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    That photo isn't quite right for here it's chucking it down 🙄

    No I'm the same Joan about knowing people's names, but if it was just us in the cafe I'd use my friends' names it makes it easier for you all to know who I'm talking about. Much safer for Paul to have one of the lads with him. Also he is still passing on his decades of knowledge to them. How are you both? the carers are they all doing ok? ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi Thanks for the flower teapot it is just so pretty 😊

    Well done you making all those calls it's so frustrating on the phone for hours sorting out stuff I think. I did a bit of that too yesterday, not as much as you though. It seems these days if you aren't proactive about your own health nobody else will be.

    Multi-tasking posting while on hold is a good idea! Otherwise our whole lives would be being number 499,999 in the queue to arrange a blood test....' your call is important to us.....'🙄

    Paul had a good day at work and seemed much happier yesterday. I think he'll cope until his tests he is much less panicky if you know what I mean?

    At least I didn't think you were 10 years older than you are that would be upsetting I think. Looking younger is quite nice on the whole although I bet people asked your age in shops for a long time.

    That book! It's on my list! Not as good as Harold Fry then? Aw that's a shame. I still might read it if I can get it on offer at some point.

    I'm so glad to hear LA is much better now and BR didn't catch it even more important that your Mum didn't catch anything too.

    Yes have ride on an elephant and share those iced buns with him Aw look I've found LA's little ex-ladybaby with her elephant

    I hope it's not raining for you going to the group this week😕Take care ((()))

    Morning Toady how are you today? Yesterday was the last decent day for a bit today it is persisting down here.

    Definitely my potatoes now too. You saw them in a photo a while ago they are seriously bedraggled and not because they are 'ready' that is a month off yet😒I'm planning on chucking a load of my homemade compost on there for the spring i think it needs it, but may be too late for my spuds this time 😔

    So the cold frame arrived a bit late to look at. Ah well can you build it in your garage if it's too wet outside. It certainly is far too wet here pretty diabolical so far maybe I won't even get a walk. I plan to use the missing part of my hedgehog house to complete the first one the garden will easily take two I can have one up in the greenbelt part.

    If it's a grotty day with you maybe now is the time to do more family research before the time runs out??? We'll sort out the dilemma if needs be i wonder whether it's a gender thing with our brother Kari and I are less threatened. None of us know for sure as there are no rellies alive (who don't have dementia) to fill us in. The one with dementia might be wrong. long story....

    Tesco order all present and correct I am very pleased indeed☺️ I usually am these days. No subs. Mind I tend to tick the 'no sub' as before now I have acquired items with maybe egg in them veggie not vegan.

    Kari's bike it great I do like it, but rather heavy so If we get them they will be lighter. As yet I am not as confident as on my own old 'sit up and beg' to do things like signalling which is important if I venture out of the village. So i found out on the way back🤭 Still I am alive to tell the tale.

    I suppose when you were at school doing English lit you were analysing each chapter? Maybe? Or letting slower readers keep up even? I did read ahead then re-read the chapter we were supposed to be reading. They did pick rubbish books though in those days didn't they?🙄Return of the Native. Can you remember any of yours?

    Well have a good day try to stay dry and warm of you can.

    Of course I am sending my love and very best wishes to Barbara, Kitty and Carol. Hope you are well and your families to ((())) xxx

    Porridge to warm us all up.

    Just going to post the postie's wife's wool skills

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    Village soldier P had commissioned.

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I hope you have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) we have rain as well. Good luck searching your family history you never know what you might find out.

    Barbara (()) have a good day love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) that’s good Paul is happier and safer (()) I hope you have a good day (()). We are well thank you. love to your friends (()) love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) that’s good you and your mum had a good day yesterday love to your mum (())

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    Hi everyone hope you’re all doing ok today? Xx

    wppl xx

    A bit of morning Matisse, love the pics of Remembrance Day knitting btw Toni 🧶 xx

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    Hi all 😊 an early one from me as I am once again waiting for a delivery - stop 4 of 50 so I should be a while yet. There was no idea of timeslot last night so I went to bed a bit on the alert in case of an early call, and of course dreamt they had turned up, and yes, me in pyjamas. What was my solution to this? Putting on a straw hat, in the apparent belief this was terribly quick-thinking because if you are wearing a hat then you are up & dressed and those are not pyjamas. Clever, eh 🙄 😂. Oh bring on robot delivery men and I'll take my chances with the rise of AI. It is indeed tipping it down frog and no prospect of playing in the garden 😫 or any daylight to see what you are doing indoors. Will just have to carry on with a bit of tidying & cardboard box wrangling, I seem to be getting somewhere. A few things to do online too - like a twit I failed to check the t&cs for the free family history weekend and it ended partway through yesterday, instead of at midnight as I assumed 🙄 hopefully they will do another one sometime. I didn't have anything too much to look up and certainly nothing pivotal 😬. But I did still want to look up something to do with the WWI era family I bought some postcards from/to, which is a bit annoying. The postbox topper is lovely, what a super little knitted salute - longest way up shortest way down 😀 and that sculpture is marvellous I love that sort of thing. Every bit as effective as a figurative work. Yes, if you are not quite there with the signalling it is not the time to go all out in the electric bike department 😮 I always loved left turns and hated right hand turns, so my dream cycle trip was left, left, left, left again, right (if you must, on a v quiet road), left, left 😂. Sadly that puts a right crimp in going where the fancy takes you. Hope you find a lighter model makes a difference to how you feel. One of my exam school books was Great Expectations but I moved schools halfway through exams, I think I started off with Lord of the Flies 🤔 no Hardy though 👍️. Do you have any of your old school books/essays & whatnot? Have a good day it is clearing up here I think (slightly), and glad Paul is feeling better 'in himself' :) xx

    Hello joan, I missed out on the chance to look up some more family tree 😔 I do know most of mine back so far but it gets harder after a certain point. Also hand written records tend to get misread & copies wrongly, and then you might reach a dead end because the search results can't find the right name. Hope you have a good day it has stopped raining here 😊 can't believe Pepper already goes back to the vet in only 2 days, hope all goes well :) xx

    Quick wave to bosh as I am moving up the delivery queue now so I had better go and stand by, back later 👋 xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you? On hold advertising that must’ve been really annoying 😡

    thanks about rheumo appointment

    a hospital admin called me today advising me not to take whole week's folic in one day as it causes stomach probs but I don’t do that anyway so I politely said that - I don’t really like it when hospital admins phone back I know they’re just doing their jobs, but non - medical staff can’t help with everything anyway I’ll leave it there won’t rant 😀

    stomach not good this morning, I think it’s those diabolical iron tabs to blame this time most likely so it’s another stay at home day trying not to eat the wrong things and so on 🤢

    hope you don’t have to stay on hold for too long today

    bye for now toady Tc xx

    ps yesterday was also the day artist Thiebaud was born I found out, looked him up mainly pastel candy coloured themes, but this one stood out, it’s toady’s owl! (though tbh If this particular pic isnt Thiebaud , it’s TB-style) xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you today?

    That’s a really lovely pic of the ex-lady baby friend and the elephant 🐘

    About “Perfect”, I didn’t like it as much as the Harold Fry books but maybe I did criticise it a bit too harshly I wasn’t in the best of moods at the time but it’s definitely too similar to other novels I read in the past and also ending is “more than slightly downbeat” - but that of course is just how I saw it😀

    Had stomachache this morning I think it’s iron tabs this time so I’m staying in today trying to control food 🤢

    Glad P is less nervous i understand sometimes not knowing what’s wrong exactly can be v scary 🤗

    LA may be going to meet the naughty boys soon 😱

    I think Riley the cake stealer is having a birthday party soon (or some sort of party anyway I need to check details) and king of the naughties Noel will of course be present - oh dear.

    yes I too hate all aspects of being put on hold

    yes people seemed to think I was quite young lol, my mum also has a young looking face and she has such nice skin, my sis is young looking no doubt but she gets chocolate 🍫 - related spots I believe but she still eats quite a bit of it 🙄

    So she doesn’t put weight on but her complexion is bad, but all she does is try and cover it up with makeup, which obviously makes it worse, she won’t adjust her diet or see a doc, anyway little sisters def a law unto themselves in my opinion 😂

    Thanks about my mum etc 👍

    no porridge for me this morning I’m afraid just spread - free toast lol

    Bill heated up the milk for LA’s Ch**rios the other day which was quite a rare occurrence tbh but LA didn’t like it at all, he refused to eat it and had a full -on tantrum saying “I don’t like it when daddy does mummy’s cooking jobs!” Sounds like an ad from the fifties maybe Lol, so mummy had to heat and serve the Lord a second breakfast, oh dear.

    i think I’ll go for now T I’m a bit tired bye Tc xx

    ps another elephant just because it’s lovely xx

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing today? Yes that was good that my mum had a good time thanks, my stomach was bad this morning but I’m feeling a bit better now thanks, have a good evening, bye Tc xx

    ps cute cuddly toy (as it was teddy bear day was yesterday) xx

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    Evening everyone, well after hovering over the parcel tracking the driver somehow managed to skip 3 stops or at least the tracker said he had stops to go yet before me when he turned up, so I was still not really ready but at least wasn't hanging around later than necessary. The sun also came out for that tiny spell which was a bit miraculous, I needed to go out & let him round the side gate so it not raining made all the difference. It made up for it this evening! it has been pelting down, when I went out earlier there was at least 4 inches of rain in a pot in the garden, that's since last night 😬. Anyway should be no waiting in for anyone tomorrow or on the phone either, and hopefully the same for you bosh. The pushing the app on you message from the health people's telephone recording is annoying mainly because in the end I feel they will sort of make you have it or something won't work well without it, I much prefer website options. The Royal Mail tracking site was down for quite a few days recently but they said the app will still work, hmm 🤔 it's some sort of app conspiracy, pesky things 🤨. What a nuisance your speakerphone time-saver didn't work when you were having to juggle things at your old job, very annoying when you come up with a nifty idea and there's a hitch especially if you're doing more than your share of stuff. I hated using the phone at work, I've met people later who went to schools where they taught you useful things like that, life skills & managing money paying bills & whatnot, even how to open a bank account would have been useful, nothing like that at mine. Too busy teaching you to cook and heat milk for Ch**rios. Talking of school do you have a book you had to study that you liked or particularly disliked, Toni was mentioning Thomas Hardy etc. Lovely owl pic I don't know the artist so that's another new name for me 😀 a little mouse there too, mousie had better be careful🦉I haven't heard the owl lately hasn't been a nice clear night for it. And that teddy 😍 what a sweetheart. Hope you have a good night and your stomach is better tomorrow too (can't imagine why the hosp admin would think you would take all your folic acid at once 🤐) hope everyone else ok too :) xx

    Love to Kitty and Barbara 👋

    and anyone who hasn't been in for a while xx

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    Thanks toady I hope you have a good night too xx

    ill reply properly tomorrow - I’ve been staring owlishly at this screen for far too long lol tc xx

    ps pic of elephant on his night off xx

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    Morning everyone

    Today should be a quietish day for me I hope. At least I think so....

    Morning Joan how are you and Sue today? Is it tomorrow Pepper gets his check up and hopefully collar off? All is well today Paul is in Liverpool with my nephew (who is now 2nd in command at work) so should be fine I think. He seems much calmer. Roll on the 28th for the heart monitor. Love to you and Sue ((())) xxx

    Well Toady a straw hat and pyjamas is you fully dressed 100%🤣 aren't we funny in our dreams?! I would have been worrying too to be honest in my sleep if I had something which might catch me on the hop. I am an early riser yes, but not always dressed.

    Oh you missed the cut off for the family history weekend😕 how disappointing I know you clearly have a lot of information, but still. It will come around again maybe?

    Thank you for admiring our sculpture I will post a pic of our soldier 'naked' when I can so you can see him post remembrance week. I love our dear little soldier too on the letterbox. Every parish got £500 for the centenary we all chopped some extra in to have him made.

    Kari's bike is very heavy so I daren't let go of the handles! Also I would like two mirrors so I can see what's behind me if I get my own lighter weight one. Left, Left, left, left, great idea that was me on my driving lessons!!!! You know just a few years ago!

    I don't have any of my old essays do you???? I read ' The Return of the Native' 'Great expectations' We are almost certainly the same era.

    I see from your post to Bosh that you have your parcel and in a rare patch of sunshine too 😊

    Morning Resmi I love the Matisse Goldfish it's just so cheerful😊

    You poor thing having stomach ache you have my sympathy - iron tablets do that to me too. How long will you be on them do you know? ((()))Hope the plain toast helped.

    Things is Harold Fry was so good. The Author needs to try something different if it's too similar others will feel like you and maybe not even try the next book. I prefer happy endings definitely.

    I am listening to a Stephen Fry podcast in bed if I wake up it helps - it certainly gets me off to sleep again!! It's about the human brain.😴

    Aww I bet LA will love seeing the naughty boys at Riley's party. Riley Noel and LA all together again I pity Riley's Mum trying to keep things under control. I wonder whether LA's ex Lady baby Elephant expert will be there or just boys. Love that Elephant pic BTW you are right worth posting purely because it's lovely!

    Oh dear me Daddy makes bad warm milk cheerios does he? Mummy's are better! Let's hope he doesn't grow up out of a 50's advert! I wonder what your sister thought after all she has a very responsible job 'in her other life' too.

    Look at that little boy - still miserable!

    I hope we all have a good day today it's not quite so wet outside at least

    Sending my love To Kitty and Barbara and Carol of course in case they have time to pop in ((())) xxx

    I'd just love cheese on toast. Vegan option is vegan cheese spread on toast sorry...

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    Good morning everyone

    Sorry my post has gone my avatar was there so I thought I was login

    I put Kitty must be better having carers

    Toady might get another chance to find about hear history

    Barbara how is Mr B ‘s other hip

    Toni good that Paul has someone with him you must have so much on your mind

    Reshmi I hope your tummy ache has gone

    have a good day everyone

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you? Got a bit of an attack of the drowsies coming on I feel lol but did manage coffee group thanks and half a walk, stomach is ok too atm thanks, but haven’t been eating quite normally hopefully tomorrow will be better for stomach

    interesting what you wrote about school, we had a school bank kind of thing so at least we could get used to the idea of chequebooks etc 👍

    I once did a work course on telephone etiquette as it were was useful but I was forced to do it and after working hours 😡

    ok much more to write but I’m trying to get shower etc done asap

    so bye for now tc xx

    ps cooking is a good skill though but maybe not easy to focus on it when studying 😀

    pps pic is more Thiebaud xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    hope you’re well?

    did go to group thanks but RR was talking to a group of ladies lol

    joking he was talking to some other people

    I think the Riley party will include girls

    we’re all ok thanks but I do have stiff leg but hot shower should sort it out

    sorry bit busy atm

    more later tc xx

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing today? Stomach is just about ok atm thanks mums ok too

    bye Tc xx

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    Hi again toady 🐸

    ok books I hated - T Hardy wasn’t so horrible for me Tess wasn’t my favourite by any means but there were worse ones, it really took a long time for me to get into Shakespeare tbh I think when I was a bit older and I actually saw some of the plays performed it felt less dry to me 👍

    how are things going so far today? It was quite cold when I was walking and with the rushing about I hadn’t done my coat collar up well at least I had a scarf on and survived lol.

    bye for now tc xx

    ps pic of a v unusual Tardis, I think a bit of gender - stereotyping’s going on there 😂 also prompts the question does Dr Who suffer from hay fever ? or is it well controlled by her using psychic paper - prescription pad to prescribe herself/ himself industrial strength antihistamines? Haha. Xx

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    Hi again Toni 🌺

    Hows your day Been so far? Group was okay thanks though started a bit late so it was a bit crowded when I got there I talked to the lady with the diabetic son and when a few more people started turning up the group organiser decided to move tables so there was enough space which took quite a while because a certain person was fussy about where she sits🙄

    It meant we all had to uproot ourselves and then try and not offend other people and remember who owned which coffee cup it was all a bit of a “palaver” really lol really fussy sitter to coin a term ha ha may have been having some anxiety problems then of course that’s not her fault and I understand but I’ve seen this person go to the Tuesday group and she was quite relaxed sitting wherever fate decided she should sit anyway I didn’t mind it just would’ve been nice there to get there a bit sooner but then again I needed the sleep so nothing is really that perfect is it?

    I was going to read back and answer points but it’s getting a bit stuffy in here and my eye is a little bit irritated it’s not affected by writing / typing this message but I think there is some kind of allergy in it I need to put eyedrops okay bye for now T, I hope things are okay with you today and that P and Lucy are more or less okay take care, xx

    ps just a nice pic I found xx

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    Hello all 😊 jolly nippy today & no mistake, I have had hot soup & am sitting here now with my laptop not intending to stir and waiting for the cobwebs to gather around me, I only need a shawl or two and my Miss Havisham impression will be complete 😂 yes definitely my / your era frog, if not more mine than yours but will draw a (tattered) veil over that 😉. I do have my old school books and probably some of my parents', I daresay if my grandparents had kept theirs then I would have those as well - I have school prize books of theirs come to think of it. It's my maths exercise books that depress me because even though I was terrible at it I can't imagine now that I ever grasped as much as I did - that was obviously peak brain power for me, which doesn't say a lot. They did try to teach us accounting and double-entry bookkeeping at one school which was ludicrous really when as I was saying to bosh, we all knew nothing about even normal budgeting & managing money. Not much doing with me today and only normal little post deliveries so no straw hat required 😄 that's all my odds & ends in now for a while hopefully unless I see something fabulous on Black Friday which I never have yet. Ah yes the weight of the bike, I can't quite imagine what that would feel like 🤔 but I think another friend also said that it threw their centre of balance off. Mirrors wouldn't be the slightest use to me I can't 'translate' what I see, one of the reasons I made the decision not to drive, when the question arose (in comparatively modern times, that was, as you say 😉). How much did you/do you use your own bike now? Maybe we will all be going back to them soon in fact I can see a time when we rewind a lot of our ways of life back to a manual level like it or not. Hope all are well and you did get your quietish day 👍️ xx

    Hello Joan, sorry you lost your post but you do do an excellent recap 👍️ thank you the family research will keep, I was also looking up some things about people I got interested in by buying old postcards of theirs (as if I don't spend enough time online without taking on strangers' family trees! 😂 ). Good luck to Pepper for tomorrow and love to both, it will be down to 9 degrees & thereabouts by the weekend 😬❄️ xx

    Hi bosh, yes it certainly is dropping cold and scarf weather definitely 🧣is it quite warm at the group's cafe do you find you then warm up or almost too warm and then have to come out to the cold 🤔 glad it was ok anyway. The school bank would have been good but not compulsory telephone courses at work, eek 😬 thing is if we had done anything like that at school then any 'real life' practice or doing something in front of others would have been my worst nightmare so I suppose I may not have appreciated it even if they did have such lessons. I have only ever seen Shakespeare at school and not read much either 😳 I had a handy little book with characters plot summaries etc but if I don't refresh that sort of knowledge regularly it goes again anyway, like Kings of England or famous battles. Can't be helped. Lovely Tardis, perhaps it was one they had when Rose was the Doctor's companion 😄. Psychic paper prescription pad, oh good thinking :)💡 very handy for all sorts like if you need heartburn remedy for both your hearts 😣 😂 and, no long calls to get your stuff prescribed. Hope everyone ok, and have a good evening :) xx

    Love to all 😘 xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    cafe temperature is comfortable to me I think I was too hot in the car, though of course lucky to get a lift

    ill stop there as my eye is a bit irritated poss allergy not sure

    good night Tc xx

    ps lemons as I made lemon cheesecake at school it was yummy xx

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    Oh dear Joan I wish I understood how we end up logged out when I tick the box to stay logged in 🙄 still at least you managed to post at all which is the main thing. Chucking it down here today hope it's ok with you I think Pepper is back at the vet? ((())) xxx NB just found I was signed out too and had to change my password 😠

    Morning Reshmi How is your stomach today? Did you try eating normally yet? I do hope so although mine was iffy yesterday I think I mine came out in sympathy for you.

    I see you got to group well done better late than never of course and sleep is also important. RR was off on one again was he? Honestly he is a character loves to be the centre of attention.

    I hope the lady with the diabetic son was nice. There were lots of people there? That's a good thing really it's helping plenty of people, but no-one likes being moved around what a kerfuffle indeed. I hope you kept your cup.

    That pink phone box (or tardis) is just gorgeous I love it so much. I would like to park my little pink car outside it and take a photo. I watched some Star Trek last evening just before Paul got home it was the one with the nasty warrior princess. We need to make sure LA watches out for such types as her she was scary. Oh and as often happens the Cling-ons were lurking.....Warp factor 12 Mr Zulu!

    I heard the pollen season is getting longer with global warming. Just what we don't need🙄 I hope your eye is more comfortable today.

    Nothing much exciting happened here yesterday except Kari went to the dentist and I picked up Annie my daughter in law from work.

    Love the retro phone too sage green is also one of my favourite colours along with pink!

    Morning Toady how are you today? Dressed i hope and not just in a straw hat.🤭

    A nice soup in the warm what more could a woman want? Well this one would like agap in the rain for her walk, but at least one long enough to take the fly I have caught in a jug out into the greenhouse. Can't have him getting wet can I?

    How fabulous having your old school work! Even prizes. Oh no I would never want to see my maths books. I was in the top group you see, which unfortunately meant for everything and l understood literally none of the maths😳 I have my girls' but my Mum was a thrower outerer so nothing left for us to read sadly. How absolutely wonderful to have all you have to look at. I think Kari read Animal Farm for school but I read it because she did.

    Double entry book-keeping😮what on earth??!!! We had no preparation at all for managing money I don't think they have much now either. We got our girls bank accounts and taught them what borrowing looks like. Interest rates and credit cards etc... They really should be taught this in school over some of the rubbish they are taught. Did your school have computers? Ours had 3 they were the size of fridge freezers and looked a bit like a retro one too...

    Just normal deliveries for you then? That's good no straw hat needed. Do you even possess one?

    Paul and I would like to take bikes away in our motorhome for one so we can see a bit of the countryside and it would help my bones and lungs I think. I would like a ride out as many days as possible. The actual village is quite safe to be honest. I can do mirrors what i can't do is reverse a journey. Paul can work it out in his head I absolutely cannot so have to learn two journeys instead. Kari had a 3 wheeler for a while which she had always wanted, but neither she nor I could ride it! I think Joan or Sue had one too for years.

    Thank you I hope your day is a peaceful and calm one too😊

    Sending much love to Barbara and Kitty and to Carol if they get in (and if they don't!) hope everyone is well ((()))

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    morning toady 🐸

    how are you? Heartburn meds for two hearts ♥️

    i like that lol

    Bye wppl xx

  • bosh
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    Hi all wppl xx.

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I hope all is well with you. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) yesterday morning a neighbour told us we had a peacock out side our front door he tried to chase it he did not want the foxes to get it. I hope you have a good day.

    Barbara (()) have a good day love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) I’m sorry you’ve had login problems (()) have a good day we have sun here. Yes we had 3wheeler bikes they were good. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your good friends (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day (()) and your mum (())

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you today?

    Rose that’s a good joke too lol.

    my boss well actually boss’ boss was quite a micromanager type she once said the minutes I took were too detailed…anyway, the course was sort of about creating good impressions really, like falsely pretending you’re in control when you’re not lol

    oh my back is already aching so I’ll stop for now, HV situation sapped me of my strength really

    hope things are going ok?

    bye for now xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you today?

    im worn out already due to HV situation

    other than that ok thanks well will be after my shower

    eye is almost fully better too thanks

    but I need to stop now, to use bathroom and also am spending too long online etc not good for the eyes

    plus backache

    will try to post again later

    sorry about that

    bye for now tc xx

    hi Joan, how are you? I’m ok thanks I’m ok but maybe getting some eye strain so stopping now xx