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  • Ellen
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    Hi @ArtiOSTEfy

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis online Community.

    Please do tell us a little bit about yourself if you feel comfortable doing so everyone will be very keen to support and help you in any way they can.

    Best wishes


  • KayB
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    Hi everyone

    I'm Kay and have osteoarthritis in my left hip and right knee. Been managing okay since diagnosis of hip about nine years ago but has really deteriorated in last year or so. Pre op was booked for hip replacement end of Marh this year...... then we all know what happened!

    Good to know this site and organisation exists for support.

  • Chris_R
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    Hi @KayB

    Welcome to the online community. so glad you have found us

    You say that you have Osteoarthritis L hip and R knee,also was booked for a pre op for hip replacememt but was cancelled because of Covid.

    It Is a shame that this has happened,but it is good you can chat on our forums and tell your story to others. it does help sometime to chat to others with similar circumstances

    Just a bit of information that you might find useful.Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on


  • Lambc
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    Hello, just discovered you have a forum, signed up to 'meet' people who know how it is ! Diagnosed nearly 2 yrs ago after knee pain, turns out I need a new knee and a hip replacement on the other side, permanent crutches , struggling a bit as at 51 Im hearing a lot of you are too young , and everyones got arthritis .. I have a newly diagnosed genetic deletion which no one knows if its relevant in the osteo and deterioration of the cartilege... Im a single parent to an autistic young man who also struggles with his joints and has a seperate diagnosis which isnt classed as arthritis .. Hoping to find out a lot more and hopefully manage pain etc

  • Shell_H
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    Hi @Lambc - welcome to the online community!

    We do all understand, the community here is lovely and really helpful. I too have Osteoarthritis in my knees - although I don't think I'm as far along as you yet - I am also 37, so I have time to get there!

    I too have an autistic son as well - although he's only 10 and has no signs of joint pain. I hope your son is doing ok and is getting help. It's never easy to have multiple things to think about at once.

    Here's some info on both possible replacement surgeries, so you can see what's up. It's a huge struggle to deal with being in pain and mobility issues while trying to live your life and look after someone else, so do remember to look after yourself.

    Do have a look around the rest of the community and join in other conversations which interest you. Everyone is friendly and welcoming 😊

    It's lovely to meet you,


  • Chris66
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    Hi newly joined have ra for about 6 months just like to thank everyone for the great advice

  • Shell_H
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    Hi @Chris66 - Welcome to the online community!

    I'm glad you've found the advice given on here helpful, and I hope you're getting support for yo0ur Rheumatoid Arthritis.

    In case you haven't seen it yet, there's a discussion here from someone who is also only a few months into being diagnosed with RA - you might find some useful advice or someone to talk to.

    Do get involved around the community - everyone is very friendly and it's really nice to be able to talk to people who know what you're experiencing.

    Lovely to meet you!


  • Hi everyone

    Hope you are all doing well. I've diagnosed with Arthritis for some 30 plus years.

    I'm a volunteer with a local mental health charity called St Helens Mind I'm one of their social group facilitators and hope to become a volunteer with Versus Arthritis also.

    Regards to you all

  • Brynmor
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    Hi @Caliburn60 welcome to the Online Community.

    Great to have you here - we have a fantastic group of volunteer moderators here and I know there are lots of others in different roles across Versus Arthritis.

    Do join in across the Community, give advice, ask questions and call in for a chat to find out what everyone is doing.

    All best wishes


  • Newly diagnosed with PSA 

    first symptoms in lockdown very stiff fingers !

    Drs prescribed pain pills naproxen then co codomol ect and I felt like I needed to know what was happening so asked Dr for referral 

    Spoke to Rheumatology consultant and told him symptoms and I do have a few skin problems and nail changes had xrays and Mri 

    xrays show osteoarthritis in thumb and wrists 

    Mri showed inflammation in joints and tendons below the knuckles. 

    so in the next few weeks he wants to inject steroids into my joints I’m a bit scared 😟 

    I’m 44 and I just needed some support I’ve had to give up my hairdressing work due to hands being so painful 😣

  • Pmjj26
    Pmjj26 Member Posts: 1


    I was diagnosed with ra around 7months ago.

    Treatment going well so far.

    Here really to learn more about the condition and how it affects others

  • Shell_H
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    Hi @Pmjj26 - welcome to the online community!

    I'm glad your treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis is going well so far. Very sensible to learn more when you can 😊

    There's some all-around information on RA here on Versus Arthritis, and we also have some stories which may help:

    We also have quite a few people in the community with RA - have a look at these discussions and join in to learn more:

    I look forward to seeing you around the community - it's lovely to meet you!


  • Hoppy
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    Hi there. My name is Jo and for the first time, I have been told I have arthritis of the knee and hand (my fault, I put it through a mangle as a child!). I'm waiting for an appointment with the muscular skeletal service but been told it could be several months. I have spinal stenosis and had breast cancer in 2018 and am a Type 1 diabetic. Trying to get on with life as best I can.

  • Shell_H
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    Hi @Hoppy - welcome to the online community!

    Wow, you've got a few diagnosis there. I am in awe of your attitude to get on as best you can, I think I could learn from you.

    I can help with your new diagnosis however - have a look at this information on arthritis in your knees and hands - I'd personally suggest trying to do the strengthening exercises suggested if it doesn't cause pain, as this can really make a difference in how well your condition is managed and in keeping mobility.

    (That last one isn't specific to arthritis in your hands, but it is still very helpful)

    Appointments for us all have been very slow this year (unsurprising really) so I'd definitely have an explore of what you can do yourself until you get your appointment with the musculoskeletal service.

    Do have a look around the online community and join in with any discussions which interest you. We're a very friendly bunch here 😉

    Lovely to meet you!


  • CleoM
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    Hello ladies, gents and all human beings in which ever way you identify. Whatever that is it seems we all have something in common. Our superpower to live fully with Arthritis. Looking forward to sharing, learning and growing together in this safe space, Cleo x

  • Tom
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    I welcome you @CleoM with a twitch of my cape! If you care to share a bit more information - what type of arthritis, how long etc., it is a racing certainty that you will pick up useful tips from members and the site.


  • Hi, I have just joined the group after reading through my booklet from hospital yesterday. I have been diagnosed with OA in neck and knees and PSA in hands(right thumb especially) and also in my ankles/feet. I have just started a 3week course of steroids, before starting Sulfasalazine in the new year.

    merry Christmas everyone 🎄

  • Brynmor
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    Hi @NannyTrish welcome to the Online Community.

    With a recent diagnosis for osteoarthritis you may need some additional information to tide you over the holiday period! We have a great web site and it has an informative section on osteoarthritis that you may find useful, including information on managing pain, living with osteoarthritis and gentle exercises you might try:

    Do join in across the Community, you will be most welcome and its a great place to call in for a chat or to say how you are getting on.

    All best wishes


  • Ellen
    Ellen Moderator Posts: 1,300

    ….and PSA would some information on Psoriatic Arthritis help @NannyTrish ?

    There are a few regular visitors who have Psoriatic Arthritis.

    Here's a recent thread:

    Best wishes


  • Tatykaty
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    Hi im new here.

    I got a diagnosis of osteoarthritis in both knees just before Christmas. I think I have it in other joints as well but they only xrayed my knees as that's where most of my pain is. I found this community and thought it might help if I can talk to people with the same or similar conditions


  • Ellen
    Ellen Moderator Posts: 1,300

    Hi @Tatykaty

    Welcome to the Online Community. Definitely the right place to come for support with your recent diagnosis of osteoarthritis of your knees.

    I am attaching a link which you might find interesting:

    I'll leave you to meet some of our members now. Please do go ahead and join in wherever you want to.

    Best wishes


  • Hi all,

    Another new member here 😀

    Been living with my 'polyarthritis' for a few years and am hopefully soon starting on MTX treatment to deal with the swelling. Came here for advice/chat.

    Cheers 🍻

  • Ellen
    Ellen Moderator Posts: 1,300

    Hi @SausageFingers

    Love your name! Nice to meet you and welcome you to the Versus Arthritis Online Community.

    I see you have had Arthritis for some time and are about to start on Methotrexate (MTX) I don't know if it will help, but just in case I am attaching a link about the medication:

    Do ask any questions you need to and have a look around the forum you should find plenty of opportunities for a chat with people who understand.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks, Ellen 🙂

    I was on MTX in 2019 but stopped after 4 weeks (due to my inability to avoid drink!)

    Now I need to try again because more of me is inflating 😁 They just want to do an ultra-sound first, and the obvious base-line bloods, before giving me the go. Just waiting now because something has disrupted the service somewhat...