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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I hope you have good news today. We all think about you and miss you it’s good you have the church. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Barbara (()) your blackbird looks happy there. Have a good day. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toady (()) sorry about your internet i hope it’s done soon.

    Toni (()) yes I realised it was the same time has the Queen’s Jubilee not long. Thank you for saying about Kitty she deserves help after all she’s been through (()) yes Charley is clever. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) I hope you get to the club and they help you (()) life can be hard at times. love to your mum (())

    Mike (()) I hope you had good news yesterday. Love to vixen

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    Kitty beaming down from planet NHS, a sorrowfully I'll treated but much loved institution. Hoping to have some good news sending much love to all café dwellers and looking forward to being able to begin posting regularly again. Until then, BYEE hi nu nu by see me

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    Sorry for the rubbish post, my phone has a life of its own!<

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    Hi Joan How are you and Sue today? I did go to the coffee group thing thanks it wasn’t too bad I met a person who I knew from the old group and she said the old group are meeting at a new place, so I might try that one next week as I know lots of people there and I think it would be better for me it was good to go out of the house though although I did feel a bit scared and weak thanks for thinking about me take care. Xx

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    Afternoon all 😊 internet behaving, touch wood - no rain forecast today, although it has twice, for 5 mins each time - once when I carted some gardening equipment outside, and once later when I hung an item on the washing line. Apart from that, nothing. 🤔 It's me, isn't it.

    Hope everyone doing ok thus far today - lovely to hear from Kitty :)

    Things quiet here, better than yesterday, when there was someone banging at the door. I was upstairs so looked out the window & saw a van, not a delivery, looked like a workman, probably something to do with the water or phone I thought. But then he came back up the path with some sort of bit of equipment so I went down - had come to measure up for some windows he said. Not me mate I said. Had the right address, wrong name, I've no idea where he should have been. But the thing is he was clearly going to start anyway, whether I was in or not 😱😱!! What a cheek people have. It's more convenient for them not to come back, so they'll just get on with it, & never mind. I could have been in the garden, & come in to find someone up a ladder - or could have been upstairs & found him peering in my windows. 👀🙄. Not to mention the unnecessary disturbance of someone knocking that shouldn't even have been here. Never a dull moment.

    Anyway with it not being that nice out there I have been turning out cupboards, to no avail. Laminating the spare bedroom? You can get in your spare bedroom, frog? 😂 I guess it's the one that was turned out for wedding purposes (?) & hasn't had time to slip back. Well done Charley! 👍️. I knew about the wall being by your veg patch perfectly well, don't know why that slipped. Hope the kale is superb whatever form it's in! bet it will be. Thanks again for the kind words re little birdie. My blackbirds are gathering for their chicks, like Barbara's, so is Robin, I'm sure they have nests in the same square foot of tree so no idea how that's working! I'm not planning to cement my arch in, as its legs are hollow I'll put extra poles of some sort into the ground for them to slide over for extra stability, that will probably be enough for my purposes. I meant to say that yes I will probably extend the front hedge but actually good idea about the stump thanks I think I will only cut it down so far even if it's not fit for carving! It may as well stay & be ivy covered as some is already growing up it. That sounded like a pretty good ebay happy medium price & I do like it when you get a nice seller or buyer 😊 . I've had a few terrible missed auctions when the page or bid box has been slow to load 😫 so always set a snipe now if it's important! Ebay are the next ones asking for extra security, ugh, No idea how I will sort all these demands for numbers to send texts to. They always suggest you put your postcode in your listing too which is a truly terrible idea, if they ever make that compulsory I'm off.

    Hello Joan and thank you for thinking of me :) I don't think my internet will be properly fixed in a hurry will just have to hope it behaves for more of the time than not! It will have to take its turn on the list of things that need doing. Sun is shining hope not too bad where you are. xx

    Hi bosh I'm glad you made it to the coffee group & that's really nice if you can go to the alternative one where there are more people you know 😊 shame the previous place closed (because of Covid I think you said), both because of the disruption but hard for the cafe owners too. It's been awful for places like that trying to survive. If you don't mind I'll take the heat over the pouring rain sorry 😉 I know how odd it must seem to people who hate it! I'd genuinely say I've only been what I'd call warm enough a handful of times this year, I have a 15tog duvet still & a warm cover, that would horrify you I guess! but I suppose it figures that I'm cold blooded, being a toad. 😄 Is the LAs birthday-type visit the next time you will see EF? Hope things not too bad at HV today, anyway :) x

    Barbara I love your blackbird (& thank you for the sympathy 😘) I expect he & the Mrs are gathering food for chicks, mine are, constantly. I was just glad I didn't drop the stick over the fence too I would have had to get something to retrieve that, and so on 😂. As I said above, a double glazing man tried to measure me for new windows yesterday - got the wrong house - good job I was not out he would have been looking into my untidy rooms 😮 why me.. Hope you are both as well as poss and have some sun :) xx

    Well must do something useful so will sign off with love to everyone not here today and with best wishes to Mike xx

    Tea at any time ☕️ and (checks stores) ginger biscuits.

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    Hi Toni sorry WiFi probs will try later Xx.

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    Morning everyone going to be showery on and off today I think.

    Mike I am still very much thinking about you and hoping all is well. Quite worried really but remember all too well just how poorly you are likely to be feeling so I am continuing to send you strength and ((())) This will improve and is so worth it. Take care hope Sue was ok yesterday and Vixen is coping with her nursemaid duties.

    This weather is mucking up all our internets don't worry Reshmi I had the same problem n and off yesterday and Toady did the day before. I blame atmospherics....

    I hope you are well and had a good day. I managed two walks!! Yes two one very early and one very late both too short you see.

    I saw from the post you managed that you got to the group and have found out the old group still meet maybe you can try both. Two trips out could be even better not too much?

    Kitty-cat! How are you me duck? I am so pleased to see you posting and know all is well with you straight from the horses mouth so to speak! My phone does stupid things if I try to post on the forum too never mind it doesn't need to be perfect just here!!!!!!!!!!!😊

    Our NHS are looking after you so well (and of course our Mike too just now) and soon you will have some news I am sure and a new safe 🏡 home. ((())) xx

    Morning Joan we heard from Kitty in the end herself on her phone wasn't that lovely? I was very impressed with Charley doing the flooring. Are they doing anything for the jubilee by you? ((())) xxx to you both.

    Morning to you Barbara have you spotted the post by Kitty? Isn't it great to see her avatar there?

    How is your wisteria doing? We must check in on Bill to see how his is doing🤨

    I hope the eyes aren't too bad today.

    How is the chauffeur getting on? Taking you out and about i hope😉

    Morning Toady how are you today? I got outside 3 times but 3xs was rained back inside🙄once i just waited in the greenhouse listening to the rain - fabulous sound rain on glass isn't it?

    Blimey that is scary a strange man measuring your windows as you said what if you'd been in the garden with your headphones on? You'd have been terrified! Perhaps he expected the people he thought lived at yours at any moment??? Nowt as strange as folk is there?

    Toady it was Carley and Annie's spare bedroom not ours as you said there is no access there. There was briefly for the wedding day, but Lucy has filled it up again🙄

    Your stump might break down to provide a lovely home for some bugs in time without carving ☺️

    Good idea putting some metal poles to slide the arch over that will do it won't it? I am getting more and more keen on one for us too I need to see yours finished what will you grow over it?

    I filled in 7 molehills yesterday (the rain brings them out) and two more out there now already🙄 Paul is away that's usually his job.

    I know ebay annoyed me with this texting malarkey or was it PayPal? I am now watching something else with a 10am finish so must remember. No bids at all yet so expect to get it.

    Baby birdies everywhere isn't nature wonderful (on the whole)? My birdies aren't at all scared of me unless i move too fast of course.

    Will actually pop back in a minute

    lovely and unhealthy Reshmi's BIL would approve no doubt!

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) it’s lovely to hear from you thank you (()) you deserve a good place after all you’ve been through. Take care love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) we have rain at the moment. What internet have you got we have virgin no problem.

    have a good day

    Barbara (()) how are things with you and Mr B (()) love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Mike (()) I hope you don’t feel to bad love to vixen

    Toni (()) no I have not heard of anything for the Jubilee. Our neighbour goes to Weymouth when he gets a break from work. How is your back now. It was lovely seeing Kitty message on here.

    love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) that was nice you meeting someone you knew at the club nice you are going again love to your mum (())

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    Hi all.. bit dull & gloomy.. the weather that is but therefore me too 🙄 thought I'd call in early & fortify myself with a coffee and do some indoor chores 😕.

    Frogmorton was going to pop back in a minute hope not called away by anything in particular but it didn't seem like that if there was time to post pancakes. Your auction will be done by now I hope the internet didn't let you down! Definitely something in the atmosphere if we are all going on & offline one after another. Mine seems fine today hopefully. And no other disturbances so far other than postie. If double glazing chap had been caught halfway up a ladder without permission he would have had cause to be more frightened of me than I of him, that's for sure 😉 yes he may have been expecting someone but surely had a contact number to check.. I know he must have had permission as far as it goes but someone should still be there before you start, otherwise you don't know they haven't got specific or revised instructions &c. I've had workmen turn up unarranged saying they 'thought they'd told me', they know they haven't, they just chance it if it suits them. Not sure gardening looks promising today.. thinking again, it may be better/easier to sink the arch legs in so far and then knock poles through them into the ground. If it gets done at my usual speed it won't be up imminently anyway but when it is I will train some existing ivy up it that I have earmarked, then clematis can climb up that, & maybe a rose? Yes lots of things will like the stump, earwigs & woodlice &c, won't they. Sorry I muddled up your laminate floor, I mentally pencilled in 'laminated the spare bedroom floor (for me)', no idea why. Brains 🙄😂. Do you ever say silly things - not the usual sort, speaking without thinking etc, just inexplicable things - I dropped something the other day when out walking and a van slowed & told me I had; I said Thanks ever so. But I NEVER say 'thanks ever so'! So why? Most peculiar. 😂 Yes Paypal 2FA is one of the annoyances but at least I can use an authenticator app for that which doesn't require running (and funding) an actual mobile number. No use if I want to buy anything on the mobile though because I would never bring up the app, fetch the code, and bring the checkout page back up before the code expires 😂 oh what would our grandparents say to all this, even my parents, my Dad would have been driven nuts by Press 1 for this and Password for that.

    Hello Joan, I have 'now broadband', they are great much the best I have had, the problems are all at my end of things I know. No rain here hope none coming - just cloudy/overcast. Have a good day xx

    Love to Barbara and Kitty xx

    and to everyone else, see you all as & when you call in xx

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    hi T how are you? Internet is back, yay, the sky man came but not the gas man lol otherwise LA might have scared him off.

    it’s worrying how weird how dependent we are on the web these days isn’t it ? I remember one a web was the thing that spiders made lol it was better that way in a lot of respects haha.

    thanks about the painting I don’t really know a great deal about the artist to be honest but I did read a novel inspired by inspired him, it was great.

    thanks Toni but I just did a tiny bit of art history nothing v impressive ha ha but thanks for thinking that I did it but it was just a minor module in French studies part of my degree I had a v strict eccentric female lecturer for that though, a carrot - monitoring witch type, but really nice deep down, sorry time of the month plus just tired, oh yes coffee group was ok ty but I think I’ll most likely just go to Wednesday one, people i know are there and they just seemed more relaxed, also FOUR sets of steep stairs or a weird lift in Tues venue. Ok gtg now unfortunately Toni, hope you enjoy the day, Would be great to see K’s artwork btw. Xx

    Ps pic is daunting staircase btw lol xx

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    Hi Joan Barbara toady hope you’re all ok? Xx

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    Hello all more rain winder when summer us back ..will have to keep this short.

    Toni 8t is lovely to hear from Kitty she sounds more her old self.😁Good on Charlie fir laying the flooring het she feels proper proud xx

    Toady what a palaver nearly gad new windows sorry I had to laugh at the thought..I panic when someone bangs on the door ..especially that wete don't get many..xx

    Joan hope you and Sue are ok is it warn enough fir you to get out and about on your scooters xx

    Kitty lovely to hear from you ..hope its mot long now till you are settled

    Reshmi hope your tummy is behaving ..mine is like that with the many antibiotics I have to take to mum xx

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    Hi Barbara thanks for your nice message my stomachs okay so is mum she’s a bit angry though at the moment thank you oh no that must be nasty having to take antibiotics Hope you have a lovely night take care. Xx

    Ps yes weather is getting very changeable and weird isn’t it? I am pretending it’s autumn, lol, Tc. Xx

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    Morning everyone new or old (visitors not age!).

    Still no sign of our Mike? Oh dear now I am starting to worry about him. Not even a 'like' to show you are ok Mike 😕I do hope it's just that you are dragging yourself through these last few weeks of treatment. Sending my usual ((())) and strength xxx Sue will be with you today I think.

    At least we have heard from Kitty. I have since too it looks as though she will be going into residential short term at least while they locate ground floor accomodation for her. She has started writing again this is for one of the wonderful nurses:

    Lara The Lovely

    She rules over the drugs Trolley

    Ladies who wee

    With gentle hands she turns me

    Dishing out Codeine

    And bringing some relief

    To all who are suffering

    Pain beyond belief.

    We all call out for Lara

    When crying in pain

    But she never gives up

    As again and again

    She fills our little pots

    To take away our grief

    Lara the Lovely

    You are in our hearts

    Always remember your caring arts.

    This might be not quite right as the image she sent was slightly out of focus. Sorry Kitty, but it's close!

    Joan it is such a relief to hear from Kitty you are right. She seems very cheerful - her normal self again. She is the life and soul of the ward I think keeping all the ladies laughing. How are you both doing? Sending ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi how are you today? It looks better out there it was so windy for walking. Paul is away with work so I have had try to put the garden stuff safe on my own with Lucy's help. Nothing looks broken at least.

    Gosh 4 sets of steps no good at all😮 stick to the Wednesday group where you actually know people and they are nice. Definitely. I saw Kari yesterday and tried to encourage her to see if groups are restarting there. She is not in the right space just now because she is trying to reduce her citalopram (not allowed to touch the others according to GP) so not sleeping and a bit 'hyper' if you understand and ringing in her ears. She does it every spring and has to increase back every winter.

    So your Art History lecturer was a scary Witch type was she? They exist, but you are quite right are often lovely behind their scary exteriors🧙

    How are the family? Is Dad still suffering with toothache? I hope he still goes our to see his friends and you and your Mum get some peace?

    I would not under any circumstances want attempt those stairs! Terrifying! That is where most of the world's webs are😯

    Have a good day I hope.

    Barbara lovely to see you it looks as though yesterday was a reasonable 'eye' day?

    It was fabulous to see Kitty posting even if her phone was doing it's own thing like they do🙄

    I don't like unsolicited callers much either it happens here though with neighbours, but they are mostly friends so not a problem.

    How are the family? Mr B still doing ok? Is he dancing yet🤭 and the lovely Niamh? will she be over this weekend?

    Morning Toady I hope you are having a good day. A coffee and sit down is a good move.

    Nothing too urgent I suppose just a call from P's sister. Remember P? well the bad news is her sister has it now too and it's not looking good. She isn't well enough even to try treatment, but is working on it she has 4 weeks to pick up - not sure how she's supposed to do that, but they have tweaked her meds and she is feeling a tiny bit better.

    I am convinced it is atmospherics with our connectivity issues seems settled today and yesterday here too.

    I did win the auction I was the only person who bid👍️shame for the seller, but good for me.

    'Thanks ever so'😂that's classic I never say it either. I also say odd things too once I told a lady I had two girls (she had boys) and then said 'one of each'😣 where did that come from? I was so embarrassed. I think it's when our minds are elsewhere.

    Our poor parents would never have coped with all this password stuff. With paypal I can 'pull down' the message with the code slightly over paypal (not close it) and quickly memorise the code them put it in. It works - just. One day it will be retina authentication or something easier I think.

    Ok poles 'though' the arch legs? That will certainly be easier I think than the other way round on your own. Ivy and roses yes they flower for a good while...and ivy looks nice all the time. I was thinking what to grow if I have one. 🤔

    Today looks a nicer much less windy day so I will be out there very soon after my shopping arrives 😊

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    Good morning everyone

    I just wrote my message I was login a message came up it will go on when approved i cannot see it I said.

    Kitty (()) that’s good news

    Barbara (()) sorry about the antibiotics

    Toady (()) good you have broadband

    Toni (()) sorry about P’s sister

    Reshmi (()) yes I would go to the Wednesday one

    Mike (()) take care thinking about you

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    Hello all, just a little morning call from me today again before I poke myself into doing something.. I must get on & do something towards my spare bedroom frog, paint it & whatnot, if (well when 😕) I get new neighbours I have visions of having to move in there.. as the only non adjoining room.. being driven into the boxroom, well it's what we all dream of isn't it 🙄😂. Very sorry to hear about P's sister, that's just awful 😥 life is so mean. Sigh. Glad you have heard from Kitty again and I hope all the arrangementy bits go well with no hitches or difficulties.🤞Well I'm not sure what you mean about less windy, unless it' because you've sent it my way, it's quite rough here. Everything I want to put out to acclimatize has to keep crowding into cold ie anti-wind! frames which is not helping. Anyway, exciting news as you will see - little Vi made some lovely seed pods which I have been watching closely and now seeds!! Isn't she clever! 😊 Also a benchmark pic of how the start my cup & saucer vine has made in climbing, hope it will now take off I'm so looking forward to it. I have a few climbing roses in mind will have to narrow down as I go. What you will you go for I wonder if you get further down the arch project line. Ooh well done with the auction, I feel a bit bad if I'm the only bidder too, people can just start higher I suppose, but at the same time you see someone starting low & getting bid up that doesn't seem to deserve it for a no better item.. often with poor feedback & not as nice a seller.. dread to think really every day things underselling, & others getting a sale they don't deserve. Not the place to be if you like fairness & justice! 😬 Oh I can see how that conversation with the other Mum started well & went wrong.. maybe your brain was thinking we've each got 2 children, boys for you and girls for me, that's one of each (type of family?) who knows!! 😂

    Hello to bosh today, I love the mansion & I will take my chances with the stairs just to have all that space. (Spiders you say frog.. yes there would be, wouldn't there.. gothic spiders at that 😱 so yes, maybe not the place for me!!) Sorry to hear MV is rumbling. Hope not directed your way 😔 maybe settling down today? I hope. What was the novel inspired by Matisse? I thought I knew but now I realize I was thinking of The Moon and Sixpence and that's Gauguin, oops. Hope wifi ok now we get dependent on it, not altogether a good thing as you say, well some things can't be helped like banking seeing as they closed my bank branch. 🙄 Have a good day :) x

    Joan my internet is behaving today which is good but I will have to make myself go and do something else or I will start browsing and shopping and timewasting. I doubt if our local area is doing much for the Jubilee we're not a very sociable street but anyway I would not go & mix because of Covid. Hope you see a bit of sun there is not much around. xx

    Love to Barbara - fellow member of the please don't tap on the door society - there was a line in a comedy show, 'An Unopened Door is a Happy Door' - oh how true! 😂 Sorry about the horrid antibiotics too xx 😔 hope things not too bad with you all today.

    Hello to Kitty by proxy, or remotely, or whatever it is I mean, anyway love & endless admiration for keeping your chin up & writing & looking forward xx

    Thinking too of Mike & Vixen xx

    Hello to all present & absent xx

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    violet seeds / cup and saucer vine

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni how are you today ?

    sorry just a very quick from memory type message here did not have a good morning at all woke up 5 am with hip pain prob stretched in wrongway, but more or less ok now thanks.

    I think it was partly due to me doing some dodgy stretching and ordered to close some windows I sometimes ask DV but he was the full of lather that day soon that’s what happened when I did it myself but I didn’t have any choice anyway it’s a lot better now but when I woke up at five it just wasn’t going sleep made it a bit better not fully it’s only after my second attempt at a morning nap that I felt okay this time of the X and pains

    it’s not really so much of the people weren’t nice in the group T I think they were rather reserved basically sometimes medical social workers pressurise them to be there when they’re not feeling quite ready I’ve been in that situation before but I’m definitely not at that stage now so I agree Wednesday is def better for me tho I might possibly go to a Tuesday one as well just v temporarily just to sort of see what happens and possibly eat a croissant lol.

    luckily I didn’t have to take the stairs in the end there was a lift but it was a bit hard to operate. Did Walk down the stairs though but then that was probably the only exercise I had all day haha.

    i just wondering does does K ever do things like the nhs talking therapy courses? It’s mostly online but there are usually two or three phone calls with the therapist and it’s just about learning coping techniques breathing meditation not that I’m into meditation so much how to analyse your response to things all that kind of stuff I’m doing one for the second time my mum wanted me to do it it’s not too bad actually it’s good if you’ve got a bit of time on your hands as well and it’s definitely helpful to learn new approaches I wouldn’t say that it’s a perfect thing but I think I can help a bit anyway just a suggestion.

    okay I’ve already waffled on way too much I need to get on with loads of things so I’ll go for now I hope you’re having a nice day I am not feeling too bad now but it’s taken a long time to get there ha ha anyway enough of me and my relatively minor problems hope that your walk was good? take care. Xx

    Ps LA is currently fascinated by satsumas ha ha because his carer bought him one in the supermarkets he went too and was the proud owner of a Satsuma with a sticker on, wow. what more does a man want in life? so here’s an orange tree I know not quite the same thing but will have to do Tc everyone will try to write later bye. Xx

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    Hi Toni nice poem by Kitty by the way 👍👍xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Joan how are you and Sue today? thanks for your advice yes I think the Wednesday one is better and also depending on energy levels etc may Tues one as well just once or twice then will see how it goes hope you’re having a good day both of you? take care. Xx

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    Hi Barbara how are you today? how’s Mr B? how’s your stomach? that made me laugh the stuff on Facebook about baldie pies I call my dad baldie sometimes just in a humorous kind of way of course don’t really who cares he goes bald I’ll probably be one of them soon was just teasing him, lol, take care. Xx

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    Hi Toady how are you? nice picture of the seeds, yes I’m not a big fan of gothic spiders either speaking of which something quite bizarre happened today at nursery for BR they made hi. touch all sorts of horrible things one was a live snake! surely that’s not safe above anything else? oh dear the expression on his little face in the photo really felt sad and hopefully that’s a one off anyway

    yes banks and Internet these kind of probs never seem to end to do they? my mum is okay at the moment thanks Vesuvius wise as for my dad well I can’t say something polite about him at the moment so I won’t ha ha

    I didn’t have a great morning though hip pain which is very unusual for me I think it may be combination of things I was stretching to close some windows which I don’t normally have to do anyway plus time of the month for me, but I’m not too bad now thank you how’s your day going? I remember now It wasn’t actually a novel it was collection of short stories by AS Byatt called The Matisse Stories.

    who wrote the book the inspired by Gaugin please? I’d be interested to know.

    My local bank has also closed by the way so yes it’s that horrible hassle of Internet banking indeed.

    Bookmark pic it’s inspired by t’s v heavy quilt and all this talk of spiderwebs so I found a quilt with spider web design, don’t worry my sewing is as bad as my art so this is definitely nothing I’ve created myself I’m afraid, lol. Tc. X

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    quick wave to bosh - just to say the Gauguin book is by W Somerset Maugham - long time since I read it, I wouldn't say it was a favourite but still interesting &c. I haven't read much A S Byatt that I can remember, I don't read as much these days sadly as I used to, it can be quite tiring needs concentration & so on, but the book you mention being short stories or at least shorter than a whole novel it sounds like a good one to look out for :) I like short stories anyway in general.

    I had something to add to the snake topic but I will do that tomorrow.. 🐍 hope LA was not traumatised little boys usually aren't too squeamish about anything much maybe that's stereotyping though I suppose anyone can like/dislike anything really. What else did they have there I wonder 🤨. Hope you sleep better than last night! 😔 and will see you tomorrow xx

    Wishing everyone else a good night too xx

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    Morning everyone new visitors or regulars!

    Still no Mike? Oh dear I am getting more worried now though I doubt lucy would have been up to writing messages at all when she got really into the chemo she mostly just slept. Mike if you see this know we are all thinking about you I am sending my (((()))) and usual strength. xxx

    I have heard from Kitty she is hopefully going to go to a residential home while they wait for ground floor accomodation to become available for her. Love to you Kitty - good luck and you'll be running the place in no time.

    Sleek has been and reckons it will do nicely😉

    Joan that seems to happen sometimes did you post again? I think it goes 'somewhere' and sometimes the mods can find it and put it back on the forum for us.

    Thanks for your kind thoughts about P's sister. If you and Sue are out today have a lovely time! ((())) xxx

    Toady? In the morning?

    Honestly it really is NOT windy today well here anyway, but the moles have been and left me some hills.🙄 I will maybe not have time to go outside today as I am having my hair cut this morning. Not my favourite occupation, but Aidan always said it made us look 10 years younger so worth it maybe....

    Kitty seems to be doing really well and if she's lucky will get into residential while she's waiting for somewhere to become available ground floor. I can see her being the life and soul can't you?

    Oh little Vi! How clever you are she's given you some babies to look after! Ooh! I am also watching babies in P's garden the Honesty seed heads are there, but not yet ready to take. Cuttings seem to have failed sadly😕 Your poor plants I hope they can escape the wind now honestly it's still here. Love the cup and saucer vine! I can't wait to see it go! As for my arch plans I want something which flowers later than the wisteria and for longer? Laburnum still a bit early? It may well be roses🤔

    Good idea to move to the bedroom furthest away from the neighbours. Much better and more restful, but if it's anything at all like mine you could go on the TV programme about hoarders😳 No chance of doing anything in there for me. We are in the furthest room already and at the back away from the trampolining neighbours nearer to my lovely ones 😊

    Morning Reshmi how are you today I hope it's a good day for you and the hip was only sleeping wrongly or stretching to close the window - that makes sense. I'm doing ok thanks for asking walked super early as I have a haircut in a bit.

    Well meaning people do pressurise people to go to groups when they aren't ready I agree! Kari has definitely experienced that in the past. She is up in the night too at the moment withdrawal from the citalopram so doing anything much more that her garden or her art is all she can cope with. she would probably try an online course like you suggest especially if I can tell her it's helped a friend of mine.

    That quilt is absolutely gorgeous isn't it?

    I also love satsumas so LA has good taste in fruit! Of course they have stickers on them don't they? What more, I agree could an almost 4 year-old possibly desire?💕

    I must shut the window here the neighbour is bellowing as she does🙄the one with the trampoline. Now i am not totally averse to trampolines I would just sink mine into the ground for safety if I ever had one. Also less annoying for my neighbours.

    I loved the orange tree I actually want one!

    Take care now!

    Quick hello to Barbar in case you get in. I replied to you yesterday as you probably know. I hope all is well ((())) xxx

    naughty breakie!

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