Mental health/brain fog/psoriatic arthritis


I'm a 36yrs mum of 18months toddler and an ambitious finance professional. I have been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis this year, and it's been getting worse recently. It's affecting my fingers/hands/wrists/low back. I have tried managing the pain levels with Naproxen (only worked partly), i tried a steroid injection (also only part success) and the doctor is now recommended I start to take Methotrexate soon. I'll give that a go after Christmas as it seems to help a lot of people.

My question here is related to mental health though - I'm looking to hear from people who experienced brain fog, anxiety, struggle to think or remember things - and I'm interested to hear what helped you. I have been under a lot of stress lately (work, baby, house move), plus the lack of sleep and cold weather aren't helping either. I'm still dealing with some postnatal anxiety/feeling on edge, but never experienced brain fog like this so I'm assuming it's linked to the inflammatory issues in my body. The issues above, plus the levels of tiredness, make me worried about being able to work full time because I'm certainly far from being productive like I used to be, which is affecting my mental health. I'm feeling quite down about not being able to do what I used to and want to. Let alone the physical side of things when it comes to sore fingers on a keyboard...

Anyone who can recommend a good psychotherapist please? Also, did you find that your mental health/brain fog improved whilst on any specific medication?

Thanks a lot for reading and supporting! What a great website!