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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) the heat is nice but we need it a bit cooler now. Have a good weekend. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad ((())

    Toady (()) your plants are lovely. Have a good weekend

    Barbara (()) how are your eyes have a good weekend. Love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) yes we could do with some rain. Thank you for thinking about us on our birthday.have a good drive home. Have a good weekend. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) it takes time to get used to the insoles I have some in boots the orthotics made for me. Have a good weekend love to your mum (())

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    Well I spoke too soon as my internet went off pretty much after posting and didn't come back til gone 1 😐️ anyway what I wanted to add then as a p.s. (told you my thinking head wasn't working), thank you for telling us about Vixen frog! I would have missed Lilymary's post - oh please let it work out 🤞🐾 💔 sniff 😔. And to add which I also meant to, Mr and Mrs B are fine, looking a little 'grey-haired' but both here every day and still flying to the trees at bottom of garden, no going back to the little nest tree. There was another sighting of the spare Mr B yesterday but no serious fighting or anything, or at least if they are scrapping they're doing it out of school so to speak and out of my sight.

    -Gosh the postman just pushed the door and chucked some things in, I was MILES away and not really expecting anything anyway, I sat up with such a start I practically jacknifed in two 😬 gracious me.

    Anyway back later to post proper, if I'm not it's t'internet but at least you'll know that. Btw hot buttered crumpets for breakfast frog, are you mad, woman?! Or, is it a clever move to subliminally make us think if we're having a cold weather breakfast it can't possibly be this hot 🤔😂

    See you all later hopefully xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺 and toady 🐸 how are you? just a quick one today, at least that’s my intention, also not using voice control 😀, thanks for liking poem, toady about FB lots of people seem to just put nicknames and profile pics can be anything really, even a cartoon toad witch lol, but you’re right date of birth must be provided , but you don’t need to make sensitive info like that public, I think asking for its understandable really considering the number of kids trying to gallivant around the Internet lol, thanks to you both about HV and DV too.

    toni another Vesuvius! That’s interesting to know, lol. No that’s def not my dad lol, good job too really, lol, mum made him go to docs, he has got chest infection doc gave him meds but he’s not always taking them😡😡.

    Busy week next week for me, two blood tests and hopefully coffee group, ok more to write but no time atm, hope you’re all just about coping with heat, I am too, emphasis on the “just about” tho.

    EF are ok, mums stressed out, anyway I’ll cut it short for now, hi Joan Sue and Barbara hope you’re all doing ok? 👋👋. Tc xx

    toady fan’s been replaced btw👍. Xx

    Ps pic is teddy bear cake for little tinies and littlees. Xx

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    Hi Toni my dad isn’t well he had to go to hospital not heart attack but going to cardiac unit, I am very stressed, take care. Xx

  • toady
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    Was just reading and saw this about your Dad bosh, so called in with a little moral support, sorry to hear 😔 & hope everything is ok & perhaps combination of heat & chest infection, all the best will check in again, toady xx

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    Laptop not working so here’s a new poem

    The me that used to be

    Danced sang, wrote poetry.

    The me that used to be

    Has gone away

    And left me alone to dream..


    The me that used to be

    Loved flowers, trees and birds.

    The me that used to be

    Is lost in the mists of time.


    Will she return,he

    The me that was,

    Or has she gone forever?

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    Thanks toady 🐸

    my dad texted my mum from hospital he seems to be doing a bit better, my sis is here too now, she’s staying overnight thanks again toady you have a good night . Xx

  • bosh
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    Nice poem Kitty , but life is a continual learning curve, you’ll be fine. 😀. Xx

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    Gosh no😒

    Reshmi we are all here for you. The silly man not taking his meds. Hopefully it will be something like angina or to fo with his chest infection- not ideal but better than a heart attack these are for you ((())) and some pollen free💐💐💐

    Yes another vesuvius definitely not your Dad though. Your sister being there will help your Mum at least. May I ask what age (roughly) your Dad is?

    Loved that cake😊 I take it it was vegan and calorie free so we could all have a slice?

    And guaranteed not to upset delicate stomachs too.

    I hope you can update us later more for you ((()))

    Morning Joan I am so glad you both had a good birthday😊 tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest day for the uk I don't think much cooker than here! Take extra care ((())) xxx

    Great poem Kitty. Hopefully you are feeling a bit extra out if sorts being trapped atm and it being so dreadfully hot! Soon be in the bungalow. It's good that your writing mojo is back though ((())) xxx

    Toady having internet issues again🙄🙄

    So infuriating.

    Good to hear all Bs are well though the originals have some grey feathers now bless them. Maybe the new Mr B is from a previous 'litter'?

    It's been so insufferably hot hasn't it? I had to go to bed early I didn't feel right. Cool shower and extra drinks first though.

    Naughty postie scaring you like that😮 maybe some good post though not recycling?

    The crumpets didn't fool you into thinking it is October? Sorry about that. Today is Saturday and we have croissants anyway in memory of Aidan nice and cool

    Take care everyone👋 to Barbara

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) lovely poem you will get back to how you used to be a strong kind lady (()) you have had a lot of hard knocks in your life but you have concurred them and you will again. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) good job it was not a parcel the postman chucked through the door. Our delivery is from Sainsbury’s. A neighbour got us some milk. Good luck with the internet.

    Barbara (()) how are you and Mr B (()) doing. They say we will have rain none yet. Love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) have a good journey home sleek will be there waiting for you I’m sure. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) sorry about your Dad (()) how is he I hope he’s feeling better now. Love to your mum (())

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni 🌺 toady 🐸 Joan and Barbara,

    how are you all today? My mum spoke to my dad on phone today, The nurse said that the problem was not connected to the heart its also not pneumonia it may be just a form of chest infection the doc is waiting for the results of one more test, he may be discharged later on today I think he is waiting for the doc to see him again I felt sad for him yesterday but he sounded better today but he said things were quite disorganised yesterday in the hospital he didn’t get anything to eat for a long time maybe 9:30 pm, when they gave him some toast after asked him for it apart from that and not having a good sleep he seems in better spirits today. Toni My dad is 81

    Ps pic is apple tea which I make for my dad sometimes because it’s good for him no caffeine tho admittedly I don’t make it from scratch I’ll try and post later on, I’m also feeling calmer in my mind which is good

    take care everybody, have a nice morning. Tc xx

  • bosh
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    hi Toni 🌺and toady 🐸how are you both to this evening?

    My Dad is back from the hospital now yesterday my mum thought he was having a heart attack his vision was blurred and the paramedics gave him oxygen, one of the probs may be that the nasal spray that he used could have had harmful effects also yesterday he walked outside in the middle of the heatwave about midday and as Toni said he wasn’t taking some of his medicines anyway I thank God that he is better now he’s still got a cough but he’s in much better spirits than previously he may have to see lung specialist at some point tho, doc gave him strong antibiotics, it’s frustrating as all of us , even Bill think he’s not been taking care of himself really and I am just glad that he is still with us and that my mum acted so quickly👍

    I think he was hassling the nurses quite a lot at the end saying “I need to go home now” , I laughed when I heard that that’s typical dad 😀.

    My sis was here for a bit today as well she drove to the shop and helped with the shopping which was also important as we were running low on essentials like lucozade which my mum needs she feels ill and she was kind and unassuming (she’s not always unassuming)

    Toni that was a nice looking church, hows your stomach today? Mine is not great tbh, but not as bad as it sometimes gets.

    Toady how was the night? In the end my sleep could’ve been worse but the stress of the whole situation made me tired

    hi Joan, that’s interesting about this insoles, how are you and Sue today? Tc. Xx

    good night to everyone and Tc. Xx

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    Hello everyone, I will nip in now with a line if I can in case of outages, it seems to be the evenings so maybe everything has just heated up a bit too much in the day and reached critical & shuts down (this describes me pretty much this evening - 🔥 after this I am going to sit in the garden with a cold lemonade and watch moths &c til it's feasible to sleep haha). Someone has a birthday apparently at end of garden neighbours, probably one of the young of the species, so it will be all fun & games until somebody bursts into tears I expect 😂. I had a short walk Thurs evening and there were many fractious wailing babies & children in hot cars & hot houses, omg no thank you 😱. I also saw 2 black cats, 3 black & white cats and 4 black crows so that was very aesthetic.

    Very pleased to hear your Dad is home bosh and they are not too worried, well not about his heart and pneumonia has been ruled out, so I hope he goes on feeling better now that you say he is in better spirits. Sorry it was a bit stressful for him in hospital, well on top of being there at all I mean, in terms of it being a bit of a muddle and getting something to eat etc. Wanting to go home asap, well that was my Dad for sure; I'm glad they gave him the ok to leave. Well done sis for pitching in 👍️ hope you can all have a quiet Sunday and with the antibiotics too things will go on steady, not sure if between you all and even Bill you will be able to have a stern word about 'Looking after Yourself' it's just not easy with stubborn people. Glad you have a fan again, it really is too hot for sleeping I have had the windows open but it is still sticky. Have as good a night as poss all the best & to family :) xx

    Hello to frog over there in similar temps 🌡️, hope things ok with you today - heat not getting to you - not much news will post earlier tomorrow hopefully. Really is too hot but it pains me to say it because for every summer day it's this madly hot, it's a potential nice normal summer day I'm missing out on, and heaven knows I can't spare it. Things to do but am just poking about doing 5 minutes of something & giving up. Have got some washing done but everything else is having to go hang, I have just been watering the garden, talking to my little regular mouse visitor, and putting out more bird food & topping their water up. I hadn't thought if Mr B #2 is a returning chick, that's an idea 🤔. If you've already eaten your runners, that certainly answers my question 😂 it's one of the few things that's not late unintentionally, I don't mind later beans as that's when I want them really. Postie did bring me some useful things, spray paint, glue, nuts & bolts, elastic, & more postcards. 😂 Not all for the same project. I have been looking up online ancestry research sites today because I've become intrigued/sl. obsessed with a family on the ebay postcards I bought previously, slightly odd thing to do but it's hot; time-wasting is what you find yourself doing in abnormal circumstances. It will be playing silly online games next so I must watch myself 👀. Hope you have a good night & look forward to hearing what's next . 😊 xx

    Joan I'm glad your neighbour could pick up some milk for you & thank you for explaining it was Sainsbury's, you would think they could have managed a substitute. I wondered if supermarkets were selling out of bottled water etc but there were only a few products unavailable when I looked online. When it gets to summer I always think why haven't I got a fan or something to make ice-cubes & sensible things like that but I suppose it's because it's such a few days you want them, then it's back to cocoa! Have a good Sunday :) xx

    Love to Barbara 😘 back tomorrow will post more then xx

    and hello Kitty I recognize the sentiments in your poem - getting on a train, seeing the sea, now even simpler things with covid 😔 hard to have them taken isn't it but you are still Kitty & doing brilliantly 👍️ xx

    Love to all and if I am hanging about here in the early hours looking for a cold drink maybe I'll find some nice apple tea bosh has left 😊 night all xx

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    Morning everyone

    Quick post reception bad just in case it doesn't go. Travelling home this morning well late morning in the tunnel.

  • frogmorton
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    Ok safe to keep going...Joan I absolutely cannot wait to see my little pusskin 😻Kari and the girls have all sent me pics. Keep cool ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi. I'm so glad your Dad is home. Well done your Mum for getting help so quickly.

    They will find out why he was so ill in good time I'm sure but for now those antibiotics should go the job. I hope mum is supervising him taking them! You can make the apple tea.

    Your sister has been a real help I expect she had a shock. 81 isn't young he needs to take better care of himself.

    I'm so glad your own mind is calmer now unlike your stomach. Mine is not good at all and a journey ahead 😖help!!

    For you ((()))

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    Morning to Kitty. She sent me some pics of the bungalow. Jonathan has been busy getting it ready for his beloved Mum.

    Toady it's far too hot all we can do is protect our plants atm as best we can. I'm worried that it was too much for Kari but I'll see later.

    This site is a very noisy site lots of families. One of 10 on one pitch!!! So sleeping is tougher even than 'just' the heat. Sounded like potential trouble ke with the party near you too🙄

    Keep off the online games! The weather will break soon and we'll all be cold!!!

    It would be sweet if new Mr B was in fact an ex babyB🐦🐦🐦

    I am looking forward to being home now so relieved that Reshmi's Dad is out of hospital. She didn't need that bless her.

    Love to Barbara hoping all is well with her and her Mr B. Is the car fixed yet I wonder 🤔

    Signing off now much work to do🙄

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) when you get in your bungalow will you get a little Kitty for company. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad.

    Toady (()) I hope you have a good day. Is your internet connection alright now.

    Barbara (()) I hope all is well there have a good day. Love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) I’m glad you enjoyed your trip. Now you need a rest. how is your tummy now. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) your mum (()) will be keeping a eye on your Dad (()) to make sure he has his medicine. Have a good day all of you.

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    hi Toni 🌺 toady 🐸 and Joan how are you all doing today?

    I’m very relieved 😀 thanks for all your kind wishes about my dad bit busy atm will try and post properly later on, thunderstorm tomorrow apparently ⚡️⛈!! I certainly hope so. Bye for now everyone take care. Xx

    Ps nice wellies pic LA is obsessed with them no doubt, I think even auntie goddess mima might be! Xx

    👋 Barbara. Xx

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    Afternoon all sorry eyes very bad..we have to laugh my granddaughter ask ys could ee pick up some turpentine and I got her tangerines 🤣

    Toni I'm so please to hear vixen has a new home bless her..and the photos are so lovely I want to live in France xx

    Reshmi I am hoping dad will be OK..its si worrying..abd I want the posh pink cup and saucer it take care xx

    Toady Mr grimsdale remember it well 🤣thies were the dats Milk delivered by horse and cart..I think we all need to join Toni in France 😁xx

    Joan glad you both had nice day...thankyou for asking ..Mr B us ready to have his other hip done now.but will wait for the cooler weather 😅 xx

    Love to Kitty xx

  • barbara12
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    Sunst at back of out hoyse

  • bosh
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    hi again toady 🐸

    how are you today? Thanks about my dad yes it’s definitely good to have him home even though he’s not exactly being an easy patient like you said “looking after yourself” comes naturally to most people but when someone is much more stubborn than any proverbial mule it just goes against the grain for these characters that’s the worrying truth of it

    my mum and I can only really do our best yesterday my mum caught him trying to wash the car and then she had to scold him and bring him inside 😡.

    yes nights are still quite nasty aren’t they? there is meant to be a thunderstorm tomorrow at least in the south-east hope that happens I really do.

    when you say outages- did you mean Internet? Or power cuts? or both? anyway I hope the night isn’t too bad for you and that you too have better weather tomorrow take care toady.xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Tony 🌺

    how are you today? Sorry you had to travel with an upset stomach how did the journey go in the end?

    I’m Really glad that my dad is back but he’s being very difficult as I mentioned to toady , mum caught him trying to wash car she told him off brought him inside

    as I was also saying to toady the problem with him is that he is extremely stubborn and doesn’t learn lessons as it were very easily, if at all. he’s done things like this so many times before getting soaked in the rain on purpose and well it’s depressing to list all the things so all my mum and I can do really is to try to supervise his meds and rest as much as possible you’re right as people get older they should of course be even more careful about their health but that’s what I would say to a reasonable person 😡,

    to tell the truth I tried politely saying these things to my dad again but not sure if he’ll heed my advice or not.

    I’ve got got things a bit wrong because when he came home in a mood he didn’t even tell my mum exactly what happened, so she looked in his discharge paperwork and found out that he may have a kind of pneumonia even tho it’s not fully confirmed yet so obviously should be very careful about all the normal things that you and I would do in this situation but…🤷‍♀️.

    All was well with EF but now poor little LA has got a high temp again but I think he’s making the most of that in some ways asking his mum for cheese and more cheese because he said “cheese is real food🧀” better not tell that to the gastroenterologist lol ! Little BR has started snorting whenever he wants to watch Peppa Pig bless him.

    Bill also acted very well in the last couple of days I’ve got to give him that he looked after the kids in his own way took care of the house in his own way too👍

    it’s quite funny really because he did a video call with my sis while she was here whenLA started suddenly started making some very evil faces, sis said “ what Game are you playing now LA?”, he replied “ i’m playing the exorcist game daddy taught it to me.” To which the ever diplomatic mummy replied, “ that’s very good maybe don’t play that game again”, lol, Bill also phoned her a few times asking what to do with the leftover chicken should it go in the fridge what time exactly should it go in the fridge can you just put the whole saucepan in the fridge please?

    My sis just kept smiling patiently and action would saying ‘nobody puts the whole saucepan in the fridge that’s not what it’s for”, haha her third child, oh dear he’s a funny chap isn’t it he?

    glad you enjoyed the holiday despite the stomach problems and the travelling hope you have a good night Tc. Xx

    Hi Joan How are you and Sue this evening? yes my mum and I are trying to keep an eye on my dad‘s medicine taking et cetera but he’s being extremely difficult whether he’ll listen fully I don’t know thanks for asking about him take care. Xx

    Hi Barbara how are you today? that was funny when you accidentally got the wrong thing from list don’t worry my dad does that all the time even though he has no problem with his eyes lol, I think that’s good that Mr B is waiting for cooler weather yes it was very worrying indeed but thank goodness he’s got the right treatment and my mum and paramedics saved his life basically. Hope you have a good evening lovely photo take care. Xx

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    hi all, bosh again just thought I’d put this nice cooling image on here also Tuesday is St Roch’s day, patron saint of dogs apparently so for all the dog lovers in the group nice dog - shaped ice sculpture, I know I’ve waffled on a lot today thanks for bearing with me, so I may just sent a short message tomorrow, I’ll see, take care. Xx

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    Hello everyone - this is not the early post I planned for one reason & another, never mind I thought a nice quiet early evening bit of online time will be better than the heat of the day - lo & behold on cue a BSOD instead 😫 which has taken up that timeslot just perfectly 🙄 aargh. I will therefore be quick as me & screens need a break from each other. There have also been a few comings & goings next door the empty side, thoroughly unnerving, so not a peaceful Sunday. Still v hot the windows are wide but nothing really coming in - yet it's quite dark, which feels All Wrong.

    Anyway pleased to get back in and read all bosh's news, nice to catch up with all the happenings not the not-so-good ones of course in that sense, but all v interesting. Oh dear your Dad going to wash the car is also just what mine would have done, I do feel for you all trying to deal with him, I also in certain ways sympathize with him too because it is never going to come easily to independent people (men shall we say in particular 🤨) to be told to be sensible and not just do things you always have, and I suspect I have a lot of that in me too. Everyone's different of course it's like Toni's neighbour who seems to be less stubborn, it's all personality & upbringing I guess. Even Bill in a parallel universe might not ask about putting pans in fridges 😂 at least he's been helpful this week which is good 😀. All the best for this week & hope your Dad does hear good news back when the drs confirm for definite what conclusions they've come to, & either way hope the treatment is working🤞. Have a good night, I've just overheard a neighbour telling another they'd been looking for a fan & couldn't get one, so I suppose at least you're not in their shoes. I can quite feel there will be thunder on way, it would be nice to break up this extreme heat as long as it doesn't go too horrible instead by contrast. Going to sit outside again and cool off a bit before bed, 'night from me xx Btw only internet off not the elec, thankfully, not with a fridge shelf of meds 😬 omg.

    Well I have paused & been outdoors, & dispersed a couple of lurking cats, and turfed out a couple of moths from indoors, so now it's later again I'm going to more or less excusez-mois and will post tomorrow by hook or by crook or by semaphore or whatever means! just to say goodnight to frog who I hope is sleeping soundly as is dear Sleek, and really really hope the stomach held up for you en route🤞xx

    Joan internet ok today but laptop problems instead 🙄 hopefully just the heat. Have a good day tomorrow :) xx

    Barbara that sunset 🤩 what an amazing pic, like a ball of fire. Do you remember Norman and the tea-making scene in The Early Bird 😂 Love to all xx

    Good night to Kitty and pleased to hear about the bungalow via Toni 👍️ xx

    See you all soon :) xx

  • frogmorton
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    I'm here!! 🏡

    It's almost as hot as france although slightly (not much!) better than sleeping in a tin can on wheels😁

    The kettle is straight on

    Joan my stomach has eased back to 'normal' so thanks for asking. I was very very careful what I ate and increased my fluid intake as sensible as possible. It will be a busy day today doing the washing and unloading the motorhome🙄Storms all being well later🤞 ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi. How are you today? I will just check in on you because I know Dad is ill, but we all matter and your Mum too. I hope the (please let them be) imminent storms help us all cool down.

    I am so glad your Dad is home even if he is being stubborn - Toady is right a lot of the male population can be it will have been their upbringings. My Dad would also have been outside cleaning the car🙄 I think pneumonia may well be confirmed and would certainly explain just how ill he has been. It is treatable just with those knock out antibiotics he is already on. He is likley to take several months to get over it though.

    LA doesn't sound tooooo poorly if he can manage cheese😂 How adorable BR doing Peppa Pig snorts!!! I love it😊 and they survived their own Dad's ministrations too bless them. His phone calls reall have made me laugh. He cooked chicken?! Wow! I wonder has he actually ever seen a saucepan full of leftovers in the fridge? I certainly haven't😂 Your sister is a very patient Mother to her 3 boys including the big one who has been playing scary games oops! You can't get away with anything BIL with LA in the house🤣

    Stomach is way better thanks I had to almost to a fasting only liquid diet for over 24 hours - luckily I had packed some vegan soups so I survived. AND survived the journey home.

    Now today my friend you should find a bit of time to look after you a little bit too it's been an awful awful stressful time for you ((()))

    Love the ice dog can I hug him?! bliss....

    Morning to Kitty if she calls in today I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel for your move into your gorgeous bungalow. All we need now for you are some lovely neighbours. Sleek is still checking in and supervising Jonathan's work getting the place ready for you😻

    Toady how the diddly are you? All is well here home earlier than expected so time to check on Lucy and Winnie and of course my Sleekipaws who slept on the bed with us last night (usually winter only activity).

    Paul helped me to water all essential plants and I did a quick rain 🕺 dance in the hopes that these promised storms might actually happen today🤞I quickly dug up my garlic - the onions may have to wait unless I can find time this morning until after it dries up again. My garlics are small than I had hoped for, but still they are here will have to see how I can improve conditions for them for next year. No sign of my peas yet😕and the sweet pease need out now.

    Hmmmm.... I wonder what is going on in the unoccupied next door🤨 definitely unnerving good job you did the spare room you are more prepared that you were....

    Thank you stomach held up pretty well on way home largely due to my liquid only diet prior to leaving. Ate normally on return all back to 'normal'. Sleek is thrilled to have me home and did not withhold her purr as she is capable of when I have been AWOL for a while. She is here now kneading in her blankie in front of me.

    In this village all open windows bring in is the smell of farms and a few flies!

    Oh Barbra that did make me laugh tangerines instead of turpentine😁 much better for her anyway😉

    The photo of your garden is lovely I can see you sitting up there enjoying the late evening sun ☀

    I am very very pleased to hear Mr B will have his other hip done now. I suspect that my lovely neighbour will wait for his after the hassle he had getting his dear wife home afterwards. They missed each other so much.

    Take care of yourself and we hope to hear from you soon

    What shall we have for breakfast?

    there good for all of us

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