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  • dachshunddachshund Member Posts: 7,845

    Good morning everyone

    Kath ((())) that was a big school was it cold in side thank you for the photos. Love to Chris ((())) Anita ((())) and Val ((())) and your Dad ((()))

    Barbara ((())) it must be difficult your eyes being so sore ((())) love to Mr B ((())) and your son ((()))) and Niamh ((())) and your brother ((())) and his girlfriend ((()))

    Carol ((())) I'm sorry you lost your post that's good you have your second vaccination booked. Love to Mr T ((()))

    Mike ((())) have a good day love to Elliott ((()))

    Toni (((())) we all met because of arthritis life was different before we had it but we've learnt to cope with it as best as we can. Love to Paul ((())) Charley ((())) and Annie ((())) and the carers ((())) and Lucy ((())) Tia ((())) and Kari ((())) and P (((())) and your lovely neighbours ((()))

    Love to Bill ((())) Chris ((())) Mig ((()))

    take care
    joan xx
  • kathleenTkathleenT Member Posts: 3,188

    My Prescription is arriving today - HOORAY - if is is delivered by the elderly gentleman he almost knocks the door of it's hinges and scares me to death. The young lady is more considerate, and quieter. The District Nurse is coming for my blood tomorrow. She'd better leave me some!

    Toni, thank you for the Ready Brek. I've had two bowls and added Treacle. I'm so happy you enjoyed the memories that photos of the TBI brought. I 'm sure Aidan remembered Mundella, he likened it to Hogwarts. The playing grounds for Mundella backed on to the Mem gardens as we called it. I played back stop in Rounders, and the ball always went through the hedge so I had to race around to the gardens to fetch it. A lot of runs were made when that happened, because at the other side of the hedge was a huge herbaceous border for me to clamber through only to find the ball hiding among a giant clump of Michaelmas Daisies. We monkey della girls would meet boys from the Becket School in the mem gardens and we'd all hide beneath the arches.

    A bit daunting with Queen Victoria keeping her beady eye on you. I think she needs her hands and face washing.

    Carol, I'm sorry you lost your post after all that typing. But I'm pleased your 2nd jab is due on Saturday. I hope Cookie has recovered from her DUNKING in the River Trent.

    Barbara, I'd rather have a short post than no post at all.

    Joan, I hope you and Sue are well.

    These two have such glossy coats.

    War Memorial, Nottingham Arboretum Park War Memorial dated 1862-3 by M Ogle Tarbotton - the chinese bell in the centre of the cupola was said to be looted by British troops from a temple in Canton during the Anglo-Chinese war of 1857-61.

     2 of the cannons were captured at Sebastopol in 1854-55, during the Crimean war: 2 are replicas c1862. The memorial commemorates the involvement of the 59th/2nd Nottinghamshire Regiment of Foot. The memorial is unusual in commemorating two campaigns, and dates from a period when the names of those killed were not recorded.

    We've sat gazing at this structure many times, it always feels so sad thinking of all the people lost during the wars this commemorates.

    “I've got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen.”
    Louisa May Alcott, Little Women
  • barbara12barbara12 Member Posts: 20,950

    Evening all

    Sorry it will be short again

    Carol glad you have your second jab booked we haven't heard about ours yet xx

    Joan don't worry My eyes are not sore just hard ti make letter out when typing ..its freezing hope you are all cosy xx

    Toni readybrek just the weather fir it..I am glad to hear the test are ok ..Niamh does her own and us very good with it..but me..🥴gag reflex..xx

    Kath so much history around you..how naughty to meet the boys in the woods...😅but what fun 😁so you moved the stickers in the rubix cube...good thinking xx

    Hi to Mike thanks for the tip..xx

    Love to all


  • TurbogranTurbogran Member Posts: 1,969
    edited 7. Apr 2021, 19:41

    evening everyone

    like you Toni I too have lost count how many times I have lost a post I never thought of posting it part way through and then editing it. Mike yours was a good idea too I have done that before but always forget until I lose a post ,by then it is to late.

    Toni I agree those who don’t wear mask are being selfish I could also be exempt with my Asthma, in fact at the start of all this I was not sure I could wear a mask so I purchased an exemption card on a lanyard. I have worn it once only. After all it is not mandatory when you are outside only if you travel on transport or in shops. That’s not too much to ask really although I do wear mine most of the time when out. Then it saves having to readjust my hearing aids every time I put it on and off.

    Joan yes i booked it yesterday it is exactly 10 weeks from our first one have you had your first one yet . Hope you Sue and the doggies are all ok.

    Kath Yes I did hear about the impromptu swimming lesson or dunking as you say she did come in a bit soggy but none the worse. Today she was telling Sleek how she got her head stuck in the handle of a plastic bag. More about that latter.

    I have found in a couple of Facebook groups I am on some people who I was friends with in my teen years. Two sets of sisters one set I now have both sisters now on my Facebook friends list. The others set I have 2 of the 3 on friends list and awaiting a reply from the third. I was trying to find some photos out for them and I found a couple of old ones of my family as well.

    photo alert the first two are my sister and myself

    Then our two girls when small

    Believe it or not it’s the youngest attacking the oldest for the ball.

    Next few photos that youngest daughter took on Saturday with my bridge camera.

    Well that’s about all for now

    Love and Sparkles to you all


    Take care
    Carol xx
  • frogmortonfrogmorton Member Posts: 26,345


    Hope everyone is well today.

    Carol great photos! Is that all the ones you were going to post for us yesterday? all that work lost. Definitely post halfway through then edit - especially if you have done photos. You have a whole hour to edit

    Your daughter is loving taking pics the one of the duck is amazing I love him and that blossom!

    Yes I must admit I was worried at first that I wouldn't be able to breathe through my mask but turned out to be fine. You are wise to keep your mask on as much as possible you are in a busy area and as you say it saves readjusting those hearing aids. Are you glad you've got them? You seem to have got on so well with them.

    I love the really old pics of you and your sister I wonder if I can find some of me and mine....🤔 Your two though just like Charley and Lucy were 😍

    Barbara have you got a 'daylight bulb'/lamp? Have i asked this before? It can really help eyesight. Maybe not yours but worth a try.

    Glad you enjoyed the ready brek it was YUM!

    Niamh is amazing I bet you'd never have thought she could do all that when she was little 😘

    How is your brother doing? Still doing well I hope and maybe he will get a beer next Monday.

    I haven't got my next date yet, but Paul has although it's not till May for his jab.

    Joan I hope you and Sue are doing ok and all the carers too? You are right Arthritis brought us all together didn't it? One good thing to come from it!🙂 ((())) xxx

    Kath Aidan did used to liken the school to Hogwarts oh I do miss him I know we all do he used to brighten our days bless him😔

    It was lovely seeing the TBI again I think I might get Paul to take me a ride over there when we are allowed and its safer for a meal I think Weatherspoons do good food...

    Oh did you indeed used to meet the Becket boys!! Now why doesn't that surprise me😁 Great memories eh? I have to agree Queen Victoria does need a wash and brush up!

    I played back stop too! Lots of running about but never into bushes for me our school was mixed as grammar schools had gone by then.

    The war memorial is beautiful and yes so sad. Does us good to think about those who have died fighting for us though. Barbara is right you have so much history in Nottingham.

    Love to Chris I hope all is well and you've just been busy doing your art yesterday and maybe chatting to friends on video calls.

    Hope Mike is ok to? any news on the new battery for the scooter?

    Lets have an omelette this morning shall we? Mushroom and cheese I think...


    Toni xxx
  • CatLady1CatLady1 Member Posts: 50
    edited 8. Apr 2021, 08:34

    Morning all.

    A dish of ready brek. That takes me back to my distant past. I've had my breakfast but I'll be greedy and have a bowl of this as well.

    It's cold again here this morning, don't think it's so cold as yesterday. The heating went on and also I put a fleece on. Don't think it's that cold today.

    Listened to the news last night, it was a bit worrying because the scientist they interviewed spoke about a third wave of Covid coming here in June/July. No way. We definitely don't need that. I just hope those idiotic people who don't follow the governments guide lines don't go stupid and spread it.

    Just been lucky seems one of the delivery people left two of my parcel outside the front door. No message or anything, anyone could have taken it. I was very lucky a neighbour went out and saw it. I've got the parcels. One pack had my two pairs of summer shoes in. They're a start of new things needed for my August break.

    Again I intended to do a short post but once again I have rabbits on. Have a good Thursday everyone. Gentle hugs for Toni, Kath, Joan, Barbara, Carol Mike and anyone else I've forgotten.

    Chris aka Catlady. 😍🤗😷😼😻🐈

  • dachshunddachshund Member Posts: 7,845

    Good morning everyone

    . Sorry I'm ring quick I have to take Lexi to the vet she has a swelling under her eye it's sore.

    love to everyone thank you for the photo's ((((()))))

    take care
    joan xx
  • Mike1Mike1 Member Posts: 1,325

    Hope Mike is ok to? any news on the new battery for the scooter?

    Surviving thanks! Batteries were fitted to wheelchair on Monday so that is OK. Phone call from OT yesterday, she is coming Monday morning to measure me up for a new recliner courtesy of Cornwall Council Adult Social Care. Regrettably Elliott has been rushed into hospital again as his bloods are not good and the Specialists in both Bristol and Truro are concerned. One thing I cannot get my head around that is on Monday more restrictions end, more people can meet up and weddings with up to 15 guests can go ahead BUT only one parent can sit beside the lad in hospital; they are all in the same household, they are all testing twice a week, he is in a separate room well away from the Covid wards. There is NO risk whatsoever yet the lad has to suffer, he has now been diagnosed with PTSD on top of everything else because of what he has been through and the fact that he is missing his parents and brothers and sisters. It is horrible hearing all this third hand through my baby sister and knowing that there is nothing that I can do but all my thoughts go to Elliott hoping that he will pull through......again.

  • kathleenTkathleenT Member Posts: 3,188

    Oh dear, it's bright and sunny outside and the District Nurse (her name is Jo) came to do my bloods so I was beginning to feel quite chirpy. Then we have such bad news on here. First Elliott is hospitalized and Lexi has a sore eye. Sending everyone my love and huge but gentle hugs.(((((((((Café friends))))))))

    Toni, I'd already left school before Mundella stopped being a Grammar. But they had already started to take secondary students who had passed their CSEs, so they could then take their GCSEs and eventually A' levels. I've found some really old pics of Mundella, I thought you might be interested to see them. I'm on one, but it's panoramic of the whole school, so I won't post that. It's ginormous.

    New Hall

    Upper Hall

    School Certificate (signed by the headmaster, Mr Moody)

    Girls on the embankment steps, wearing their school uniform. Maroon and grey)

    Well that was a blast from the past. I'm feeling all nostalgic now. Thanks for joining me on a trip to my youthful past.

    “I've got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen.”
    Louisa May Alcott, Little Women
  • barbara12barbara12 Member Posts: 20,950

    Evening all

    I watched my neices mums funeral today via Web cam ..gosh it was sad..but a lovely service..

    Toni u di have a daylight lamp I got it for Mr b because he reads alot..bit it's no use with macular..sadly..thankyou fir the lovely omelette xx.

    Joan I am so sorry Lexi is poorly again I really hope the vet can help ..💕💕

    Carol some lovely photos there thankyou fir sharing them ..not long at all till your break it will do you both good xx

    Mike it always seems to be the good and young that suffer..I hate seeing children poorly..hopefully they will get Elliotts blood's back to what they should be xx

    Chris I hope we don't get any more waves of virus hopefully if we di enough oeople are vaccinated xx

    Kath it's nice to be able to look back at old photo especially of your school ..must bring back many memories

    Glad your blood's are all done xx

  • frogmortonfrogmorton Member Posts: 26,345

    Morning Everyone. Today I am repairing cat scratch posts! Will post pics if i can later. I did one yesterday.

    Mike I am certain Elliott will do just fine bless him he is a tough lad and I know they staff will do everything and pull out all the stops for him. Each and every child means the world to them. My Lucy was on antidepressants too after her years of treatment and she still lives with the consequences. Elliott absolutely has PTSD she does too. We were only allowed 1 parent to stay over too, but could swap I imagine they aren't allowed to swap? I think it's the close proximity maybe in a hospital environment ? and the more people who come in the more risk of passing covid on to staff who could carry it to others? These children are so very very vulnerable with their bloods so low. Sending every bit of strength to him ((())) for you getting 3rd hand information is a worry.

    I am glad you batteries are fitted you really must brave a trip out to test it and give it a run. Well that's great news about the new recliner too🙂

    Joan oh dear me. Poor poor Lexi she is having a rough time of it bless her 😕 I hope you have news now today and it's better ((())) xxx

    Hi Chris good to hear you sounding so chirpy and phew that's your parcels saved! Someone could have had those new shoes for your holidays😮. I will google the threat of a third wave. The good news is they seem to think the vaccination are really helping keep hospital admissions down.

    It was definitely warmer yesterday I went to the hairdressers for my patch test in my pink car top down! Admittedly it was heating and hat and coat on but still it was fabulous. The hairdresser had wanted to see it. We are away end of June I think for the 30th anniversary do of the Figaro so it better not get germy. Still we will be safe in our little motorhome with my car parked next to it! No need to eat out I can cook or shower or use anyone else's loos.

    You have a good day.

    Kath What fabulous memories the girls all look so happy and pretty sat on the steps. Imagine the head being called Mr Moody!!😁Was that your certificate? I knew you were a good girl!

    So you were there at the end of the grammar school days? Where I went to school (secondary) there had been two grammars one boys one girls and one for the rest of the population. I went to that one but got my A levels anyway.

    The old girls grammar

    is now the library.

    Good news that your nurse has been, but sadly today we have rain 🙄

    Barbara such a tough day for you all yesterday with the funeral - I am very glad you were able to watch it on the webcam. How is your niece bearing up? ((()))

    Ah I was hoping light might help with your eyes if only a little but suspected not😕

    Glad you enjoyed the omelette and thinking maybe something sweet today😋

    I am thinking the same as you the more people vaccinated the better. It has to help they said it was already helping.

    It's Friday so another weekend when will Niamh be over for her bacon butties!?

    American waffles . That's a change for us here!


    Toni xxx
  • Mike1Mike1 Member Posts: 1,325

    Thanks for all your concerns and support about Elliott, it is much appreciated. Apparently there has been a slight improvement in his condition since being admitted to Treliske. Today is a momentous one, for the first time EVER my on-line shopping is coming without any omissions or substitutions! Yippppppeeeeee!

  • kathleenTkathleenT Member Posts: 3,188

    Morning all, hecky thump it is so miserable outside. Sorry to have bored you with my nostalgia fest yesterday.

    Toni, your old school looks vey pretty and friendly. It positively smiles at you. Sadly I never won ant susstificats at school, too lazy. I only passed 1 O'level, English. Better than one girl who passed French, but failed English.

    Mike, it's good to hear there has been some improvement in Elliott's condition. He's a fighter that lad.

    Barbara, thankfully strong light helps me see better. It must have been strange watching the funeral via webcam, but a good funeral on webcam is better than no funeral at all.

    I thought we'd go somewhere a little exotic, and possibly somewhere none of us might never go. Kuala Lumpur

    Kuala Lumpur officially the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur (MalayWilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur) and colloquially referred to as KL, is a federal territory and the capital city of Malaysia. It is the largest city in Malaysia, covering an area of 243 km2 (94 sq mi) with an estimated population of 1.73 million as of 2016.[8] Greater Kuala Lumpur, also known as the Klang Valley, is an urban agglomeration of 7.564 million people as of 2018. It is among the fastest growing metropolitan regions in Southeast Asia, in both population and economic development.

    Kuala Lumpur is one of the three federal territories of Malaysiaenclaved within the state of Selangor, on the central west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Since the 1990s, the city has played host to many international sporting, political and cultural events including the 1998 Commonwealth Games and the 2017 Southeast Asian Games. Kuala Lumpur has undergone rapid development in recent decades and is home to the tallest twin buildings in the world, the Petronas Towers, which have since become an iconic symbol of Malaysia in general.

    Kuala Lumpur has a comprehensive road system supported by an extensive range of public transport networks, known as the Klang Valley Integrated Transit System. It was ranked as being the 6th most-visited city in the world in 2019 by Mastercard. The city houses three of the world's 10 largest shopping malls.[13] In 2020, Kuala Lumpur was named as the World Book Capital by UNESCO.

    Moonrise over Kuala Lumpur

    At the iconic intersection of Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Sultan Ismail; the heart of Bukit Bintang, Malaysia's premier shopping street. The Petronas Twin Towers can be seen behind the buildings on the right.

    Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square)

    Tugu Negara Malaysia / National Monument of Malaysia

    Kuala Lumpur Railway Station Completed in 1910 to replace an older station on the same site, the station was Kuala Lumpur's railway hub in the city for the Federated Malay States Railways and Malayan Railway (Malay: Keretapi Tanah Melayu), before Kuala Lumpur Sentral assumed much of its role in 2001. The station is notable for its architecture, adopting a mixture of Eastern and Western designs. The station is located along a road named Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, previously known as Victory Avenue, which in turn was part of Damansara Road. The station is located closely to the similarly designed Railway Administration Building, as well as the National Mosque and Dayabumi Complex. The Pasar Seni LRT station is located 400 metres away, across the Klang River.

    The Government Offices of the Federated Malay States (Now the Sultan Abdul Samad Building) facing the Padang, c. 1900

    A pedestrian mall by the Central Market

    Seberang Perai

    The view of Kuala Lumpur from Titiwangsa Lake Gardens

    Petronas Twin Towers and Maxis Tower

    “I've got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen.”
    Louisa May Alcott, Little Women
  • dachshunddachshund Member Posts: 7,845

    Good morning everyone

    Thank you for caring about lexi she had an abscess on a tooth so had to have a op she's back home now happier and on soft food she has to go tomorrow for a check up.

    Kath (((())) lovely photo's school days were day's you had no worries weren't they. That's good the nurse came. Love to Chris ((())) and Anita ((())) and Val ((())) and your Dad ((()))

    Barbara ((())) that was good you could watch the service love to your niece ((())) she will be alright with your help ((())) love to Mr B ((())) and your son ((())) and Niamh ((())) she is good being able to do the swab test for you ((())) love to your brother ((())) and his girlfriend ((()))

    Toni ((()))) do you mind if I ask does Lucy ((())) still have her sesure's ((())) Good luck in June you will have the best figaro there ((())) love to Paul ((())) Charley ((())) and Annie ((())) and the carers ((())) and Tia ((()) Kari ((())) and P ((())) and your lovely neighbours ((())))

    Mike ((())) I'm so sorry about Elliott ((())) being in hospital again that's good there's an improvement ((())) Good your shopping was correct.

    love to Bill ((())). Chris ((())) Carol Mig ((()))

    take care
    joan xx
  • CatLady1CatLady1 Member Posts: 50
    edited 9. Apr 2021, 10:30

    Morning everyone,

    Love those pictures you have put on Kath.s It looks a beautiful.place but I wonder what it is like in places in the housing areas. I just wonder because on one of our cruise, which was a fly cruise, we were too early to go back to the airport so the coach driver took us on a ride through St. George's (hope that's the correct place) in Barbados. The popular tourist area were beautiful but out in the countryside the small villages looked like hovals, only word for them. It was an eye opener.

    Sorry that Levi has been poorly Joan. Hope now they have taken out a tooth out that she will continue to improve. It's not good when you have a poorly let and they can't tell you what is wrong. Hope went she goes for her check she will come home with a good result.

    I had a heated conversation with a lady from a travel insurance company. I usually do it online but as I was only going round the UK not calling anywhere the site wouldn't accept it. I was fine with all the questions, the general ones and the health ones until I got to her question about fibromyalgia. I was asked for it affect my back pain (I had already declared back troubles). It was then the fun began I told her fibromyalgia can affect your whole body. She wouldn't accept that. This went on her stressing the condition, my answer was the same. She then said before I finish this form I suggest you visit your doctor and ask him that question. My reply was he wouldn't know as fibromyalgia has so many side effects and no one came answer that. In the end I told her to put yes. I was really getting annoyed. At the end of the form filling she quoted me £198 for the 7 day cruise. When I said I would think about it she said she could put me over to a sort of compare company. These people offered me the best insurance which was £99. End of story.

    You Toni have got some thing nice to look forward too. A time away with your lovely link car and staying in your motor home. You will be really safe there.

    Just read a post from the scientists who monitor and keep check on the Covid situation in the Uk. They say that they are pretty confident that we shouldn't face a 3rd wave. They sounded very confident about this. I just hope that's right. I feel it all depends on those idiots who just say no one is telling us what to do.

    Gentle hugs to Toni, Kath, Joan, Barbara, Carol, Mike and anyone I've missed. Have a good day and enjoy all you are doing.

    Chris. aka CatLady.

  • frogmortonfrogmorton Member Posts: 26,345
    edited 10. Apr 2021, 06:40

    Well done Chris asserting yourself with the travel company and getting £100 off! Sometimes that's what we've go to do you should be proud of yourself🙂

    Oh thank goodness no third wave if everyone behaves themselves. Did Chris Whitty agree? I trust him because he's the only one who backchats Boris if he disagrees with him. Let's hope the stupid ones do just that. It would be fine if it only affected them wouldn't it? 🙄

    We also did a tour like that off the beaten track it was so upsetting and the same on our honeymoon in Egypt mind you I expect they could find upsetting places here too. The streets at night with the homeless maybe 😕

    Mike thank you such good news about Elliott he will do it I am sure he really is a strong boy. ((())) for you though. What? an order with no subs? How did you do that? You can do my order next week then! I don't mind if it's one of my items it's when it's one of the neighbours' I get annoyed.

    Joan thank you for the update on Lexi bless her I bet she feels much better now without that tooth. Yes Lucy does still have epilepsy and is still on 3 medications to control them, but they have been way way better recently so fingers 🤞 Love to you and Sue (((()))) xxx

    Morning Kath (who will be taking today off) I hope you grab some of Aidan's croissants though?

    What a great trip that was! Sleek loved it, but luckily behaved very well I think all that water was too much even for her 'soup ear rear' (apparently) swimming skills.

    She took a selfie in front of the towers and cat chatted it to Mrs Darcey Miss Cookie and everyone else back at home.

    I must say the architecture in Kuala Lumpur rivals Nottingham don't you think?

    We loved your nostalgia trip! and actually exams were a lot harder in our day they proved it! I got unclassified for maths 😯 hah! Nowadays I would have probably passed! I hated it. The maths teacher scared me I used to get hiccups for his lessons. Problem was they put me in the top group for everything and actually I was terrible at maths needed the bottom class for that.

    Hope all is well with our Barbara maybe recovering from that sad funeral or more likely those eyes playing up again. Love also to Carol and family xxx

    Rightyho it's saturday so i don't have to think what to do for breakfast....just pop these in the oven for a warm through and get the preserves out.....coffee machine on....

    What?! the sun is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Toni xxx
  • Mike1Mike1 Member Posts: 1,325

    I told the delivery driver that it was the first time in over 2 years that I had no substitutions or omissions and he advised me to keep quiet about it 😁 Had a bacon butty for breakfast and Vixen immediately came to see what I was doing and went mad for the raw bacon, needless to say she had some! I was a bit worried about her salt intake as a result but over the years I have become convinced that cats will not eat what is bad for them. She goes mad for chocolate raisins as well but I do limit her to two halves at a time and we do not have them very often. Flag in garden lowered to half mast in honour of the Duke, we called him "Phil the Greek" in the forces.

  • barbara12barbara12 Member Posts: 20,950

    Hello all

    I gave my eyes a rest yesterday..

    Joan I'm so pleased that Lexi is on the mend from the tooth abcess.. she must feel much better and thankyou xx

    Mike some good news about Elliot bless him ..he's a string young man xx.you keep up the good work with your online shopping 😅xx

    Toni the streaming if the funeral was really good perfect in fact ...I think my neice and her siblings are in shock it was so very sudden ..they have to wait weeks to hear what was the cause

    Lucy was so brave..but it leaves its toll bless her but a good family helps xx

    Chris glad you had it out with them over your insurance.. I have to ring now instead if doing it online...xx

    Kath I needed the warmth of Kuala lumpa ..how beautiful it looks..

    I'm so glad your eyes are helped with a good light.. they are a pain xx

    Sold all my pine furniture out of our double room its over 30 years old and far to big.. so now I am having a small cream wardrobe and drawers ..so it needs decorating now something I used to do..can't wait 😁

    Love to all


  • frogmortonfrogmorton Member Posts: 26,345

    Get you Barbara having your bedroom all done. We also had pine 30 years ago it was lovely at the time but seems so dark now doesn't it? It will look lovely get someone to decorate for you you deserve it.

    Good idea to give your eyes arest I do hope it helped a bit ((()))

    So lovely to hear the funeral streaming went well and it was a lovely service I bet that you wanted just to be able to hug your niece though 😕 I hope the cause of death will be established sooner than you fear.

    Lucy did very well but it was a nightmare. I think this is why I want Elliott the other side of his treatment. I know he will also live with the consequences, but that can be done once the fear of the cancer and treatment is over.

    Bacon butties with Niamh?🙂take her some from the cooked breaky😉

    Mike yes the driver was right keep it quiet if you got all your order!!!😁 I expect you are right cats aren't like dogs who will readily eat anything even chocolate which is known to be bad for them nowadays. I remember our old dog when I was a child eating whole (stealing whole) easter eggs! We had a shop!

    What a fitting tribute to the Duke. That is lovely

    I don't have a flag so posted this pic instead.

    Where was Joan? I hope ok just looking after Lexi or maybe computer glitches? ((()))sending love to you all you and Sue and the dogs xxx

    Hope Kath had a good day of the web and feels better for it. Today we are having a treat for Lucy mostly a Nando's take away. We will be driving to a nearby town click and collect order and then eat it in Paul's van! Will be very careful as it's in Wolverhampton which is a bit high figures-wise still.

    Hello to Chris I expect you've been doing some art keeping yourself all chilled out. I hope all is well with you the rain kept us in yesterday (except when we went in the motorhome and sussed out some of the workings), I expect it did you too.

    Love also to Carol I hope you are all well. When are you booked for Margate i can't remember?

    Today we will have our usual Sunday breakfast of course we must

    but two sizes on offer!

    take care everyone


    Toni xxx
  • dachshunddachshund Member Posts: 7,845

    Good morning everyone

    Thank you for caring about lexi yes it's alright she has to finish her tabs.

    Chris ((())) that's good you looked around and got a £100 off have a lovely time when you go.

    Toni ((())) Lucy has been through such a lot ((())) I's nice she's doing what she wants now (((())) love to Paul ((())) Charley ((())) and Annie ((())) and the carers ((())) Tia ((())) Kari ((())) and P ((())) and your lovely neighbours ((())

    Barbara ((())) I hope everything went has well as it could ((())) life can be hard at times (((()))) love to Mr B ((())) and your son ((())) and Niamh ((())) and your brother ((())) and his girlfriend ((()))

    Mike (((()))) love to Elliott ((())) yes I remember Phillip the Greek. Love to vixn ((()))

    love to Bill (())) Kath ((())) Carol ((())) Mig ((())

    take care
    joan xx
  • kathleenTkathleenT Member Posts: 3,188

    Hello each - remember Beryl Reid saying that on the radio. Dad had his second jab this morning, so Anita missed her Sunday morning lie-in. His appointment was 10:30 am. I've asked Elizabeth Soulsby to pop in one day. She's had her cataracts done and can see better now. But isn't sure anybody wll remember her. Of course we will.

    Chris, I know what you mean, we very rarely see the other side of these exotic places. I hate to see the poverty that some have to live in.

    Barbara, I'm so pleased you gave your poor eyes a rest. I wonder if it would help if you wore an eye patch on your bad eye. I wore one for a short while, but if you do, try to get a fabric one and not a plastic one as they make your eye socket sweat.

    Joan, of course we care about Lexi and are really happy to hear she is responding to treatment.

    Toni, I've been a bit naughty and taken all the eggs off the breakfasts. 😊

    I'm glad you enjoyed Kuala Lumpur and that Sleek enjoyed the swimming. I totally agree that their architecture rivals Nottingham's.

    Don't remind me of my poor show in school exams. If I had lived in the county of Nottingham instead of the city, I'd have failed my 11+ and gone to secondary school. But I lived in the city centre while my junior school was in Woodthorpe in the county. So I did a different exam to my schoolfriends who all lived in Arnold in the county. They had an English exam and a maths exam. I'd have definitely failed maths and so failed the whole exam. But my two exams were IQ tests which I enjoyed doing and was pretty good at. So I passed the whole exam. I hope you can understand all that.

    Poor area of Kuala Lumpur

    “I've got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen.”
    Louisa May Alcott, Little Women
  • barbara12barbara12 Member Posts: 20,950

    Afternoon all..what a lovely day if you wrap up..😁

    Our second jab booked for the 13th..I'm amazed at how well all these vaccinations have gone

    Toni a full English thankyou ..yes you andLucy know so much now about the treatment Elliot will be going through..I always wish I could help them..

    I am hoping to see my neice this week in the garden ..I think it's getting a tad warmer xx

    Joan life can be hard but we all deal with it in our own way I always admire you and Sue..love to all of you xxxx

    Kath I only thought of an eye patch the other day..we are on the same wavelength.. I am sure it will help for now..glad dad is having his second jab ...how was your second one ..I am hoping oursuis has good has the first..xx

    Love to all


  • kathleenTkathleenT Member Posts: 3,188

    I've just remembered - Emily has acquired an allotment. More on that when I find out myself..

    Barbara, good news. ❤️

    “I've got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen.”
    Louisa May Alcott, Little Women
  • CatLady1CatLady1 Member Posts: 50

    Hello everyone

    This is the first time I've had free to come on here. It's awful I know yesterday was busy but I can't remember quite what I did other than look at UTube to try and suss out how to sort out the tension on my sewing machine.

    I have been piggy, at this time of night and all, and had 2 pieces of fried bread and a sausage. That was delicious Toni. If I get indigestion in the night too bad.

    Well done Mike a complete shopping order delivered. Now that is a miricle. Better be careful what I say it my next order might be jinxed.

    It's been a strange day for weather here. It was frosty first thing and we had some sun. Then it clouded over. I had to go and get a Covid test this morning, ready for hopefully my test on Wednesday. We had snow on our way home it lasted about 10 mins. This afternoon's been cloudy with a couple of short sharp showers.

    Well that's a little shorter than usual. Gentle hugs to Toni ((())) Kath ((())). Barbara ((())) Joan((()))

    Carol ((())). Mike ((())) and anyone I've missed.

    Tomorrow is Hair cut day. Yippee. Perhaps I won't have hair like Boris.

    Night night all. Chris aka CatLady.

  • Mike1Mike1 Member Posts: 1,325

    Morning gang, Elliott went home from hospital over the weekend thankfully. I have ordered an M&S caterpillar bag of goodies to be delivered to them tomorrow as the lad has lost a lot of weight so a load of choccie will do him good. I have an OT visiting this morning to measure me up for a new riser recliner courtesy of Cornwall Council so good news all round for the start of the week. Not only that but on Wednesday my visiting hairdresser will be arriving to cut my hair so no more wispy bits tickling my lugholes 😊

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