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Living with rheumatoid arthritis

I have never had a friend my age who can understand what I go through, I’m a young girl and can’t handle work as I am really struggling with my arthritis, I can’t even walk round my block :( I also have bad anxiety so I don’t talk to people much about what I’m thinking or going through, i never like talking about my illness to anyone I always try and hide it, so I’m glad I can be myself in here x



  • Hey,

    I can completely relate to that. I have not long been diagnosed and have been off work for 2 months due to pain and needing to figure out what all this was. I’m 22 and don’t talk about my arthritis to my friends as I know they can’t relate in any way so will feel sorry for me instead, which to me is the worst thing anyone could do I hate it😂.

    so if you ever wanted to talk feel free x

  • Thank you so much for replying back, I’m so the same I hate people feeling sorry for me😂 and same to you, if you ever need to talk I’ll always be here to chat xx

  • ah_1ah_1 Posts: 5


    i feel like that most days, it can get difficult. I think keeping our emotions inside makes our anxiety worse. Im married and i cant even tell my husband i feel no one understands how hard it is and emotionally draining it is. Especially when i cant get out of bed aometimes or even open a coke bottle. Also i feel like i lose confidence when i tell people how hard i am finding it ? Is it just me ? Sonetimes i think i need to just get over it ?

    sorry for all the emotions !!

  • @ah_1 hi, I really hope ur doing well and I totally understand everything your saying!! I can’t even open my doors in my house ☹️, so no it isn’t just you, your not alone, anytime you want to talk about anything even if it’s a rant, I’ll be here to listen ❤️Xx

  • ah_1ah_1 Posts: 5

    Thankyou i just started to discuss my emotions today and already feel better, im gunna look into hobbies something that can help sooth me and give me comfort even if its yoga.. i think self care is important .. thankyou so much for listening to me

  • Well I’m glad you have decided to talk about it because it can help. And yes you should try yoga and maybe after lockdown swimming, I’m really good in the water and can move a lot better, you are welcome I’m here to listen and if you need any advise I can try and help ❤️❤️

  • @Jamielee, hope your ok today and your pain isn't to bad the sun is shining here today on the island and that makes me feel better, and my pain isn't to bad today so far, hope you have a comfortable day?.


  • Hi @Christian78 , I’m doing better today , I’m glad to hear it’s nice and sunny and your pain is abit better today aswell, it’s been raining over here, I’m in Manchester so it’s always raining. Thanks for checking in on me and I hope you have a nice chilled day. Sending hugs. Xx

  • Hi @Jamielee I am glad you are doing better today, yes sun is out it's usually raining on the island as well had a lot of rain recently, I see you live in Manchester been to Manchester a few times from the isle of man 45 minutes on a plane, hope you have a nice day as well take care speak soon x

  • ShazrShazr Posts: 4

    Hi everyone I’m 33 and just been diagnosed. I’ve been off work 11 months in a bad way with no luck with medication yet and very active RA .... I get the emotions feeling like you can’t talk and not knowing how to deal with this ... it’s good having this group as it makes you realise you aren’t alone

    Sharon (Belfast) 🥰

  • Hi @Shazr welcome to the arthritis community iam sorry to hear that you have been of work for 11 months with RA, I have OA in my feet, sorry to hear that your not having any luck with medication it is difficult to talk to people but your in the right place here and you aren't alone hope you find medication that agrees with you very soon as pain is no fun at all, best wishes to you.


  • Hi @Jamielee hope your keeping well and your pain isn't to bad today?., I am feeling ok not to much pain today and the sun is shining again which is nice to see, hope you have a nice day?.

  • Hi @Jamielee I couldn't find you to start with and then realised that you have changed yr picture.

  • Hi @Christian78 sorry I took it down and don’t know how to get it back up haha , and how are you today, I’m feeling okay up to now I had a good sleep also:) I hope ur feeling well

  • Hi @Jamielee that's ok glad that your feeling ok and had a good sleep, yes I am ok today I also had a good sleep, and the sun is out again so nice, have a good evening, take care.

  • Hi @Jamielee, I have book marked you so I can find you easier on the forum, do the same for me if you want to just click on the 🌟 and it saves as book marked easier to find, hope your ok I am ok been out for Sunday lunch which was nice, enjoy your evening hope you sleep well tonight take care and I hope that your pain isn't to bad.take care speak soon xx

  • Hi @Jamielee, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning to have my blood pressure checked as it's been high and my medication has been increased fingers crossed it will be ok.

  • @Christian78 sorry I haven’t been online all day, I’m in a bit of pain in my elbows and hands but I’m okay thanks you, I’m glad to hear that your doing well and I will bookmark you now, I hope your appointment goes well and I’ll check in tomorrow, good night :) x

  • @Jamielee good morning sorry to hear that you had some pain in your hands and elbows yesterday I understand why you haven't been online yesterday, thanks for book marking me as well, yes I have my appointment this morning fingers crossed it goes well, I will check in later on to see how you are today hopefully your not in to much pain today, take care.

  • Hi @Jamielee hope your ok and your not in to much pain today?, My appointment went well this morning, I have been doing some DIY in the house but my feet are killing now been standing to long, cloudy dull wet day here on the island today, take care.

  • Hi @Jamielee I hope your ok?, How is your pain today is it not good again today?, Have you got pain in your hands and elbows?, Hope your not in to much pain?, I tired out now done to much today and been standing quite abit and my feet are sore now, hope you check in after let me know how you are feeling today?, Take care:-)

  • Hi @Jamielee I have donated to versus arthritis today which makes me feel good and that I am helping people living with arthritis like myself and yourself and many other people.

  • frogmortonfrogmorton Posts: 26,187 ✭✭✭

    Nice to see this category getting used more than it used to. I am far too old to be coming in here, (well over 30!!), but just wanted to see how people were getting on. Lovely and supportive I see!

    Will disappear now for another few years!

    Take care everyone


    Toni xxx
  • Hi @Jamielee , how are you feeling today how is your pain?, I am okay, dull and raining here today, keep in touch:-)

  • Hi @Jamielee how are you today?, How has your pain been?, I am ok just struggling with my feet aching alot and Pain at times.

    Keep in touch with me, let me know how you are getting on:-).

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