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My grandparents suffer from arthritis meaning they can no longer complete most tasks at home and need a lot of help, especially during celebrations and family events.

I was wondering if anyone has tried using gadgets to help them out and whether they are worth trying so I've made a google form for some feedback.

Feel free to complete it as it will take under 2 minutes, whether you use these gadgets or not. (All responses are anonymous)

[xxx] Google form removed, please leave any comments in the discussion as usual

Thank you!


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    Hi @asvrn111

    Welcome to the community, thanks for joining.

    Lovely that you are looking for some suggestions for your grandparents. However, we don't complete google forms any responses will just be posted on here in posts for everyone to see. We also don't endorse any particular gadgets but offer personal suggestions.

    We have some useful suggestions to help around the home here, along with support that might be available:-

    Hope it helps


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    I'd first TALK to your grand parents and ask them what they are struggling with. You can find electric can openers, jar openers, gadgets for getting socks on and shoes on. A grabber is ideal for if you can't bend. I've recently bought garden tools tailored for arthritic wrists. Even pegs for pegging washing out. (Wiggly pegs - look em up)

    If they don't have any social care, it may be time to persuade them that is a good idea, to help with cooking, cleaning etc. But TALK to them - old ppl can be remarkable stubborn about asking for help!

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    I've recently got some gadgets to help. Multi use opener, hands free tin opener and multi chopping/slicing unit. I will add photos for you. You can add grab rails to help, toilet risers, easy fasteners for clothes. It all depends on which areas they are struggling with