6 weeks into methotrexate... when do things get better?


Hi everyone,

I'm on my sixth week of taking methotrexate for psoriatic arthritis (newly diagnosed) and I'm yet to see any improvement in levels of pain/stiffness and my inflammation levels in the blood tests are still high.😩

How long did it take for anyone else to see any improvement?

Did you take painkillers whilst you waited for the methotrexate to bring down inflammation? What else did you find helpful?

Any information would be great!

Thanks so much!😊


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    Hello @ams0045 and welcome to our online forum. We are a friendly group and try and help each other out with information and support. I am sure members who have experience of taking methotrexate will soon be in touch, but in the meantime I am posting a link to some information on the drug on our website. You may find it useful to explore the website if you haven't already.

    Do keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @ams0045

    I think the medics allow at least 3 months before determining that a DMARD hasn't worked.

    I know we are all different and how we react to drugs will differ. When I was diagnosed with PsA in 2020 I was put on the DMARD sulfasalazine and the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Naproxen. When this didn't work 4 months later Methotrexate was added. When the combination didn't work six months later the biologic adalimumab was added. The combination has worked - I'm not back to the way I was but I'm much better than when I was at my worst in 2020. I was given oral steroids initially, then steroid injections as well as painkillers - high strength cocodamol and even morphine at one point.

    I hope you get stable soon.

  • Emmasknackeredjoints

    I started to notice a difference at the 6 week mark. But nothing outstanding till week 8/9

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    Hi tell them not seeing improvement they often add another medication I am on Methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine saw improvement after 6 weeks and side effects getting better then

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for your replies! Hoping that I start to see some improvement in the next few weeks 🤞It's hard not to feel impatient but I know there's a long road ahead!

    Hope you're all doing well.

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    I'm now 3 months into Methotrexate, feeling near normal. The inflammation on my blood tests started to ease at about the 8 week point. Tablets are upsetting my tummy though so swapping to injections this week with an increase of the dose. I feel good for the 4 days after taking but then start to feel sore towards the end of the week, hence the increase. My rheumatologist and the nurses have been great at checking in with me. Sulfasalazine didn't work and gave me awful headaches before switching to mtx. I hope you get some relief soon