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    Good morning everyone

    I login but when I wrote my post I was not

    I hope Kitty was well

    and Barbara I don’t think oranges would get paint off

    Toady has a problem with her laptop

    Toni Did sleek give you a good welcome home

    Reshmi how is your Dad today

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    Hi Toni toady Joan etc v quick “hi, how are you? and bye” will check in properly later, bit of HV brewing…btw T bill doesn’t cook chicken he just warms it up and gobbles it up, lol. Tc xx

    ps piece of kitchen art as saucepans and their kin have feelings too bill, lol. Tc xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you today? On the subject of the little cheese monster LA he has a very high temperature the thing with LA is that he is very stoical amazingly so for his little age and it’s not always easy to realise when he’s not well but my mum said that when she looked after him recently he was feeling so ill he was barely talking which is a very bad sign for LA so I agree he’s definitely not feeling as bad as he could do but still is not too great really bless him

    the most touching thing is once a long time ago when he was really ill and tiny he tried to get himself in a good mood as much as he could bless he kept saying “ mima mima mima” I almost cried

    how are you feeling today Toni? stomach still not too bad? I’m okay-ish thanks need to have a shower soon before lava flow situation , dads okay but as grumpy as possible and mum and I feeling a bit frazzled, take care, xx

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    Hi all - well that's very funny weather out there, hot dull 3 drops of rain bit chilly then stuffy, everything in one odd mix. Have written a letter and done a bit more to the decorating, one wall to go (well and the ceiling but we don't talk about that), yes time is probably of the essence frog 😱 actually I think (hope) they just called in yesterday to open windows & check round understandably, therefore coming back later was presumably to reverse the process. But it does give you a nasty feeling. Probably will not get a lot else done, I have steered off the online games well mostly 😉 and I will have a walk later and post the letter. DON'T FORGET everyone there is a postal strike upcoming Aug 26 and 31, and then Sep 8 & 9, so if like me you get meds in the post or there is anything you need to send like a vital birthday card then make a note to yourselves. Some Post Offices are also closing for August 26 27 & 30, large 'Crown' branches I think, but check your area if needs be. Anyway bit late into this post but welcome home frog 😊👋 and glad all's well and especially that you were ok on the trip. Good girl Sleek 😺 and well done Kari too for looking after the garden, not as in pat her on the head like a good girl too but you know what I mean. Hope the car is running well for her. Things fairly uneventful in my garden except the broad beans are definitely not going to come to anything 😔 it will be my mission for next year they are not idiotproof apparently. Have a good evening :) xx Btw the way the neighbour's party was only for kids so did not become rowdy, they are not bad kids & quite funny actually I occasionally amuse myself sitting out listening to them and whatever squabble they may be having haha.

    Love to Joan and Sue, I am back online & laptop ok too touch wood. I am making sure I do anything necessary like banking or pay bills in case it goes off again, will probably forget something 😉 hope things alright with you both :) xx

    Hello Barbara, I missed in your post about Mr B's hip I'm glad Toni mentioned it, yes cooler will be better wonder when about they can offer him, hope it will suit. 👍️ xx

    Hi to bosh and I will catch up with you as & when I see you, sorry about brave little LA hope he gets well soon. If the weather is on the turn hopefully it helps with the frazzledness yours & general HV, well it can only improve things. Have a good evening :) xx

    Love to Kitty too, hope Jonathan is getting on well with preparations etc, is he painting too - I buy fairly cheap own brand for most things but needed some d*lux to finish a job, when did it get to be round £20 a tin 😲 I will be looking out for an offer! Hope everything else ok with you xx

    *Just to repeat in big type to remember about the postal strike*

    Love to all xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    How are you how are you this evening / night?

    Yes you’re right there no one knows what goes on in parallel universes indeed, lol.

    I also have probs with cats lurking around in gardens and even the conservatory oh dear no offence Toni of course.

    that’s a Shame your neighbours couldn’t find a fan yes everything is v much relative unfortunately.

    Id better go for now take care toady and good night. Xx

    Ps found this rather strange picture called “tea and moths”, I think it best it remains a pic tho I like to drink my tea moth- free, lol, Tc. Xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you this evening? Little bit of time now and some energy so I’ll try answer your very kind question “how am I?” When my mum told me what was going on with my dad I was understandably feeling agitated and upset heartbeat increased but also I was tired anyway but I had that feeling that you probably have sometimes to when you legs feel numb and you just need to sit down take some rest eat something sugary nothing was easy basically that day or the day after until i got the news that my dad was more or less okay and coming home plus of course my mum got very stressed and is still stressed now because of LA’s temp and BR was also not well but both the kids have been seen by the doc who said that LA has a viral infection and little BR unfortunately also has a temperature and has got infected eczema he’s been given antibiotics poor little baby I struggle as a grown-up with eczema as I know you do too sometimes anyway my mum said there’s lots of different types of eczema and hopefully the type he’s got is a one - off.

    I also wanted to say I think that L.A.’s rather unhealthy cheese addiction is definitely granny’s fault because my mum is the person who bought that dreaded cheese monster book oh dear🧀🧀🧀🧀.

    ive got Blood test tomorrow I better start getting ready have a nice evening Toni and take care. Xx

    Ps pic of LA - no, sorry a cheese - loving mouse etc lol. Xx

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    Morning everyone😊

    STILL NO RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! where is it? Everytime I check on my phone it's due in 3 hours then never actually happens🙄

    Joan that has happened to me about not being logged in. So annoying I have checked now before typing. Sleek was very very pleased to see me and very very cuddly still is😺 How about you two how are you? ((())) xxx

    I heard from Kitty yesterday so much is going on at the bungalow. The social worker is being a great help but Jonathan is being amazing! The place is being painted outside by council, but Jonathan and Dawn are happy to do inside. Our friend is getting so much support and even has a proposed moving in date! I'll say no more as it's her news😊

    Morning Reshmi I just LOVED that rainy window picture. If only it was real and here.

    That story about poor little LA calling for Auntie Goddess Mima when he was so 🤒 made my heart go out to him. I hope he is back to normal soon. That's the good thing about littleys is they do tend to bounce back quite quickly. Now BR has that dreadful infected eczema😣 That's awful. Lucy had it as a baby as did my niece who was all bandaged up for a while. I have my fingers crossed 🤞 that it is a rare flare for him ((()))

    We know now who created the cheese monster in LA Granny! I love little LA cheese mouse🐭

    I do totally sympathise with how you reacted to your Dad's terrifying admission to hospital. All of that was just so appropriate. I know DV is difficult to live with but far worse to contemplate living without. Eating something sweet in that case an resting was very sensible. What else could you have done?

    Sounds as though he is back on form now creating HV! I hope you got your shower? As long as he is taking his ABs and goes for the follow up tests, he will need, that's all you can hope for.

    Good luck with your bloods today hope it's the nice nurse and not vampire nurse. Or even Nurse Sleek....

    Morning to Barbara if you get in today. Did you get any rain? We got none and you promised me some when I got home😉 Still waiting......😂

    Hello Toady I hope all is well with you today and that you have a decent supply of energy at your disposal.

    Back in the spare room well done keep at it you must 'be prepared' as the boy scouts used to say😉 I would be very unsettled at them 'airing' the place.

    I am very grateful to Kari for all she did, (car running smoothly thanks), but got Paul to agree no holidays in August again (or the whole summer hols) for lots of reasons.

    1: my garden

    2: toooooo hot!

    3: let the children enjoy that time some areas were a bit crowded.

    There was one little boy (French and I think on the Autistic spectrum) who came to see us several times a day to discuss our 'Camping car' French word for motorhome😊 What I did notice was just how polite the French children all were without exception saying 'Bonjour' to you and no tantrums or screaming behaviour noticed.

    Listening to the neighbours kids is providing you with entertainment is it? 🤭 they are so funny. Ours made us laugh so many many times they were worth all the tears and exhaustion. Now they are of use too! hehehe! Tia helped (as did Lucy of course) with Sleek.

    I did manage a few measly broad beans one year but only enough for 5 each as I recall. Never tried again. I need it to rain so I can dig up some things which have gone over and are annual. Come on ☔ rain.

    Thanks for the reminder about the postal strike! Kari gets her meds that way and needs to send out her art stuff from her Etsy shop. Can you put anything on your ebay to warn potential buyers?

    Anyway I'll shut up now and get me dressed

    Take care everyone

    vegan yoghurt available....

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) Have you had some rain. Have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) good luck with your posting did you see they are stopping first and second class stamp’s. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) I hope Mr B (()) does not have to wait to long for his opp. Love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) we have had a shower of rain I hope it finds it’s way to you. I’m sorry you have had feelproblems login. How are your aches and pains today. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) good luck with the blood test. I hope your Dad feels better today (()) love to your mum (())

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    Hi Toni etc

    how are you all? You were right in what you implied T , even though my dad is evil in many ways i of course wouldn’t wish death on him, he’s back to his glorious self now, saying that mum and I are “closing our fingers round his throat” because we didn’t let him roam about in rain etc 😡 , had bloods went ok, more later, tired. Xx

    Ps pic means it’s tea time for dinosaurs 🦖 lol. Xx

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    Hi again Toni🌺how are you today?

    I’ve been boiling up in here because Mv is cooking a load of horribly smelly fish not using the air fryer I don’t dare to ask why 🤢.

    that’s interesting about your niece and daughter and the eczema that’s good to know thanks for that information, just thought I’d ask out of curiosity were you born with eczema like I was?

    thanks about the sympathising with the dad going to hospital situation 😘 wasn’t really anything else I could’ve done i know but it just helps me writing about it to you 🤗

    prob is Toni is that he’s trying to take some meds still and mum and I have to be constantly on his case, which isn’t good for our health, mental or physical.

    I really feel like I’m under so many constraints at home, so I am trying to go to coffee group just quickly tomorrow unless of course heavens open again in a v nasty manner ⛈

    unfortunately I can’t really tell megabrain friend about my dad too much as her own father died not long ago of dementia etc.

    blood test was in hospital today actually so no vampires 🧛‍♀️ yay!

    Hows your day been? did you get rain eventually? I did , it’s still going on I think.

    take care Toni, have a good evening, oh and regards to sleek the nurse, tbh I think even feline nurse better than our vampire “friend”, lol xx

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    Hi Joan How are you and Sue today? I think my dad is feeling better thanks but he’s in an even fouler mood than normal and my mum is very stressed and won’t let me help much otherwise things are okay and I’m okay thanks for asking bloods seemed to go okay thank you hope you have a nice evening take care. Xx

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    hi 🐸toady how are things with you? Immediate Family is or not too bad thanks given circumstances, EF to be honest nothing that won’t be sorted out in long run I think, I am sort of okay thanks, Had hospital blood test today and a really horrible cup of tea in the hospital café i usually have tea with soya milk or skimmed but what I was given tasted like slightly like sour cream, yucky 🤢.

    got a few poetic lines to share with you on the subject of Star Trek, basically am liking it, original version that is, but megabrain is true fan and is pressuring me a bit, “ watch this watch that” etc, so tiny poem here it goes..

    To Trek or not to Trek?

    Oh - just pass the Ready Brek,

    I won’t have ideas above and beyond my space station

    Even though Kirk The Great may be ruling the nation.

    that’s it, lol, have a good evening toady, Tc. Xx

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    Hi all - only a line, I have been hanging around for a builder all day (well I didn't need to do the hanging about bit the whole time I just can't do much else when people are coming) - they then bailed at the last min and I have to do it all over again tomorrow 😕 and this is only the 10mins to even look at a job 😫. So I'm going for a 5 min walk for some air and then going to bed with a cold compress or eau de cologne or whatever you have on these occasions, sorry not to do the replies I wanted, this sort of thing takes all my measly amount of fortitude lol but hope to be in tomorrow.

    Love to all & thank you bosh for the poem & the tea & the kind thoughts which have cheered me up this evening, take care yourself too and have a good night :) xx

    Everyone else bear with me and see you soon 😘 xx

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    Morning everyone😊

    How are we all doing? We have RAIN!!!! Looks like yesterday's rain dance did the job. It can rain all day here, but after that I will switch it off again I think.

    Anyway the kettle is on and Sleek is staying IN!

    Reshmi will perhaps pop it in teh teapot with the adorable dinosaur tea cosy💝

    Morning Joan I think we just have to check we are definitely logged in before we post. I am doing ok keep 'losing' one leg but apart from that all is pretty well ok. How about yourself? ((())) xxx for you and Sue.

    Morning Reshmi. Glad the bloods are all done for you I had some too🙄 just normal ones nothing exciting just don't want to get told off for not going. So much better at the hospital with those who do bloods more often they are experts not 🧛‍♂️

    Now why doesn't it surprise me that your Dad is back to normal? I am sure you and your Mum are only trying to keep him well, but he won't see it like that. He's as bad as a little boy who wants to go out to play in the rain! I don't like the idea of him taking meds the Dr hasn't agreed to. Just what he needs to take. No wonder you are both worried. Please do let of steam to us we can cope - it's harder for you because you are living with it.

    Get your brolley out and go to the group honestly it will do you the world of good to escape for a while ((()))

    I get it if your friend is still grieving it would be inappropriate to moan about your own Dad.

    It started raining here last night too and still is ATM, but hopefully not all day. Still the earth does need it.....

    I had eczema as a wee one not born with as such, but within a few weeks. I 'grew out' of it until I was about maybe 14/15? then that was it really a bad flare up. Since then I am pretty well constantly keeping it under control. Has it been similar for you?

    Right do your best to have a good day fingers 🤞 you get to the group ((()))

    NB just read your Trekky poem😁 brilliant! I loved the original series not any of the newer stuff though....

    No Kitty yesteday? I expect still very busy up there getting the bungalow ready for moving in. Won't it be fabulous when she can post every day again and I am sure sure sure her poetry will reflect this next positive change in her life😻

    Morning Toadster

    Well we certainly have it now after a day or two of tiny spits of rain it's here. I think my rain dance yesterday did the job😮

    Honestly! Workmen these days! It's like we don't matter only their own schedule and problems. I am the same as is Kari we get all stressed at them coming in the first place (don't like strange men in our space working anyway) and then stressed at waiting then fuming when they fail to turn up at all. I suppose at least they did let you know albeit at 11th hour. No wonder you needed the eau de cologne😉

    Of course we all bear with you life can be like this.

    Let's hope today is way way better.

    It's raining heavily here before I could bring in my onions, but l did manage the garlic. Toady we had some of my garlic last night (I had brough just one inside to dry before the trip) it's GREAT!😊 Even better no watering for a day or two. Sleek may well pop over and keep you company for a while waiting for the builder. Just get an airer our to put her mackintosh and sou'wester on

    A quick wave to Barbara from me hope all is well and the rain has arrived with you. How much did we need this?🙄Take care

    Toady can have hers in bed

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I wish you the best of luck when you move into your bungalow a new start for you (()) have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) I know how you feel another day waisted when they come it’s only a few minutes. I hope he turns up today.

    Barbara (()) how are you getting on. Love to Mr B (()) and Niamh (()) and your son (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) sorry you have Eczema I’ve never had that but I think it’s a thing once you have it. It’s always there ready to appear any time (()). Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) sorry about your Dad (()) that’s a worry for you both. Let your feelings out on here (()) Have a good day and your Mum (())

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you today? thanks for your nice message I may have expressed it wrong basically my dad was not taking all the prescribed meds, but now he is but my mum and I have to keep hassling him about it, but at least he’s doing it now thats v true 👍.

    I was born with Eczema and suffered for too badly for a long time till about 20s then it practically vanished now it varies between medium and mediocre I guess but not too bad with right creams 😀.

    when I was about 16 I had bleeding eczema all over my back and it would stain the back of my school blouse and people would laugh at me ☹️.

    its good that our eczema is controlled now though 👍.

    Managed to make it to the group thanks I’m just about managed to avoid being soaked completely monsoon style perhaps ha ha but that was more luck rather than anything else it was nice to go to the group it was a nice autumn Style morning for me at least really became boiling in a few hours though yucky 🤢.

    glad you had some rain but that it didn’t rain all day yesterday for you I like sleeks raincoat and hat maybe I could borrow them? ha ha glad you like the poem

    i admit I had all sorts of rubbish today when I went to the town centre including some very small cheese and chutney veggie rolls (as opposed to sausage rolls) I can’t exactly remember the brand name now I wonder if they do vegan ones - I’ll try and remember to look it up😀.

    Think I’ll go now Toni before I run out of steam hope you’re having a pleasant despise day despite the weird and ever-changing weather? ha ha take care. Xx

    Joan how are you and Sue today? dad is okay thanks still grumpy though mum is not too bad either thanks for asking I went to the group today which was nice thanks for saying I can vent on here hope you and Sue enjoy the afternoon take care. Xx

    hi Barbara xx

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    Hi all.. no builder yet (appt for 5ish and no word today at all).. so like Poe's Raven, toady still is sitting, still is sitting 🙄 at least yesterday there was a good excuse and I knew when I could knock off so to speak. Now I'm here presumably til further notice or past the point when anyone is likely to come. Pass the eau de cologne again, in fact I might just have mine in a glass with ice & lemon, I need something 😂 THANK YOU frog for the boiled egg & soldiers in bed, oh that's more like it. (Boiled egg in a little cup, I would never have thought! So sweet.) Yes get the teapot under bosh's teacosy and just keep refillling basically. Glad you appreciated the rain, but thanks for turning the tap off now 👍️. I do love to hear about Sleek giving you a lovely welcome and sleeping on the bed, aw, she must have been so happy 😍 I wonder if cat happiness is as straightforward as it seems or if it's just as complex as ours.. you doubt it somehow. Have to say I have started to have slightly less travel envy now you have painted one or two of the drawbacks in 😉 I'll stick to the online/armchair sort, well not much choice, but I mean I'll be philosophical about it. Maybe get a 'muriel' like dear old Hilda Ogden. 🏞️ - maybe that's what the last wall should be 🤔 though there are better bigger walls in other rooms for that. I have fished up an offer on some paint so it's all systems go to get finished. Great to hear Jonathan is doing decorating for Kitty 😀. Ebay shop wise I have not got much up at the moment so hopefully shouldn't run into postal problems, though no doubt if someone does want something by next day delivery, they will choose then to do it. I had 3 parcel deliveries in today so I am buying more than selling 😳 mostly necessities (a Doctor Who teapot is necessary, right?). Hope your day is going well, love to Lucy and everyone :) xx

    Hi bosh, thanks again for the posts & sorry if I miss anything, glad you managed to get to the meeting in a gap in a weather 😀 that was good timing. Did you see anything nice in the town centre other than buying something to eat? I just bought a Doctor Who teapot as I was telling Toni haha, I have my eye on the eggcups too 😂 I agree with you on dipping in and out of series like Star Trek, I just think you should take what you want from things like that - I do like Doctor Who but I would never want to do the sort of things they do on Youtube, going into everything in such depth / doing long reviews &c. I just like to come & go with watching things. But I understand superfans I guess if it's someone's thing to do, just not for me. So sorry you had a bad time at school with your eczema, kids are v mean 😔 I remember pulling my hand away from a little boy's at tiny school because it felt rough and then I felt awful, I don't know why children are outright cruel.. some sort of deflect attention away from themselves thing, they say, I suppose. Hope your day is going not too bad considering :) xx

    Hello Joan, ooh yes stamps, I forgot they were doing something about those. I tend to stockpile against price rises but I see from looking it up that if you have xmas ones etc those will still be ok. All these new types and code things take a bit of getting used to, at this rate the postbox will want to scan your face or something before you can post anything 😂 have a good evening, hope the rain had stopped to let you or Sue take the dogs out. xx

    Love to Kitty and glad to hear about the decorating I don't suppose Jonathan is doing you a Hilda Ogden style 'Muriel', as I was mentioning to Toni 😂 I expect it's all coming on & looking super 😀 xx

    and love to Barbara, hope things not too bad with you, where are things at with the car now I have forgotten to ask (or I have read it and forgotten, one or the other). 😘 xx

    Well will twiddle my thumbs a bit longer then head for the kettle again, love to all xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    nice to hear from you yeah that was a bit of unforeseen luck dodging a monsoon type soaking ha ha doesn’t happen though lol.

    sorry you had a frustrating day with the builder situation , I didn’t really look at anything much today in the shop says I was trying to get home fairly quickly to avoid more bad weather, I sometimes go in to the not so expensive jewellery shops etc but left it there today 😀.

    did buy bonjela tho for lovely folic acid related mouth ulcers lol the only one I had in the house was basically teething gel ha ha I know I look young for my age but I think there is some limits to that 😂.

    Okay it’s a short one for me today toady I’ve got a few things to do and another lovely blood test tomorrow yay! Glad you bought a nice Doctor Who teapot have a good night take care. Xx

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    Morning everyone

    kettle is boiling!

    No rain so far today but overcast and set to be warmer again.

    Morning to you Joan how are you doing today? Are you and Sue off out again tomorrow? It was lovely to see Sue last week posting again😊 I think you are right about eczema. It comes and goes.🙄((())) xxx

    Morning Kitty I heard from her yesterday she has been to the bungalow and plans have been made hopefully she'll be in to tell us ALL more very very soon. Such great news for you Kitty a lovely fresh start😍

    Hi Reshmi. Well done going out and seeing 'other people' as well as somehow dodging the worst of the rain. Thanks for the brolley pics. Sleek says anytime at all you can borrow her raincoat and hat. I suspect maybe only the odd shower today, but I am walking my friend's dog today so that will force me out which will be good. 9am ish and anytime between 4 and 6pm.

    You and your Mum are doing a sterling job with DV getting those meds down him. Honestly! Some people will not do what's good for them! He better go for any follow up the Drs want him to as well.

    That 'sausage roll' sounded really nice still better for you than actual sausage I'm sure. I think after the last week you do deserve a treat you know.

    I am so sorry about the eczema being so very bad at 16 - just the very worst age😕 Lucy got her leukaemia at 16 it's a very self conscious age and kids can be VILE. I think yours is like mine pretty well under control. You learn what to do, but the bath/shower needs extra cleaning as the emollients are greasy aren't they? It is autoimmune like the arthritis and asthma lots of stuff. My brother's kidney disease is also autoimmune.

    Barbara if you get in today I wonder whether you also had the rain? I bet you did wasn't it welcome? It's been so dry here we need more rain today as well, but probably just a few showers due.

    How are the family? Everyone doing ok? Is Niamh going away on her hols or has she been?

    Morning Toady How are you today?

    I am so glad you enjoyed your boiled egg and soldiers. Just what you needed I'll have to think of something for today as that stupid man still hasn't shown up. Please try not to drink the eau de cologne really it isn't so good for you even though I can totally see why you feel the need😁

    Have a large gin instead

    It even has two of you five a day........😉

    Let's hope none of your ebay customers want anything next day when the strike is on eh? Buying you've been buying have you? A dr who teapot is vital absolutely of course. Everyone knows that.

    I have rather too a couple of things for Lucy's Winnie. An outdoor pram so she can get outside safely and some special cat sticky tape to make sure she doesn't damage the carpet in the new flat. We have hard flooring here now, but it has been known with her. Sleek only asked for 'sweets' - cat treats.

    She is so happy at the moment though watches if I go out for a walk for me to come home. She says she doesn't need much to be happy just her 'fambly' and her mobile phone as well as her motorbike and side car and her broomstick.... some sweets and dinner. No trips to the vet. No strange men in the 🏡

    Guess what? My peas are shooting up! 3 out of 4 plants are coming up one must be Jacks beanstalk! I also planted my sprouting seeds too yesterday. Not sure if the kale or the purple sprouting broccoli made it yet but time will tell. The dandelions are doing well🙄

    Will get pics later If I can....

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    Good morning everyone

    I would like some sun again but not has hot. Everyone have a good day.

    Kitty (()) how are you and your pains and your breathing. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) will you use your Dr who tea pot. Have a good day I hope the man turns up today.

    Barbara (()) how is the pain in your knee. Love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) how is Paul’s arm now. Is Oreo ok now. Have a nice walk with the dog. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) I’m sorry your eczema was so bad it must have been so upsetting for you. At least it’s calmed down now good. Have a good day and your mum (())

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    Hi Toni 🌺toady 🐸 Joan etc!

    how are you all today?

    went on a relatively long walk after bloods and not long after fell fast asleep 💤!

    not much time left to write to the cafe dwellers, oh dear!

    so I’ll summarise Vesuvius and it’s constituent parts are relatively ok thanks, dad is grumpy bien sur Toni lol, but otherwise ok, ty everyone about my eczema as a youngster, but It’s ok - I don’t think of it much now 😀

    poor Lucy, yes kids can be quite nasty at times no doubt

    LA has been given eye drops

    BR slightly better I think 👍

    toni and toady the “artist guy” in the group made a kind of “coffee squash” out of hot espresso and cold fizzy mineral water

    💦 …I’ll stick with Toni’s v c latte myself please lol 😂.

    ok bye to all sensible cafe drink - consumers will poss post again later, Tc. Xx

    ps pic is coffee without the squash lol. Xx

  • toady
    toady Member Posts: 1,487
    edited 18. Aug 2022, 20:49

    Hi all, relatively quick from me too - no builder, I wasn't really expecting to hear today - have just had to get on with other stuff and what transpires will do so I suppose 😶 I know lots of people have troubles in this line but considering I walk up the road here and someone or other is having something done every day of the week, I do wonder, how did all of you actually get them to turn up?! Obviously I have some sort of repellent effect (you really need to be a forceful Janet Street-Porter type for this sort of thing, the rest of us go down the list.. which I don't think they realize you know perfectly well - but I can't be bothered with anyone that I have to get stroppy & badger to get here because it means the whole thing will be an uphill job). Have just made a nice little sale on ebay, one less thing someone can buy in the strike haha, so must go & pack. If interested RM are doing a v. good deal on Tracked 24 & 48, as of yesterday I think. Glad to hear your peas are coming up frog 😀 lovely when they get going like that, it's what I love about beans too. Not much doing with me apart from the caterpillars have run amok on my nasturtiums; I did have a nice bowl of lettuce & chard &c with my lunch, all doing much better now they are under cloches. Time to plant pansies for next year apparently, will have to do a major seed sort soon I can see. Sleek's list of happiness requirements, well I think those things would pretty much fit the bill for most of us 😂 no vets and no strange men, amen to that. Did you mean an outdoor pram for Winnie 👶, or a ramp by any chance?! If a pram then pics please! Hope it's all going well for Lucy 😊 and Kitty too. 👍️ xx

    Hello joan, yes, will I use the teapot, that is a very good question! 🤔 I am quite bad at keeping things that are too nice to use &c, which is alright if you buy them to look at or 'for show', but I should use this - I will try & make myself. ☕️. Sun, but not that hot again, some of that for me too please. Friday tomorrow already, have a good day, I expect it will be Sue here :) xx

    Hi bosh, glad you had a good long walk even if it meant resting after, and hope the bloods were ok again today, that's a good concise summary of things covers everything! I should take a leaf out of your book there 📒😀. Fizzy coffee 😬 why does that sound so much worse than iced coffee I bet you can buy something like it, you can buy most things there isn't much someone won't have a go at selling you. It's been the week of the odd drink by the time you had nasty milk in your hospital tea. Is the artist guy artistic in general ie likes art or can do something arty himself. Glad the littleys as Toni calls them (or was that you first), are not too bad. I think I used to use Anbesol for mouth ulcers not sure if that's adults/babies or both, from memory. Have a good evening/night etc :) xx

    Sorry Barbara (and Kitty) I bodged my bold type yesterday, I'm a bit chewed from hanging about for this imaginary builder 😣 hope you're both ok will post something more newsy soon with a bit of luck 🤞😘 xx

    Love to all, and anyone we haven't seen for a while hope everyone ok xx

  • frogmorton
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    Morning everyone 😊

    the sun is out☀️

    and the kettle is on

    How are you today Joan? Are you off out? If so Hello SUE! If not hello Sue anyway ☺️Paul's arm is 100 back to normal now thanks for asking just sprayed him a lot with teh stuff that insects don't like while we were away. Oreo is doing really well too bless him you'd never know except his fur is still shorter over his tummy 😻 Thank you for asking ((())) xxx

    Hi Kitty if you pop in everyone is waiting to hear your latest news I hope soon you'll be in your lovely bungalow and getting your mojo back🤗

    Morning Reshmi So Dad is just being averagely DV? Well you and your Mum can both cope with that can't you? Hopefully he is quite a bit better by now though with his chest?

    Well done going to the group and taking a long walk👍️pat on the back for you that's really good.

    Erm nope that member has some very odd ideas about what makes a nice hot drink🤢 I think you're right and our Chai lattes are a far better prospect.

    I hope LA is coping ok with eye drops🤔I bet that's fun giving them to him glad to hear BR is on the mend just what we want bless him.

    I walked a dog yesterday for a neighbour who has covid. Hopefully we really don't catch it from pets. I doubt it to be honest I just collected her from the back garden. A short walk she's an old lady.

    Today my car goes in for ir's service so i can drive the pink one if I have to go anywhere. Oh yes more bloods this morning🙄 Coming with me?

    Morning Toady how are you doing today? Still no builder😠

    We got ours via a recommendation from someone from the village he has been brilliant and reliable. Other than him though our troubles have been very like yours. Knock some doors maybe?

    Wow fabulous your own lettuce and chard! That's great I am very pleased for you 😋 How happy does it make us when we eat our own produce? I will lift my onions today now that the tap is properly switched off on the rain. It was a two hand job Toady but I think it's done for now. Thanks for the delivery tip I have passed on info to Kari. Well done your sale I hope it was profitable 🤞

    I will take some pics of the mole hills too in a bit on the green belt part of the garden. The wet weather has sent them MAD for worms.

    It is indeed a pram for Winnie a pink pram😍 of course you'll all get pics once she is used to the idea bless her. Sleek's list of happiness requirements isn't unreasonable is it? She likes women though not so men except her Daddy (Paul) who she only likes if I am not around😉

    I have my edibles ready to plant which will also look pretty borage and violas😊 will pop some more broccoli in. The peas didn't photograph well as I have them in near a peony that has yet to die back. Should be able to get it soon. Mind I reckon the peony and other flowers have helped keep the birds off the seedling so not complaining.

    Any sign of the Bs?

    Morning to Barbara I must ask is your brother still doing ok? He has done so well hasn't he? How long has he managed so far? Aidan will be so happy up there😊

    How are you and Mr B doing anything exciting happening in your part of the world?

    Right best get on the 🚙 is in fo service and MOT and Lucy has a job busy busy.

    Breakfast it's Friday so hmm....

  • dachshund
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    Hello everyone it’s Sue day again

    i hope everyone coping ok

    Joan is walking the dogs we are are going into town one of the things we are getting is a couple of tins of Blue paint for a friend to do the passage and we will have a meal

    thank you Toni for asking about me see you all next Friday Sue

  • bosh
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    Hi toady 🐸 today how are you today?

    it was indeed the week of the odd drink lol

    you’re right you probably can buy some strange fizzy coffee squash variant must taste pretty odd tho 😂

    the “artist guy” is a professional artist from what I can make out what kind of art I don’t know, he used to like drawing portraits though.

    there is something I’ve been meaning to tell you recently I was watching one of the old Star Trek TV episodes and found a gem called ‘Shore leave” in which the doc starts imagining that he is an Alice in Wonderland!

    rabbit pic is enclosed but no one had a tea party so can’t call in a perfect episode by any means lol ☕️

    Yes def good about the littleys thanks- it was Toni who first coined the term by the way 😀

    hows the eBay selling going? I’d better go now unfortunately HV has 🌋🌋 erupted more than once…Tc toady. Xx