Feeling frustrated


I’m not use to posting on these types of things however I am pretty new to my condition and struggling so just wondering if anyone have or is in the same position….

I had arthritis as a child and have joint hyper mobility syndrome. I was discharged at 16 and had no issues for 10 years

January of this year I had a flare up on my knee that was effected as a child needing steroids and physiotherapy. I was also experiencing other symptoms of fatigue, aches and pains in other joints, poor sleep, burning/shaking sensations and cold and flu symptoms

Following some time I was re- diagnosed with oesthoarthris and fibromyalgia

was prescribed different medication and felt that my fibromyalgia was under control however felt that I was getting worst with other symptoms such as pain and inflammation in my thumb joint(resulting in my struggling to write) and inflammatory in my shoulder with limited mobility. Swollen face (dentist saying it is TMJ)

my immunity has been hit with glandular fever, thrush, lymph node infections.

I saw my consultant today and he said this is all down to my fibromyalgia and the mediation is not dealing with all of my symptoms. And that the inflammation and low immunity is down to the fibromyalgia.

please correct me if this does sound like symptoms of fibromyalgia (I know that a lot of symptoms can cross over)

however I was fine for 10 years and now I just feel like I’m not being listened to and just saying it’s down to fibromyalgia and giving more medication

just feel frustrated that I don’t feel I am getting better


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    Hi @Em1234554

    While I am not a doctor or any sort of medical professional I've had a look at our information on Fibromyalgia and I too would be unhappy with the response you've gotten. I would definitely say if you are unhappy with what your GP has said then see another doctor - you are within your rights to ask to see any other doctor within your practice easily, and if you're still unhappy you can always ask for a doctor from a different practice to see you.

    In the meantime, have a look at our information on Fibromyalgia, in case it does help at all for you.

    I hope things get better, and please do come back and tell us how you are doing. We will be here for you if you need us.