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    Morning all! Will post again later, ML is wrapping up warm 🥶, lol. Xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I hope you have a good weekend. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) when they close the subway they will do a crossing we would have to cross the road to go to town and to the vet’s. Have a good weekend.

    Barbara (()) yes you remembered right. Have a good weekend. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) thank you for the photos it’s nice seeing the different places (()) what’s the weather like there. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) how is your tummy ache (()) Is your mum (()) feeling better have a good weekend.

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    One or two photos of my bungalow and Dawn in my garden. XXX

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    hi Again toady 🐸

    did you upset the neighbours after all? Or did you leave the broomstick in the larder cupboard? Lol. I hope you’re doing okay today? I’m not doing too badly temp is a bit cooler and thank goodness for that 😀. Hope you’re having a good afternoon take care. Xx

    Ps pic is of some alternative accommodation in case the neighbours become too much of a handful ha ha. Xx

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    Hi Toni how are you today ?

    I’m not too thanks for asking my stomach is not great to be honest but could be worse

    I take Omeprazole not lansoprazole myself

    doc said she will do another test in two weeks time if stomach is still not okay

    I think mums stomach is just about okay thanks

    dads stomach is fine as far as I am aware he’s just suffering from permanent hotheadedness 🌋.

    the boys are fine thanks for asking

    glad you’re enjoying your trip and having some nice vegan food in the restaurant

    Not a Great deal to say today really I’ve got my talking therapies phone appointment on Monday plus another blood test for lithium

    it’s my birthday sometime this month I don’t like to be specific as you say public forum safety first so I’ve been doing a nice bit of online shopping spending a little bit more than usual ha ha in the name of the birthday

    if everybody stomachs are more or less okay should be going out for a meal fairly soon just Parents and me, before that meal at home with EF hopefully.

    oh something funny happened in Maidenhead domain of the Lord’s as you know so the Lord’s have a little play area very near their house where the little boys like to play and one of these boys is called Eric, now Eric disappeared from p area, where his parents let him play alone, then his dad and grandad knocked on door and asked LA where he was, LA didn’t know, however Eric eventually turned up in of the neighbours’ kids’ gardens lol, well the kids’ parents’ gardens, you know what I mean 😂.

    The funniest part was that they asked LA lol, at least he didn’t say “look I don’t work for the police I’m just a four year old Dinosaur 🦖 okay?!” okay I think I have to stop there T because I have to do a few things before the Vesuvius erupts.

    Sorry just wanted to ask what sort of vegan food did you have in the restaurant? hope you’re having a good afternoon, a bientot. Xx

    Ps another incarnation of gothic ML , Tc.Xx

    hi Joan I’m not too bad thanks stomach not 100 % percent but docs say they’ll do another test in two weeks time if it continues to be a prob, I think mum is more or less okay now thank you stomach wise and she seems to be in a good mood hope you and Sue enjoy the day take care. Xx

    👋Barbara and Kitty. Xx

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    Hi all, lovely day 😊 feels like a Sunday but apart from that nothing noteworthy going on. Thank you for the pics frog 😀 that sky looks super, as does the location, glad everything fine, well except for the adapter bit 😕 I would be cross with the caravanning shop too, if they don't know their stuff, who does? I have messaged the seller with the website issues but even the contact form looked a bit questionable functionality-wise, whether it sent properly, we'll see. Nothing going on with me today, if Mr B or indeed Mr and Mrs together have nested again it's definiteley elsewhere - but they were eating next to one another this morning, so whatever the situation, they are certainly on squeaking terms 😂 the downside if they have nested further away is that if I hear alarm calls, it will be something I can't do much about. The mornings are definitely not getting darker, & that's an end of it 😉😬. Thank you for the tea, have a lovely evening and Sunday xx

    Hello bosh, having a quiet day & neighbours not noisy today, well just a bit of drilling & mowing (and someone chucking bottles in the recycling bin what seemed like every hour or so, how much drink do they get through..? 🤔🤫) anyway I would definitely move into the magical little tree house 😀. In the end it was lots of seagulls going over and not bats when I went out in the garden lateish, well not dark but gloaming, gone 9 anyway - not sure if you can get gothic seagulls but they were fantastic, crying & soaring right overhead, off on their migratory path I assume, lucky things. Hope everyone not too bad today - of course LA can't enlist in the force as well as all his other gas engineer responsibilities etc, silly people - a person can only take on so much 😉👨‍✈️. I was just going to wish you good luck with the bloods tomorrow but It's Not Sunday toady, get it into your head 🙄😂 in which case have a nice quiet day hopefully no more than a slight hiss of steam from HV xx

    Joan today of course :) I remember something about a crossing being mooted instead of the subway, a crossing's not the same at all is it 🙄 so annoying they're doing this. Hope you have a good Sunday lovely weather today. xx

    Kitty 🤩 pictures! terrific, Toni will be thrilled. Thank you for showing us 😊 that kitchen is 3 times the size of mine, and what nice little gardens, with walls! Walls are fab 😍. Hope everything going smoothly :) xx

    Love to Barbara of course 😘 xx

    and all callers xx

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    Hi toady 🐸 glad you enjoyed the seagulls, hope you have a peaceful night. Tc, xx

    ps pic is another Alice - inspired one for you. Take care. Xx

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    Morning everyone we are in the Pyrenees so very mountainous no CV (camp Vesuvius today at least) but bad reception so might do a few shorter posts...

    Joan it's really hot here I think it's hot at home too? We are on an amazing site today after a long travelling day yesterday I'll do my best to post a pic later although it's not easy the mountains affect the internet. Sending ((())) to you and Sue.

    Kitty I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet you do too it's spot on! Dawn and the garden look lovely of course, but the kitchen looks almost brand new☺️

    Reshmi ah omeprazole very similar to lansop.

    Your Dr is good keeping an eye on your stomach after the ulcer they would want to I expect.

    I can't get my phone connected to the net but laptop is. I will try up by the restaurant later for pics. We are on a different site here I had a fabulous salad and some (ahem) chips!! the other day as the other site vegan chilli not too spicy.

    Aha a birthday looming but wisely keeping the exact date to yourself. What treats are you having? A meal with parents is good hopefully EF later on LA will be so excited for you! He really 'gets' birthdays at 4. Gosh that boy going AWOL!!! terrifying a good chance for your sister to do the 'do not wander off' lecture with LA

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    carrying on..... 4 year old dinosaurs will always help the police with their enquiries I'm sure😁

    Oh Toady! On squeaking terms!!! love it😂 I am glad they are still together with or without and extra litter!

    Neighbours recycling well I suppose that's something....🙄let's hope it was jars jam and pickles not copious quantities of booze!

    They are hot on ♻ here in France which is good,

    I am unimpressed with caravan shop i will go in and show them. cost us 20E! hehe! More the point what if they hadn't had one? Up here on this new site we didn't need it, but it's a two pin European plug. could have been 'wild camping' with no leccie how embarassing!

    You are so right I LOVE the bungalow Kitty will soon be settled it looks perfect for her.

    I expect Sleek has been over? In spite of Kari, Lucy and Tia's efforts?

    A quick hello to Barbara if your eyes let you in ((())) xxx

    Will posy some pics later is is incredibly beautiful here I want to stay forever.

    Toni xx

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  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 28,071
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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) thank you for the photos of your bungalow it’s lovely just what you need. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (()) and Dawn (()) and Jonathan (())

    Toady (()) are the other baby birds still around. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) I hope you are all alright there. Have a good day. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) lovely photo’s thank you. You are seeing the sights lovely. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) that’s good the Doctor is keeping an eye on you. It’s our birthday this month has well. We take Lansoprazole. Love to your mum (())

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    hi Joan how are you today? I’m glad that it’s your and Sue’s birthday month as well that’s great😀, you take lansoprazole i see, thanks for your nice message I’m not too bad thanks feeling a bit sluggish though have a nice afternoon both of you. Xx

    hi toady 🐸are you today? you’ve hit the nail on the head there LA has far too many part-time jobs to become a policeman unfortunately lol, bit busy and feeling sluggish at the moment so will leave it there for now have a good afternoon toady take care, xx

    hi Toni 🌺 how are you? beautiful pictures I’m not too bad I guess tho tbh feeling a bit sluggish and not really that great it’s a bit like what toady called one of the “non-days”, though I must admit eating lunch helped a little bit.

    im glad you’re having a nice time, yeah Eric went missing for a while… oh dear, Id better get on with things really toni or I might fall asleep at the iPad ha ha you take care of yourself bye for now. Xx

    ps Mona Lisa is doing some cleaning, lol. Xx

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    Afternoon all 😊 calling in early because I MUST write some letters, which means typing on the laptop but with wifi strictly to 'off' - pity me, for I have nothing to write about 🙄 it will be a bit of a slog. Fuelled by tropical Jelly Tots (vegan), well whatever gets you through, I say 😀

    Frog, those views 😍😍 oh, envy. Worth getting my savings out from under the mattress, cancelling the milk, pfft to covid and heading off on a mad swansong expedition I wonder? 🤔 Tempting! Truly lovely, no wonder you'd stay there for tuppence, I mean, you can grow purple sprouting broccoli anywhere 😉 yes indeed I had not even thought of the what if you couldn't get an adapter, ooer, no no! The thought. Have a lovely lovely day, you'll have had lunch I guess being ahead of us, enjoy your afternoon/evening. xx

    Joan the last lot of chicks, that I knew of, were big enough to leave for new territories a while ago and as far as I know they all survived to do that. 😊 Any new chicks I probably might not get to see if they are not in my garden the parents will not feed them here but I will keep an eye out of the window if I think any are about. Hope you are both having a nice day :) xx

    Hi to bosh, what a super Alice pic, so well drawn isn't it and even a little froggy in the corner 😊 lovely. Hope you don't have too much you must do, it is warmer today even I feel it saps the energy a bit so quite excusable to feel sluggish 😴 enjoy your birthday shopping if you haven't quite finished, well there's always more to see isn't there😀 🎁 and now I can wish you good luck for tomorrow for bloods and fingers crossed for a nurse that isn't from the 'dark side' 🧛‍♀️🤞xx

    Love to Kitty and Barbara 😘 xx

    and have a good afternoon anyone who may be reading xx

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    thanks toady 🐸 glad you like the pic, birthday shopping just about finished thanks, hope you and all the other VC readers have a nice night and thanks about the bloods too toady. Tc xx

    ps pic is a few spare broomsticks just in case toady and the blood test nurse feel like going on a wander lol. Xx

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    Morning everyone ☺️

    Kettle is on

    It's hot here already.

    Paul is still Zzzzing so I am here chatting in the cafe.

    Joan thank you we are seeing the sights but it's been nice having two nights here the staff are just lovely. She speaks to me in French and I am managing! Love to you and Sue. ((())) xxx

    No Kitty yesterday? Well I'm sure all is well I expect Jonathan Dawn and Anita are all helping you get things sorted from your old place to the bungalow. When you're in you'll say 'I should have done this years ago!' 😊

    Morning Reshmi how are you today. I am ok a bit hot and my stomach isn't the best it's ever been. Hope yours isn't too bad. The heat does make you feel sluggish well it does me.

    Children (little boys particularly can go AWOL I hope your two nephews are more sensible than that. The mum of the house he was found at should have rung his mum though I think.

    Birthday treats all purchased? Lovely we all deserve a treat every now and then.

    Off on our travels again to the house we usually stay at in France where my bro and SIL will be staying. So EF visit for me🙄 I'll cope - two nights max!

    Loving the pic of ML ready to clean. She looks rather too happy about it though don't you think? As for the broomsticks they are fabulous.

    Have a good day!

    Morning Toady who was on early yesterday! Isn't it good that jelly tots are now vegan? Mad to thnk taht sweets used to have meat in them really....

    I hope those letters got written? Waffle waffle...that's all you can do. Did you tell them about your blackbirds and the garden...erm the decorating?

    French bread vegan butter vegan boursin and tomatoes outside with those views. What more could a woman want? Well probably her cat and garden transported here too. Seriously it's been fabulous this site and to stay two nights has been restful. You'd have to hire a camper then it's covid safe well I feel safe enough. Just make sure it has a loo and shower in it 😉 You'd LOVE it!

    Hi to Barbara if your eyes let you post today. I hope you are well Mr B and the girls too ((())) xxx

    Some more pics to bore you with

    the sun coming up

    struggling a bit will try on my phone.

    and post some breakie if I can unless you fancy some salad?

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    Good morning everyone

    kitty (()) will you be having a Kitty in your bungalow for company. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (()) and Dawn (()) and Jonathan (())

    Toady (()) have a good day good luck with your letter’s.

    Barbara (()) how is your hip pain (()) love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) sorry you have tummy ache (()) have a good time with your Brother and sister in law. What does the coffee taste like there. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) good luck with the blood test how is your tummy ache. Love to your mum (())

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    Good morning all, will post properly later, t and T I did have the vampire nurse by the way oh well I’m sure my arm recover eventually 🤢,

    Hi Toni how are you? I made a c t latte well near enough anyway lol , I’ll tell you the details a bit later on, but this is just a pic, used my own “recipe”Tc. Xx

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    hi again toady 🐸

    how are you today? the nurse was from the dark side as you so aptly put it but never mind my arm survived in the end haha, I’m feeling less sluggish today which is good. How are Things with you? did you get your letters done? Take care. Xx

    ps. Pic is of Blood test nurse on her day off, lol. Tc. Xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺 how are you today?

    sorry your stomach is not that good, same with me to be honest, went to Waitrose after the blood test for a little bit of a change of scenery really 😀, didn’t buy much.

    had vampire nurse today unfortunately but my arm is just about recovered now 🤢,

    A lot of irresponsibility there regarding the Eric disappearance true, I think that he shouldn’t have been allowed to go to the play area by himself in the first place, anyway at least it all turned out well in the end and there was no need to consult police man in training LA lol.

    been looking on the net a bit about stomach issues and arthritis I think you’ve got a good point that could be just IBD or something like that but I’ll leave things alone for now see what the docs come up with 😀.

    oh yes regarding attempted c t latte making, So I bought that expensive syrup Starbucks used And I just improvised really vanilla essence little bit of sugar i used cows milk , tho sometimes i use soy, okay like you said wasn’t same taste but I enjoyed the taste nonetheless 👍.

    Glad you enjoyed to the chips always a favourite of mine if my stomach is having a good day lol.

    Yes I agree mona Lisa seems to be one of those women who actually enjoys cleaning oh dear to be honest I think those women are really part of a different species let’s leave it there lol.

    I hope you have a nice time with your sister-in-law etc . Xx

    Hi Joan how are you and Sue today? stomach is not great but could be worse thanks for asking mum is not feeling too bad as far as I can gather take care. Xx

    Ps nice pic I found online really not related to any concept in particular. Tc. Xx

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    hi again toady saw this pic and thought of you going to post your letters take care. Xx

  • bosh
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    Good night everyone. Tc. Xx

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    Hello all - ooh, it's hot 😬 I was not expecting this. Have just emailed my relatives in France as they are into their 4th heatwave as of yesterday, apparently - but this is our new normal, says the World Meteorological Organization. "Is the globe prepared?" Er, shouldn't think so. 🙄 Well I have just seen a petition to tax plastic grass, a drop in the bucket, but better than nothing - even if the Government has no plans to introduce such a thing, and instead "in future, developments which involve the laying of artificial grass at the expense of natural landscaping will be required to enhance biodiversity in other ways." Yeah, right, some sort of token something or other in other words. 🙄🙄

    Anyway I have written 2 & a bit letters and taken the 2 to the post late last night, looking nothing like bosh's sweet little ted I may add, more like something shadowy & slightly unnerving in the darkness, like haha - a couple more to go, minimum. I have done all the aforementioned topics to death frog, and they were hardly riveting to begin with but I got as much comic material out of them as I could wring 😂 I usually then move on to any old funny story I can pick up from the news, or ebay, or general stuff, ancient family anecdote etc, that sort of thing. Waffle, indeed! Awkward that in a couple of cases I have not heard from them very recently, and have no discreet way of finding out if they are alright - except that family ought to let me know if they aren't, I would. Hope you got on ok moving on to the meet-up house, and if already there are presumably (maybe) asleep under the sunset version of that lovely sunrise. 😍 Have a good today tomorrow :) xx Nice weather for tomatoes btw, I hope!

    Hi bosh thank you for the pic 😊 it's an odd walk to the postbox here now they've had the road up, no traffic, no lines on the road at all, cones and diggers & steamrollers parked everywhere. Think I'd learn to drive actually if you could have a nice steamroller, that would be cool wouldn't it haha 😀. Hope things not too bad with you & sorry it was vampire nurse after all 😣 ouch. Bit warm to sleep I should have had a walk this evening & some air but it just got late, now if I'd borrowed one of those broomsticks I could have had had a nice little fly instead, think how much easier on the joints 😀 but would it count as exercise, I have a horrible feeling not. Have as good a day as poss tomorrow & hope you can sleep :) xx

    Hello joan, I have scraped through a few letters, I managed to copy & print a few old family pics & odds & ends for one of them so they've got something to look at even if there's not much to read! Have a good day tomorrow hope not too hot for you.

    Love to Kitty and hope all's well 😀

    and to Barbara, have a good night if you can, might be back to ice cubes in the hot water bottle by the looks of it! Why no hot water bottle emoji, I'd like to know 🤔 xx

    Love to all and if anyone wants me tomorrow I'm in the garage, avoiding my letters and hammerite-ing the legs of an old obelisk instead. xx

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    Morning everyone

    This might be brief reception diabolical 🙄the kettle is on

    Joan the coffee is lovely here very tasty bit in the motorhome I make my own decaf soya. It's very not I know it is at home too. Keep cool both of you((())) xxx

    Kitty me duck haven't heard from you for a bit I hope all is well. Sending love and hopes for progress bungalow wise.

    Reshmi I just knew it would be vampire nurse....I'm glad you've recovered from the experience though.

    Watch her on that broomstick she could appear anywhere 😮

    I wonder about IBD definitely for you but me too. Thinking it might necessitate a camera where I don't fancy one😮😳 to be sure.

    Totally agree with you what on earth were Eric's parents thinking?!!

    Had a nice evening with bro and sil. Niece and great niece arriving today. So might have some cute pics she is 3,4 in December.

    Have a good day try to stay cool.

    Morning Barbara if you call in sorry posting on phone and it's so fiddly to grow the writing.

    Hi Toady well done getting those letters done.

    Waffle waffle toil and trouble....

    You did well I'd have really struggled too. I think the family will let you know if anyone has passed on. I hope so anyway

    Where are your rellies in France? Anywhere near me? It was 35 degrees here yesterday. Bloomin hot. The warmer temperatures these days worry me. Everyone has been being warned for so many many decades.

    Plastic grass! Dont go there🤬 I get so cross. Taxing plastic cups is far too little too late in my opinion. They need to stop maki g the stuff right NOW!

    Right shut up Toni

    Reception isnt good enough to post pics sorry will try again tomorrow

    Take care everyone

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    Hello everyone it’s me again (Sue) Joan is walking the dogs because it’s our birthday today 81 and we are going to town to have a meal and a look around I hope everyone enjoys their day love Sue

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