs on way too; was v taken with some vintage style ones, all metal just a rubber grip to handles, but some people said they rusted quickly despite their best efforts & I tended to believe them. Lovely to see Sleek, and watch Mabel being able to lick the back of her neck & wash her own face again, marvellous 😊. Have a good Sunday hope everyone well :) xx

    Hello Joan very glad to hear Sue is home they didn't want to keep her any longer 👍 hope she is alright today, you too :) xx

    Hi bosh, I have a tin-opener again! I will be able to have beans on toast, momentous news 😂. Sorry you have been subject to a not so simple menu today yourself. Hope things ok otherwise. Look forward to when Mr Sunak puts my bin out next Thurs 😁 well I say look forward, perhaps more like mixed feelings 😄. Hope you have a good Sunday and your mum is as ok as poss today :) xx

    @Charlestown Yes I've had hydroxy always got on ok as long as I avoided certain ones. No you don't want side effects that are no better than your own symptoms 🙄 that's the trouble with meds I guess. Love my hot water bottle but I'm very bad at doing physio 😬. Sorry you had to go to 2 separate appts. It really is cold, better next week.. maybe.. 🤷‍♀️. xx

    Good going with the cookery SK 🍽️ (no cake? 🙁 oh well can't have everything). Hope you have a good/quiet/minimal bad head Sunday xx

    Julie hope you are managing to get your wagons in a circle for your appointment, sounds like you know what points to raise, and your joints should speak for themselves too. Hope you aren't waiting too long on the day to be seen. Everything crossed it goes well for you. Can quite believe that the other Dr is on people's avoid list, it's awful that certain Drs give folks a very negative experience when first trying to get help & a diagnosis, it's the last thing you need on top of feeling unwell 🙄 . Hope family are as well as poss at the moment. Sorry you are having extra trips to GP as well and hope your temp behaves itself🤞xx

    Have a good night everyone 😘 xx

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    We made fruit scones yesterday Toady, but I forgot the sugar!!! Still taste okay with a liberal spread of jam on top of each piece.

    I had one on its own, which is when I checked the recipe. 😳