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    Morning everyone!

    will post properly late hope you’re all ok. Tc.xx

    ps pic is rose coffee apparently, Tc. Xx

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    Hi all, early again for me before it heats up.. well it has already I suppose but as it hasn't quite built up to that afternoon brain-slowly-cooking feeling, I might be best catching myself before that point 🍳. In an effort to pad out one of my letters I decided to browse ebay for a couple of vintage postcards from the person's area, to see if I could turn up something interesting to send them, and talk about going off on a tangent - I found such cool stuff 😎 and have been all over the internet following up threads for most of the morning. SO interesting what you can find, the people and places, and of course you could do this over & over by picking almost any place/category. Yes I hope I would hear about any poorly friends frog, but they are old friends of family type people whose own families (I have found from experience) tend not to do the 'pick over address books & letters and punctiliously notify every last person' thing, which you can understand I suppose, we're not all dot i & cross t types. Will have to do a bit of enquiring. The French (third cousin 6 times removed sort of thing) side of family are in the SW, actually somewhere in the deep dark rural back of beyond but approx Bordeaux region. Hope you are having a lovely day and EF tolerable 😉 I'm sure you're all getting on famously, I could probably stick most of mine if washed down with 'du pain, du vin, du boursin' as you say, or rather as the ad used to go. Well I don't drink so couldn't rely on that to blur the edges of any company 😂 but that scenery would mellow anyone out really. Hope your reception/connection will hold up for you & enjoy your afternoon :) xx

    Hello Sue 😊 very Happy Birthday to you both! 🍰 🎉🎈🎁 and I hope you had a lovely meal together and a browse round :) Love & to Joan xx

    Hi bosh, hope things ok see you later I expect :) have had a wrestle with technology morning, I needed an authentication code to an older number & found I'd let the number lapse so had to ring up to get it restored, then another half an hour ringing them again because they had not added the credit back 🙄 & finally found that the mobile I was going to now use to get authentication codes instead isn't a dual sim like I thought, which was the main thing I was trying to achieve! Ugh stupid tech, you don't get this with pencil & paper. Hope HV & the little EFs ok etc, have a good day xx

    Love to Barbara, Kitty and any passing people looking for hot drinks cold drinks or just a chat inside in the shade :) xx

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    Hi Joan and Sue! it’s your birthday today that’s great 😀

    I hope you are both well have a lovely day, I’m not too bad thank you but waiting for the heat to go, mum seems well today as far as I can tell, take care. Xx

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    Afternoon all wint mention the weather 🤭

    Joan and Sue wishing you both a really nice Birthday hope you treat yourselve 🎂🍦☕️🧊love to both ifyou 💕💕xxx

    Toni so gkad ypu are enjoying your France trip yes itsvery warm indeed ..looks so lovely were you are ..xx

    Kitty how lovey tojave your bungalow at last and family around to help xx

    Reshmi LA is a proper little character 🤣wonder what he will eventually do for a job witches on your pic they are already in the shops fir Halloween 🙄 you take care xx

    Toady I'm proper mixed up with put black birds not sure if they are the baby that arecoimg to feed now..I shout and 4 arrive..😁 have you ever visited your family in France..its somewhere we have never been sadly..glad you treated yourself on ebay ..🤣xx

    Sorry I write all regimented 😎🤓

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    hi toady and Toni 🌺 I’m okay thank you just hating this hot weather like most people I guess ha ha anyway It can’t go on forever unless we have a heat wave in December anything’s possible I guess lol 😂.

    Glad you’re enjoying your holiday T , don’t like to say it but maybe vegan Boursin isn’t that good for the stomach? anyway your choice of course just thought I’d mention it 😀.

    Little EFs are okay thanks T and t and everyone else’s ok too thanks, I’m trying to go to coffee group tomorrow but obviously if it’s really sickening heat I’ll have to leave that idea alone. Four day heatwave approaching soon what fun 🤢.

    I know what you mean Toni I hate embarrassing procedures at the doctors but then again what needs to be done needs to be done though of course if you and I just had endoscopies I wouldn’t really be such a big deal 👍

    sorry you had some tech problems toady they are indeed extremely frustrating I agree but glad things seem to be sorted out now though

    toady 🐸broomsticks would mean less effort than walking but I think that you and I would get terrible cramp in our legs after a while ha ha. Could Do with a steam roller though that’s a great idea 💡lol.

    Okay I better go for now before House Vesuvius erupts again. Tc everyone have a nice afternoon. Xx

    ps pic is of another posh hot drink, don’t worry bill is paying 💷 lol. Tc. Xx

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    Hi Barbara Nice to hear from you, how are you? Yes LA is indeed a character, I’m not sure but it’ll be interesting to find out which job he has in the end 😀. Yes That’s true Halloween stuff is already in the shops, hope you’re having an okay day take care. Xx

    ps another witch type pic. Xx

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    Barbara and toady 🐸that’s the witch who refused a haircut lol. Xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I hope you are well I know you will have a problem with your breathing. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady ((()) we just had our delivery and they had run out of milk. Have a good day

    Barbara (()) have a good day yes we had a good day yesterday thank you. Love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) sorry you have tummy ache ((()) have a good day. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari ((()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day. Have a nice birthday when it comes love to your mum ((())

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    Hi Joan

    thank you, hope you and Sue are okay? Thanks about my mum she seems ok today so far 👍. Ive noticed that Toni hasn’t posted yet - hope she’s ok…anyway bye for now Joan have a good morning.xx

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    Hi toady 🐸 (and Toni 🌺 too, if you’re online today? ) and to Barbara of course, how are you all today? I’m going to pretend that Toni has posted because it unsettles my whole day if she has not bless her, nasty weather isn’t it really, friends? Main fan in house has packed up as well so that’s great news☹️, it took a home-made Chai latte and a sugary squash to get me going in the morning most unusual didn’t even Manage a walk sorry about that Toni lol. Blocked another weirdo on FB messenger who wanted to be my friend through the many thousands of years and protect me in the name of divinity or something like that, rather odd. I’m Almost asleep already to be honest, toady 🐸is your phone fully sorted now? Or are you still having some issues?

    hi again Joan, did you enjoy your birthday? Okay better go now before I fall asleep with the iPad lol, just wanted to say my family members are okay today thanks although dad has bad hay fever, But he never takes antihistamines eyedrops it anything like that 😡anyway I’ll leave it there, really trying not to rant lol. Hope you all have an ok day and remember heat wave etc last forever roll on Monday👍.

    Ps pic is of Swedish ice hotel time to emigrate, lol, xx

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    Hello all 😊 well not quite all, I'm assuming Toni most likely has reception issues on her mobile as it's been a bit difficult during the trip to get a good connection - hope it's not causing other problems if so - waves for when she can next get online & hope all's well the heat etc 👋

    Anyhow it is definitely odd with no frog, quite right bosh, we will have to talk among ourselves 😀 I expect we'll come up with some random chat and I can probably rummage up a garden pic or something for her for when she calls in. I had to get my own cafe breakfast so that may not have been something entirely sensible 😉 oh well it's not often. Too hot to eat much anyway. You didn't mention the group meeting, did you 'skip' it because of the heat, if so probably a good idea. Sorry your Dad has hayfever & won't take stuff for it, Dad's like soldiering on for some odd reason. And the main fan has packed up? Oh, terrific 🙄 why do things do that. How long have you had it? 'They don't make things like they used to' that's for sure. Thanks my phone is sorted (in that I saved the number from being taken off me & recycled 😱 would not have been good as it is my bank OTP code number). But, I'd hoped to put 2 sims for this sort of thing in the same phone & I did think mine was dual sim, should have known it wasn't! I guess I should just have one number but I worry I'll put all my eggs in one basket 🐣 & if anything goes wrong I'll be locked out of everything. Ooh FB weirdos, no thanks 😬 I don't use it but it's awkward if someone asks you to look at theirs and you can't get in. I do see it's good for big families to share stuff or groups to stay in touch but I can manage without really. Shall I wish you a Happy Birthday now for when it is, then you can just have it for when applicable? Right, as you would prefer it to be autumn (well winter preferably but go with the concept haha) I have left you one small cupcake (so as not to go over the top on sugar) with Ace community colour icing, in a special non-hayfever woodland, with a small squirrel. But I bet there's a toad not far away scuffling on the forest floor. Have a good day (whenever) & an ok night tonight :) xx

    Hello joan, no milk? Hopeless! Can't we go back to Norman Wisdom, Mr Grimsdale and Nelly the horse 😂 mind you I suppose we have better refrigeration & hygiene & things now, we just can't seem to do reliable deliveries. Hope you've managed and/or they'll bring it tomorrow? Love to both :) xx

    Love to Barbara - no I've never visited the relatives, I've never been anywhere much (cue sad violins 😐️) plus these, I have not been in touch with long, only the last few years - I wrote when a cousin passed away, this 2nd cousin did not know that much about this side of the family or where I was now. Hope all well with you in the heat 🤪 (I left a bar of chocolate out & now you can just tear along the dividing line instead of snap it 🍫😂). I don't know why I'm browsing other families' postcards on ebay when I have more than enough of mine but they're so interesting! Love to your Mr B and the blackbirds too - sounds like two are nearly grown up babies? 🤔 xx

    Hope all well with Kitty 😘 xx

    I'm manning the kettle all day and unlike joan, we have milk, so tea anytime! Back later maybe xx

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    Happy Birthday to our TWINS

    Sue and Joan

  • frogmorton
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    Sorry I was so late I had bo reception at all in Gironde.

    Such fabulous news that Vixen has been reserved and will soon have z bee home.

    I cant stop snivelling.....

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    Hi toady 🐸Nice to hear from you you’ve got a good point there Toni was struggling with phone reception I remember now, I do tend to worry too much I know.

    yes you’re definitely right about FB weirdos I’m not a massive fan of Facebook myself either in fact did come off it altogether for a while but certain family members seem to love it 🤷‍♀️ Well such is the nature of little sisters etc ha ha, Life is definitely more interesting and individual without it, apart from the poetry aspect maybe, but like I said to certain people try to draw us into it, it isn’t ideal at all

    my dad is indeed one of the stubborn fathers, you’ve got it right there, his hay fever is a bit better now thanks, I think he has condescended to take one antihistamine 🙄

    yes I know what you mean about how the dad sometimes keep soldiering on, so I was pleasantly surprised when he took one tablet so I’ll dance around the café the vegan croissant in one hand a melted choc bar in the other well I guess that’s one way of exercising my joints haha.

    Was indeed a nastily hot morning wasn’t it toady? I very rarely gets so sluggish in the summer, oh well there can’t be too many of these tropical mornings to go (I hope so anyway.)

    Before my sis had kids she used Facebook for “ posing” as I still call it almost nonstop and on her wedding day the posing of course went v much into overdrive, fake hair added to her lovely natural hair plus such a load of OTT makeup, clay - like foundation etc that tbh she was on her way to looking like a goth witch bride on her wedding day and not not in an edgy fashionable way, or oh well, sisters can indeed be odd creatures I have to give them that😂.

    I did indeed skip the group lol, you’re right would’ve been a kind of torture travelling there and back today👍 .

    Thanks So much for the lovely cupcake in appropriate colours with the squirrel and a toad nearby 😀🐸, lol. I like the autumn theme,I hope you have an ok night too. Tc. Xx

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    Hello everyone I might have to do this in a few posts to be on the safe side

    The kettle is on!!!

    I did manage to post a cake for our twins yesterday to let you know we are still ok.

    Has anyone seen Lilymary's post. Looks like Vixen has a home😻❤

    Morning Reshmi please may I ha a vegan chai latte in a posh cup? I love them!

    I hope everyone is well? The boys Mum and Dad? Spending time with my brother again I can see our Dad in him. Slightly less so but there. More tetchy than explosive. You were right about the vegan boursin. But oh it was lovely 😊 Almost worth it🤭🤭

    Don't worry about your walk I failed yesterday as we were on the road too. We will go early today while its cooler.

    How hot have you all got it? We got up to 37 in Gironde only (!) 35 here so luxury 🙄

    Barbara got in brilliant!

    I should think the pool was out? Bliss in this.

    Erm are you collecting blackbirds now??? Hehehe!

    All is well here a bit hot too as you can imagine. It was nice seeing my wee great niece. She is so sweet at 3. I even got in the pool with her.

    Right posting this asap while I can!

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    Hello everyone would you like a pic of Sleek?

    There she is doing her nails

    Ickle house is next to her.

    No Kitty? Hope all is well I will send a text to her to be sure.

    Toady how are you. Wiped out o should think in this heat.🥵

    It is exhausting. We have been past Bordeaux and I have been there once it is beautiful. They are in the sticks though. They posted on the motorway sign the French word for 'cork' as the traffic was busy there I think the same as our (bottle neck'!!

    Yesterday we were in Aube today also for a rest.

    It's a nice site - basic but has all we need each pitch is shady and private. The owners are vegetarian so they happily did me a takeaway vegan pizza to have in the motorhome.

    The village is 5 mins walk away so we'll be investigating later.

    You never know what we might find.

    How is everything in the garden? Are Mrs and Mr B ok? I do hope so. Your plants tomatoes etc. Kari has has 2 cucumbers and lots of toms from mine.

    I have 3 ENORMOUS bites on my legs from sitting out with my EF the night before last. So itchy.

    Better post this while I can!

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I hope you are has well as can be. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) I hope the internet keeps working for you. Have a good day. Thank you for thinking about us on our birthday.

    Barbara (()) I hope everyone is alright there (()). Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) thank you for the cake lovely. You have been to some lovely places. I don’t like fb either it’s so difficult to unsubscribe from there. That’s lovely that vixen could have a new home. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day. How are your insole’s feeling now. Love to your mum (())

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    Hi to Barbara Joan and Toni

    nice to hear from you T glad you’re okay bite sounds nasty do you have any Sudocrem? Dads got bad hay fever which he’s barely taking any meds for so it’s a HV situation for me real lava flow problem today to be honest with you, it’s more than 40° inside the heads of certain individuals inside this house 🌋🌋. Actual temperature 27 or something not quite sure certain rooms are heat traps tho anyway it can’t go on forever 👍. Did early walk today Toni you would be proud of me but yesterday I just didn’t have the energy to leave the house unfortunately, I had cheese toastie today but homemade one so it’s not as toxic for this tummy as shop bought one.

    one of the little boys in LA and BR’s street asked their mummy if BR could go to the play area by himself to play there bless mummy said that he is too young to do that but the neighbour kid said but he can walk!! Oh dear me it’s a bit soon for BR to be treated like a grown man surely although he does have many female admirers though that L.A. Is monitoring on his behalf he said baby Lola tried to push BR he said “I don’t like that baby Lola” , well my young LA she may be your sister-in-law one day I’d better start learning to grin and bear it, lol, I can give you some lessons if you want, lol.

    also dad has taken to sleeping in the shrine as I call the cold room (shrine to my sister that is) so I can’t even sleep when I want to really Toni this is really a complete nightmare this house anyway on the bright side heat wave is meant to stop before Monday I’m really praying that’s true🙏 Well that’s it for now T , Im glad you’re enjoying the trip despite the bites take care.

    hi J I’ve given up on the insoles they were really painful I am doing some physio instead, physio tends to work well for me but I haven’t got into a proper routine yet waiting for it to cool down first. take care. Xx

    ps pic is fine art offering by Octave Guillonnet. Xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺 and toady 🐸 Ive got another poetic offering for you both, a little bit silly really but thought it might make you laugh😀.

    Attempted tea party in the garden

    Toni you bring the hay fever pills please in case we sneeze,

    I’ll Bring the food covers in case the Jam attracts the bees

    toady we’ll wear our masks in case we spread disease

    I’ll pour the tea for you both but I need to watch my dodgy knees

    Oh let’s just stay inside and have bosh’s home-made vegan chai lattes please!

    Ps pic is a painting called “Tea party in the garden “. Xx

  • frogmorton
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    Love the poem!!

    It's about us all😊 and chai latte is what I'd love please.

    Reshmi I'm so sorry that its proper HV and no chance of a cool lie down 🙄🙄🙄

    Well done with the early walk I am very proud of you. We did the same

    How pretty is this village.

    Your pictures are similar to this village although a while ago maybe. There are sunflowers here too.

    So BR is being asked to play out! I remember this happening with one of my nieces🙄🙄🙄

    My SIL was horrified.

    Hope to post properly tomorrow

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni🌺

    thanks for the picture it is indeed very lovely,

    thanks too about the poem yes you’re right it really is about all of us in its essence,

    i’ve tried to compromise with my parents about the cool room situation I may be able to get in this room at 6 am in the morning but then again my dad is a bit of a piece of work as you of course know, so I think my best bet is to get up as early as I can and try and walk keep windows open and hope for the best🙄, my dad has hay fever and poss chest infection but he’s walked around in the heat wave and done all manner of stupid things when I’m trying to say is he is a careless and unhygienic person he and if he’s got something contagious my mum and prob me too would’ve got it by now oh well House Vesuvius and Weather Vesuvius can’t last forever 🔥that’s what I’m focusing on Toni 😀.

    Glad you’re enjoying the hol that’s a coincidence about your sister-in-law and niece Hope you have a good night take care. Xx

    Ps macarons pic I’ll pretend they’re vegan 😀. Xx

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    Hi all, glad to see frog back online and what lovely pics 😊 that view is so pretty, you can tell it's hot but also anything with water in makes you feel better because of the idea of it - did you get a bit of breeze at all maybe - anyway nice to see a change of scenery by proxy especially as you could be quite excused for not posting & using your 'thinking head' on holiday at all. It is a bit too hot to put mine on I think 😂 but I'd still rather have this than the cold, actually there are whole chunks of time where the garden is round the cool side in fact anything downstairs is fine, it's only upstairs that it's a bit on the toasty side. Have just been sitting out with a cup of tea, like bosh's elegant ladies, without the apple tree unfortunately. Garden is doing ok thanks, few pics, including the oregano lavender, did not photograph well but included because I was pleased it's started flowering, last year's didn't. Such a nice feathery plant, lovely smell from the foliage, and puts on a nice bit of growth first year, so good for impatient people. Otherwise just late peas, lateish toms and runner beans nearly flowering (hopefully they are coping with the heat🤞) are you doing runners this year? Glad Kari is getting some lovely cucumbers & toms 😀 . Oh Sleek, look at you 😽 don't we look young for our age 😊 obviously a well-loved scratching post! Hope everyone well back home & have a good night - have you taken the chillow-look-a-like - I've just put my cold pack in the freezer, better than nothing 😂 will post more tomorrow when I've had a proper re-read, this one is a bit sketchy. xx btw bites, ouch 😣 good luck for them going quickly!

    Hello bosh, well Weather Vesuvius really can't last much longer, must be downhill all the way now as they say, hang in there and keep thinking chilly thoughts ❄️ 👍️ I love your Guillonet pic, I didn't know that artist 😊 that is definitely my alter ego languidly sitting out there among the sunflowers, except mine haven't grown like those but I might yet get 1 or 2 & there's always next year. Just so happened today I wanted to ask something on a FB post so once again it was a bit annoying that I couldn't.. I suppose I could start one under some half made up name or other but they don't like that sort of thing I expect 🤔 not much you can sign up for these days without 10 sorts of ID. Well I hope DV does not have a chest infection & that things are better tomorrow. Your playing out story reminded me, I used to play with a few kids where I lived once, I never went to anyone's house to ask if they were playing out because most kids just turned up but just once when no-one was about I did, having got up my courage, and the mother looked at me disapprovingly and said oh no as if it was the oddest, weirdest thing anyone could have asked ever. I was totally deflated - childhood is very stressful 😂 Hope you can manage a decent or half decent night, I am making yet more tea actually if you're up; and 10/10 for the poem it is spot on 😂 xx

    Hope Joan & Sue and the doggies have coped with the heat today and the milkman turned up, my internet seems fine today it was a bit flickery yesterday evening but it's hardly surprising - more worried about my laptop overheating in all this, I keep putting it off for a cool down, I use it for too long at a stretch anyway so at least it keeps me off it. Have a good night I hope and a good day tomorrow xx

    Love to Kitty and Barbara and any late callers xx 😘

  • toady
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    Oregano lavender and Garden Pearl tomatoes

  • toady
    toady Member Posts: 1,405

    Mini wigwam of peas and Runner bean 'Moonlight' starting to flower :)

  • frogmorton
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    Morning everyone!

    The kettle is on!

    Joan I hope you had a great birthday both of you did you accidentally get each other the same present again? 🤞 for Vixen 😻

    Reshmi how are you? It's cool at this time luckily so we must go for our walks while we can.

    Your Dad is very silly not to get help with a chest infection!! I hope he doesn't live to regret that. Does he smoke at all? He sounds very stubborn and a tad selfish. I heard the weather will break after this weekend so just got to survive until then.

    Talking of HV did you know theres a new member called Vesuvius?! Coincidence eh? Dont worry it's not DV in disguise 🤭

    Regarding tinies being expected to play out without adult supervision it just shows how different people's standards can be.

    Thanks for the vegan macarons😊😊😊

    Morning Toady I agree for the garden we do need some heat (and rain) but gosh not this much🥵🥵🥵🥵

    At least in winter we can add clothes I suppose we can only take so many off in summer unless we are naturalists 😳😳😳 Eeeek!!

    This village is so so so pretty!

    This Church was originally built so that people with leprosy could stand outside and hear the service.

    Beautiful timber houses. Everyone has flowers outside.

    Your plants are looking great. I am worried about my seedlings. Such a lot for Kari to do.....

    Your wigwams are great and your runners look so healthy. We already ate ours🤭

    The peas are in if they are still alive🤞

    Gosh yes I have my cheap imitation chillo. It has helped a bit but my body heat can even cook it!!

    Get that ice pack in! We live in a bungalow as you know and it's the loft that makes your upstairs (and bungalows) hot do not open the hatch whatever you do!

    Sleek's scratch post is well loved and as you can probably see has been repaired once already!!

    Right today we move on again. To Pas De Calais for two nights then home!

    Love to Barbara and Kitty of they get in.

    Texted Kitty she is ok just really hot. Sleek is going to take her a cold drink. Hopefully not a fishy iced latte 🤢

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