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    Looks lovely Barbara really pretty. Is that a magnolia?

    I've always loved them.

    The colours of the trees' leaves too....

    Oh dear me your youngest (is that Niamh's Dad?) was just like Charley it is heart-breaking at the time though isn't it? Funny looking back. Charley was still crying in year 1 every morning.

    Are you thinking you'd like another birthday celebration at some point? It was supposed to be a special birthday.

    Paul knows I love that car! I have started getting vintage clothing for the 30th anniversary do at the end of June 🤞that should be ok.

    Morning Joan oh yes! Penelope Pitstop also had a present! It was a spot on present. For christmas i got him some carpet for his MG Midget who is 48 years old this year! At least mine is all pink! the Midget is orange!!

    How are the carers all doing? Everyone well? We must make the most of this lovely sunshine before tomorrow the rain comes 🙄

    I hope Chris you are feeling a lot better today and the rest was enough to put you back on track. Sleek has added you to her rounds after Kath. So watch out she might just bring one of her potions. Mind you they work!

    I am doing a cooked breakfast for us all Mike and of course Vixen can help herself too. Still thinking of Elliott and his family sending strength ((()))

    Love of course to Carol, Mr t and Cookie


    Toni xxx
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    Good morning everyone

    Barbara ((())) is that a Magnolia sue has one it's called a Magnolia Susan the flower are dark red. Love to Mr B ((())) and your son (())) and Niamh ((())) and your brother ((())) and his girlfriend ((()))

    Love to Toni (((())) and family (((())) and P (())) and her lovely neighbours ((()))

    love to Kath ((())) and family ((())))

    love to Bill ((())) Chris ((())) Carol ((())) and Mig ((())) and Mike (((())) and Elliott ((()))

    take care
    joan xx
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    Good morning all

    What a lovely morning to wake up too. It's sun and blue skies. This makes my mornings so much more invigorating. Ready to get up and go. Not that I'm going anywhere others than the laundry room. That's not to later, there are two ladies that do their washing on a Sunday and a Wednesday, lovely people so I always wait until late morning to do mine. I did go down yesterday afternoon but both machines were in use so I thought I will leave it till tomorrow.

    Had a lovely day on Thursday. First shopping. I really had a good shop, another shirt blouse, so easy to put on and when it's warmer with a vest type teeshirt underneath it makes a good loose cover up of my horrible flabby arms. I also got a pair of trousers, long enough even for me, a short sleeved bright patterned blouse and joy of joy a swimsuit - black, plain and with a nice skirt. Got it sale price more than 4 times cheaper than the original price. Whether it not I do get into the pool or not is anyone's guess. My cruise is coming ever nearer. 21st August will see me at Southampton ready for the off.

    I am so pleased that I've not had any nasty side effects from my jab. I was very tired and had a nasty headache on Friday, yesterday I was still feeling tired but went down town to have a look around the craft fair and the farmer's market then on to pick up one of my meds I forgot to order on my main prescription when I put it in. Getting old is no fun when you get forgetful.

    Reading back through your posts is a lovely experience and it makes me feel that all of you lovely posters are really great friends to have. I'm sure that I had a visit from Ms Sleek last evening, I was nearly asleep when I could feel someone watching me. It wasn't scary it was very comfy to feel that there was someone there. Low and behold, I am feeling much more with it this morning.

    Have a lovely Sunday. Love and gentle hugs to you all. Toni ((())). Kath ((())) Joan ((())) Barbara ((())) Carol ((())) Mike ((())) and anyone else I've missed.

    Chris aka CatLady.

    PS I've just enjoyed bacon, sausage whenever from Toni's lovely Sunday breakfast. Thanksx

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    Morning all only just..

    Toni I love your mega breakfast we can all share it 😋

    Yes its a magnolia in best doors garden ..they are talking about taking it diwn because it's grown over the phone wires all our little birds nest in it has our feeder are there..

    I bet you look just right at the figaro 30th..and look forward to lots of friend use to have a red MG..iconic cars 😁xx

    Joan I have seen the dark magnolias they are beautiful and how nice it's called Susan 😁 this one is next door and has flowered quite a while this year ..even though it went to all 8f you xx

    Chris glad you had a good shop..its good fir the soul 😁😅like you say the weather lifts us but sadly no sun here just rain at the min..but sure it will be back soon..not long till your cruise xx

    Love to Kath who u hope has a better day xx

    And Elliot I am hoping his blood's have improved xx

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    Well that was different, I wasn't sure I liked it at first, but i went away and thought about it, and changed my mind. I do like it. I've just noticed the text is clear and dark. Thank you mods. ❤️

    Chris, I have the opposite problem with trousers. I'm so short (shrunk from the dizzy heights of 5 foot 2 inches to 4 ft 10 inches. thank you Osteoporosis and vertebral fractures. So ALL trousers are far too long for me but I'm too fat for children's trousers. I'm so pleased you haven't had any side effects from your jab. I did for the first, but not for the second.

    Barbara, oh what a shame about the Magnolia. You will have to move your bird feeders toot sweet (pdq I mean)

    Toni, so Penelope will be kept nice and snug in her personalized duvet. Thank you for breakfast - I'll just have the eggs as I'm going off meat. I'm giving rice milk a try too, as cows milk gives me tummy trouble. It's vegan and has added calcium and vitamins so just as good for my dodgy bones. It might also be good for Lucy too. Well that's it for me, so I'll love you and leave you with a quick poem.

    “I've got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen.”
    Louisa May Alcott, Little Women
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    Yesterday we sorted out a HUGE barn for the motorhome, Penelope and Spud (Midget) to live in while the garden is done. Its at the farm at the top end of the village and it is so big I will take a pic when we pop them all up there it is amazing. So clean has electricity and all mod cons!

    I love that poem Kath! Clarissa🙂

    You are the mysterious shrinking woman...I am following behind you too and take my trousers up! Sleek says it helps she can reach us easier she has a portable ladder for Chris or gets on the back of her chair.

    If you are going off meat then your body probably doesn't need it atm. Lucy was veggie before cancer, but at one point had steak every night for at least 3 weeks! Cost me a fortune, but was obviously what she needed.

    I tried every milk there was and my favourite is soya the light UHT one, but you know....I will give rice milk another try, Lucy drinks almond, but she'll try it too. My tummy like yours is happier off of cows milk.

    I wasn't sure either about the new forum layout, but I think it is maybe better.

    What do you think Barbara - your eyes struggle🤔

    I know magnolia's aren't keen on pruning but maybe a wee prune at the top can keep it in situ I hope so. What is it about new people and chopping down trees🙄all the new people here have done the same here in this village. Chop chop chop! they want to move here then don't like what they've got.

    We actually had sun all day, but today is overcast and won't be as nice for certain real rain due😕

    Mg midgets are so cute Paul adores his he never goes out in the rain! EVER!!! I will take pics at the 'do!

    Hi Joan did my post not show to you yesterday? I do wonder why that happens sometimes. I was here though. Magnolia Susan is the first plant on my list for our new garden when it is finished thank you for the tip. I hope you and your Sue are well ((())) xxx

    Chris that was definitely Sleek she has been over again you are after she visits Kath so if you can smell cockles that will be her🙄

    P always complained about her arms - still does. Our skin is less elastic as we get older and the thinner we are the more it seems to show. She had some fabulous loose long sleeved cotton shirts cool enough for even the hottest days. I bet your new shirt and trousers look great. Being tall or small isn't easy when clothes are made for in-betweenies! And a bargain costume too!

    You will get in that pool on your cruise I am sure. How long is it? Kari has her (hopefully) 60th 60's garden party for family on 28th August.

    This little café is a lovely place to call in and chatter isn't it? Everyone is a friend almost like extra family and you fit in just perfectly Chris🙂

    We had a sunny day yesterday I expected rain, but it's here today sadly. Did you get your washing done and do you have to pay for the machines?

    Morning Mike and Vixen i hope you are both well and the news from Elliott is still good so far ((())) xxx

    Love of course as always to Carol, Miss Cookie and Mr T💜

    Breakfast today hmmmmm

    veg/vegan option available.


    Toni xxx
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    Morning Mike and Vixen i hope you are both well and the news from Elliott is still good so far ((())) xxx

    Me and the girl are fine thanks. So far as Elliott is concerned this is the latest that my baby sister has managed to find out from faceache: He had his last chemo 3 days ago followed by 24hours hydration, he has another few weeks of neutropenia, blood transfusions, platelet top, ups and bone marrow injections. After that MRI scans to see how the cancer is. All he is left with then in the speech problems, mobility and coordination issues and so forth. He still has a long way to go bless him but each slight improvement is a bonus.

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    Good morning everyone

    Chris ((())) it's not long before your cruise is it a bout 3 weeks that you are sailing ((()))

    Kath ((())) I search for you yesterday it's nice to see you to day love to Chris ((())) Anita ((())) and Val (((())) and Emily ((())) and your Dad ((()))

    Barbara ((())) they said rain for us today but we have not got it yet. Have a nice birthday when it comes ((())) love to Mr B ((())) and your son ((())) and Niamh ((())) and your brother ((())) and his girlfriend ((()))

    Toni ((())) that's good you have some where you can put your Figaro and the midget. P ((())) is doing so well ((())) love to Paul ((())) and Charley ((())) and Annie (((())) and the carers ((())) Lucy ((()))Tia ((())) and Kari ((())) and your lovely neighbours ((()))

    Mike ((())) Good luck to Elliott ((()))

    Love to Bill ((())) Carol ((())) Mig ((()))

    take care
    joan xx
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    Hello my best friends, it's raining here and windy and quite dark. But the pollen count is medium according to the BBC news.

    Mike, I do hope it really is Elliott's final chemo. I firmly believe that no matter how serious cancer is for we adults, it's far worse for our youngsters. Now Toni will be sitting nodding her head in agreement. I hope he begins to get stronger soon.

    Joan, was it Saturday you couldn't find me? that was my day off. Chris and I don't bother with our laptops on Saturday. I can't log in here on my iPad as I can't remember my password. Thankfully it appears automatically on my laptop.

    Barbara, I can't see you here, I hope you are just giving your eyes a rest.

    Toni, At least Penelope won't get lonely in the barn with all her friends in there with her. A nice little earner for the farmer too.

    Years ago I was advised not to drink Soya milk. It was once thought that soy foods increase the risk of breast cancer. However, eating a moderate amount of soy foods does not increase risk of breast cancer — or other types of cancer. A moderate amount is one to two servings a day of whole-soy foods, such as tofu, soy milk and edamame. Isoflavones, which are found in soy, are plant estrogens. High levels of estrogen have been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. However, food sources of soy don't contain high enough levels of isoflavones to increase the risk of breast cancer. So if I don't get on with the rice milk, I'll give Soy milk a try. Do you have sweetened or not?

    The poem about Clarissa was based on Virginia Woolf's book "Mrs Dalloway" I've read it three times, it's wonderful and based just after WW1, hence the reference to the Glorious Dead and Influenza. Septimus was a character who suffered from severe depression due to his experiences during the war. He eventually leapt out of an upstairs window and became impaled on some railings in front of a group of people. 😪

    Vegan Rice Pudding

    this vegan rice pudding is super creamy and delicately flavoured with cinnamon and citrus. It can be served hot or cold.


    • ½ cup (100 g) white short grain rice
    • 1 cup (240 ml) water
    • 2 pieces orange peel organic, unwaxed
    • 2 pieces lemon peel organic, unwaxed
    • 2 cups (480 ml) plant milk
    • 1 tsp cinnamon plus more for dusting
    • ¼ cup (50 g) sugar


    • Add rice to a sauce pan with the water and lemon and orange peel.
    • Bring to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes, covered with a lid.
    • Add the plant milk and cinnamon.
    • On medium heat, simmer for another 15 minutes with the lid off. Stir often.
    • Stir in the sugar and keep simmering for a couple more minutes, until the sugar is dissolved and the rice pudding is thick and creamy to your taste.


    Can I use long grain rice?

    The recipe will still work if you use long grain rice. Just know that short grain rice gets more creamy. Short grain rice is also what is traditionally used in this Spanish rice pudding.

    Can I use pre-cooked rice?

    You can use leftover ready-cooked rice instead of uncooked rice. Use three times the volume (or weight) of cooked rice as you would for uncooked rice (e.g. 1 ½ cups instead of ½ cup). Just start at step 3, also adding the citrus peel, along with the rice, plant milk and cinnamon to the sauce pan. Bring to a simmer, and take it from there.

    “I've got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen.”
    Louisa May Alcott, Little Women
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    Afternoon all never stopped pouring down it effect the mood

    Toni I'm glad to hear you have somewhere nice and dry to store your cars and mobile home..hopefully your back isn't complaining Niamh would have loved the bacon barm...yesterday we had a complaint about out bacon 😅..don't tell gd she said bit I thinks it's the wrong bacon..🤣

    I hope Karie's 60th can go ahead fingers crossed 🤞xx

    Mike my heart goes out to Elliott bless him ..I hope all goes well for the young man xx

    Joan it's not stopped raining here and very dark roll on the nice sunny ti all of you xx

    Kath yes I was here yesterday and was hoping you felt a little better or at least gave a better day

    I like almond milk on cereal not tried the soya ones

    Now vegan rice pudding might just try that ..thankyou xx

    Love to everyone


  • frogmorton
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    Morning everyone 🙂

    and still it rains.......🙄

    Mike I am so very pleased this should have been Elliott's last chemo session👍️. The last thing he has no control over. After this he can work on his mobility and speech issues (with physio etc) Lucy was happier then because she was less passive in it all and could actually work hard to improve things.

    I bet Vixen isn't happy with all this rain like my poor pusskin. She sulked all day yesterday.

    Barbara I think it can be very depressing this weather. I had a very long wedding planning session with Charley and Annie and lots of progress was made. Then in the afternoon I cooked us a fancy vegan dish while Lucy made (non-vegan) cupcakes so we survived.

    The wrong bacon eh? Oh dear me. Poor Niamh😂 sack the chef!!!

    I'm sure Kari's 60th should be ok well it certainly ought to be it will be a garden party and we must all dress up 60's I will do flower power not Mary Quant!

    Morning Joan we are very pleased the midget will be dry and Penelope too even with their covers on they like to stay dry. They are old poor things. I will take a picture of the barn when they are all inside and you will see how HUGE the barn is. Love to you and Sue ((())) xxx

    Kath I drink my soya unsweetened. Unless you take sugar in your coffee? Lucy swears by almond and we all love chocolate oatly! Yes I can understand why you avoided soya given your history, but I you are right we'd need an awful lot of the stuff! I looked into it too. But like you cows milk upsets my belly and also off it my lungs make know🤢

    Thank you so much for the rice pudding I think I really might just do that I love rice pud! My Mum used to do a fabulous one.

    The farmer and his wife are now both in their 70s and it will be easy enough just to take in a bit of rent. The really huge barns are used by another farmer in the village for his hay and another smaller one for a roofer they know other than that it's peaceful up there. Oh yse and the chickens much further up their little road. Paul was thrilled with it.

    Take care everyone!

    Love of course to Carol I hope all is well.


    Toni xxx
  • Mike1
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    Mike I am so very pleased this should have been Elliott's last chemo session👍️. The last thing he has no control over. After this he can work on his mobility and speech issues (with physio etc) Lucy was happier then because she was less passive in it all and could actually work hard to improve things.

    Thanks for your continuing kind words. It is good to know how Lucy felt as both my baby sister are very concerned about the lad, especially as neither of us have kids of our own, and we feel a bit side-lined. At least they know we are here for them if needed.

    I bet Vixen isn't happy with all this rain like my poor pusskin. She sulked all day yesterday.

    Sorry to upset pusskin but we only had short showers down here from about 4pm which was during Vixen's kip time, by the time she surfaced to go out for the night the rain had been and gone!

  • dachshund
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    Good morning everyone

    Kath ((())) have you tried goats milk it's nice. It's fine now it rained a lot yesterday . Love to Chris ((())) Anita ((())) Val ((())) and Emily ((())) and your Dad ((()))

    Barbara ((())) I'm sorry Niamh ((())) did not like the bacon if she went to the shop would she now which one she liked. Love to Mr B ((())) your son ((())) and your brother ((())) and his girlfriend ((()))

    Toni ((())) yes I remember you saying Charley ((())) and Annie are getting married in January the months go quick when you are planning things. Love to Paul ((())) Charley ((()) and Annie ((())) and the carers (()) Lucy (()) Tia ((())) Kari ((())) and P ((())) and your lovely neighbours ((()))

    Mike ((())) Elliott 's been through such a lot he is a fighter (())) Good luck to him ((()))

    Love to Bill ((())) Chris ((())) Carol ((())) and Mig ((()))

    take care
    joan xx
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    Morning to all my family of friends in the cafe.

    Good job I had a planned easy morning as I only some at 8.30. Lunch is already in microwave just to warm up. I did enough in my slow cooker for yesterday and today. Nearly are it for my tea it was very tasty. Didn't though as I knew today had to be spent relaxing as I have a 2 hour video conference this afternoon. It's a real nuisance that I have got a phone conference with my GP at 3pm.

    Going to start illustrating Ms Sleek's poem this morning. Just hope my hands don't start playing up, they are misbehaving a lot recently. It's going to take a while but I want it to be perfect for both Kath and Sleek especially, but for the whole cafe as well.

    I've been spending again. Been thinking about doing it for a while. Spoke it through with my girls and they both agreed it was just what I needed. I've treated myself to a very lightweight portable mobility scooter. Going shopping the other day really affected my ankle and the swelling is taking ages to go down. I have ambitions to go on trips out on the buses to places I've not been to in ages. I will still have my other scooter to use day to day.

    Hope you all have a relaxing Tuesday doing what you all like doing. Gentle hugs to Toni ((())). Kath((())) Joan ((())) Barbara ((())). Carol ((())) Mike ((())) and anyone who visits this peaceful cafe.

    Chris aka CatLady.

    Oh dear forgot dear Sleek who has been visiting me sure she was here last night as all my paperwork ideas for illustrating her poem were all over my table. Bless her !!!

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    It chucked it down in the night an was very damp this morning and so windy. It was like a hurricane. But now it's sunny. I've just had to drag the bin back as it had blown right down the path and almost out the gate! I took the tea bags out of the mugs and squeezed them so I can keep dabbing my eyes with them. When I was at junior school my friend Diana suffered badly from styes on her eyes. No tea bags then of course so her mum would tip the contents of the tea pot into a basin and when it had gone cold, she bathed Diana's eyes. It was a daily ritual.

    Joan, yes I have tried Goats milk and goats butter. But there's no room in the fridge so I get UHT non dairy milk. They don't seem to do goats milk UHT. Years ago we could get bottles of sterilized milk.

    Oooh Chris, I can't wait to see your ickle house of sleek. I'm so excited, so is she.

    Toni, I don't take sugar, so unsweetened Soy milk is fine, but I intend drinking it as is, because I'm fed up of fruit juice and a drop of cow's milk is fine in my tea/coffee. I'm hoping to increase my calcium and vitamin D. The following is not my poem, I wish it was.

    Days Of Milk Toast

    She served milk toast on Sunday

    She served milk toast on Monday

    Milk toast is what you might guess

    Milk on toast with sugar and cinnamon

    That is all

    She served milk toast on Tuesday

    That is all

    Four of the five complained

    She served milk toast on Wednesday

    All but one cried, “We hate milk toast!”

    She served milk toast on Thursday with tears in her eyes

    The littlest one saw his mother’s streaming salty fluid

    He said, “Momma, I love milk toast.”

    The streams turned into raging rivers

    Amongst all the wetness came odd quirks of laughter

    Momma mustered everything she could

    Next thing out was, ”I’m taking that job Dean”

    What could Dad say while he sopped up his milk toast?

    That is when Momma went to work for the phone company

    They never ate milk toast again.

    Wile we're talking about milk, bread and honey.


    • 1 package active dry yeast
    • 1 1/4 cups milk, warmed
    • 1/4 cup honey
    • 1/4 tsp salt
    • 3 1/2 cups bread flour
    • Cooking oil for greasing


    • 1.
    • In a large glass bowl, warm milk in the microwave for about 1 minute or until milk is very warm, but not hot to touch. (Between 105˚ and 110˚F is ideal for dissolving and activating yeast)
    • 2.
    • Add yeast to milk and whisk until dissolved.
    • 3.
    • Stir in honey, salt and flour.
    • 4.
    • Using a hand or stand mixer with dough hook(s), knead the dough for 2 minutes until a ball is formed. (If you do not have a mixer with a dough hook, you can knead by hand for 10 minutes.)
    • 5.
    • Place ball of dough into a large bowl greased with oil. Cover loosely with a towel. Set in a warm place for 1 hour to let rise.
    • 6.
    • After an hour, remove towel and punch down dough. Then gently gather the dough and without pressing into it, place the dough into a greased loaf pan. I place the dough punched side down in the bread pan so that top stays more smooth.
    • 7.
    • Bake in a preheated oven at 375˚for 30 minutes.
    • 8.
    • Remove loaf from oven and let cool. Slice and serve warm or toast each slice. Best enjoyed buttered. Try adding jelly as well!

    “I've got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen.”
    Louisa May Alcott, Little Women
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    Hello all Another wet and windy day

    Toni scrambled eggs were perfect thankyou

    How nice to ge able to move forward with Charley and Annie's wedding plans..and good food to boot

    I hope the weather will he good for Karie's 60th ..I have my long lost neice coming on the 15th day before my birthday..haven't seen her since she was 3..and she didn't know she had a sister my other neice..there will be lots of tears ..

    Now I'm rambling 🙂xx

    Joan Niamh like the cheapest bacon from asda ..😅her little toes curl up when she is eating it to all of you xx

    Chris the lightweight scooter will be brilliant for you and much easier on your that is a long call from your GP..hope it all goes well xx

    Mike like you say Elliotts family know you are there if needed ..sad though that they don't keep you in the loop xx

    Kath I love the milk bread poem 😅and the recipe don't think I gave ever had milk loaf..

    Next doors bin blew over today and thete was paper everywhere ..can't wait for some nice warm days xx

    Love to all


  • frogmorton
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    Toni xxx
  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 26,466

    A big pic of one of my birthday pressies! 6 'odd' cat socks (cat's protection I think) I can do 15 combinations apparently in 'pairs'!

    Mike We are absolutely still here for Elliott and yourself. Thing is with cancer very often it can be cured, but people have to live with and work on the consequences. In Lucy's case hip and shoulder surgeries and epilepsy. Elliott's, being brain cancer, his speech and mobility. With no more nasty chemo to knock them down they can work on the issues themselves. Judging by his caring and determined nature your boy will do just fine. His parents however will maybe (I did) feel more anxious with less hospital admissions and support. They are lucky they have you and your baby sister always there in the background doing what you can ((()))

    Sleek is happier today the wind has dropped and there should maybe be no rain!

    Hi Joan wedding planning is fun but can be rather stressful! they want some entertainment for their guests between the wedding 'breakfast' and the evening 'do'. Because it's a January wedding it will be cold so not much wandering around the grounds brrrr! ((())) xxx

    Good Morning Chris lovely to see you. I hope you aren't overdoing it doing Sleek's poem 'hilas tray shun' please rest your hands when you need to. Sleek did see your drafts and ideas out on the table - she was so excited dancing about and trying to tell me.

    A busy day for you - very busy I hope all went well with your GP these video calls are great because you don't need to leave the house but also frustrating as you have to fit in with them and they can be later or earlier than you expect! Hope the video meeting went ok too.

    A lightweight portable scooter is just what you need. My Mum had two one for her comfort and one for her convenience! Money well spent i am certain and you do need to rest that ankle especially for longer trips like shopping. Oh and your cruise!!!

    Kath yes UHT is the soya I get oddly enough it tastes better than the 'fresh' version. Goat's milk sounds lovely, but sadly not vegan so no good for me either. I bet it would be better for our bellies though.

    How are your eyes? Your poor friend suffering I wonder whether she is ok now🤔 Sleek says she has 'Aye' drops available. She can make up a mixture it's in Tosca's book.

    We can make vegan milk and honey bread and have milk toast!!! I have some vegan honey and can use my milk bread. It's a great poem poor Mum not the most interesting cook, but better maybe working. My Sis in law is the same. Not a natural housekeeper better at work!

    I bet Chris will do us a great illustration for Sleek's poem, but I hope she isn't overdoing it🤞

    Barbara what a day you will have on the 15th (Paul's 2nd vaccine)! Will she meet your niece too? That would help her so much if she could meet her after losing her dear Mum. Add tissues to your shopping list and extra tea.

    Niamh's favourite bacon is asda cheapest! Grandad must have used Asda's best instead! Bless her she loves it so much!

    The wind has dropped now so no more bins blowing over for a while I hope. Rain lashed under my door it was that bad!

    The wedding planning was great fun. It is a winter wedding i am not as all sure what to wear....🙄a woolley hat and wellies?😁

    Starting to worry about Carol now.....been thinking about her a lot because Paul is working in Brighton on Sunday and I would like to go with him and see at least one of my half-Aunts who live there. Reminded me about her trips to Margate😊

    The sun is out so I am happy!


    Toni xxx
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    Good morning everyone we go for our second jab this morning.

    Kath ((())) yes it's been very windy and cold. Have a good day ((())) love to Chris ((())) Anita ((())) and Val ((())) and Emily ((())) and your Dad ((()))

    Chris ((())) Good luck with the chat with your Doctor I hope it's good news. Yes you have done the right thing ((())) with the little scooter.

    Barbara ((())) Niamh ((())) likes the cheapest she's saving money. Barbara enjoy the time with your niece hen she comes you will have a lot to talk about. Love to Mr B ((())) and your son ((())) and your brother ((())) and his girlfriend ((()))

    Toni ((())) yes that would be nice seeing one of your half Aunts ((())) I spoke to our neighbour who's in hospital she could be coming home on Friday she has to have a hospital bed she can't lift her leg they think it's her pelvis she's about 86 now. Love to Paul ((())) Charley ((())) and Annie ((())) and the carers ((())) and Lucy ((())) and Tia ((())) and Kari ((())) and P ((())) and your lovely neighbours ((()))

    Mike love to you ((())) and Elliott ((())) thinking about all of you.

    Love to Bill ((()))Carol ((())) Mig ((()))

    take care
    joan xx
  • dachshund
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    Toni ((())) I forgot lovely socks you won't know which one's to wear.

    take care
    joan xx
  • Mike1
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    Nice socks! I got my baby sister similar for xmas but with dogs on, her pooch likes taking them off for her!

    Had a nice breakfast of fried Spam and hash browns but ever mindful of having one's 5 a day (as there is a post on here about dieting and losing weight) I made sure I had some tomato sauce on it 😁

  • kathleenT
    kathleenT Member Posts: 3,251
    edited 5. May 2021, 11:15

    Lovely to hear from you all, and I do love those socks Toni. Bad news for Holly I'm afraid, the school that Elayna (her sister) goes to has lots of staff members and students who are positive for Covid so nobody can go in today. All parents/carers will be informe by 1pm about tomorrow. I don't have anything interesting to tell you, so I shall look for another poem. I don't know who wrote the milk toast one.

    In Defense of Our Overgrown Garden


    Last night the apple trees shook and gave each lettuce a heart

    Six hard red apples broke through the greenhouse glass and

    Landed in the middle of those ever-so-slightly green leaves

    That seem no mix of seeds and soil but of pastels and light and

    Chalk x’s mark our oaks that are supposed to be cut down   

    I’ve seen the neighbors frown when they look over the fence

    And see our espalier pear trees bowing out of shape I did like that

    They looked like candelabras against the wall but what’s the sense

    In swooning over pruning I said as much to Mrs. Jones and I swear

    She threw her cane at me and walked off down the street without

    It has always puzzled me that people coo over bonsai trees when

    You can squint your eyes and shrink anything without much of   

    A struggle ensued with some starlings and the strawberry nets

    So after untangling the two I took the nets off and watched birds

    With red beaks fly by all morning at the window I reread your letter

    About how the castles you flew over made crenellated shadows on   

    The water in the rainbarrel has overflowed and made a small swamp

    I think the potatoes might turn out slightly damp don’t worry

    If there is no fog on the day you come home I will build a bonfire

    So the smoke will make the cedars look the way you like them

    To close I’m sorry there won’t be any salad and I love you

    Recipe over in Matron's Munchies.

    “I've got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen.”
    Louisa May Alcott, Little Women
  • CatLady1
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  • CatLady1
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    Hi everyone

    I've managed to do the Illustrating of Ms Sleek's poem. I started it this morning had a break then thought Kath and Sleek is anxiously waiting for it. So here is the finished product. Just hope it is ok.

    Chris aka Catlady.

  • barbara12
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    Evening all a little bit of sun but cold

    Toni I am loving the socks..very on trend wearing odd ones

    And the fancy eggs in toast went down a treat..I hope you can get to Brighton the only time we went there was when we were in Torquay.. we couldn't find any parking so came away ..a winter wedding oh not easy but sure it will come together..yes my neice will be meeting her sister she dosent have any more can you imagine 😊xx

    Joan I am happy to hear you have had your second jab ..arnt we lucky to have them..the poor lady not being able to lift her leg maybe it will take time ..xx

    Mike had his one a day tomatoes sauce 😋😅xx

    Chris what a lovely job you have done illustrating miss sleek poem she will be proud xx

    Kath love the poem sounds like my garden without the apples

    I suppose they will have to do a deep clean at the school least the figures are going the right way xx

    Love to everyone


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