Hi all, after trying 3 types of dmards, am still on methotrexate but I now have an appointment to start the process with a view of going onto biologics. Can anyone give me any info on what is involved in the process? I know that I’ll need an mri and 4 inflamed joints (I think). Also, what biologics are there to try please?
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    Hi @Bedders90

    I think your rheumatology clinic would be the best people to answer your question. I think it will probably be somewhat dependant on where you live and what your health board policy is. I live in the west of Scotland and when I was put on biologics in July 2021 the rheumatology nurse said that the policy here was that you had to have tried 2 DMARDs which haven't worked and have 3 inflamed joints. I had MRI scans on a number of joints as well as ultrasound scans on my hands. The nurse also took 8-10 phials of blood as there was a whole series of tests that had to be passed including for TB before the biologic was prescribed. She said that for PsA they normally prescribed anti TNF or Interleukin inhibitor biologics - in fact at one point she asked me which I would prefer! After two months on the biologic Amgevita (adalimumab) I had responded well and the rheumatology nurse said it was good that it worked as they had 7 to choose from.

    In my case the biologic was added to the 2 DMARDs I was on. The rheumatologist I have said that the 3 drugs together gave a greater response than each individually - or as she put it 1+1+1>3. I think the term is synergistic.

    I hope the biologic works for you.

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    Hi @Bedders90

    I thought you might be interested in this link

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