Leg pain at night

Does anyone else on here experience pain in the legs at night, particularly the knees ( as I have osteoarthritis ), and it keeps me awake and I have to keep altering position or get up to walk about to find some relief..


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    Hi I suffer pain in my knees at night as I recently had knee alignment surgery on the left and my right is also causing pain my point is that yes it does help to get up because that relieves the pressure but that only works for a while I also tried putting some thing in between my knees as I couldn't bear for them to be touching and that seem to help too An heat pad or a cold pad helps too

    Hope you find this useful as there is nothing worse than being in pain

    If you go to the doctors they may suggest the injections in your knee and that worked for my right knee but not my left that's why I had operation

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    Hi @richart12 have a look at the following

    I also read somewhere about people sleeping with a pillow between their knees. If I find the article I'll post it

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    I get pain everywhere to be honest, even my toes ache, but particularly a kind of cold ache just before bedtime that makes getting my legs into bed seem more painful. Once I settle down I like to have a bit of a stretch working round all the joints that ache including knees, For this I am mostly lying on my back,, as that was always the most comfortable position for my shoulders, but I also have to put my feet up on a foot wedge to stop them swelling. I don't seem to have any trouble nodding off.