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I've been lurking a bit in the community part of the VA web for a while, but I've never introduced myself or shared my experience of arthritis.

I was diagnosed with RA in my mid-50s and am 71 now. As well as an anti-inflammatory etc, I take leflunomide and hydroxychloroquine - I tried a fair range of DMARDs in the early days but the current combination suits me well, with few unwanted effects. I still get flares affecting the usual range of joints, but have now started to get painful hips as a result of OA/impingements and am being assessed for a hip replacement in a couple of weeks. I am still reasonably mobile - and try to walk as much as I can, but it is becoming increasingly painful.

Some years back I ran an NRAS group and trained as a "lay" expert patient tutor - however bouts of significant fatigue accompanying flares put paid to such longer-term commitments. I struggle, like most of us, with chronic pain, and remaining positive is is a challenge at time, but supportive family and friends make a huge difference.


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    Hi @toneblueshawk

    glad to see you have made that trip over from lurker (we call you readers) to poster. It's great to have your expertise and share in your experience. As a reader you may have read Lilymary's post about recovering from hip replacement surgery. Of course everyone's experience is different.

    Let us know how you get on, we will support you through your journey and it's so helpful for others to read your experience. Take care

    Best Wishes


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    Hi @toneblueshawk

    Fatigue can be really awful can't it, I still get lots of it and it prevents me from doing all the things I enjoy. So I try not to set myself too many goals for the day so I can at least have a sense of achievement. I have had both my hips replaced and they are wonderful. You won't know yourself. Some people take a while to recover and others are quicker. My main suggestion would be to prepare well at home before hand with easy meals in the fridge, have things where you can reach them and never say no to help.

    Hope it goes well, come and tell us all, we love to hear how people are getting on