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    Hi everyone good afternoon hope you’re all well?

    Will post properly later. Xx

    ps pic is ginger lemon squash one of my fave drinks - well mine and RR’s lol. X

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    hi toady 🐸

    how are you today? do you just a quick message at the moment I think

    glad you like the Star Trek poem etc

    no I’m not really going to pass off Waitrose cake as mine that was just a joke poetic license or is it artistic license? I’m never really sure which is the right phrase do you have any ideas toady? I tried to look it up online but couldn’t find much of an answer there but as you are I and other wise owls know, Internet doesn’t have the answers to everything

    things aren’t too bad here right at the moment I had some coconut also which as I mentioned always makes me feel good though the prob with that is that I can’t have it when I have stomach issues so that’s a big drawback

    I May have to consult Mr Spock for a stomach friendly coconut water replacement lol (it’s not suitable for my delicate tummy days) I’m sure he can find a suitable and “perfectly logical” replacement for me lol, I’ll leave it there for now toady take care. Xx

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    hi Toni 🌺nice to hear from you

    don’t worry I didn’t get too upset by reading your messages it’s okay I’m glad the surgery went well for your friend even though of course things must still be very difficult for her

    you catch up on your rest Toni you don’t need to read or write any messages at the moment

    I’m glad you liked the poem and the Star Trek stuff

    things are okay at the moment just had some coconut water which always makes me feel good but like I mentioned to toady it’s not good when my stomach is feeling pretty delicate so that’s the problem but at least it spare me from the really sugary stuff on the days that my tummy behaves 👍

    LA had become such a funny boy he tells poor BR off as if he is his parent Poor BR was just eating his supper and he got stuff all over his face as babies tend to do but LA wasn’t having any of and it he said, “ BR what are you doing? you’ve got tomato sauce all over your face, it’s disgusting! Auntie goddess mima’s here and you have to look presentable”, okay the “presentable” bit wasn’t said but it was implied ha ha I tried to explain that BR is a very little chap and that’s how he eats, he doesn’t mean anyone any harm 😀

    At one Point BR took hold of the remote and started watching this cartoon film that both the boys really enjoyed Bill couldn’t get the remote back for quite some time ha ha - bless him it’s one of the few things things that he control at this time of life our tiny little friend 🤗.

    sorry now I’m skipping from point to point and also person to person but toady I just wanted to say my mum is okay thank you she’s not over doing things at the moment she mainly overdoes things when Bill is visiting etc but at the moment she’s okay and I think the holiday did indeed do her a lot of good 👍

    back to Toni 🌺sorry about that , hows your neck now? I myself try and send messages from my tablet whenever poss I think tablets and laptop so much better for that kind of thing because there is less strain on your neck muscles shoulder and back even I believe though I know of course sometimes the phone is the only convenient or poss option worth thinking about , though if I send messages on my phone I just try and keep them as brief as possible even though it’s tempting not to 😀.

    im going make the most of this coconut water related energy and organise some stuff and have a shower before the Vesuvius arrives. Have a nice day Toni and take care Xx

    Hi Joan how are you? Sorry I’ve really lost track of a lot of the messages I just read “Sue has got the all clear”, Great but what happened to Sue? I must’ve accidentally not read that part, it’s great that she’s got the all clear anyway 👍I hope both of you have a nice day thanks about my parents, I’m well thanks, bye for now. Xx

    ps pic is cheese- free pizza 🍕, I had a similar one recently. Xx

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    Hello people.. just a little one from me. I am not in the best of moods having witnessed next door's cat make off with yet one more of my precious wildlife population (not mr or mrs b), it is just one of those final straw moments where if I could pack up & get out of here today I would. BUT always coming back to, why should I be ousted from my home 🙄 yet how can I take any interest in the house & garden when it has been systematically spoiled. I am so sick of spending all my time swinging between plans for the house, and plans to leave. It just means that effectively you can't move forward backwards or sideways, because there is this constant stay/go dilemma. And that's without whatever is coming to me on the empty side, which could of course be the decider anyway. Sorry to be so negative today but I had enough on my plate, things I should have been doing and now have been distracted from, that I've really just hit the buffers for a bit. I do realize these are not the largest of issues so bear with me.

    Glad to hear at least that your friend has rallied from surgery frog, half a league onwards, though of course I couldn't be sorrier that the bigger picture is not good 😔 tough on you too and glad you made some sleep up. See you soon xx

    Hello joan and very pleased indeed to hear about Sue, and we will see her here for a cup of tea in the cafe tomorrow. Sorry to be a misery today xx

    And hi to bosh too, same goes and will see you all on a better day, in the meantime I am in the corner with a strong cup of tea, having pipe dreams of nasty revenges on my neighbours (touch of the Downtown Abbey firelighters mayhap 🤨) except that whatever my plotting, it would naturally rebound on me.. the wind would take a freak turn and it would be me that would go up like the wicked witch of the west throwing a fireball at the scarecrow 🙄 tc speak later xx

    Love to Kitty and Barbara and if either of you have any good tips for putting the mockers on my neighbours, pass them on 🙄 hope you are both doing ok today xx

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    hi toady 🐸

    don’t worry we all have bad days and whats not important to someone is often important to someone else, my dad had gone on a lamb cooking extravaganza today I have no idea why I’m certainly not going to eat it lol, lamb is one of my least favourite foods, he also had a fish frying cooking extravaganza, not using the air fryer, so you can imagine the heat and the stink 🤢 .

    I was asking my mum about the tantrums that dad threw on holiday she said that at customs he tried to carry wine in his hand luggage and then he started having a big argument with the customs lady and making a massive scene but my mum somehow managed to drag him away from there and calmed things down a bit this is the problem toady he’s really very much a liability I hate going anywhere with him…poor mum.

    i agree you that shop bought cakes can sometimes taste as good as home-made but I sometimes really like baking cakes and then taking them out of the oven they smell so nice anyway maybe I should move my chat away from cakes I’m already hungry at the moment haha.

    It must be very annoying about the cats etc, our garden is also plagued by cats like you said it is very disruptive especially if you’re awake late at night or early morning and the cats are screeching like possessed things or vampire cats perhaps, pets of the relevant nurse, extremely disconcerting and frustrating I agree, so this fish frying business is still going on toady and my eyes are hurting no matter how many eyedrops I put in them I know they’re going to hurt because no one respects my allergies and sensitivities or so it sometimes seems.

    I read something which might cheer you up toady I did a search for s*xist vintage ads, well, the search appeared really, a by - product of a previous search, anyway and I came across a shockingly prejudiced but also hilarious example, it was about an article or something called “ how to train your Wife” subheadings were things like “ teach your wife to respond to orders given by nonverbal communication like snapping of fingers to signify the order cook my dinner now etc” another one that springs to mind is “ train your wife how to sit silently while you enjoy your favourite tv programmes” the last one I remember was “ learn how to train her to bring you your pipe and slippers”…oh dear.

    well I’d better go for now toady, good night I hope tomorrow is a better day. Tc Xx

    Ps pic is Peter Rabbit in his slippers, he’s too sensible to smoke a pipe, lol. Xx

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    Morning everyone.

    Things were much better for my friend when we saw her yesterday she is finally (as of 5pm yesterday) out of recovery and onto surgical special care unit SSCU. Her wife will also see the consultant today so we will know so much more. No wires have been removed yet but I hope so in the next day or so.

    Morning Sue it's Suesday. I am very very very pleased to hear that your health scare was not the big C we didn't need that! I hope the iron tablets will do the job for you. Sending ((())) to you and Joan have a nice day. Please tell Joan that my back is easing. thank you xxx

    Love of course to Kitty who is busy adjusting to life on her own after the hectic time in the hospital then in the home. I hope the kettle tipper has arrived and the fridge top freezer is useful ((()))

    Morning Reshmi I am so glad i didn't upset you. As you can see things are a good bit better with my friend. I am hoping that we will know more today. She was allowed a cup of tea and half a tiny yoghurt yesterday.

    Thank you for asking my neck is pretty well back to 'normal' today and my back is happier because I was able to sit down more yesterday. What about you though? Is your stomach ok? Is the coconut water doing it's job and settling things? Tricky having to travel

    Oh your poor Mum😫 your Dad was lucky not to be in trouble for trying to argue with customs! Has he ever watched those customs programs on TV? Tia used to love them. At least what he gets up to can be mildly amusing if you aren't having to deal with his Vesuvius 🙄 I'm glad she overall benefitted from her holiday.

    Ouch fish! The house will reek of it your poor 👀 😔

    Absolutely understandable that LA wanted standards maintained for visits from the honourable Auntie Goddess Mima, but at the moment BR is busy learning to feed himself 😁bless them both. Actually very cute that LA is 'parenting' him. At least BR's TV remote skills are much better already!

    Thanks for the pizza it's perfect for 🍴 me! and I'm very glad Peter rabbit is not smoking a pipe!!

    Just in case Barbara (though I suspect you are saving your eyes) gets in lots of love and hopes you are all doing 👍 ok ((())) xxx

    Oh Toady!

    I am so very very sorry. Without putting spikes on your total perimeter you will never keep cats out I am so sorry😕The other thing is that moving might not solve the issue for you (I'm sure you've already thought about it) as anyone can move in at anytime nearby and disrupt your peaceful life.

    There's a lady in the village who has a lovely house overlooking open fields skimming the top of a small bungalow. That was sold and the new owners got planning for 'Southfork'. It's up already (not finished yet but up) the view is gone and they will be able see straight into her windows. She can't move as her 'babies' (deceased dogs) are buried in her garden.

    A house in the middle of nowhere with a huge walled garden that's what we all need I Monty Don seems to have.

    Let whatever happens with the empty house decide your next move. Do as you are looking after the house and garden because in the long run if you need to it will make it more attractive to others.

    Take care our friend ((())).

    If you pop by Carol I replied to your message yesterday hope all is well.

    Ok no sugar for Bosh:

    probably a Peter Rabbit egg cup!

    Vegan option

    a bit doubtful myself but I'll give it a try.....

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) thinking of you in your lovely bungalow. Have a good weekend love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) I’m sorry about the problems you are having with the cats. Have a good weekend.

    Barbara (()) I hope everything is alright there. Have a good weekend love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) that’s good your friend’s wife has had the operation and his recovering (()) have a good weekend how is your back now (()). Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) your Dad made your mum (()) embarrassed I expect she is used to it. Have a good weekend

    take care
    joan xx
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    Hi everyone xx


    vegan hot choc for Toni and because I’m cold 🥶.xx

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    Morning all - thank you for the kind words. Still miserable today I'm afraid but not a lot I can do about that at the moment. I do take your point frog that I could run into problems if I move, I would just have to take the same chances and considerations into that as anyone else I suppose, and I would at least be able to learn from miserable experience what not to put myself in the way of! You can only watch for as many possible pitfalls as you can, not 100% possible I realize, but on the other hand I have friends who have moved 3 or 4 times while I've been stuck in this situation and who have been able to live quiet lives - in hindsight I would have tried harder to do the same for myself/been less passive, because nothing can get this time back and it would have made such a difference. Excuse if I appear to go 'off' gardening right now but will do my best to get some sort of mojo back so I'm not saying never again 👨‍🌾. If anyone moves in here they will raze my trees & undergrowth so while I'm here it will definitely be a garden for me, ie tatty & overgrown where it suits me for it to be so, and not with a view to appealing to someone else, same goes for the house. I could not be sorrier and angrier about your neighbour losing her view and once again, why should she have this happen when there are so many places these stupid people could have built, and so many nicer people that could have at least done something sympathetic. 😠 But it does seem to be the trend, as with your neighbours to an extent, and without exception here, every house that has changed hands in my time has been a change for the worst. So maybe stupid is now the majority. Yes Monty Don's garden please, or any one of the many lovely guest gardens (do you remember Will Young's?) and most of all, yes, walls! Anyway I've said my piece, thanks again, it will have to be shut up & put up and lots more tea please xx 👍️. Good to hear your friend is progressing and especially that's she's out of recovery and things are moving along. Hope things going ok with you today, quite nice out there at the moment, I will try to go & walk off my spleen in a moment. xx

    Morning Joan, well it will be afternoon by the time I post, but never mind - hope you are both well and thank you for the sympathy, will try to retain a sense of proportion - people have so much worse to put up with from neighbours, noise & harassment, it's just that I feel I wasn't asking for much, just to look after my wildlife. Sun is shining in a half-hearted sort of way, but it's quite pleasant - have a good weekend :) xx

    Hello bosh and thank you for the kind post last night, it did help, yes that's it exactly that you can't help what matters to you. Just such a shame it clashes with everyone else round here 🙄 you have the caterwaulers as well, is yours lots of people that have cats or a few people with a lot of cats?! If only it were dogs, I would put up with the barking even (as long as it wasn't because of people going out to work and leaving their dogs, that makes me equally annoyed). Anyone thank you for dear Peter Rabbit, yes far more sensible in his slippers & no pipe. 😊 How are your weekend plans? will there be a break from the round the clock (not quite but it must feel almost as bad) fish frying for you ie will your parents be going out. Anyway hope you can fit in at least your walks etc. Sorry I misinterpreted your poem into a Waitrose cake swapping scheme, I think it was just that I had the idea you don't like baking much at all 🤔 I made up my own tale there apparently. That happens. What would people who used to have to bake everything make of us all buying sliced loaves and shopbought cake you always wonder, but at least it means less people snapping their fingers for their cooked from scratch dinner (or does it, I have a fair idea some of the older husbands round here still have fairly unliberated ideas about wives roles 🤫 but then again some of the wives seem obsessed with housework of their own accord so old habits die hard it seems). Have a good afternoon and I am going for a walk myself, if someone wearing warm gloves waves at me from the direction of Reading I expect it will be you 👋 not quite time for me to break out gloves yet (but when I do, they have panda faces and fingerless glove bits with a button-over mitten end 😉🐼). xx

    Love to Kitty, I hope you like your table-top freezer 😀 I need a new one too.. and cooker.. I only use a mini oven, finally realizing a while ago there was no point me having a big oven for what I cook! They are perfectly good & practically no pre-heating. Trouble is the old cooker is still waiting for me to get round to having an electrician in to disconnect it 😬 I am so looking forward to seeing the back of it. Hope everything else going well too xx

    Waves to Barbara, come and have some tea with me in the corner, I have calmed down enough to have a steady hand with the kettle & teapot today so you will be quite safe 😉 Hope you're both as well as poss and family xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you doing today? I’m not too bad thank you yes my dad is very much a character and you’re right the worst and most disturbing point about that customs incident is that he could’ve got himself arrested or in some kind of very serious trouble my mum thinks that because he’s an elderly gentleman this time they let him off which was very lucky indeed really, A long time ago when we went on a family holiday to America he made some kind of stupid joke at U.S. Customs something like he might be a terrorist or he might just be a tourist, customs official didn’t look pleased but least he didn’t take it seriously thank goodness in some ways I wouldn’t mind too much having a long distance dad ha ha but preferably not one in a detention Centre 😀.

    yes you’re right BR is learning his new skills he’s only human after all 😂

    oh before I forget I brewed up a little poem in my witches cauldron yesterday but this morning I must have got a bit scatty a la megabrain and threw it out, it was on the back of old med chart lol, anyway so I remembered a bit of original and then improvised 😀. By the way Toni I’ve called you “toast” in the poem but it’s an affectionate nickname 👍.

    title is Chilling with toady and toast

    toady toast and I like to chat

    about Star Trek cats breakfast and things like that

    we also talk about what’s good for our tummies

    and my nephews regardless of whether or not we’re aunties / mummies,

    and if we get hungry no need no need to let our stomachs growl

    Toni’s cooking us calorie- free fry ups watched by Sleek and the owl🦉

    Okay that’s first instalment, more to follow later. X

    Ps pic is some colourful owls. Xx

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    Hi again Toni 🌺

    now for the second instalment lol. I’m glad your friend was able to have some tea etc 🤗.

    Glad about your neck, my back is also “normal” too now thanks which for me means ok most of the time 👍.

    Family and EF are all ok atm thanks, I think I’m going to have to stop there for now Toni, hope you’re having a more restful day today bye and Tc. Xx

    ps pic is more Maggie Smith humour, lol. Tc xx

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue today? I’m ok thanks so are family yes my mums used to embarrassment of dad but the worrying thing is he could’ve been arrested or something similar, but luckily all was ok in the end. Bye and Tc, xx

    ps pic is rose latte . Xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you today? Sorry your morning and early afternoon weren’t that great 😔.

    I’m stuck in the stuffy room at the moment so probably won’t be able to answer properly, I like baking sometimes but it’s finding a time when I have energy and the house isn’t a furnace for one reason or another, which doesn’t always happen, what I meant is that I wouldn’t buy a cake and then pretend I baked it lol, I bet LA would realise anyway, he seems to already be all - knowing, lol.

    Parents are going to see EF for a few hours later on today, to distribute affection and holiday choc and biccies intended for LA and BR of course but I think most of them will find their way into Bill rather cavernous stomach to be honest lol.

    When I visited EF I took a soft jumbo choc for the kids, it was the only suitable thing I could find for them in station really, anyway I learned that most of that ended up in Bill’s cavern too! I heard sis telling him off, but he seemed remorseless, oh dear, maybe he needs a more substantial breakfast, like a whole vat of eye of newt bread, I just hope Ive got the energy to bake it! Lol.

    yes I agree not everyone’s attitudes have changed with the times, my cousin in India never even makes one cup of coffee himself, she also needs to put the cup right in his hand!

    Panda gloves those sound good, ok I’ll leave it there atm toady. Bye and tc. Xx

    ps pic is witch brewing Bill’s morning coffee, xx

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    hi toady 🐸

    I just remembered your question about the cats I’m not sure to be honest it looks like a group of cats who are very similar maybe it’s a cat family ha ha what a terrible thought yes a group of similar looking cats who the owners are really can’t be sure I did once see a notice about a black cat that went missing but to be honest the cat in the photograph just looks like thousands of other cats, bit of a cat mystery there sorry couldn’t properly answer your question take care. Xx

    Ps not quite sure what’s happened to Mona Lisa ha ha. Xx

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    Hello everyone, quick update as I owe you some good news - 'my' little mouse is still with us 😀 the one I expressly was worried had met its end. Both of my regular mice are accounted for so either one was taken and she dropped it when she took off having seen me, or it was another mouse (not good of course) but I couldn't know that for certain so I am going with the former theory. 🐁 I know this is probably only a reprieve but I was so so happy to see him/her in one piece I can't tell you - sorry for the drama and I will probably keep it to myself if there is a future (and definitive) unhappy ending, rather than spread the upset around even though I know you would all say to if I wanted.

    Anyway even though all's not exactly right with the world I at least have a wan smile back on my fizzog and I have not thrown in the trowel quite yet frog 😉

    My walk was not especially relaxing because the builder - talk about being there when you don't want them! - passed me in his van & slowed up to speak. I am unmistakable from the back apparently, from what I wonder, is it the mad hair, the odd gait, or god knows what 🙄 so my chill out victory walk after lazarus mouse reappeared was not very chilled BUT never mind this once because MOUSIE 😍.

    Thanks again all and hope your day/s are going ok, bosh has had or is having a bit of quiet without the parents, gone to tip foodstuffs down the funnel that is Bill apparently, oh dear poor kiddies, hope they can snaffle something for themselves. And hopefully you have escaped from the stuffy room too. I see about the cookery 👍️ (not so much that baking a cake would be in your top 3 favourite things, more that you would draw the line at passing a bought one off - very ethical of you haha, tbh I don't think that is such a bad thing or I would not have suggested you'd do it) you are probably right actually that LA would know, children have become so much more sophisticated - they probably can tell if chocolate is 70% Ecuadorian cocoa or something, once upon a time all we had was the milky bar kid etc 🍫. Thank you for the poem 😂 fabulous 😀 reminds me we haven't covered yet how very very handy the Vulcan nerve pinch would be, just think of all the useful applications in life that would have 🖖. I do love Mona's cuddly ginger cat, even though it does not look too keen to be being clutched like that - I really do like cats despite the current unfortunate circs 😾 it sounds as though your local ones could well be a 'clan' - I passed a black one on my walk so I am expecting my good luck soon. Well I suppose I have already had it with a reprieve of my mouse 😀 have a good weekend I hope, more chat tomorrow xx

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    Good night toady and everyone xx

    ps pic - oh dear someone’s stolen Bill’s coffee cup, lol, Tc xx

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    Morning everyone 😊

    Looks like a nice day ahead here.

    Joan thank you I am doing ok the hospital visiting is taking it's toll, but I am doing ok my troubles are nothing compared to my friend so shan't complain. Did you and Sue not get out yesterday? We had a nice day here and today looks good too. I'm just so happy Sue is ok☺️ ((())) xxx

    A quick wave to Kitty who will be online next week I do hope she'll find time to pop in and see us all we all miss her ((())) xxx

    Morning to you Reshmi thank you so much for the lovely hot chocolate I just needed that and the Owl picture is lovely I want it in my bedroom so I can look at it or the kitchen maybe since I am also chained to the kitchen sink🤭 (not really) but your poor relative in India having to put drinks in her husband's hand! Cheeky thing isn't he?!

    Good news Mum and Dad will be out for a bit so you can have some peace for a few hours. They can bring you back some funny tales without the hassle of getting there or the pressure to eat stuff which really doesn't agree with you.

    You did make me laugh you do have a way with words! Cavernous stomach indeed! That coffee pic might just fill it perhaps.... he is naughty eating the children's treats! Pretty soon a certain LA will have something to say about that.

    I would love to have the nerve to pass of a posh shop bought cake as my own. My vegan efforts are so hit and miss; sometimes lovely, sometimes iffy. Not enough of us here to keep eating my experiments either. Send BIL over will you please😉

    A poem about us it's lovely really made me smile I am looking forward to the next instalment no pressure though as and when.

    Mona Lisa has overfed her cat😮

    Morning Toadster

    I am so pleased that little mouse is ok!!! wonderful news. Do NOT worry about telling us when you are distressed about an animal being hurt we understand and well we all share good and bad news that's what friends do. Look at me this week and how supportive you've all been😊

    I think you are beating yourself up a bit about not having moved too, but we've been going through a pandemic for probably the last two and a half (not safe for the likes of us to be having viewers in or to go viewing even) and nobody would blame you for procrastinating for a year or so prior to that. It's a big decision. You'll know when the time is right.((()))

    BTW new next door's dogs do my head in completely I can't go outside in my own garden without the 3 of them yipping and yapping at me. It's infuriating. I wouldn't let mine if I had them Grrr😕I lived here first - stamps foot.

    When would we do the vulcan nerve pinch? hmmm? might come in handy that🤨if it works on yippy dogs 3 at a time?

    The builder spotted you from behind?! How very dare he😁

    Hang on to your

    for now my garden is seriously neglected ATM too sigh.

    A quick wave to Barbara and carol if either pop by today👋

    Take care everyone it's Aidan's breakfast today:

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) That will be nice seeing you back in here next week if you can make it. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) that’s good your mouse is safe there must be plenty of other houses the cat could visit without coming to your house. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) I hope all is well there take care love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) thank you for saying Kitty could be back next week. That was good news to know your friends wife is getting on alright ()). We had our delivery this morning they have run out of Milk. Did you know Monty Don has a new puppy. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day love to your mum (())

    take care
    joan xx
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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you today? think it’s got to be a quick message from me today if I can control my waffling ha ha as I’ve got a few things to do and also guess what? it’s methotrexate Saturday for me yummy🤢.

    thanks about the poem, yes my cousin is quite a character, when he came here with wife to visit once my mum said that she and I don’t serve anyone coffee cups in their hands they need to lift their lazy selves and pick the cups off the tables, lol, ok she didn’t say “lazy” but it was implied, I think he go the message lol.

    also to reply an old question, when I visited EF, I actually didn’t have to read any storybooks as we went to funfair instead, quite small funfair really but kids enjoyed👍.

    i was saying coconut water in excess can have laxative effect so I can’t have it when my stomach is too bad, that’s the prob, but my stomach is not too bad right now, but I haven’t had mxt yet (doing it soon though ).

    do you like rings of power - the lord of the rings new series on Prime? Or not your sort of thing?

    family and EF are ok atm thanks, tho sis had stomach ache and was prob run down too no one helps her at home bless her, but mum looked after her a bit yesterday and she’s feeling better now 😀.

    Second instalment just meant next post no more poems right now but if I think of one that’s relevant I’ll definitely put it on here thanks Toni.

    I’ll leave it there for now T as I’m a bit busy have a nice afternoon. Xx

    ps pic is a avocado art, made from real avocado. Tc. Xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    How do you how are you today? just a brief message from me I think right now, The Lazarus mouse that was quite hilarious lol, The builder even bothered you while you were walking down the street yes that is bad luck, The stuffy room yes I did escape eventually but only when the day was almost over really anyway at least that didn’t happen today 👍

    I think I’m admitting defeat because if I keep on scrolling back nothing will get organised so bye for now toady I found this artistic representation of you toadstool ha ha. Bye Tc xx

    Hi Joan and Barbara in ok thanks how are the both you and Sue too of course? Tc xx

    ps pic is a slightly disturbing feline ML hybrid lol. Tc xx

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 3,837

    good night everyone

    I searched for “tea and Tolstoy” didn’t get the images I wanted so this is “Russian samovar Tea” and snacks baked by bill, sorry eaten by bill, lol, bye for now Toni toady etc tc xx

  • toady
    toady Member Posts: 2,054

    Hi all, sorry have not been in, has gone a bit off course today had to sort out a few things, including researching & thinking about the builder's next move (bit complicated).. and go on catwatch every other few mins.. so will be in tomorrow 👍️ hopefully having knocked a few things off the list. Wildlife all well, other news & whatnot to follow hopefully. Thank goodness for tea! thank you bosh, was the very thing, might just keep me buoyed up overnight ☕️ anyway nobody worry I'm not actually overtired & flagging as such tonight, just better had get to bed and start over & get off on a better footing tomorrow :) xx

    Love to all 😘 xx

  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 29,241
    edited 25. Sep 2022, 06:47

    Morning everyone

    It's a bit chilly today isn't it?

    Definitely getting to be wooly hat weather...

    Spent most of yesterday at the hospital again, but family should be visiting later today and tomorrow so after this afternoon I should be able to back off a bit.

    Morning Joan I do hope Kitty will have the energy to post to us all in the cafe again soon we have all missed her posts haven't we? No milk in your delivery? Wow! What did they send instead? I heard Monty has a new puppy isn't it adorable they will be so 😊 happy ((())) xxx

    Kitty of you get in we all miss your posts very very much and hope you are doing ok and are very happy safe in your bungalow ((()) xxx

    Morning Reshmi it's proper chilly out there today brrrr and brrrr again!

    How are you doing? I hope not too bad my back is unhappy ATM I think leaning in over the hospital bed to hear my friend talking. She was slightly worse yesterday. Maybe 2 steps forward the day before one back yesterday. Fingers crossed for today. I won't be there too long today as family are starting to arrive from down south.

    MTX on Saturday for you? Then today this is for you

    It's 'invaluable in sickness' remember seriously hope you cope ok.

    Your Mum was so right to expect your cousin to lift his own hand to pick up his drink! He needs firm handling🙄

    How lovely going to the fair with the boys! I'm sure they loved it bless them there was a fair at Goodwood I tried some candyfloss! It didn't hurt my tooth which was filled on Monday with all the drama of my friend's illness I didn't say did i?

    No reading of books for you at least that made a change did they boys go on any rides?

    Your sister doesn't get much rest does she - I'm glad your Mum helped her a bit at least. It's very tough being a working Mum with a husband in possession of a cavernous belly.

    On the subject of books and the Lord of the Rings I have read all the books and will almost certainly watch the new series this winter perfect for chilly days inside don't you think? Have you started watching it? I have seen virtually no telly at all this week.😕

    Ok I'll cope without another cafe poem for a while I misread what you'd said 😳

    Morning Toady how are you today?

    Just had a thought about the builder spotting you out walking - at least you weren't head first in someone's skip foraging at the time!!!

    Oh there you are what are you wearing?😧

    Today will be a better day for you i'm sure you've had a rough/tough week. I'm so glad all wildlife are well ATM and hope you won't need to do too much cat watching. I wonder whether your mouse would like a little house like one which is too small for cats to get in🤔

    I am extremely intrigued at what you are planning for the builder now....watching and listening.

    Take care now.

    Sending love to Barbara and Carol hoping both are well and warm enough this weekend. ((())) xxx

    of course vegan/veggie option available.

  • dachshund
    dachshund Member Posts: 8,871

    Good morning everyone

    How many tablets you take in a day I take 14 I’m sure someone must take more than that.

    Kitty (()) have a good day i hope you don’t have a lot of pain. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) have a good day I hope the cat stays away. Have a peaceful day.

    Barbara (()) have a good day love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) I hope it’s a good day for your friends wife (()) today. No they didn’t bring anything in place of the milk because when they send anything it’s nearly things we don’t like. Have a good day (()) love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day and your mum i hope she is alright (())

    take care
    joan xx
  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 3,837

    Hi Toady 🐸

    how are you today ?

    I remember the milky bar kid too, LLF kept telling me that white chocolate is bad for health but all other chocolate is good But to be honest I know that dark choc has its qualities but I really wouldn’t say that milk chocolate is good for our health doctor LLF lol of course it taste nice and treats are good but just imagine if all we ate was milk chocolate? We’d all turn into bills my goodness what a thought haha.

    Black cats and good luck that’s a good point are used to think it was the other way round Lazarus mouse was a great thing anyway I agree 👍

    kids are becoming increasingly sophisticated I agree with that most def reminds me of a funny thing when LA was a very tiny baby perhaps similar age to BR he suddenly grabbed someone’s phone one day and pressed the Netflix button lol. I Think I’ll leave it there for now t hope you’re having an okay day? take care. Xx

    ps pic is another Star Trek Mona Lisa. Xx