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    Thanks toady 🐸

    I survived another day In Vesuvius Central 👍I don’t really buy posh makeup brands v often, just stuff like Revlon, I’m so lazy about makeup etc these days that I just apply dark Revlon moisturising lipstick as I’m too lazy to apply lip balm lol and my hair seldom looks as styled as Captain Kirk lol, bye for now and good night too. Xx

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    Morning everyone

    Had to post that one due to the spelling mistake of soup🤣 How very rude!!

    Morning Joan I didn't see Sue's post either I bet it did that thing where you have to press 'post message' twice before it works. It's happened to all of us. Anyway how are you both? Camera 3pm on Friday so I can visit my friend before or afterwards I hope.... it's 12 days since her op and she's still so poorly😕 ((())) xxx

    Sending my usual love to our Kitty and hopes that she is doing well in the bungalow. ((())) xxx

    How are are you today Reshmi? Is everything ok at yours? I don't like to hear you are feeling stressed so sending you some pathetic ((())).

    To be fair you have a lot going on with your Mum so worried hopefully her results will be in and fine tomorrow🤞As for your Dad he is a law unto himself and has done this before I just hope it doesn't go to his chest again🙄

    Thank you I will be braving the camera on Friday at 3pm this time I am determined (well I am from the safety of my living room typing to you at least!🤭

    Your poor sister her EF are defiantly (hehe spell check did that but I'm leaving it as i think it's funny!) overstaying their welcome although I do understand they have come a long long way. At least SIL is helpful, but I am sure there is much extra work and poor BR still has a temperature😕I hope it settles today.

    I didn't think anyone smoked inside anymore I think it's stupid and selfish.😡

    The cabbage crockery set it just lovely! and the Witchy tea cosy too😊

    People give me nasty looks never mind Lucy when it comes to having the vaccination earlier than is usual. They must do for you too you are so young. I have the confidence to say somethin Lucy doesn't and of course I won't be allowed in with her will I?

    I hope your day is ok.

    Morning Toady I never thought of that! Thinking about tricky things to land on for the pusskins! That wouldn't be nasty but putting things which help them like sheds is actually avoidable isn't it?

    Post and deliveries are all over the place aren't they? I wouldn't rule out a Sunday delivery, but I wouldn't rule it in either😁

    Unfortunately Lucy will be obliged to carry on as normal won't she there are no isolation rules anymore to allow her to do much more. She will only go out to work (after warning them) and has ordered food delivered. She will avoid us though for at least a week. I think you show positive really quickly these days if you catch it.

    Today my friend and her wife will be seeing the consultant for actual information on prognosis and treatment 'going forward' (don't you just hate that expression?). We are all expecting only palliative care, but that's ok if only she could recover from this operation and get home that's all they want.

    Well done stocking up for the birds I have a feeling it will soon turn very cold indeed and they will need food. I have an offer somewhere too must locate it it's for fat balls....🧐 I have bought nothing exciting as i haven't had time to sit down much lately. woe is me. Just need Friday done and dusted I think the erm.....procedure over.😫 you'd all better be there with me to hold me down!

    Anyway you take care and enjoy your garden on my behalf too please.

    A very quick hello to Barbara (I will message her) and to Carol who I think is ok as she was active on facebook with a nice pic of her and Mr T.🙂

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    good morning everyone xx

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I hope you are doing alright take care. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) I hope your sonic comes soon. Yes we have magpies only 2 at a time. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) how are you and your family. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) ice will be there on Friday (()). When we went for the jab last week we always go in together it’s in a big room. I think it depends on the size of the room. Good luck to her I hope she doesn’t catch it. I’m sorry your friends wife is so poorly I know it’s so upsetting when it’s the big C I’m sure going up to the moon they won’t find the cure there. Have a good day. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) I hope your Dad (()) does not feel to poorly when he comes in. Have a good day and your mum (())

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    Phew, made it at last. I’m surprised you all remember me! No photos yet, haven’t had time. But roller blinds are on order and then my little home will be complete - maybe next month. The carers arrive between 9 ane10, then breakfast, and it takes me so long to do everything! I’m waiting for my cataract operation then I will be able to see better oh, here is a photo of my sofa with my zimmer poking it’s nose in.

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    hi again toady🐸

    how are things with you today? About favourite makeup brands I really like Bobbi Brown but of course that’s pretty expensive so I only buy it fairly rarely. My dad says a lot of things just to be contrary and cruel really he also said something like he didn’t care that BR is unwell, it’s a Long and complex thing to relate to anyone especially since this is a semi public voice controlling session but basically he said his only concern is the cultural society and only BR’s parents should bother about BR and no one else really it’s a bit worse than it sounds even but like I said not a great deal of privacy right now 😔.

    yes its very annoying when make up products get discontinued isn’t it? Sometimes I think I’ll buy one as a treat for myself and then I congratulate myself on somehow remembering the lipstick shade or whatever only to find out it was discontinued like you said and I think to myself these shades really don’t last long do they? very high turnover perhaps lol I could understand if they were temp receptionists I don’t think I’d last even a day in that job ha ha especially with toady’s special sonic repellent haha.

    Did you have any favourite poets that you read at school? or maybe afterwards? just curious, I used to enjoy Wordsworth quite a lot.

    I could go on waffling for hours but I feel the need to stop myself to get things done glad the working out of deals went ok. Bye for now take care. Xx

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    Hi Toni

    that’s really good that you’re trying to have the endoscopy again on Friday 👍👍

    Thankfully dad’s health hasn’t deteriorated again well not yet, but he’s going to this cultural thing for a few more days so the worry in that respect isn’t over, he’s filled the house with ice-cream😡so after walk I had a big dairy home-made ct Latte this morning just to stop myself from eating it…he also said nasty things about BR , that his being ill should just be his parents concern, no one else should be bothered they should only be bothered about the cultural society😡.

    I think apart from BR and my mum’s very understandable worry about result, everyone is okay thanks.

    No I haven’t had looks about having jab early but and people do seem to fly off the handle about all sorts of unreasonable things no doubt there the amount of times I’ve been told only old people have arthritis a lot of ignorance around 🤗.

    i’m not that young Toni but nice that you think so 😂 I’m in my forties.

    i’m not doing too badly today thanks Toni tho feeling rather warm, methotrexate hangover ends tomorrow so I should be able to eat some nice food although of course not going crazy on the old cheese. Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday take care. Xx

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    Hi Joan I’m not too bad thank you dad is okay at the moment thanks for asking take care. Xx

    👋Barbara and Kitty xx

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    Hello all 😊 nice to come in & be among some sensible people, & away from DIY Dad who has been alternately drilling at top volume and banging, for 5 hours straight. No garden for me and slim hope of concentrating on any indoor jobs which as it happened I wanted to as well, letter-writing etc. 😕 Oh go on, bang your thumb with a hammer, I really am past being charitable to anyone at this point - a nice Sunday wasted.

    Hey ho, cup of tea & a moan it is then. Hope you are having some quiet time yourself frog, I will be going for bloods on Friday and probably coming back as you are setting off so I will just squeak in with the moral support cafe gang 👍️ you definitely need all of us. Is spellcheck really behind the epidemic of defiantly-s everywhere?! That never occurred to me but yes I suppose logically there must have been a reason why everyone suddenly thinks it's that (they could go back and correct it though! 😣). As you will see I have been banjaxed in the gardening dept. today, and I had hollyhocks and foxgloves to plant, and a job I'd been looking forward to involving some troughs. Blah. No sign of any deliveries though the tracking did say an attempt had been made yesterday evening (no) and even if so, there should be no reason not to have tried today 🙄. Have not spotted naughty puss today either maybe also not keen on the infernal racket 🤨 yes any obstacles I've put around are of course just things to make it seem an unreliable place to get your footing, no poky sticks or anything nasty, like you said - I'm not sure what you meant about the shed? sorry. Just that some things might be a help to them but that nothing can be done about that? Hopefully you will find your fatball offer. Aren't sunflower seed hearts pricey 😮 more per kg than I would want to pay for food grade ones tbh., they will have to peck their own out of the with-shell ones. My 'Garden Statement' sunflowers are also out now but I'm not sure what sort of a statement they are making 😂 probably something disparaging about me and their lot in life. I hope Lucy is fine even if having to work around things and shame she can't see you, hope her friend is ok too of course, I meant to say. Yes 'going forward' is an awful bit of newfangled business jargon-y silliness, I have caught myself saying it, only in quote marks, but bad enough. I hope something useful was got out of your friend's consultant, with or without doctor-speak, that's the main thing. Tea at any & all times xx

    Hello joan, no magpies today, all the birds are quiet in fact. Shame I can't say the same for the neighbours 🙄 oh well they seem to have stopped for the day so will go out and make the best of things, could be worse I could be in a high rise with no garden at all. Hope you are both having a good day it has been quite nice & sunny 🌞.

    Kitty how lovely to see you 😀 glad you are getting some roller blinds, are you having them as well as curtains for privacy or is this for the kitchen etc. I love your curtains in your picture🌹😍 I would have those myself - no normal curtain lengths fit my windows though it is very annoying 😔 nice sofa too. Enjoy your lovely new home see you again soon :) xx

    Hi bosh, having an irritating noisy Sunday as you may have seen, so haven't got much done 😕 oh well can't be helped. Sorry your Dad is being rather awful it is unfair on you all, it seems the cultural society is maybe something he sets such a lot of importance by in the way people do who need a total focus in life (though it's not really for me to analyze his motives) it's such a shame when for a lot of people family would be that focus. I hope little BR gets better soon poor thing is his temp down any today 😔. And hope you have had a bit of quiet privacy sometime today. I like E.L.F. cosmetics and Pixi too, all very suitable for fairies, maybe it could have a fairy-like effect on me one can but hope 😊 . Hair, well I am never going to get fairy hair or indeed hair as styled as Captain Kirk (well whose is!) so I would settle for wool hair like your sweet little witches, that looks fairly manageable 😀. At school we did Edward Thomas, and Robert Frost & a couple of others.. Betjeman as well.. I was only half interested at the time but some of their poetry stuck with me anyway and then I got a bit more into it later. I like Wordsworth too, I like The Prelude for example, I mostly dip into all sorts some classic ones like Keats and Coleridge some more modern. I don't think I've ever really read Browning or Tennyson, how about you 🤔 & barely read our friend T S Eliot for that matter, haha, he is so difficult - I read some at school and really did not get it then, at all. I pick up poetry collection books now & again from charity shops or just randomly online from recommendation etc & see if there's something I've never read that I like even if it only ends up being one or two poems. Hope you have a good week and can get your own 'things to do' done :) xx

    Hello Barbara 😘 thinking of you and have a good week, my 3 tins of paint arrived today so at least I can get on with the decorating whilst I contemplate vicinicide (murder of one's neighbour.. doesn't seem to be an actual word apparently 🤔.. can't think why 😂). Love to all xx

    & to anyone passing xx

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    Thanks toady I’ll reply properly later just got another S Trek joke for you while it’s in my mind Uhura has picked up on a new communication, she’s saying, “Break open a new box of multicoloured fruit - I’m celebrating because the director said I can wear trousers this episode, Kirk’s in the miniskirt!” Lol. Tc. Xx

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    Morning anyone who pops by old or new! All VERY welcome😊

    How lovely to see you Kitty! That has really cheered me up. No way we could/would forget you at all. I Love the sofa a lovely rust colour the carpet looks so cosy the curtains match perfectly. I can imagine with the carers coming the day gets off to a start after they've left so much to do. Just pop in when you can it's great to see you here.☺️

    Morning Joan I am glad you and Sue get to go in for your jabs together. I nearly went in with a lady who I had been chatting to they thought she was my Mum!!! She was a nice lady anyway very friendly helped to pass the time queueing. That made me smile - no I can't see trips to the moon curing cancer. At least we can treat most of it. they weren't told how long she has left just that she won't have any further surgery but has a 70/30 chance of recovery from this operation now. We'll take that. the staff are doing a wonderful job so far with her really caring about her. Have a good day both of you. ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi I hope today is a good day for you and that you feel as well as possible MTX hangover done and dusted🤞. ice cream filling the house? Your mum can't have that can she? What was your Dad thinking? Mind you I think I have said before my Dad was as bad his was usually chocolate or cream cakes. Well done having your homemade latte very very sensible.

    I tried the new cathedral city vegan cheese? Well it tastes the best yet, but made pretty awful cheese on toast...will try in a cheese sauce next.

    I care whether BR has a fever. I know I'm not family, but he is a baby a sweet funny baby, although I do understand the cultural differences. Parents of course should and certainly do worry far more, but I bet your Mum is worried. I hope he is a good bit better today. Any news on your Mum's final blood result yet?

    You are young to me being in your forties I am in my fifties and can see 60 looming too....scary!

    Uhura wearing trousers?! That would be amazing bless her Kirk might like her short dress who knows? Gosh it was sexist wasn't it? Still that was the way it was back then I suppose.

    I hope your day is a good one and you manage to do all you want to.

    Morning Toady I hope today is a good day for you too.

    I found my offer it was RSPB which is good and in date until January. Will wash out my feeders ready soon. I have some mixed seed and some fat stick thingies, but no sunflower seed hearts yet so i had a quick look😮what on earth?!

    DIY Dad was off again was he how could anyone hammer for 5 hours? Surely that would give him RSI?? I bet he's in his shed like the man on the advert avoiding his grandchildren😉 Seriously though it is incredibly difficult living by people who want different things (intrusive ones) for their Sundays. We had to go shopping! Yes shopping to get a button front nightie for my friend. She wants one so there is access to important areas for the nurses but it's her birthday today. She has been given 70/30 chance of survival from the op she has had - we'll take that after the last 12 days.

    I hope your bloods go well on Friday and I'll see you at Stoke for 3 (better be all of you) I'm not at all keen.😥

    Oh lovely a pic of the sunflowers making their statement would be lovely 'going forward '😁 bloomin jargon🙄I can't be doing with it myself and am getting increasingly annoyed with Americanisms like I am chill instead of i am chilled (which was bad enough). Toni calm down!!!

    Wasn't it fabulous to see Kitty?

    Sending my love to Barbara and Mr T hoping all is well up there ((())) xxx

    and of course to Carol Mr T and Cookie pusskin!

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) it’s lovely to see you thank you (()) your carpet is the same has our one in our passage. Nice you have more room to have a frame. I hope you don’t have to wait too long for your cataract appointment. Have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) I’m sorry you are having so much trouble with your neighbours perhaps you should make a noise when they are quiet. I hope you have a good day.

    Barbara (()) thinking about you and your family I hope all is well there. Have a good day. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) thank you for saying about your friend (()) i will be there for you on Friday (()) have a good day. love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) your Dad does not seem happy. Love to your mum (()) have a good day.

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    Hello people 😊 just a quick early visit as I have to get on with some stuff, and wash my hair 😕 shopping coming this week and the bloods as well. Can't say I've exactly put in the extra walking I should have to set me up for the trek to the stupid new surgery, but will just have to traipse there at my own pace & lump it, no real way round it. Did have a quick walk last night, the wide-mouthed postbox was full I could have taken post out; ofc it was cheerily sitting there with its Friday tag, stuffed mine to the back and hoped for the best. Might get in the garden for a while this morning if it stays nice, I will try & get a sunflower pic frog it did not want to pick up the nice lemony yellow yesterday but will have another go. 🌻 No noise today anyway, well not much, there's always someone scraping or brooming something somewhere. The DIY job was not hammering without a pause but it was continual in the sense of hammer for a bit, drill for a bit, talk to someone over the fence & have a laugh haha for a bit, all good fun for you mate. Not in the shed either, I wish, right out in the garden a few feet away constructing something (I assume). The thing is it's not wilful noise, if you've got some sort of project fair enough, it's not like they're noisy loud people otherwise - it's just that if it's not one of them another starts, so that it's always something. No-one seems to just live in their houses, paint & decorate occasionally, have a new kitchen or whatever, & look after their garden nicely - it's these endless large outdoor projects that seem to be all everyone ever does. Oh well I will only get worse if I complain like proper noisy loud music neighbours, so better stop moaning. Did you see the nice hedgehog street story today, yay for the good people 😀🤞. Oh the jargon 🙄 it is all over ebay now.. you get emails saying "you made the sale" and "we got your order", ugh. Hope you have an ok day and best to everyone, glad there is better news for your friend, relative to what it could be, and I hope you had a quite nice drive/outing yesterday alongside the shopping you went for. xx

    Morning joan, I have been tempted to make some noise myself 😉 but I'd rather everyone just finished their projects and didn't start another one for 5 minutes! I know they aren't doing it on purpose but I've just lost tolerance with people 🤨 partly because I know they are usually doing a 'destructive' thing, digging up lawns, paving over drives etc if they were out just putting up greenhouses or digging their gardens I wouldn't mind so much on principle. Quite a nice morning, I have to go and pay some bills water rates &c in a minute that'll put a damper on things. Have a good day yourselves :) xx

    Quick hi to bosh I will probably see you later so will chat then 😊 hope things not too bad with you. xx

    Hello Kitty and hope things well with you today 😊

    Love to Barbara 😘 and any callers xx

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    H Joan how are you and Sue today?

    I understand everyone’s minds are complex most definitely but there’s always been some cruelty about dad now it’s much worse I’m not saying there is not some good buried somewhere deep inside hope you have a good day take care. Xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺and toady🐸 I promise I will post properly at some point today but EF are coming it’s all a bit last-minute BR’s temp has got lower whether it’s normal I’m not quite sure I’m just going to do a few things like have lunch find out which rooms are accessible and things like that I think so I’ll be back soon I promise

    yes thank goodness it’s not miniskirt decade anymore Toni ha ha, 50 is looming fairly close for me, I’m also practising some ice cream avoidance, a new religion perhaps lol, take care bye for now. Xx

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    Hi again toady 🐸

    just a quick from memory message today unfortunately all chaos has broken loose unfortunately EF are coming, also mums worried she might have Covid long story really, but she stood in a crowd to help someone else…so maximum lava flow today on both parental fronts 🔥

    I liked The Wasteland, but I think only because I had a good teacher to guide me through it, to “navigate” it no less lol.

    bye for now toady Tc xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you? EF are coming this afternoon about 4.30 pm, so chaos and parental “Vesuvii” already in full flow, im stuck in the stuffy room, I think dad just has a v evil streak in him, to put it one way, not so much cultural diffs in this case, he bought ice cream for bill mainly I think, yes v bad for diabetic mum no doubt, but he got THREE boxes of it, I secretly threw some out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s already replaced it, I’m avoiding looking in freezer tbh.

    Thats it for now sorry Toni, already trying not to fall asleep in furnace of a room / house.

    bye for now hope you have a good day and find a good v cheese sauce. Xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺and toady 🐸just a quick poem from me (btw I’m not actually baking at the moment, that’s just poetic license). Xx

    its called It’s no utopia in Suburbia

    A glorious family idyll? - no I’m just rolling with the punches🥊

    Baking little cakes for nephew’s yummy lunches,

    Gulping down homemade milky drinks

    So that I can avoid ice cream related munches (munchies).

    ps pic is a monster munch related cake I found lol. Xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    now for another instalment as it were, was tulip fever made into a film? I can’t remember now, you may well be right, I read another book by same author by the way, can’t remember title at the moment, didn’t like it all strangely, it was v much “chick lit” style as they say, yes dad likes his obsessions you’re right there, but he’s endangering his own health now, anyway I can’t do anything about it, so I’m trying not to worry too much, we read so many poems at school I’ve lost track lol, but I also enjoyed reading Seamus Heaney later on in life, the DIY dad that must be v annoying, my dad also makes a big racket when mum and I are trying to sleep 💤, it’s a kind of torture really isn’t ? Oh well the DIY person has got to run out of energy sometime - unless his cats are feeding him lucozade of course in which case maybe time to pass him a family sized sleeping tablet, 75% off on eb*y , as long as you read the small print lol.

    ok I’ll stop for now, hope your bloods go well on Friday 🤞. Tc xx

    ps pic is pharmacy - related cake. Xx

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    Hi again Toni 🌺

    no Ive not tried the C City vegan cheese, that’s good, Shame it’s not nice melted.

    cream cakes thats terrible, that’s one of the things I never have, also to be honest I don’t think they taste that great really, still not good of course that the cream cake and naughty treats shop is practically on my doorstep!

    was your dad a difficult person in some other ways? If you don’t mind me asking please?

    thanks about BR his temp has finally gone down and he’s actually downstairs at the moment running around eating half a massive biscuit 🍪 (well massive for him lol) v much in big bro - style lol.

    LA is of course also v much present, he’s eating ice cream cake whatever he can find it seems lol, a new alpha male in the house 🏡 makes a change, lol.

    I don’t think they’re staying for that long they’re going to the cultural event thing then going home, unless they change their plans, which happens a lot, I’m hiding in my room with window slightly open, a bit too cold and back slightly aching, but rest of house is v much a furnace and I’m just trying to stay awake.

    How’s your back at the moment? Whereabouts is Scotland is Paul roughly? Sis’ EF went to Edinburgh they flew there this morning

    I like the cupcakes/ no cupcakes sign lol.

    bye for now Toni and have a nice evening. Xx

    ps I found this pic called coffee pot home, lol. Xx

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    Quick evening visit to say 'night to everyone as I am going to go to bed early & be good (not this early but must at least turn laptop off in good time) - hi to bosh and nice to hear your news though sorry it mostly involves unexpected EF, and gosh do hope your Mum has not got the Covid 😔 do take care though of course not easy in the same house - hope things turn out ok🤞and glad at least little BR is better, or better than he was, that's good. I did not get half the things done I meant to and probably you have not had time to yourself much either but glad you made it in here and brought us some nice stuff & poetry 😀. I can't remember much Seamus Heaney off the top of my head but I have a set of Penguin Modern Poets paperbacks, well some of, and I expect he is in there somewhere 🤔. (Actually no! just checked. Will go and look him out in another anthology). I seem to remember you are right that Deborah Moggach's other books are largely of the romance/comedy/drama type, not my cup of tea so much. DIY Dad has not got cats, well I hope not! though there is one I see that I don't know whose is. The others are all to the left or right, he is at the bottom of the garden, if he is getting Lucozade it is from his kids; actually that's quite likely, I think you are on to something there! 😬. I do find noise to be torture really, peace & quiet is becoming a main requirement of life especially having had not much of it lately you really crave it. So sorry about your ongoing DV probs, all you can do is what you are doing and try not to get too drawn in 🙄. Hope you have an ok night and can get at least a tolerable sleeping temperature &c. Here's a cat-themed kind of poem for you by Charles Bukowski - "I live with a lady and four cats and some days we get along. some days I have trouble with one of the cats. other days I have trouble with two of the cats. other days, three. some days I have trouble with all four of the cats and the lady: ten eyes looking at me as if I were a dog." Probably with good reason, who can say #men 😉. xx

    Have a good night all 👋 xx

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    Morning everyone

    I am at my friend's it was her birthday yesterday so keeping her wife company. Not as good a day as we had hoped as she was called into the hospital with talk of stopping treatment and going home settled by the end of the day though.

    Joan thank you for saying you'll be with me on Friday I need all the support I can get 😦 I hope you are both well and the dogs too? ((())) xxx

    Morning Toady! In before lunch? Unheard of😮

    I do see what you mean there is a neighbour on the estate in the village (about 12 houses) who had been outside making a racket all weekend every weekend for 3 solid years. The people there are pretty tired of it all too.

    As you say though it could be worse at least he isnt a nasty person.

    Your poor wide mouthed frog phone box bless it. I cant imagine that so full! I bet it feels quite sick!!! Hope your own letter is ok it will be picked up hopefully by now🤞

    You will have had your bloods by now and all being well no problems apart from the long slow trek over there.

    I hope you got in your garden in the end you'll see not so for me. For some reason though I did clean out Charley's car which is currently swapped with my juke. Looks a lot better and numbed my brain perfectly before the call to the hospital.

    Morning Reshmi. My Dad was a total DV I'm afraid but could be funniest man when he was on form. He was Hungarian and very volatile. That's why I understand you walking on eggshells. It's pretty dreadful. I chose a peace loving husband in Paul.

    I'm so glad your EF got to visit and BR is much better now. Incredible they managed the cultural event! That's it with little ones though they do bounce back so quickly.👍😊

    Paul is in Aberdeen atm back today but on Thursday will be back up in Glasgow. He has a lot of work in Scotland. Edinburgh is just lovely your sister's ef will enjoy themselves it's very pretty and historic.

    My back isn't too bad at all. How about you though? I know the house is hot but hope you dont get a chill upstairs with the window open. 😕

    Sorry this is short I am up at my friend's so need to be quicker than usual.

    Hope to see you all later

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 2,384

    Good morning everyone xx

    wppl xx

  • dachshund
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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) Thank you for your photo your room is lovely nice walking around now you have more room. Have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) good luck with the blood test. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) I hope everything is alright there have a good day. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) I’m sorry you had to rush into the hospital for your friend. Very worrying I know (()) love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie ()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day. Has your mum had her results back yet (())