Osteoarthritis in both feet



I’m a new member, in my 50’s, and I’ve just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both feet… I have an appointment with the doctor in two weeks to “discuss options” but the news has already affected my mental health. I am usually a keen walker - I used to walk 20 or 30 miles a week, but this has reduced to maybe 5 miles a week due to the pain in my foot.

I am currently using ibuprofen gel and paracetamol to alleviate the pain but this doesn’t help with the pain I get if I try doing more than 2 or 3 miles of walking. My weight is now increasing too!

Does anyone have any advice or any alternative forms of exercise that will help..?

Thanks 😊


  • Welsh1
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    Try pilates and exercises on this site have you seen podiatry or physio? Hydro maybe I am a keen walker can walk less but hoping to do a few walking holidays this year. Maybe need to adjust your footwear now and do a little less mileage best of luck. Ask Dr about medications and try other gels one for osteoarthritis maybe

  • Naomi33
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    Hello @MrsB1968 and welcome to the online community.

    Sorry to hear your news about OA in feet.

    I like you was a keen walker and was unable to do this time last year but am able to do some now in moderation obviously 👍

    I attended the following courses and helped me realise what I was and was not capable of doing plus support from group members.

    Since finishing courses and left on my own I have recently joined walking group and attend on good days and do what I can with support of group being the youngest there but most unfit is challenging but they are lovely and support me👏👏

    Best wishes and keep posting there is help out there ❤


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    Sorry to hear of this. I was a keen cyclist and always on the go,very active on my feet and regularly walked in excess of 12 miles a day at work or 7 miles when off work just doing my thing.

    I noticed issues withy left foot particularly around 18 months ago, brushed it off and eventually, 6 months ago, I visited the doc got diagnosed with plantar, then had mskcats diagnose me with OA. Lots of visits to hospitals, physio and doctors over last few months, 3 weeks ago had a visit to hospital for injections, specialist decided I haven't got OA but have plantar, I needed an ultra sound scan on foot. Had that done last week and my plantar is fine. Waiting to go back to podiatrist to see what next. Doc still thinks I have OA though. I'm on naproxen and omeprazol with flexiseq gel. I use sketchers predominantly and have noticed a difference in reduction, if only slightly, in pain.