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    Hi Toady 🐸

    how are you doing this evening? yes being busy is good in some ways definitely. You’re welcome about the pics and things.

    i don’t always like flavoured teas that much to be honest but like you I do like The smell of them

    you wrote something a long time ago about buying a flowering plant and then it went down in value I think, Just mentioning it because it reminded me of a book about tulips a sort of historical novel called Tulip Fever by Deborah Moggach, have You come across this novel by any chance? I really enjoyed it, I read it a long time ago now but I remember it was a similar sort of theme about the price of tulip bulbs in the Netherlands but also romance and I’m not really describing it very well but it was a really good book Worth reading perhaps 😀.

    mums not too bad thanks she’s got almost all her results and They are good just two more to go which might take a while.

    sonic cat repeller that’s a bit dr who - like lol hopefully it’ll repel your neighbours and the whole load of neighbours and cats will up sticks and move! Lol.

    I saw a ST Halloween episode let’s say called catspaw quite a creepy cat/ cat woman predecessor really, I’ll make sure to enlist the help of a demonic pumpkin to repel all the cats supernaturally before I sleep, perhaps, good night take care. Xx

    ps 2 pics one is of course Alice -related. Xx

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    Morning everyone!

    naughty Frank Sinatra eh?!

    Joan I do hope all is well with you and Sue.....this is odd no post from you, but as Toady said sometimes we think they have posted but they haven't??? ((())) xxx

    Kitty are you online yet I wonder🤔and if so I wonder if you have life under control enough to post yet? I shall send Sleek to see how you are I think. ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi. I'm glad your back isn't too bad. Thanks for asking mine is still a bit iffy and I have a sore lump on my collarbone too - very odd indeed. I think I just need a rest hopefully soon.

    My friend seems a tiny bit better I think the delusions and paranoia have eased off which is such a relief. Yes i did go yesterday and will go today, but hopefully family will come up over the weekend and we can all rest a bit.

    I am so pleased that the bloods which your Mum has back are all good😊 fingers crossed for the last one to be good too then you can breathe out.

    RR likes older women does he? Well he must do if the lady he has his eye on is 20 years older than him. Whatever floats your boat as they say! Perhaps she's got lots of money or he wants to be mothered???🤨

    Does he not realise that a stomach ulcer can actually kill you? I think it is kind of serious😮 Some people just seem to need to share their opinion where it's not wanted don't they? Too many brownies for definite😉

    Your poor sister that must be awful being excluded from conversations in your own home. Does BIL speak Hindi? So she can at least get some information about what is going on? The boys will pick it up I bet they are so young their ears will absorb a new language just like that. I hope they are behaving and drinking their squash like good boys.

    I adore the new tea cosy! Can you imagine the work that went into that?🙄

    Morning Toady how are you doing today? Have you tried your sonic boom yet? Hehehe! Loggiemod's experience makes me worried it might not work😒but who knows?🤞Extra bonus if it kept the kids away🤭 only joking but I do remember a bit back a story about sounds which can be heard by younger people not us adults they were playing them outside of shops where teenagers like to stand and chat to each other...hmmmm

    OMG OMG those were not your scones? Whose were they then? These must be yours

    I would eat the Devonshire ones, honestly, any if they were vegan!

    The Apprentice is back from Jury service most disappointed as he spent a whole week in a room with other jurors doing NOTHING!

    Lucy is fine thank you she came over last night for tea and to see the village babies bless her. She loves her new job looking very smart in her uniform too.

    I googled the wind up radio and found a dementia one? Maybe that would be ideal for for your oil filled radiator I am glad we both have one it will do as a back up let's hope we don't need it eh? Especially that we don't need 🕯 as i still haven't found mine....

    I hope teh shed roof felt is a job for the builder and not you? Yes my shed will soon need it's annual clear out oh dear me. If I had a wind up radio it could join me.....

    Better get some clothes on I think before someone knocks the door! I hope your day is good.

    A quick wave to Barbara👋 if she calls by and to Carol too.((())) xxx

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    Good morning everyone

    My post did not load even though I login.

    Kitty I hope you have a good day with not too many problems

    Toady I could not think of anything to keep cats away

    Barbara how is Mr B s hip pain

    Toni How is your Friend s wife it’s good she got some sleep. How is your back

    Reshmi I hope the club helps you.

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    Good morning everyone

    I phoned Versus Arthritis and spoke to a nice man who told me where to login his name was David. Thank you I hope all is well now.

    Kitty (()) have a good day I hope all is well there. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) I hope the sonic works for you. Have a good day

    Barbara (()) how are you and yours. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her Fiancé (()).

    Toni (()) I hope everything is alright there.(()) love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day love to your mum (()) the days go so quick.

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    hi toady 🐸

    how are you today? One thing I wanted to mention on the subject of the catspaw Star Trek episode, I found a pic from it on Pinterest, My goodness that’s pretty scary I may have nightmares or even “daymares” lol. I’ll Leave it there for now will post again later. Tc xx

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    Good Morning Toni 🌺

    how are you today?

    Yes bill does understand Hindi, he’s very close to his sister and Ive Noticed that whenever he talks to her on the phone, he seems very secretive about it, my sister will ask him in an affectionate sort of way what they talked about but he’s extremely vague in his replies, he seems to want to keep his clan separate from his wife etc, not sure why - maybe it’s to do with the feud with his parents Im not sure.

    Anyway I don’t think they’re staying for that long so that’s good 👍.

    last time some of his family visited they made her eat veggie food just because they themselves were vegetarian, which seemed a bit selfish really also she’d just had LA so she’d of course been through more than enough pain really, should’ve at least been allowed to choose her own food.

    ok your friend had some mental health issues that are better now, thats good but I’m not going to ask about her anymore now, just trying not to damage my own mental health, I know you’ll understand 🤗.

    Maybe you’re right RR craves an older woman’s attention, he def seems to crave it in general, Ive noticed that, he was talking real rubbish yesterday, he said health advice is that people should drink soya milk after ulcer, I politely said that Ive never heard that one before lol.

    he may well feel he needs to be mothered you’ve got a point there lol.

    yes kids do indeed absorb new languages like squash soaked sponges lol.

    Glad about tea cosy, yes v intricate one, I can’t even knit so I just post pics and admire from a humble distance lol.

    mum has got one more result thanks, its not actually directly related to kidney I got that wrong, but to do with effectiveness of her medicine in general, it’s a good result 👍👍

    so thank goodness for that, she said last result is related to diabetes and that usually takes some time unfortunately.

    About squash BR somehow carried a whole bottle of squash and waddled over to me saying v loudly “JUICE” - his caps not mine, lol - that’s what he and big bro call squash - and he got v angry when I refused to open it for him, haha, more to the story but I need to stop for now.

    im going out for lunch with parents but my stomach is slightly dodgy so will avoid dessert, nvm may lead to me being a significantly slimmer Auntie goddess mima one day, ,lol.

    bye for now Tc xx

    ps pic is more Alice related crockery. Xx

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue today?

    I’m glad that the posting prob was sorted out and that David from Versus was helpful👍

    yes group / club does help me a lot thanks because otherwise I wouldn’t really be talking to anyone outside to my family have a nice morning take care. Xx

    👋 Barbara xx

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    Morning all 😊 early again must get on with some things, but it is not as nice today especially after rain, and gosh it went cold yesterday after I posted! Eek, it will be hot water bottles as well as candles and torches at this rate, oh woe. Has anyone seen those long animal shaped hotties, can't quite think how it would help surely all the hot would still be down one end 🤔. Anyway yes the oil-filled radiator is always handy frog assuming anyone can afford the elec 😱 (& with the other drawback than none of my plug sockets are ever in the right place) unfortunately this place never really gets what you'd call tropical, too old & not exactly triple-glazed & insulated, I suppose the govt will make all these things mandatory one day. Those scones are still wrong by the way, you are just gaslighting me at this point aren't you and hoping I won't notice 😂 oh well it would be rude not to eat them now so let's just do that. I'm sure you used to be able to buy small pots of extra thick cream but now supermarkets only seem to do a small single and a large everything else, who knows why. Probably Waitrose will do you one from extra special elite cows 😉. The roof felt is going to be my job actually but it is a very small shed, we're not talking big project, will rope a friend in if I need someone to hold something. Where are all our elusive candles I wonder 🤔 I have no idea what a dementia wind-up radio could be and I'm not googling it tbh 😂 me, a mere child. I DO remember the thing where they played high range sounds to people and I was VERY annoyed I couldn't hear them because I expected to, as I do have good hearing for which I ridiculously credit myself, as if it's my own doing somehow 😂 but that's what I always thought about my close vision 😐️. I will let you know how the sonic gadget goes 👍️. Glad Lucy is getting on well 😀 have a good day xx

    Hello joan glad to see you 😊 there are all sorts of cat keeper-offer things & suggestions around but most of what I've tried so far was not much help, you really do just want the whole place barricaded off but the only really useful things would need your neighbours' co-operation 🙄. Have a good day, I have posted Mrs B's picture taken yesterday, they have to have another bird's help to sort out their head feathers and under their chins where they can't reach, hopefully she & Mr B will take turns preening each other. 🐦️ xx

    Hi bosh, I can't actually remember the ST cat episode, how odd! 🤔 I must go & refresh my memory. I also can't believe I missed the obvious sonic/Doctor Who connection, of course he would have a setting for cats 😂 the one up the road (the other way) was yowling randomly last night while I was listening to Brain of Britain on the radio, had to turn it down to check it wasn't a cat fight - then as soon as I settled down again the owl started hooting 🦉 sounded quite near but it was maybe just carrying well as it was a still clear night. I didn't know much on BoB 😳 I knew that bubble wrap was originally designed to be wallpaper and the 'brains' didn't, but it's no substitute for knowing obscure history & science & geography 😂. I have heard of 'Tulip Fever' but have never got around to reading it, all v interesting & the story behind it, did they film it as well? can't remember. Ooh another curious episode at the group by the sounds 🤨 well at least RR is a source of entertainment, sort of, if he isn't giving his half-baked opinion on medical matters. Herb teas etc yes quite a few that smell nicer than the flavour, hence the half-used packets in my cupboard 😬 well I will have a normal cup in the lovely Drink Me china thanks 😀 although I don't really need to get any smaller, but I could always have that cupcake to follow and then get back to my own size. Hope your day is going well so far and best wishes again for your mum's tests, hope sis is bearing up :) [edit: cross-posted again, seems to be a special skill of mine 😂 glad your mum's test was a good one and good luck with lunch🤞) xx

    Love to Kitty and Barbara if they are online and/or posting at some point 😀

    Have a good day all xx

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    Mrs B's new feathers 💗

  • dachshund
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    Hello everyone I’m posting to see if this goes has I had a problem (())

  • Loggiemod
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    Hello @dachshund yes it woked😀

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    Hi Toady 🐸

    how are you this evening / night? BoB - still quite impressive really, I didn’t know that about bubble wrap, yes its a question of having the right knowledge isn’t it really, lol? I remember when I was doing my A levels, boring sheets of vocabulary sometimes took longer for me to memorise than the really bright girls, but I’d remember details of a lot of my English lit reading list relatively easily but annoyingly my friend just had such a flair for critique that she’d get A’s in the literature essays just by reading first and last pages of novels and relying on what was covered in class, lol, can you imagine that? Not even reading the book 📕, oh well maybe she became a true megabrain later and needed to phone someone about thermostat usage, that’s what I’m hoping lol.

    The meal was nice thanks, I must admit I had a warm brownie for dessert, lol, but other options involved a lot of ice cream etc so that was the “safest” choice for me, main course was fish and chips also tasty but too large portion for me, I noticed service and choice not as great as before, also slightly less clean than before, I’m always armed with tissues etc so it was ok, but disappointing that things weren’t as good as previously also someone was smoking indoors, I hate that tbh.

    dad went on a sugar spree two massive fizzy drinks and a giant pudding 🙄 well if it keeps toddler dad quiet for 5 mins lol 😂 .

    mums generally ok thanks just diabetes result left to wait for 👍

    sis is ok thanks but BR has fever again unfortunately her sis in law is helping a lot with cooking though which is considerate of her

    Ok I’d better go for now toady , have a nice night, Tc xx

    ps more Alice crockery with 22 karat gold details because bill is paying 💷💷 I “borrowed” his credit card - better I have it than Deliveroo, lol. Tc. Xx

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    Morning everyone

    Just a quiet from me this morning with ppl.

    Am I in Stoke don't worry all is well just supporting my friends wife.

    Joan how great is that that you got some help with logging in. Makes you cross doesn't it when you can get in. 👍😊👍

    Is it Suesday? If so hi Sue hope you are well? All ok here glad your results were not too scary😊 have a good day both of you ((()))

    Reshmi don't you worry you don't need to check in about my friend I understand.

    How naughty are bil's family making your sister eat stuff she doesn't want to in her own home. I hope they'll be off soon. But that Bil enjoyed their visit. Shame about trouble in the family for him really that sad.

    As for BR and his juice! No way could you open a while large bottle of concentrate!! Imagine them drinking that🤢!!! JUICE!

    Hopefully the last of your Mum's tests will be good too fingers crossed 🤞

    Sorry this is short it's just rude to be on your phone at someone else's house isnt it?

    Toady I have no idea where our candles are😦 we need them before we need them.

    Now that's what I like about oil filled rads they retain heat so you can heat them up then unplug them and pop them in say the bathroom before your shower...

    Love love love Mrs B!! She looks great ❤

    Right off to be sociable now be careful doing that shed😮😮😮

    Take care all

    Covid jab later......😥😥😥😥

    No it's good really


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    Greetings all on this foggy 🌫 morning

    wppl xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni toady Joan and everyone oh my goodness tired already

    still haven’t had methotrexate

    haven’t done all my physio

    MV is in session

    already getting waist pains

    I hope everybody is okay?

    that’s it for now may post more when I get my act together lol Tc xx

    ps pic is of course dr who - related for toady. Xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    don’t worry about your short message I understand and don’t worry about the Covid jab either or do you do you fear jabs like some people do? no shame in fearing or not of course just can’t quite remember 🤗.

    Ive arranged for my flu jab in one of the chemists better than what the GP surgery offered me which was an evening appointment I’m yawning already evening jab?? No I really don’t think so not unless I turn into a werewolf again like I did last night oh no sorry that was RR 😂.

    coconut water bought me a tiny bit of energy after methotrexate but I’m and on the way to dreamland now or juice - land or whatever the youngsters are calling these days lol. Bye for now T and take care. Xx

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    Hi all 😊 fairly quick visit from me too, have been online too much today mostly shopping 😬 well including groceries but other stuff too, ahem. Raining quite heavily on and off today, at least it should keep kitty at bay, & hopefully the super acme gadget will be here soon.

    Hope frog alright and coping with the to-ing & fro-ing, and a jab too, 😔 hope you feel ok after that, I will man the kettle ongoing if needs be.. not sure about the early breakfast slot, tea may be late if it's down to me 😴 but if I get off to bed early enough you never know your luck. Have been trudging through odd jobs, including finishing setting up my new phone, finally, having got around to getting it a cover & its own magnetic charging connector, sorting some recycling, shredding all the odd bits of paper & notes that keep respawning as soon as you sort them 🙄 next stop, I have bought the phone notepad to end all notepads and I will use it.✌️Not much chance of getting in the garden today only for a brief spell earlier. The shed felting is a job for a bit down the line, well before winter, but after a few others. My candles were in the garage btw, what there is of them, a bit motley. Matches? that's another matter 🤔😂. Wishing you a good night and all the best for whatever your weekend is going to look like xx

    No joan, oh dear how annoying to still have login problems &c if that's what it is 😔 mine usually seems ok only seems to log me out very occasionally, mind you I only hibernate my laptop so my session is hardly ever closed so that may be why that is (bad habit though). Hope you are both well and the dear dogs :) xx

    Hi bosh, I don't think I'll be too long for dreamland myself, seems to have been a long day 🕰️ sorry MV is 'off' especially on mtx day hope it goes easy on you and you feel ok tomorrow. Glad the meal was not too bas but it's a shame isn't it when places are not as good as before 🤔 I actually thought smoking indoors was off altogether for most venues. When does sis's EF visit end (or has it), if I was her I'd be tempted to learn Hindi on the QT and then she would be able to listen in & they would be none the wiser she could understand. Although is that like terrible unethical spying? 🕵️ actually, listening in to conversations is full stop, I suppose. But I bet people have done that (overheard something that people think you can't understand I mean & not tell them). Yes it would be lovely to retain facts but I once heard Stephen Fry say something like he wasn't clever he just knows a lot, so I expect you can indeed absorb a lot of stuff but fundamentally be a megabrain. A question cropped up the other day about the relative dates of the founding of the Aztec Empire & Oxford University, well I was off by hundreds of years. 😳 Ah well. Hope you have a good a night as poss & thanks for the brilliant Tardis pic, some great Doctor Who antagonists, the Silence (super scary 👽️), the Weeping Angels (love them) - but I don't seem to know one character, so even my trivia knowledge isn't all that haha. Have a good night as poss :) xx

    Hello to Barbara and Kitty, hope both doing ok, weather a bit ugh isn't it 😕 and clocks go back at the end of Oct omg 😱 I don't suppose half of mine are right since last time 😂 xx

    Love to all xx

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    Thanks toady 🐸

    nice to hear from you, yes she could try and learn Hindi true, but she’s v busy work kids etc also I’m not sure how easy that would be tbh some words are similar to Bengali but not many, yes that’s the prob really isn’t it? Who understands what? Tricky indeed lol, I think mums worried about last blood result even though she’s denying it, about smoke, yes illegal inside but I couldn’t see exactly who was smoking, once it happened before and I loudly said to mum “Can you smell cigarette smoke?” Maggie Smith style, ok I’ll leave it there for now, will reply properly tomorrow, have a good night toady and take care. Xx

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    Morning everyone old or new the kettle is on

    I would hate to have to learn English as an adult!

    Morning Joan I hope you are ok and maybe yesterday (in that rain???) you and Sue went out so didn't have time to post. I also hope the dogs are doing well ((())) xxx🐶

    Morning Reshmi well done for finally taking your MTX and such a good news teh coconut water is helping mitogate some of the effects.

    Oh dear MV probably anxiety about the remaining blood results hope they are in now. Keep your head down and look after yourself.

    I am ok with jabs but so kind of you to send your best I only have a dead arm. It's so odd getting cross examined because you are not an older person isn't it? Still not to worry all done Lucy needs hers booked in now which i will do. At her age she'll get some looks, but I will remind her to firmly say she is in remission from cancer if anyone asks.

    I will have my flu jab at my pharmacy as will Lucy and Paul.

    Good news (sort of) that I have an appointment at stoke to retry the camera 😣 it's for this next Friday and can combine it will a visit to my friend so she and her wife will be supporting me for a change😊 They are looking forward to the chance to do that. paul will yet again be in Scotland working.

    I hope today is a better (good) day for you sending some ((()))

    Morning Toady what did you buy?😉 go on not just food was it? I hope your acme patented cat deterrent works and your wildlife is safe.

    All well here suitable jabbed although my friend is still desperately ill. Turn for the worse yesterday bless her and it's her birthday on Monday 😓 Too ill to allow the family to visit so it's down to me and her wife again this weekend.

    Covid jab all done and am very grateful for it. Thanked everyone concerned including the man in the carpark we are so lucky really. Will book flu in for the week after. Slightly painful arm, but I'll take that.

    Didn't it pour yesterday?! We got soaked repeatedly, but on the upside had a very nice vegan BLT sandwich (M&S) from the shop in the hospital. I have checked and sadly the only plants growing seem to be the potatoes (almost ready for banking) and there are 3 tiny kos lettuce seedlings too and one flower on my peas.

    Now I have the matches! I can pass you some in exchange for a candle or two???? well done finding yours.

    I hope there is time for your roof felting and my garden tidying life is just so hectic isn't it? 🙄

    I have no news at all except i can't see lucy for a while as she saw her friend the day before and said friend tested positive yesterday😓

    I hope your day is good the sun is out here.

    Breakfast is in hand don't worry too much, but a cuppa would be lovely

    Barbara Kitty and Carol I do hope you are all doing ok. We are all missing your news and posts. I'm sure i saw Carol in the other day, but looks like she didn't have time to post. I get that life is mad at times.

    Take care everyone

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    Good morning everyone

    Thank you to the moderators who sorted out my problems.

    Kitty (()) how are you have a good weekend. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) have a good weekend is the sonic working.

    Barbara (()) I hope everything is going well there. Have a good weekend love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) good you had your booster done we had ours last week. Good luck with the camera (()) love to your friend (()) and her wife (()). Sue said she posted but I could not see it. Have a good weekend. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) no I don’t like people smoking in doors either. Have a good weekend love to your mum (())

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    Hello all 😊 bit of everything going on out there today, wind showers sun nice nasty rainbow sunny again.. could be worse! Have been outdoors for a while this a.m., sonic cat thing has not arrived unfortunately 😕 it was on course for today but courier has also not even turned up for a parcel he was booked in to collect for me. Can't rule out Sundays either because they seem to be dropping off then these days. I was in the right place to catch kitty coming over the fence and dropping down, somewhere you would say was already far too twiggy and awkward, at least that's one bit of useful info & I can put something else there. Sorry not much going on in the garden for you frog & you are hardly getting an even break to go & do stuff, so sorry that you have had such a convergence of nasties all in such a short space, and that your friend is not doing well 😔 do hope Lucy is alright, what will she do for the next few days, the self-isolation rules not being the same anymore (is that right), just be sensible? I read with a 😬 the update on 'the appt', I will just wish you the best and other than that not speak of it til we get to the ifs and whens bit. Shopping, well I stocked up on lots of suet pellets & seeds for the birds they will need them as it turns colder (won't we all), finished the grocery shop, and then mostly fiddled around with some tortuously complicated offers + cashback purchases 😂 including notebooks as I mentioned, some toiletries & makeup and my old friend rescue remedy, and some storage boxes. I did not buy any garden related stuff or pots, though I was Very Tempted 😉 actually, I lie! I did buy some little sparaxis bulbs but that was just previously, & because they were cheap & brought me up to the min order on an odd shop. I have got my eye on a pot but will wait for a discount maybe. Thank you for the matches🕯️and have as good a weekend as poss xx

    Hello joan nice to see you in 👍️ the sonic is not here yet annoyingly, it should be by now. I saw lots of magpies yesterday all gathered on one of the roofs behind, at least 7 'for a secret' I think, that was most unusual! I hope there were not 8 as then you would go back to the beginning and 1 for sorrow I suppose 😬. I think you said you see magpies where you are 🤔? Have a good day & Sunday :) xx

    Hi to bosh hope your day is ok so far, & that your mum's blood test result will not be too much longer, she will be bound to be worried it's not nice waiting as we all know🤞. Will see you in here later probably :) xx

    Love to all 😘 xx

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    hi toady 🐸

    nice to hear from you. You bought some make up that sounds nice what sort of cosmetic do you use? I like wearing a bit of make up but my sister Really likes to slap it on with a trowel or something like that lol, oh well if it makes her happy😂.

    Yes v Understandable about my mums mood but the thing is of course that’s not the problem/ pressure going on in the house my dad is going to some stupid cultural event today and he’s not feeling well he was coughing a lot then went to this thing in the rain and wind and almost didn’t wear a mask and he said things like no one gets Covid anymore so my mum and I are concerned and angry understandably.

    Ok so Time is going on a bit faster than I thought id better try to summarise more than waffle haha, Wondering if you could buy other sonic devices for me please? perhaps The receptionist- repellent? It’s half- price as long as your GP phones you before the witching hour, lol.

    Yes special offers on things are very much annoying and complex I agree.

    im def feeling better than yesterday thanks 👍, hope you’re having a nice afternoon. Tc xx

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    Hi Toni

    I’m glad that you’re having another go at endoscopy that’s great news 👍

    All is kind of well here I’m definitely feeling better than yesterday so that’s a good thing at least thanks.

    mums stressing about last b test result, which i fully understand, but dad Has got a bad cough but still went to some stupid social event in bad weather well you can imagine the rest really 😔.

    Wasn’t Feeling too great last night at all started brooding about silly things but that’s just because I was feeling a bit unwell due to our friend methotrexate etc.

    sorry just quickly wanted to say something to toady 🐸I forgot before My sisters EF are going in about a weeks time but I think they’re going to Scotland in a few days time so at least she’ll have her house back to normal soon if I’ve got it right

    sorry back to Toni , poor Lucy did people give her nasty looks in the past because they thought she was too young to have the jab or something like that? That was really nasty of them.

    BR still has high temp.

    ok I know this is incomplete news but need to get going and do some stuff now, so bye for now Toni and take care.xx

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 2,407

    hi Joan

    thanks for your nice message I see that’s good that you dislike indoor smokers too, mum is ok but a bit worried waiting for last result. Xx

  • toady
    toady Member Posts: 1,540
    edited 1. Oct 2022, 17:50

    Hi bosh 👋 thanks for explaining about the EF visit times hope that works out well I daresay sis will be glad to have her house back as you say even if she at least has had a bit of help while SIL is there. Sorry little BR is still not 100% 😔. I see DV is being a bit silly where going out with a cough in the rain again is concerned 🙄 and upsetting you & your mum, sorry to hear, and hardly worth arguing that of course people are still getting Covid I'm sure he knows that and is being contrary if that's the word I want. Glad you feel better than yesterday anyway 👍️ hope your evening is not too bad & you sleep better. If the sonic gadget works I will look into adapters for receptionists (care navigators as I mentioned mine call them, so ridiculous 😂). I don't wear much make-up I haven't really got the face for it 😂 by which I mean I have smallish features & there's no point going mad with lipstick & eyeshadow there wouldn't be room to create much of an effect, but I do like to wear some because I also have pale colouring so pale eyelashes & eyebrows & without makeup I look washed out. I have a few cruelty-free brands I buy so I usually just replace stuff I've run out of, lip pencils etc rather than try new things (until a colour gets discontinued, then I have to start again and ferret around for something similar that I don't hate 😄). People do buy a lot and use a lot you are right💄I'm too mean to keep buying new tbh but also think it's wasteful what people get through and probably chuck away half-finished. Do you have a favourite brand? Yes I got very tangled up with my special offer thing but I think it worked, we'll see. Have a good Sunday :) xx

    By the way I meant to say to Toni, I know you didn't ask for a full itemized list of my shopping I just posted that of my own accord 😂.

    See you all soon ☕️ teatime again I think, they said again recently that 2 cups a day can help you live longer so kettle on xx