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    Tony how are you today

    I like your coffee board humour😀

    Neck is a Little bit sore today but I’ve done the neck physio prob is I’m a bit tired and I’m downstairs right now so basically feeling weary and don’t want to set up the whole iPad stand et cetera situation downstairs so I’ll try and be fairly quick otherwise my know my neck won’t thank me for it 👍

    It was indeed chilly this morning but when I went outside it was actually reasonably comfortable in my medium warm coat

    at least I narrowly missed a bit of bird’s (fill in inappropriate word) landing on my hand and coat yuck it was so near but maybe mother nature was smiling at me today ha ha.

    was v tired around lunchtime got the strength to make myself a cup of tea also made one for dad and guess what? dad drank mine he is becoming such a piece of work T and then I got into a bit of a state because I was just exhausted and my throat was sore I don’t normally have tea in the morning a lot of the time I just try and avoid conflicts but my mum made me a cup of tea this time she saw how I tired I was bless her so that was very lovely of her.

    everyone is more or less okay T thanks but I really can’t write anymore right now it would not be sensible physiotherapist wouldn’t thank me

    okay bye for now more later to on today failing that tomorrow take care of yourself get some rest the lady’s family are coming soon don’t break down physically. Xx

    hi Joan I’m okay thanks so is mum etc bye for now sorry bit tired xx

    ps more Russian tea xx

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    Hello all 😊 have taken a bit more of a hold of things (& myself) today and got a few jobs done earlier. It was very very mild and pleasant this morning so I spent a fair while outdoors not necessarily doing that much work, but at least then it's so much easier to monitor the borders (the geographical/political cat borders, not the herbaceous sort 😉). I would love to build mouse a little refuge frog but unfortunately any cat worth its salt would probably just lay siege, unless I could factor in 6 exits and a secret tunnel. There are lots of covered brick structures with mouse friendly hideyholes, I will continue to cook up asstd mad schemes, what else can you do. One of my first books as a child was one called Mouse Looks For A House, where most places it considered were unsuitable, little did I know how much I would grow up to identify with mousie 🤨😂. I do allow for covid affecting what my options have been over these few years, it's before that I should have looked ahead & laid plans really - not that you can know if they would have turned out for the best. The builder stuff is a matter of working out what jobs he might want to take on & that I would want him to do, nothing that thrilling but each involving Decisions and Choices, not my finest skill 🙄 if the first up job goes well that will be key to me relaxing a bit & hopefully shoving a few more jobs at him. It's increasingly academic how they turn out tbh I'm sure it will all be less than crucial, the end of the world being pretty much nigh one way & another 😂. You may jest about foraging in skips but it is pretty close to home 😂 there is a good new skip at this very moment that I have already had a few bricks out of, and will be going again tonight all being well. Hope things well with you today, sorry to hear though that your friend is not so good as could be wished 😔 glad that there will be some family to share out the visiting and gosh you did well to fit in the dentist too, not the best of weeks and not enough gardening for you either - fingers crossed for a better week & thanks again for the kind thoughts for my troubles when you have had more than enough xx

    Hello joan, I am having a quieter day thank you and it was nice out of doors earlier 😊 I only take one sort of pill because my other medication is injectable and I have avoided or turned down 1 or 2 others, I take some supplements as well. Do you pick up your own prescriptions am I right that you have a pharmacy at your GPs 🤔. I always say I'll accept substitutions from the supermarket unless I know there wouldn't be a suitable one but I write a note for main things like bread & milk rather than have none (eg say I'll have a larger size if needs be). Hope you are having a good Sunday :) xx

    Hi bosh, I will probably do one of your from memory posts sorry if I miss much - glad you did get a cup of tea even if it was not the one you started with 🙄 taking someone's tea is definitely beyond the pale. What with that and RR people don't seem to be able to keep their paws off your drinks 🤨. It was nicer earlier but has actually turned quite chilly now, hope you are somewhere where the temperature suits you as well as poss especially on post mtx day. I've booked bloods for myself for Friday week, once I got past the huge long recorded message they start with, to be put in the queue for a 'care navigator' is that what yours call receptionists now? Won't dwell too much on chocolate but apart from knowing vaguely there are good properties about dark I'd have no idea about the merits of milk vs white, so would be no good in a debate, I find white a bit sweet so sorry LLF I don't really go in for it myself. I did used to like the eggs that you get a toy in 😂 once upon a time they were quite inventive with little wooden or metal models then they became a bit more boring, and really lots of unnecessary plastic eggs aren't great of course so it took the fun out of that. We should all go back to toys made out of nice stuff but the Netflix kiddies will probably take a bit more weaning away from plastic as they have grown up with it all, I guess changes are happening hopefully that will go on. Yes they are sooo much more tech savvy, it was always the joke that only the grandkids could work the VHS player, now look at us I would not know where to start with most of today's stuff it was all downhill for me once they switched the analogue tv signal off 😫😂. Hope you have a good start to the week, & hope family are well and your sis is not too overworked 😔 thank you for the pics I love the toady toadstool 😀 and Ensign Mona would look very good on the bridge :) xx

    Hello Kitty hope everything is going well with you 😊 are you writing anything at the moment? I almost got Wordle in one the other day but I changed my starting word, I was so sad 😂 xx

    Love to Barbara 😘 hope you are both well. I have been doing super glamorous jobs today like my twice-yearly tighten of the lavatory seat fixings, otherwise it starts to move gradually sideways, most unnerving 😱😂 I've earned my teabreak anyway 👍️ xx

    & have a good rest of Sunday everyone xx

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    Oh blah I've missed my bold out - repeating things makes you sound like Al Read (or Fred Elliott, take your pick) but I will anyway -

    Hello Kitty hope everything is going well with you 😊 are you writing anything at the moment? I almost got Wordle in one the other day but I changed my starting word, I was so sad 😂 I can't do today's at all, I'm stuck! 😬 xx

    Love to Barbara 😘 hope you are both well. I have been doing super glamorous jobs today like my twice-yearly tighten of the lavatory seat fixings, otherwise it starts to move gradually sideways, most unnerving 😱😂 I've earned my teabreak anyway 👍️ xx

    (sorry I mucked this up, I say, sorry I mucked it up 😂) xx

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    hi toady 🐸

    nice to hear from you okay I understand not wanting to comment too much on the chocolate debate ha ha but the thing is LLF herself eats massive portions of sweet things I think she’ll definitely give Bill a run for his money when it comes to family sized sweet portion consumption lol, so I don’t really think she has any right to criticise as choc apart from dark Choc which is good for the heart and so on and so forth chocolate is not good for us everybody knows that and even dark Choc should be eaten in moderation yes no one is perfect I’m far from perfect especially when I’m tired I sometimes tend to reach for some Choc but I don’t think really that saying white chocolate is terrible milk chocolate has a lot of health benefits really makes much sense at all she may just be trying to justify herself ha ha. The funny thing is that she says that she is very controlled with chocolate but I don’t think she is yes she limits the choccy biccies but when her friends send her box of chocs for Easter she samples all the chocs available so yes she doesn’t eat 15 to 20 boxes of chocolates but she probably does eat 15 to 20 chocolates at least in one session oh I smell some hypocrisy there toady and it’s almost as strong as the smell of dogs (please fill in appropriate word) at certain times of the day in this house with open windows as bosh and TS Eliot seem to concur ha ha).

    glad you like ML lol 👍

    I’ll Leave it there for now toady glad you had a comfortable morning take care and good night. Xx

    ps witch tea cosy xx

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    Just another little goodnight to you too bosh 😊 and I'll happily talk chocolate with anyone at any time, I sometimes just think 'shall I not go on about food &c' for instance in case mtx has made you feel less than fab and it isn't what you want to think about 👍️ no other reason. Yes I can't see any logic in the good, bad & the ugly chocolate argument 🤔 and if a certain person has no issue with putting away their easter chocs, well say no more 🤫. Sorry about the TS Eliot situation 😕 😂 I have a scratched up garden border of cat 💩 to move tomorrow 🙄 well at least you escaped the bird this morning; small mercies &c! 'night :) xx

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    hi again Toni 🌺

    How are you today? Oh yes your filling i almost forgot how did that go? Good that The candy floss was soft on your tooth 👍

    BR wanted to go on the ride so he went with his mummy LA wasn’t so keen but he liked the stalls and his daddy bought him a pirate sword from one of them 🗡 very scary haha, don’t worry it was made out of plastic just like Blackbeard’s lol.

    sorry about your back yes leaning forward too much will do that something I know I sometimes do too much of it myself physios etc go on about good posture but it’s not always practical is it? I find that’s the problem and of course aches always feel worse when you’re tired, I hope the lady’s family have got here by now and that you are having some well deserved rest 💤.

    about Lord of the rings thats great and def impressive that you’ve read all the books I read The Hobbit and then I read bits and pieces of the trilogy but to be honest didn’t get very far I think they weren’t really my kind of books but I did like the hobbit and I remember liking the Hobbit much more as a child I guess it’s just a matter of taste but I really liked of the films I’ve started watching Rings of power yes it’s fairly good I think maybe the first one or two episodes are the best so far but the episodes are all visually stunning there’s no doubt about it and it def makes a change, the prob is there only eight episodes and two were available on the first Friday of release in the UK so only six episodes left which I think is really not great considering how much hype there’s been about it I’ve also started watching the Sandman on Netflix which is another kind of fantasy thing and a lot more episodes so it feels like less like a rip-off lol, its a sort of dark fantasy well not that dark really it’s not a horror but kind of unusual fantasy let’s say about a figure who creates dreams and nightmares something like that only watched one episode so far but that seems to be quite interesting.

    don’t worry about misreading no problems there 👍

    Lucozade the panacea I’ll remember that or perhaps not 😂

    bye for now Toni have a nice evening xx

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    Morning everyone

    It's raining here

    Morning Joan 14 tablets is a lot, but the patches made you skin sore didn't they? I think I take on average around 11 tablets depending on the day of the week. Lucy takes 9 just epilepsy meds so if she needs painkillers she can go way above that. Paul only takes one Tia and Charley none! ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi well done doing your neck exercises that is good I hope it and my back both ease off very soon. I also hope you feel less tired today.

    Your Mum is so kind noticing that your tea being drunk by your day was close to the last straw for you yesterday ((())) from me. Shall we try the Russian tea it looks nice. If it's not we can give it to your Dad🤭 naughty Toni!!!!

    Oh Dr LA I quite agree all chocolate is good for you - in small amounts only though😁 wish he was my GP!! Seriously I think you are right dark chocolate is the only choc which is actually good for us sadly. I have only found afew vegan chocolate bars I actually like sadly which probably is better for me in the long run!

    My filling turned out to be the least of my troubles in the end it being the day my friend was rushed in. It was the top left wisdom tooth and is now all filled with injection. Feels ok I think now, but follow up hygienist apt booked for 5th Oct🙄I had expected to hit the roof with the candy floss but all was well.

    LA is very risk averse isn't he? No rides for him at the funfair better to stay on terra firma and fight battles with his new ⚔ I bet BR enjoyed his ride with his mummy though😍

    I agree with you to me the hobbit was fatter, cuter and more childlike than in the films. That's what i always think about things being adapted for film or TV - our own imaginations give us a different picture. The books were very hard work get into and I don't think I could do it now, but at the time we were all reading them which helped.

    I like that knitted witch, but hope the frog/toad doesn't go in the pot😫

    Sending love to Kitty and hoping that all is well for her today in her little bungalow☺️

    Morning Toady how are you doing today? I am very pleased to see that you are much more yourself unless you were pretending to make sure we don't worry🤔hmmmm....

    I only saw my friend once yesterday but today not at all. I am quite relieved as my back is very very cross, but also will worry that she might think I have abandoned her. It's just today 3 family members are coming not just one. Her wife will reassure her that I am still here and will see her tomorrow afternoon bless her.

    I think if little Mousie has several exits under her bricks she should be ok???🤞 I remember that book too! It was cute bless you you haven't changed that much from the little girl who read those books. Except now it is you who has to make the decisions and that is not easy. I hope you can trust the builder, that his standard of work is good and he is honest. That's enough.

    A new skip? Oooh! Lucky you🤭just don't go head first into it will you? One person's rubbish is another's treasure isn't it?

    It was a lovely morning wasn't it? Paul took us both for a drive though before visiting time which was lovely all the way to Shrewsbury and back to the hospital. He did a load of paperwork while I was in the hospital then home. I think cat poo is very good fertilizer for flower borders, but not for your veggies just dig it in well. 🤢

    Sending my love to Barbara and Carol. I have replied properly to you both earlier on I hope you can find the replies easily especially Barbara with your eyes. ((())) xxx

    Breakfast for a rainy september

    A bit too healthy for my liking......

    Love to everyone

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty ((()) I hope you are all right. Have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) have a good day. Don’t fall in the skip trying to get something you can’t reach. Our bungalow is housing association.

    Barbara (()) I hope you are all doing well have a good day. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) how is your friend’s wife I know her relations are coming today. I hope your back feels better soon (()) that’s a lot of tablets for Lucy (()). Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day and your mum (()) it was nice her making you a cup of tea.

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    Hello all 😊 trying to get on earlier today, hopefully will get ahead that way🤞not so nice out there at all though, so not much fun for pottering. Did have a little rain earlier like you frog, now just windy. I have genuinely rebounded a little yes, thank you, not just a brave face 😉 (though there is always probably a little of that in there somewhere, on account of not wanting to wallow, and also doing a jolly good denial job on most of life's unpleasantnesses) - I mostly hover somewhere between irrepressible Mr Toad, and Pte. Frazer we're all doomed, it's an odd mix 😂 . Hope you are doing ok today and glad you had a nice drive yesterday 🚙 hope your back is steady and better for some rest. I meant to say thank you for mentioning the mattresses, I probably know the sort you mean - still looking around. I will have to get something new altogether for the spare room as it will only take something small, my own mattress still needs replacing though preferably with something firm. My extra 3 pots of paint are finally on the way, not for a few weeks though, so I could not have waited. Still, they are much cheaper than I could get if buying now 👍️ that's the main thing haha. I will be fine with the skip it is one of those waist-high ones (that people fill above fill level, which irks me No End 🙄). There is some good stuff in the one nearer me from before, that was emptied & refilled, but it's a corner house with windows looking out on both sides, all lit up in the evenings with the curtains not drawn, so I haven't the nerve to go and ferret in that one 😂. I have been looking at polytunnel greenhouses in a half-hearted sort of way, all seem to say unsuitable for bad weather 🤨 well at the cheap end, so I would have to up my budget to get anything half decent & that would be a bigger shopping decision. Anything at all going on in yours since the last head count of potatoes & lettuces etc? The cat poo has been going in the bin so far not into the borders, tempting though it is to dot it artistically around their horrible gravel front 'garden' 👼. Have a good Monday, & btw don't forget (& Kari too) the rearranged postal strike for Sept 30/Oct 1. xx

    Hello joan, I will be quite safe with the skip 😂 it is not a big one and the contents are level with the top. I could do with one myself for some saved up rubbish, they are quite pricey now and the Council used to be cheaper but have gone up as well - £50+ for 5 bulky items. I suppose if you had 4 big fridges that's not bad but for 4 boxes of mixed stuff or mattresses &c it's quite a lot to pay relative to £100 for a small skip. I'm tempted to get one just because I know my neighbours would be itching to ask if they can put things in but would not want to ask now we are on not very good terms 😉. Their cat comes here because it is the nearest extension to their territory and also much the best garden from a cat's point of view, the other side is just paved over etc. Have a good day both and love to the dear dogs :) xx

    Hi to bosh for later and chat to you then I expect 👋 I don't have Netflix & don't usually feel I'm missing out but I like the sound of The Sandman 😕 Neil Gaiman wrote a couple of Doctor Who episodes didn't he and lots of other other stuff of course. Hope your day is going ok :) xx

    Love to Kitty and Barbara, I am off to put the kettle on absolutely right now if anyone is passing :) xx

    Love to all 😘 xx

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    hi toady 🐸

    how are you today? I understand about the chocolate situation for myself I tend to crave choc a bit more during methotrexate time but I try not to give in to it too much for example I tend to have a chocolate bar the day I take the methotrexate but it’s not one of the most evil type of one - its not pure unadulterated chocolate let’s leave it there ha ha , but you’re right I think methotrexate definitely makes people feel more queasy in certain ways for example I’ve never been a big fan of the smell Bacon cooking of fish frying but methotrexate somehow makes tastebuds and sense of smell much more sensitive at least that’s how it affects me 😀

    thanks about the TS Eliot situation I like that phrase ha ha it wasn’t so much that the smell was predominant at that point in the evening with the windows closed but I just meant that my friends hypocrisy has the same kind of smell somewhat pungent and strong lol, oh dear cats mess to clear up today, that has to be a horrible task but at least it’ll be over soon 👍, you’re quite right very lucky about the birds doings not going on my person I know , but I did notice today some little spots of it on my shoe yuck not sure how to clean that off yet but I’m sure I’ll find a way 🤢 And when I went past the same area on my walk I thought the birds had done their disgusting business again but it was just raindrops from the tree the splattering on the road thank goodness im trying not to develop birds doing related phobias otherwise I’ll never leave the house haha, it was a relatively nice coat too so that would’ve been a disaster.

    im ok thanks so are family and EF.

    I think I’ll leave it there for now toady Hope things are going well today take care. Xx

    ps pic is a witch- related tea cosy. Xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are things today? Hope the hygienist goes well, things are not too bad today thank you im feeling a little bit less tired, I don’t think it’s naughty at all to give my dad the bad tea , he is dominating everyone and everything so it’s a case of almost constant DV situations tbh.

    BR was v friendly when I visited he tried to give me some of his food whenever he was eating and he only stopped when I said “That’s ok BR you eat the chicken nugget mini potato waffle, that’s your dinner”, bless him.

    LA’s mummy said please don’t bake or buy LA a large chocolate cake, it’s not good for him so I may buy him a witch- shaped carrot and paint it green or maybe not lol. BR seems keener on finishing his veggies than big bro - good boy👍.

    My back is ok atm thanks, hows yours?

    ok I’ll leave it there for now Toni, got some stuff to do bye and Tc. Xx

    Ps 2 pics today, carrot shaped tea cosy and more S trek humour. Xx

    hi Joan how are you? I’m not bad thanks, yes was nice of mum, she’s well today thank you.

    I take 8 or 9 tabs it varies, but when pharmacist made error i was taking almost 20 to make up dose.

    Tc xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you this evening? I didn’t know that about the Sandman and Doctor Who that’s interesting , I made a mistake though toady and Toni 🌺I thought it was a multi series thing the Sandman that is, but there’s just one series at the moment (they say they’ll be a second but then again they always seem to say that on NF don’t they?) anyway first series is really good at least what I’ve seen of it so far and there are 11 episodes so that’s at least slightly better than the Rings of power, I’m glad you seemed to have a not too bad type of day toady, I must admit I didn’t quite take in everything I read I remember cat poo and fridges ha ha, I’ll go for now bit tired take care. Xx

    ps because Bill and his pals hitting the bottle lol. Tc xx

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    Hi again Toni 🌺

    thanks very much for liking the poems I wish I could come up with the more often but it’s a difficult thing for me sometimes “the creative process” as it were ha ha but if I write something that’s not complete rubbish and relevant I’ll put it on here I promise, basically the poems come when they come kind of thing , not that I’m pretending I’m Reading’s Oscar Wilde of course lol, or ROW, no my dad is king of the rows, oh dear.

    okay so tomorrow my mum has a very important blood test kidney- related so it’ll be v early start for me lots of stress and the stress will go on probably over the weekend as well it depends when she gets the results so I just thought I’d get some posting now basically because I don’t know what’s happening tomorrow I wrote a poem and guess what? I kept it carefully so here goes another humorous effort of mine hopefully little poem inspired by all of our chocolate chats.

    poem is called

    Good advice about White chocolate mice (etc)

    chocolate whether milk white or dark try to consume it in moderation

    even though methotrexate sometimes tests us beyond duration

    there are different rules though for babies and little lords that’s true

    and even these small chaps do not need to feel sad and blue

    so long as they try not to upset their tummies

    its really up to their (auntie goddess) Mimas / mummies

    to scare them with green witch tales when they get an attack of the yummies.

    goodnight all xx

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    Hello everyone

    Raining here again🙄

    I know this is none of us but still it is funny😁

    Morning Joan my friend's wife is still very very poorly, thank you for asking the family did all come and stayed over at a travel lodge really close by as there are quite a few of them. Yesterday was a bad day all I did was to go and sort the dogs out. My friend was stuck at the hospital from 10;30 am until 11pm so they needed a wee and some food and company too. My back may well be very very slightly better for the rest yesterday. How about your two though how are you doing? ((())) xxx

    Morning Toady I'm so glad to hear that your change in spirits is mostly genuine and not you trying not to get us lot down. We can cope if one of us is sad. Gosh no you aren't really like Private Frazer are you🤭 Sometimes a short spell in the wallow pit does us no harm especially if

    a) we have friends to pull us out or

    b) there is a gorgeous creature like this in there with us

    A polytunnel! Ooooh! that would be amazing, and something you could hide inside out of sight of the neighbours too! One older couple in the village have had theirs for about 20 years so if you get a good one who knows?I would be well-Jeal!

    Not sure whether I will be visiting today as the family are still here with my friend's wife being so very ill, but if she looks more stable maybe the evening visit. We'll see my back has eased a bit, but would very much like another 'day off'. I will take a peep outside and see how the veggie patch is doing later.

    I have a theory about skips...everyone would like to have a nose! What do you reckon? Glad to hear you won't fall in though.

    Thanks for the postal strike reminder passing on to Kari directly.

    Morning to you Reshmi I hope you are well today? What day is it? All this hospital visiting is throwing me off so I don't know when you will be going to the group. Thanks for asking back was pretty bad yesterday but i have had a half decent night so a bit better today.

    I had a thought about your sister not wanting LA to have too much cake. I have a friend in the village who bakes cakes cuts it up and freezes it, then you could send over only one slice at a time. I wonder whether she is trying to stop BIL eating it all really😉

    I am so sorry your Dad is being proper DV at the moment and can imagine the tension in your house just now with your Mum's blood test today and then the wait for results.....Sending you some ((()))

    Love the poem! Oh yes a poem and a chocolate based one at that! What's not to 😍 and the little sugar mice are adorable too. Don't worry I hardly ever feel able to write poetry so know how it comes when it comes and you can't force it. I just enjoy your writing when it happens. Don't feel pressure from me. You can be RPL Reading's Poet Laureate ☺️

    Lovely tea cosies not sure whether I prefer the witchy or the carrot one?🤔 I think we should keep both👍️

    Take care and good luck for mum's bloods🤞

    Love of course to Barbara hoping all is well with everyone at yours and that your eyes aren't tooooo bad ((())) xxx

    Carol I hope next time we hear from you that you are all well and that your daughter and GD are speaking again. Families eh?

    Breakfast today...

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) How are you getting on. Have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) if you had a skip do you think your neighbours would put things in when it’s dark. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) have a good day we have had our booster jab. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) How is your friend’s wife it’s so sad when friends have the big C I know (()) thinking about you all. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) I hope your mum does not have to wait too long for the results of her blood test.(()) have a good day.

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    hi all

    Atm just saying hi bye how are you all? Xx

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    Hello all 😊 just having a cup of Piccadilly blend tea, I feel it may be a slightly acquired taste.. a touch of turkish delight about it 🤔 or something. Help yourselves & see what you think.

    Hope that bosh is getting on ok, and her mum of course, well it's all connected - hopefully all going well 🤞we appreciate that we'll see you when we see you, as you have things going on. Will catch up with chat next time. xx

    Weather very iffy out there, have been in the garden but with an eye in the weather the whole time it's so changeable - not worth taking stacks of equipment or anything out, it just looks poised to rain at any min. Polytunnels, well we'll see, I do like the idea but I don't want to end up with this 😱. I expect a lot of it is in the inital quality, yes, and putting in some belt & braces sturdying up of your own. The skip yielded me another brick on my expedition late last night but the blighters had added in more rubble and branches etc so the bricks were now down a layer, shame 😕. Yes I'm sure lots of people would like to look in others' skips out of nosiness, maybe not all quite so interested in fishing out bits of mdf offcuts or odd timber - ie the people who would chuck that sort of stuff themselves. If it was more interesting things then you would get more 'skip divers' but round here it's 90% just stuff from DIY & garden projects. Hope things are not too bad with you today but obviously not ideal at all with your friend so poorly 😔 so sorry there is not better news. I was going to expand on my gloomy world view but it's not really the time & place, or tasteful under the circumstances, but suffice to say, I would hand the planet over to the piggywigs in a shot and I hope they do reclaim the Earth one day. Gorgeous 🐖 😍. xx

    Hello joan, I think even if my neighbours put things in a skip under cover of darkness they would know I would know it was them - on the other hand, they are wasteful people and not very sensible about what's still good stuff, so maybe I should let them, they might chuck in perfectly good laptops & a silver tea service 😂. Hope you are having a good day :) xx

    Love to Barbara and Kitty too 😘 xx

    May nip again again later, can't believe it has got quite so late 😬 🤨 must go & 'do something'.

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 2,112

    Hi Toni toady and Joan Hope you’re all doing well this evening?

    just to reassure you every assure you everything is okay more or less with family and EF thank you for asking

    I’m just trying to keep entries minimal today as I spent way too much time on the Internet yesterday and my back is not thanking me for it also trying to do what someone once told me everything in moderation .

    Also if Turbogran is around thanks for that Facebook group invite but I’m spending too much time online anyway so I’m trying to cut down on online groups and stuff rather than the other way, it’s nice of you to think of me though 👍.

    my mum had the blood test this morning and I actually had a better nights sleep than I anticipated so did not feel extra tired which was good she is waiting for the results now probably will be in the weekend or after that when she gets them

    Glad you got a bit of rest Toni interesting about the tea toady thanks for your nice message Joan I’m going to leave it there ,

    Halloween pic as the Goth friend has put Halloween in my mind again take care everybody

    ps i’m going to try to go to the group tomorrow so it’ll be a bit of an early start again for me and a busy day so if I don’t post or just do a minimal post no need to worry take care. Xx

  • toady
    toady Member Posts: 1,477
    edited 27. Sep 2022, 21:08

    Hello all, just a quick goodnight from me 👋 I have actually done quite a few things since posting so although I stopped a while ago for tea & scones & jam I have done something all day other than eat & drink tea, honest.

    Sorry I missed your morning hello post bosh and glad to hear things went as well as possible with your mum, & that you had a decent night beforehand 😀 helps a lot when you have things going on doesn't it. Fingers very much crossed for her results🤞xx Going back over your previous posts, I had no memory at all of mentioning fridges but you're absolutely right 😂 no wonder I misread or lose track of other people's news I can't even remember mine. I've done a bit too much internet shopping lately because I felt I ought to stock up some practical things like torches and chargers and wind-up radio in case of power cuts etc, I'm never prepared.. also could do with a new heater but you get a bit fed up of reading bad reviews (oil filled radiators that dribble oil all over the place &c). I've just bought a sonic cat repeller to try so watch this space, no doubt the cat will just sit right next to it and smirk. Well at least hopefully neither of us have had any unpleasant encounters with cat mess or seagull droppings or zebra dung or any such thing today and long live your relatively nice coat 😄. Hope it's a good morning at the group and have a good day, thanks again for the chat and fun stuff and pics 😀 xx (it's getting to be not even that early to talk about Hallowe'en now isn't it, nearly Oct, eek 😬 slow down, clock).

    'Night to everyone, and Carol, mig & anyone new or passing by 😘 xx

  • frogmorton
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    Morning everyone

    A foggy start to the day here in the Midlands.

    Morning Joan how are you today? All seems to be well ATM my friend's wife is finally sleeping after a week of no sleep - I think out of sheer terror? Thank you for asking. I have been looking after the dogs mostly as well as visiting the hospital. Love to Sue and you ((())) xxx

    Kitty should have her internet today all being well just got to get the energy to use it! I am so pleased for her it's all coming together now😊

    Morning Reshmi I hope you back has eased off a bit (you have my sympathy) and you can get to the group today.

    Good that you slept in spite of worrying about your dear Mum. All being well her results will come back perfect and she (and you) can breathe out for a good while. She behaves herself and watches her diet so she's doing all she can do.

    I love the Gothic scary house pic the little cat is just like Winnie Lucy's pusskin😊

    Facebook is a huge leacher of time and best avoided as far as possible I agree. I think anyone who uses it here knows I rarely post there because it gets me far too carried away. Life is too short for facebook should be a sign!

    Anyway I very much hope you have a good day and thank you I am a woman of reasonable intelligence and ability😂

    Morning to you Toady. How are you doing today?

    are these yours?


    Of course you've done stuff we all have like it or not I know you are always busy.

    I hope your sonic cat repeller works if it does I might get me one for the moles. They are pretty bad here ATM. At least it does no harm to the cats (I know you wouldn't want that) but might just work🤞

    Candles I need to find them you've just reminded me...I have a wind up sort of torchy thing but I do not know where the candles are. I must seek them out. A wind up radio sounds fabulous I'd love one! What a great idea. batteries too.

    We have an oil filled radiator here somewhere and it's never leaked I got it from argos a few centuries ago and it's heated this house, our old one Charley and Annie's and Tia's when we've had trouble in the past.

    Still spending most of my time at the hospital and helping with my friend's dogs they having an odd time bless them must wonder where their Mummies are.

    Love to Barbara if you get in today hoping all is well with you and mr B.((())) xxx

    A quick hello to Carol if you get in hope family have settled down now. Life can be too short as we know ((())) for you. xxx

  • Loggiemod
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    Hi @toady we bought a sonic bird scarer to keep the heron away from the pond. Didn't bother the heron, but our youngest daughter (20s) could hear it and it kept her away from the pond😂

  • toady
    toady Member Posts: 1,477
    edited 28. Sep 2022, 10:27

    Morning all 😊 blue skies smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see 🎶 really astonishingly clear & lovely out there, hope it lasts 🌞

    Thank you @Loggiemod that is pretty much the outcome I'm expecting, realistically 😂 but can only give it a go. It is motion sensor so hopefully it at least shouldn't bother anything continually, & if the neighbours' kids can hear it, well hey ho such is life 😉. I get the occasional heron here and with no fish to worry about I like to see them, so will happily trade you for next door's cat.

    Morning frog 👋 those are not my scones, they are cream before jam, the very idea - none of your Devonshire nonsense here thank you 😉😂. Hope you are getting some of this nice weather after the foggy start and you are not too busy between hospital visiting and helping with the doggies, poor things. Hope you're all well too & Lucy getting on well at work, has Paul's chap finished his jury service? I do have one ok oil-filled rad myself too which has been good, I just thought I'd pick up a spare smaller one, always expect it to be simpler to research things just a matter of style & price etc, because no product should be absolutely unfit for purpose. The wind-up radio is great, actually that was cheap & cheerful and good, has all sorts of functions (and an SOS alarm that I hope I never press accidentally because it's pretty earsplitting apparently!) Candles, hmm, must be some somewhere, no doubt nowhere handy though. I will be doing my seasonal super garage tidy soon 👍️ and I expect you will be doing similar with your shed. I've just had some shed roof felt delivered this morning have never tackled before but it can't be worse than it is now. xx

    No joan yet I wonder if the curse of the unposted post has struck again through not 'taking' 🤔 (or the logged in/out thing). Hope all well anyway & love to you & Sue & the dear dogs xx

    Hi to bosh for later and kettle will be on for if you come in, guaranteed no-one will try & swipe half your tea, hope things ok with you today so far :) xx

    Kitty will have internet any minute, hurrah 😊 xx

    Love to Barbara & family & blackbirds 😘 Mrs B has finished her tail and is busy replacing her head feathers now, must get a picture. xx

    Have a good afternoon everyone xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni 🌺toady 🐸and Joan how are you all doing today?

    hi again toady jam and scones very nice 👍

    hi again Toni this is a from memory message again so maybe be wrong , sorry about your back, mine isn’t too bad atm thanks

    mums got most of her results all good so far thanks 👍 but one of her kidney results still hasn’t come in yet.

    Hi again Joan how are you and Sue? My mum isn’t too bad thanks, but not got comple results yet.

    yes toady 🐸almost Oct, scary 👻

    I’ll go for now T t etc need to shower etc, may post again later.bye Tc x

    ps Pic is one of toady’s Halloween pals lol. Xx

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 2,112

    hi again Toni 🌺

    how are you this evening? Thanks again about my back how is yours atm?

    thanks about my mum she’s got all the results apart from kidney one and a diabetes related one👍

    I went to group today RR was back in full form he really is a very strange person he said that we met this lady in some artist related capacity and she was potential girlfriend material not being rude but she was in her 60s I would say he’s a young looking 40 - something a bit odd that’s all I’m saying ha ha

    maybe he’s had one brownie to many, he could well be one chocolate cake short of a bakery or something like that ha ha.

    he also told me stomach ulcers are not a big deal you can have one recover, have some methotrexate or whatever, potentially get another one go to the A&E and all the rest of it and then you’re fine I must admit I did get annoyed in my mind then “not a big deal”?? In a slightly sarcastic I said “obviously I’m not a doctor but the reality is stomach ulcers are fairly serious and recovering from one properly isn’t easy either” that shut him up haha it was almost Maggie Smith - style I suppose Toni lol😂.

    Btw sisters own EF have come to visit so that’s bills older sister and her husband so it’s a crowded house for them and has got to be quite stressful as bills sister speaks Hindi (and English), but sis doesn’t understand Hindi so basically the in-laws will be talking a lot in their secret language as it were and everyone else on the planet will feel left out so dear what LA is doing now the focus is off him a bit I dread to think Toni time to look up the squash please, lol, LA and BR have really got obsessed with squash like you wouldn’t believe but I’ll go into that story properly another time😂.

    did visit to your friend in the evening today? or did you take some rest? I really hope you manage some rest Toni okay bye for now take care. Xx