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    Just popping in to hop in the hot air balloon for Kitty 👋👍️ grocery delivery due shortly, back later 😘 xx

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    👋Kitty good luck for the op x

    hi Toni 🌺

    sorry for the very late appearance

    day started badly as my mum was screaming with pain as she had really bad cramps in her legs and I needed to help her by giving her some water I asked if she wanted me to massage her legs but she said no and she was very meek which meant that she really wasn’t feeling well it was a bad sign and I was scared

    she’s feeling a little bit better thankfully now I’ve been helping a lot of course so I’ve been a bit busier than normal so haven’t been on here properly today

    Thanks about the blood tests though of course if it was black ice or something like that I wouldn’t have gone not worth risking my life over

    the “Larco” etc joke probably sounded funnier if you heard it “live” lol

    omelette - lady‘s husband who called but yes

    no worries about cat pic haha 🐈‍⬛

    tomorrow and the group I doubt it really because weather is still not good here at all and docs surgery isn’t that far away but town centre is relatively speaking tho of course so I’ll judge it on the day👍

    left arm is hurting a bit again so I think I should actually cut this message short to be honest with you

    sorry about that hope you’re having a good day or as good a day as possible given the big freeze - must be better than the big boil though, boiling hot weather of course not boils that need lancing 😂

    take care of yourself Toni bye for now xx

    ps more o Wilde type stuff lol xx

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing today ?

    im not too bad generally speaking today thanks 👍

    Mum had really bad leg pains in morning unfortunately but pains reduced a bit now thankfully

    its possible about dad and weather thanks

    have a good afternoon both of you tc xx

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    Hi toady🐸

    How are you?

    hope you got all your shopping delivered properly

    i’ll take the apricot jam / preserve please 👍

    Hope to hear From you later on

    bye and take care xx

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    Hi everyone xx

    A subtle reminder not to panic - buy lol xx

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    Hi all.. it doesn't get any warmer does it.. 😬 quite chilled today. Shopping in & all here, well no bread haha but I can just about get that off the milkman if he's having one of his good days & not just leaving a note saying 'not got none, sorry not sorry'. Hope we're all doing ok thus far.

    Hello frog, I'm ok, my post was in 2 instalments yesterday icymi 😉 (just meaning not to worry, I wasn't as busy as all that), I just hoped to follow up with pt2. Now I've literally just sold another item so this could happen all over again 😂 although technically the postman won't be picking up tomorrow so I can swing the packaging on a bit. It wasn't an icy wide-mouthed postbox trip no, it was an RM parcel pick up and so will this be. I really must write at least one xmas card and get it to the box soon though. Hope you are doing ok under (all of) the circumstances🤞kettle on permanently here when you call in and I have any number of scone and currant bun options now that the man from the land of rice has been (neighbours probably think I have gone even more downmarket not having al fresco, but actually some of the prices are higher - literally only using them at the moment because they will chuck the stuff down and go in 1 min flat). Have seen Mousie as of yesterday, and two Mrs B's 😬 oh dear I'm not sure if I've been disloyally chatting to the wrong one and offering her the finest cheese crumbs, I hope not. Not sure what is what as I'm not certain my Mr B is the right one either, even, they should have little name tags for me. See you soon and thinking of Kitty too 👍️ xx

    Hello joan, I am ahead of my jobs although I must write some xmas cards if I can. The new windows are all in over the road, must have been cold but they were quick and at least it's done for them this side of Christmas. I was just saying to Toni I have 2 Mrs Blackbirds, it was only because I was looking out of the kitchen window at one and happened to see a bird fly past the open door, and went to see, that I even knew it was 2 not just the same one twice! the plot thickens 🐦️ just happy they are surviving the cold. Have a good evening :) xx

    Hi again bosh, right toast & apricot preserve it is 👍️ and a nice sit down. As far as the cold and my joints goes, I'm a bit stiffer I do feel the cold a bit but painwise I'm lucky it's more just general stiffness that I already have from effects of past inflammation, ie can't straighten my knees fully &c. Sorry about the shooting pains, glad they at least respond a bit to keeping warm & moving about, but yes tricky without a home gym, walking up & down the stairs is not the same is it 🤔 I had an exercise bike once not sure how well I'd get on with one now. (Definitely not a rowing machine anyway, when you have bad knees & watch people do that thing crunching their legs right up you just think ow ow ow, don't you.) Sorry to hear megabrain has had covid & glad it's no worse, but I'd be being careful still myself not doing too much too soon, what can you say. As far as LLF goes, it made me think of people I don't get in touch with but that I'm not meaning to be uncaring just have let things slide etc, so maybe it's that for her too but I may be being too charitable 🤨. That IS a super sculpture, I would love that in the hall people would definitely double-take at that 👀. The sleepwalker is lovely too very gothic itself, I know I'm not one for jumpers & coats but if I start going to the postbox in a diaphanous robe & bare feet I will really have taken things too far 😂 probably better to stay in my hermit crab shell. Sorry about the shellfish allergy but us hermit crabs will probably feel much safer that way 😱. Re Oscar, I did once read The Picture of Dorian Gray a long while ago, I didn't know that lovely other quote though 🤩. The whole Oscar Wilde story is just tragic tragic tragic of course, so sad. 😔 I read his son's book about his father too once upon a time (I used to read much more, my reading really has fallen off horribly 😕). Hope you have a good rest of evening and glad that you persisted getting your mum to try a cushion and it helped, but sorry she had leg cramps too I hope they're better overnight.🤞xx

    Thinking of Kitty 😘 and love to Barbara 👋 xx

    have a good night everyone xx

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    Hi again toady 🐸

    yes I understand some people may not communicate much with no bad intentions but LLF though not a bad person seems to put herself first really like once when I was a bit worried about my mental health as I didn’t sleep much (but luckily there was another reason behind it I deduced eventually) she wasn’t taking it seriously because she goes to bed at 2 am, that’s just one example anyway if I started making a list of hostile or somewhat hostile people I’d really be out - writing Tolstoy lol.

    i agree def no rowing machine, I used to use it a long time ago that was pre PsA though

    ill leave it there for tonight

    glad you’re not walking in your nightdress lol, we’d be writing our own novel then lol

    good night and Tc xx

    ps I actually had a boss like this once, I almost said “this job isn’t worth skidding over black ice for take this as a resignation letter if you will” lol, I did indeed resign, but not at that particular time. Xx

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    Morning! minus 6 ATM here

    Home tomorrow I am ready for my own bed and a good rest.

    Morning Joan I do hope the Drs can help and will help Paul I am worried that the heart monitor might not have shown enough. I am shattered now, but only one job left to do here which might upset my friend. How are you and Sue doing? Still staying safe in this weather i hope? ((())) xxx

    Hoping Kitty is all done and dusted and recovering at home now and for it to have been a real success! ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi how are you today? and your poor Mum? How upsetting for you to witness your dear Mum in pain and meek that's awful. These are for you ((())) I hope she is more herself today.

    I am doing ok just looking forward to getting home I need to be in my own home now this has been so so emotionally exhausting for me. Still I will be home tomorrow morning and can do what I need to do there.

    I agree about the Larco joke being far funnier if you were there when it was said. We were trying to tell the lady who is conducting the funeral service, about my friend yesterday and it was so hard to explain how funny she was because you had to 'be there'. I think I can sort of imagine it though enough.

    The weather here is very very cold (protected us from snow of course) I do hope it's safe for you to get to the group, but your own safety has to come first of course. The bloods were vital and you managed which is good. How is it there?

    Too hot is harder in some respects when you can't get cool. At least in this weather we can add layers.😊

    I hope your arm is ok today it's being really naughty that arm of yours😠time it settled down.

    Aha it was omelette lady's husband on the phone. Still if it cheered your Dad up all better for you and your Mum.

    That pic was a spooky one of the mirror.

    Have a good day if you can.

    Morning Toady thanks for nipping in the hot air balloon for Kitty I am hoping we will hear from her soon, but imagine she won't be typing for a few days yet.

    How are you though? enjoying all your food I hope? I know Sleek has been over so you must have ordered something for her😉 I'll get here to bring me over when I am home for some cake and tea thanks for the offer😊

    The land of ice do good food if you ahve room in your freezer which i think we don't have sadly. Al Fresco? I think I have an Ocado order coming on 21st so will have everything I need hopefully by then.

    Another sale? well that's good. Especially of RM will pick it up for you in this weather especially. Sometimes life can prevent us from getting back in and sitting down just chatting to each other. Not easy here as i want to be 'present' for my friend. Am so ready for home now though just today to get through pretty well all of the really tough stuff is done now apart from the actual 'day'. Poor paul needs his wife.

    Two Mrs Bs? oh! I'm sure both will enjoy crumbs maybe they are Mum and daughter or just neighbours? They need name badges at least😁 So glad you saw mousie too. It's -6 here atm so very cold I don't suppose I'd be outside anyway if I was at home.

    Have a good day

    Love to Barbara and Carol who i hope are keeping warm and safe in this very very cold weather. Carol probably had/has snow. ((())) xxx

    vegan option

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    Hi everyone hope you’re all doing ok today? Xx

    wppl xx

    ps toady’s new walking outfit lol xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I hope your operation went well (()) have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) you might have more birds than you think they come for the food. I won’t complain about the hot weather again. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) how are you and your family (()) have a good day. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) It’s so hard for you and your friend and you have the funeral to go to so hard for the both of you (()) I hope they do find out what is causing Paul’s problem. I hope your back is not too bad. Have a good day. Love to your friend (()) and Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) Sorry about your mum’s legs (()) I hope they feel a bit better now how is your Dad (()). Have a good day take care.

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    'morning everyone.

    Just a brief sit down for me before getting on while I have the house to myself.I hope everyone is feeling as strong and well as can be, with all they have to manage. Weather has at least loosened its grip a little in this part of the world (SW).

    Here's a little pic. of how I've spent some of my time-out over the last couple of afternoons.

    (I think that loaded???) It's the closest I'll get to the real thing, thank you.

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    Morning @clonsea nice snowman!

    im ok - ish thanks

    some family problems really

    nice to see you on here

    bye Tc xx.

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    Hi toady 🐸

    How are you today?

    my goodness it’s been a quite a day already for me anyway

    i won’t write a five page diatribe let’s just say dad has been up to his old tricks again

    The EF is coming on Sun and LA is staying Sun to Tue or possibly Sun to Wed not quite sure yet I’ll check later my mum’s backache is v much there although there’s been some slight improvement I don’t know why she can’t say no to my sis sometimes about childcare to be honest and what’s even worse is that my parents will have to look after BR are as well for a few hours and he is of course just a tiny baby but he’s hard work as he doesn’t really like staying with us too much because he’s not used to us my goodness I’m not relishing that time and you can imagine the amount of chocolate my dad is going to bring to the house in the name of feeding LA 😡😡

    that’s my mini rant over with for now 😀

    Sorry to hear that you’ve got some overall stiffness that must be very irritating for you.

    I had planned to write a message to much earlier on but I had a hot shower and then after I’d recovered from that and spent a bit of time with my mum my dad‘s antics let’s just put it that way kicked off and I was really not feeling well so even with healthy invigorating coconut water I haven’t been able to get to the iPad properly till now I feel I now agree with your advice there is no point reading back too much as it does become a bit like school doesn’t it ? or uni or whatever a task that’s been set for us haha I don’t always feel like that but yes you’ve got a good point when you’re already tired maybe best to just use our grey matter if I have any grey matter left these days that is lol.

    thats interesting that you’ve read Wilde and Wilde’s son’s book I agree also used to read a lot more when I was younger I still read a fair amount if something really interests me but I think one thing we’re probably both aware of is that obviously it’s really not good for our neck pains so that’s another problem isn’t it really? But I think it’s good that we’re still reading so that’s a positive with all our probs in an age where some young people especially seem to live entirely though their phones and a phone case or let’s call it phone box lol, is more significant than a tardis 😂

    I must admit that at one point I suppose I just got traumatised by everything that was happening at once lockdown new diagnosis of arthritis trying to keep on top of mental health basically I suppose I felt that my mind wasn’t rested enough to read anything other than a tiny amount so that’s good that I’ve made that progress anyway and that you still enjoying reading as do I 👍

    Ok that was quite a long waffle actually lol 🧇

    I looked at the weather forecast and it said that were temps should be warming up a little bit from Saturday onwards at least in the south-east hope that’s the case everywhere or at least in your neck of the woods🤗

    has your bread delivery has arrived toady? if not you can always come over here and consume some and if you want to babysit my dad for a while feel free 😂

    bye for now take care xx

    ps of course one alternative is to attach bread to your person I guess lol xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you? Minus 6 omg 😱

    that can’t be good

    I’m glad you’re going home tomorrow and can rest then 👍

    sorry it’s been an emotionally exhausting time

    today tbh was somewhat high on mental and physical pain scale for me as dad kept some windows open upstairs for at least an hour and I got so cold arthritic pain was much worse and I was already so tired but I had to rush about closing windows going up and down the stairs again when I really needed a nap the thing is he shows no remorse for anything but my mum agreed with me which was good

    Yes I know what you mean sometimes a joke has less humour if you don’t see the person and aren’t “in the moment” as it were

    Mum is a bit better today thanks but far from fully better littleys are coming soon and LA is staying but mum tends to never refuse sis’ childcare demands 🤷‍♀️

    Millie is a lady baby whose little bro goes to the nursery at the nursery party she proposed to LA 😂😱lol

    LA refused saying he wants to be a fireman 👨‍🚒

    when he grows up and they can’t marry, lol, I think he may have them confused with catholic priests 😂

    but maybe that’s no bad thing when you’re 4 year old bachelor.

    well it wasn’t a great day but it cheered me up writing this and it’s always lovely to read your news and T’s and everyone’s.

    bye for now Toni Tc xx

    Ps someone needs some coffee with beans in xx

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    hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing today?

    my mum said that her legs are a bit better today thanks and the back but she still not back to normal at all she did however say she slept better though because she used the back cushion I gave her overnight

    Dad Is being extremely difficult really I’m trying to avoid him as much as poss hope you have a nice afternoon/ evening take care xx

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    @clonsea I love him 😍☃️ if you could turn your skills to the knitted outfit bosh posted above yours, then I'm just about cold enough today to finally concede my lifelong 'hate jumpers hate hats' policy and give in 😂. Hope you're well as can be too, thanks :) xx

    Hello all, I'm afraid I'm not having the best of days as the roof situation is really testing my patience 🙄 last heard the guy was (supposedly) trying to get hold of the chap who will be helping him, this a few days back and I swore him to keeping me posted, today have failed even to wring an update out of him. I really do wonder if every tradesmen seen coming to my house is dragged away to the underworld by Pluto or whoever when they leave here, never to be seen again. Sorry not to have the wit to reply to people today 😔 I will regroup myself tomorrow, someone will be coming to fix this blasted roof before xmas whether they like it or not. The worst thing is that the guy (supposedly again) had just done a similar job a few doors up the day he quoted me, so if some jammy soul has got their nice dry roof off this person & I have to start over, I will not be happy.

    Anyway waves to frog and a welcome home wave in advance for tomorrow too, and a bit of moral support for the remaining hard thing you had to do hope you are ok - love to all & to Sleek (now duly supplied with goodies 🍪🥧), I'm sure I'll be in before Paul's appointment but if I've brained a few local plumbers & builders in the meantime and been hauled off to prison, I'll wish him good luck now just in case 👍️🤞see you soon :) xx

    Hello joan, yes I imagine this weather has cured a few people of being fans of winter 😂 colder still today here, I really think this is as cold as I can remember being in a very long time. Still I daresay there are still people going up the Cairngorms hiking etc and expecting other people to rescue them if they get in trouble 🙄. Have fed all my birdies heaps of extra crumbs and cheese and suet pellets, even a little blue tit was out yesterday on one of the feeders. Love to both and the dear dogs :) xx

    Hi bosh, sorry your day has not been good either, my reading-back has been sketchy today too I feel too much like the lady in your post to Toni, except slumped over the yellow pages of builders instead of that tome of hers 😂. Sorry the EF are coming over it is awkward when your mum can't/won't say no and your sis could bear that in mind really but perhaps your mum does too good a job of looking like it's not trouble. I will see you soon and take care til then xx ps no bread yet because I won't bother til I've run right out, but I definitely don't have enough to plaster myself in slices (what on earth 😂) so will stick to the knitted suit. I did go to the post last night it was the coldest it's been and not even as late as some other nights 😬 yikes. Bye for now have a good night I hope 👋 xx

    Love to Kitty and Barbara 😘 and all comers & goers xx

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    thanks toady 🐸

    sorry you didn’t have a good day either

    The bread - covered man was actually in the context of people over preparing for being snowed in I think 😂

    Ps some nice elephant- types having a well - earned sleep hopefully uninterrupted by certain family members 💤

    good night and Tc xx

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    I had a text from Kitty!!!!!!!!! she can see clearly out of the eye they've done she sounded thrilled😊

    Morning Joan how are you are you both warm enough? -7 here still I knew about it even in bed. Home for me kater this morning when it warms up a bit. Friend doing ok everything is ready now for next week when I will come back of course. Bless her. Take care and have a warm day ((())) xxx

    Good morning @clonsea lovely to see you here😊I love your little snowman! The photo was perfect thank you. Do pop in anytime you are very very welcome.

    Morning Reshmi can you please order a load of those outfits for each of us!!! Mind wouldn't be easy to use the loo would it?!!!

    How are you today?

    Your Mum too is she doing ok?

    I can imagine the two of you were in agreement with each other that the windows needed shutting. Getting too cold isn't at all good for us. Your Dad is definitely behaving oddly.

    LA is staying? Well at least your Dad will be on better behaviour with him around. I hope it's not too much for your Mum though if she's not fully recovered. He also does tend to make you all laugh which is good.

    Yes you understand me - some humour you need to 'be there' to fully get it😁

    LA has had his first proposal? wow! Bless little Millie! Children are just adorable. So LA's current aspiration is to become a 'single' firefighter. No commitments footloose and fancy free! I think you are right about Catholic priests too just like firefighters must remain unmarried.

    That pic looks like me ATM I am so looking forward to being at home. So far I haven't lost my patience or anything, but need some time at home for definite.

    I am so glad wiring your post cheered you up - reading it did the same for me☺️thanks

    Morning Toady how are you today? Is it warm enough there for you? -7 here ATM brrrr!

    We have noticed the same with tradesmen. It's dreadful these days. They will come in the end, but it never seems to really suit us. Kari has boiler problems and getting a plumber is like asking for the moon! I do hope you get a booked date soon it's not fair ((()))

    I will be home as soon as it's safe to get off. Hopefully i thought maybe 10ish? I can take it steady then. It won't be above freezing, but I have things to do at home and need to see my cat and husband.

    Thanks for feeding Sleek her treats she needed them so she says. She was on catchat last night or whatscat sending me pics of Paul asleep in front of the telly.Thanks for the good luck wishes I fear they won't be helping him and will be there with him on the phone insisting thing aren't right.

    Have a good day good 🤞 luck,

    A quick wave to Barbara and Carol in case either manages to get online today ((())) xxx

    vegan option above and below

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) that’s so good you can see better have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) I’m so sorry you have waited a long time for your roof to be fixed. What about Saying the first person who comes to fix it gets a drink and a mince pie. That’s good you could feed the birds have a good day.

    Barbara (()) How are you. are your pains worse because of the cold. We are thinking of hibernating. Have a good day. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) you are a good friend I will think of you both next week (()) have a good day good luck to Paul for tomorrow (()) love to Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Hello Clonsea (()) have a good day love the bird.

    Reshmi (()) sorry about you and your mum’s aches and pains. Perhaps your Dad is going through the change of life. Have a good day.

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    Good morning everyone hope you’re all good ok? Xx

    wppl xx

    ps a house proud Blackadder lol

  • bosh
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    I think it’s probably an instalment message situation from me today haha

    firs just a tiny poetic composition of mine😀

    poem for VC called Hothouse in the Snow

    I’m in the sauna

    observing the flora and fauna

    i wish I could disappear into my little corner

    With a book some toast and a cup of tea

    I have to go out I’ll wear four hats and listen to 6 owls a- hooting quite merrily

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    hi toady🐸

    How are you today?

    I read a bit of one of your other messages the builders have been sucked in by the God of the underworld - oh dear doesn’t sound good

    By a strange coincidence when I had the blood test there was some roofers who appeared and told reception at the doctor surgery but they were there to fix the roof and they’re carrying a massive pole so it makes me wonder what kind of damage there must’ve been to the hallowed GP surgery during the stormy weather and the other question is should it really be open if there is such a massive problem with the roof? oh well no slate tiles fell on my head or anything like that so I suppose I should count myself lucky 😂

    I could think of a couple of people at least who would benefit from a slate tile and head collision experience 💥

    but I’ll keep it in my rather overactive imagination lol

    It’s been a better today so far thanks toady in as much as no repetition of father’s antics regarding the window opening torture thank goodness 🙄

    stuffy horrible day inside this house I know things could be a lot worse but it is still annoying and I didn’t venture out at all today frost etc looked pretty bad I just went out open the front door to get a delivery in warm coat etc but it was just so cold for those few seconds that it was a bit of a “yikes” situation for me too

    I had a nice takeaway lunch nothing extremely evil or indulgence but are the stupid irons tablets often really just don’t make eating what it used to be when the GP prescribed move the iron tabs I saw that there were 84 days worth my goodness a months worth or something I’d say fair enough but this is getting very annoying for me now and like either you or Toni said I believe trying to get hold of a GP when you need one really seems to be like trying to get hold of G*d

    I take your point about my mum perhaps making things look too easy when really they’re not at all I think the main thing is though that my sis is v self absorbed at times I don’t like saying it but it’s true anyway there has been an improvement mum’s back pain quite a big improvement but I know her arm is hurting and I’m helping as much as I can but my dad is just being as difficult an unhelpful as possible so well maybe I’ll wait till spring with you as well because things have got to get better sometime don’t they? (or so bosh mumbles to herself lol)

    LA’s staying Sun - Wed but if on Wednesday the weather is good or okay at least I am going to try and go to the group because although I love LA wholeheartedly it is nice to talk to some “adulks” who are not family members and face-to-face from time to time lol

    I hope Day is not going to badly so far?

    bye and take care xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you today?

    that’s great about Kitty👍

    I’d be happy to place the order lol but yes I agree that’s the prob with those cosy onesies not loo - friendly or we could hide the tea pot but also don’t want to risk dehydrating the Cafe lol 🍵

    When I was volunteering a lady I knew said to me in rainy weather she used to wear waterproof trousers when cycling and indeed a lot of the time even when not on her bike I also thought the same thing as you good in theory but in practice unless you went with out any water and drank it all when you got home - no that can’t be good for anyone lol

    I’m no bad today thanks today Toni

    My mum said that her back has significantly improved but her arm is hurting now so it’s a difficult situation at home really, Im helping as much as poss but my dad is being as nasty as possible really

    LA is staying Sun - Wed but I’ll try to go to group on Wed weather -permitting of course as it would be nice to talk to some “adulks” outside family and face to face, even though I do like being scolded by palaeontologist LA on my insufficient Dinosaur knowledge lol 🦖

    That’s good that you haven’t lost patience, I also generally don’t tend to get too impatient externally but everyone has their limits…

    BR really loved the meal outside btw he was eating like a pro 👍

    chips raw carrot sticks and choc dessert were all consumed with equal enthusiasm 😂

    that’s right raw carrot sticks, whereas naughty heartbreaker big bro won’t even consume cooked carrot voluntarily I think he could learn from BR there 🎓

    no need to thank me for my posts 🤗

    life would be very boring without VC

    that’ll be nice when you go home 👍

    I think I’ll leave it there for now Toni

    you take care of yourself bye for now xx

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    hi Joan

    how are you and Sue today?

    I’m not too bad thanks

    my mum’s back is a lot better thanks but she’s got some arm pain now

    its possible that my dad is going through the change of life thanks

    i hope you’re both having a good afternoon bye and take care xx

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    Hello people 😊 < slightly more cheerful smile than circs warrant, but if you don't laugh you'll cry &c 😂. Brief roof update feel free to skip past 😉 latest news is that roof chap's mate has come a cropper on the ice and can't help so roof chap has been casting round for someone else, which I believe (I think) in which case he is having a bit of a nightmare as well and probably somewhat stressed himself. Anyway doesn't help me much but at least the reason he is having trouble is because he's looking for a person with proper roofing bona fides so I suppose that's better than roping any old person in to help. More as I get it 🙄 oh and to top it off a skip has materialized outside next door, so soon I will have the choice of water through ceiling in room A and probably DIY noise, noise in room B (and suspect roof that side too), room C noise from front of house. Whoopee. Cue a jolly xmas all round, won't it be fun watching new people have any amount of work done while I look like I've wilfully left all mine, instead of having spent months trying to get something done. Ho ho ho 🎅 couldn't make it up really.

    Ah well thanks all for the sympathy & solidarity & what have you, it will all come out in the wash. (briefly glances at everyone's news) Hope you are home safe & sound frog and all's well chez frog, oh dear hovering over the phone tomorrow I can just imagine it, I don't know who to feel sorrier for you Paul or the medical person 😬. Glad things not too bad at Stoke as you left them, and thinking of you for the next tough bits 😔. No other news with me have packed a couple more parcels for tomorrow but no more cards written and I doubt they will be at this rate. So relieved I had that quick grocery shop and moved the other on or they would have been here today and I could not have unpacked a whole shop thank you very much. Can't even rally to a bit of silly internet shopping therapy, well I did buy 2 nailbrushes in the middle of the night but that only goes to show the state I'm in I think 😂😂. Back tomorrow in a slightly more sensible frame of mind hopefully, see you soon - brilliant news about Kitty, so nice to read some good news :) xx

    Hello joan, drinks & a mince pie for builders, don't tempt me, one more let down and I will be slipping them something nasty instead 🤨😂 mind you I'm teetotal luckily for them. I might not be after all this! apparently the chap's pal slipped off a roof, no idea how he is and sorry for him of course but he could have waited until after he'd done mine 😉🙄. Hope you have had a good day still a thick frost here. Love to both :) xx

    Hi bosh, thank you for the little elephant it cheered me up last night 👍️😊 I did get some sleep but it was a bit random. Hopefully will get off a bit better tonight now at least I know something about the roof situation. Slates on heads, oh indeed, good job we can get a little satisfaction from imaginary gbh 😂 I wonder what they were doing at your drs with a long pokey pole 🤔 how old a building is it you'd think they would do this sort of thing out of hours so it does rather suggest it had to be done there & then 😬 not what you'd want when the vampire nurse has just got you in her grip to name but one example of many. Hope your mum is feeling a little better, what sets her arm off being painful if you don't mind me asking, is it certain circumstances or just comes & goes. Hope the littleys are not too hard work anyway & definitely do hope you can get out on the Wednesday that would be good 👍️. Glad you had a nice lunch but sorry the iron tabs seem to be stretching ahead of you to infinity & beyond 😱 surely the end must be in sight. Super poem btw 😀 oh a sauna, just imagine! or you could be in a hot spring like those fabulous snow monkeys in Japan 😊 anything but sit outdoors in this like the 'snow Bernie' (he is so good isn't he!). Yes we will we all wait for spring, don't forget it's the shortest day on the 20th after that it's downhill all the way. Hope you have a good evening sorry if I've missed anything, be back tomorrow and bags I the little corner with the tea & toast ☕️ :) xx

    Hello to Kitty well done I knew all would go well 😀 fabulous news xx

    and love to Barbara & family 😘 xx