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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you today ? I am so tired DV’s Lava level is varying a bit at the moment it’s pretty high, thanks About the littleys hope the bloods went okay? sorry really tired need to sleep I’ll try not to write such an appalling short post later 😀.bye for now, Tc, xx

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    Afternoon all saw the nurse today goid new blood pressure ok iv lost 12lbs thought it was only 8..mind you I cant see the scales k7dneys not so good but neve mind took me a while to type thus so love to all xxxxx

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    Hello all - I have just managed to do the silly highlight and delete my post thing 😣 at this hour I can't even muster one of Joan's excellent recap posts I'm afraid, I will see you all tomorrow. All ok apart from that - no news, no builder, Mr & Mrs B fine, etc - love to all 😘 take care and goodnight xx

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    Oh dear what a day!

    Poor Toady😣 losing a whole post!

    I think we need a cuppa

    Yesterday was a busy day for me with Dudley Juke going for his service and Lucy having her job interview etc etc....

    Morning Joan it was lovely to see Sue yesterday I hope you and she had agood day out? I remember we used to call Fridays 'Suesday'! ((())) xxx

    No news from our Kitty yesterday so that will mean she is busy getting on with the bungalow preparations. She has loads to tell us all hopefully she'll be in soon. Love to you Kitty from me I know Sleek has been over to see you.😻

    Hi Reshmi how are you doing today?

    So we have fluctuating DV?? That's not good tippy toeing on eggshells I bet🙄 No wonder you are exhausted.

    I loved the flower pic BTW it really is so pretty.

    Ok the bloods...I finally went to the Dr on Thursday about my stomach (took a leaf out of your book thank you) who ordered that set of bloods (only did the other set the other day) and a 2 week referral to gastro. So yesterday I had my bloods done at a different surgery (all good but mega bruise - a bit like mega brain, but more colourful!) and then in the afternoon a call to have endoscopy next WEEK! On Thursday it is. I admit to being rather nervous it's the one thing I do not want, but others have managed ahead of me. So big girls pants will go on.

    Paul is working in Bournemouth overnight so Charley (eldest daughter) will take me and Kari will stay with me overnight if needs be although I doubt it.

    The good news however is that Lucy got the job. She is going to be a nursery assistant starting induction in two weeks' time. She is so excited 😊McDonalds asked what they could do to retain her, but she had to say nothing, but the flat she will be in is 2 mins from Mcdonalds and 10 from the nursery so all very good there.

    Barbara lovely to see you. No good having high BP with kidney disease at all is it? you've lost 12lb! Wow! Well done you. I didn't know you had 12lb spare to lose, but that will really help with your BP. I think mine is on the low side 93/68. Take care now.

    Oh Toady😫 you must have been livid with yourself deleting a whole post.🙄 were you trying to enlarge just a bit of it? I can see exactly how it could happen.

    I had a busy day yesterday first of all at 8.30 man came for Dudley (Juke) to have his service and MOT. Then Lucy's interview at 9.30 (she got the job!).

    Then bloods for me at 10.50. Then I tried to have an hour in the garden and the phone rang I missed the call it was the hospital trying to arrange a gastroscopy for next week! I only saw the GP yesterday, but he put me on a two week referral. Eeeek! help!! Not nice, but has to be done unfortunately. It's long overdue. Our Bosh having tests for her stomach has prompted me.

    Then in the afternoon Lu went for a swim in a pool here in the village with the babies she sits for. I got to feed a teeny tiny one. Bless.

    I did however manage to dig up my onions I had 13, although two are teeny tiny, most are pretty resectable. together with the garlic I am very pleased indeed🙂

    Glad Mr and Mrs B are ok. Builder😠

    Right better get on Might just get my pick up stick and do a litter pick before Paul gets up!

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) have a good day. It will be a different life for you in your bungalow it will be a dream come true you deserve it all you have been through (()) have a good weekend. love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) I’m sorry you deleted your post. The man not turning up a gain he can’t be short of money can he. Have a good day. and a good weekend

    Barbara (()) that’s good loosing 12 lb in weight than money. I hope everyone is alright. Have a good weekend. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) Sorry you have to have an Endoscopy I will think of you (()) did your juke pass his test. That’s good Lucy getting a new job just the job for her (()) have a good weekend next weekend is a bank holiday. love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) how are you feeling today (()) and your mum (()) have a good weekend.

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    Hi Toni 🌺how are you today?

    I was under so much stress yesterday my dad woke me up after I’d had mxt for no reason really he wasn’t feeling ill and in need of help, nothing like that, so in night I felt so unwell plus mum was ill not hypo tho thankfully and took it out on me.

    I knew dad is getting bored but no need for this cruelty, anyway thats over now I guess.

    that’s good that doc is looking into stomach, no need to thank me btw lol, endoscopy isn’t that bad tbh T throat gets a bit sore and uncomfortable but it’s just v temporary, Ive had worse and far more embarrassing procedures done, Mother Nature knows…anyway I won’t dwell on that.

    .well done L , about new job, that’s great 😃

    Yes v much eggshells situation with dad 😡

    Glad you liked pic welcome.

    im feeling better so far today but only did tiny walk

    mum has headache but otherwise ok I believe

    dad is feeling well enough to nag and bully us to death as it were

    going back to coffee squash guy full story was even funnier, he asked me to me to keep eye out for waitress so I could distract her if needed, as he’d bought fizzy water from diff shop and he didn’t want to be told off, silly man, I just nodded politely of course, but how was I supposed to distract her? say, “sorry to bother you but Spock has found exact source of alien invasion? Also do you know that there’s a cheese monster in the vegan aisle?”, oh no maybe am watching too much S Trek after all, as for cheese monster ref I blame that little troublemaker LA of course lol, kids are on the mend btw👍. Really need to stop now, will try another post later. Xx

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    Hi again Toni 🌺

    you got a mega bruise from all those bloods oh dear well at least it was better than an almost daily vampire experience that much is true lol,

    by the way my mum said that if you’re a bit nervous about the endoscopy that you can ask for I think it was called “cooperative sedation” which is a type of anaesthetic so you won’t feel anything 👍.

    So you’ve Got a bit of solitude? is that good? for me would be very much bliss like eating all the cheese 🧀🧀🧀 - sorry a bit of a recurrent theme there ha ha but I know some people don’t like it if I were you I’d make the most of your time alone though of course no harm in visiting or staying with relatives etc if that’s what you want to do 😀.

    I’ll leave it there Toni as I’m getting quite tired time of the month as well as methotrexate hangover yay!

    hi Joan how are you today? how is Sue? I’m feeling a bit tired thanks Joan but that’s due to time of month plus mxt hangover also rather hot but I guess we all are really at the moment ha ha mum is okay thanks she had a bit of a headache in the morning I think it’s better now though, dad is dad 😡, have a nice afternoon both of you take care. Xx

    Ps really funny meme I found online lol. Xx

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    Helloooo 😊 not getting anywhere with anything today so far, trying to do some shopping and everything I want is the wrong price for the wrong size in the wrong shop etc, my head is muddled and I have way too many tabs open so I have come in for tea. Ooh, that's better. I don't know what I did with my post frog, I wasn't bolding, it's something odd I've done it before but after you've done it you never quite know what it was 🙄. Thank you for the sympathy but have it back today yourself with a bit extra on top for the upcoming test 😬🤐 you are brave to nerve yourself up to addressing this 🏅 and I do hope it's ok / tolerable, and mostly that they have nothing interesting to find and can go on to help you in some manage-symptom type of way. Well done Lucy, I must have missed or misread that she had an interview! That sounds great for her, still handy and no dangerous kitchens 😀 (just children and they are only scary in the eye of the beholder 😉. Oh a cat pram it is then, I'm fascinated 😺 . Hope everything else going ok after yesterday, MOTs & whatnot, less busy today maybe and some more pottering hopefully, windy here but not unpleasant. The builder, it's a bit of a long story but I'm not going to blame him out of hand until I get the facts as he's been good about keeping in touch usually so hopefully he will again - mainly I'm petrified he has been taken ill with heatstroke or covid because I'm onto my 4th attempt here and if this turns into a dead end I'm out of options really. More and more I'd just like to move tbh. Btw the ebay sale was quite a nice profit thank you (not 3 figures or anything just worth having), but sold to someone living in a Grade I listed mansion - ok on the one hand it's good for me if people have money to spend but talk about rubbing your nose in it 😫. Mrs B is fine but so raggledy poor thing, I keep telling her she's beautiful & never mind.. will post pics sometime if I get to it. Have a good post-litter pick afternoon xx

    Hello joan, I don't think it's entirely the builder's fault but as I said to frog I am really hoping he doesn't have to drop out through illness etc, so I dare not ask as I may not like the answer! - if he's not ill he's just unreliable those are the only options really. Hope you got your paint ok and your friend can get on with painting ok, I have nearly done mine I just have to push myself to get it finished instead of procrastinating. Have a good day (windy isn't it!)

    Hi bosh things sound a bit mixed at HV hope they simmer down a bit and hope your Mum feels better at the moment🤞. Glad it's the weekend and no bloods for you just as well after mtx. Can't seem to get on with much today I have been improving my garden catproofing much good may that do 🙄 and pottering about on the internet. Nothing to do for ebay today, well I have things I ought to list but they can wait - I only really sell something once in a while, basically I have one 'good' shop with nicer things and 1 random little odd shop for just household odds & ends or clothes etc, haven't sold anything in that one for ages. Funny that fizzy coffee guy expected you to cause a diversion 😂 gosh, especially on the spur of the moment who can ever think of anything. I remember the Star Trek episode you mentioned haha, there were some that were funny / less serious like that, others that some would probably say were funny unintentionally, good nostalgic stuff though and you forget it was modern at the time, there wasn't anything more sophisticated. I can actually do the Vulcan salute more easily now I have odd arthritic fingers, before I would have had to think about it first, now it's keeping them straight that's more difficult 😂🖖. Hope you have an ok afternoon & weekend :) xx Btw that meme pic is so true, poor doggies they should have stuck to being big bitey wolves and never been domesticated. 🐺✌️

    Love to Barbara and well done on the weight loss, glad your BP is good too 👍️ xx

    and love to Kitty will hear news from you sometime I expect 😀 xx

    Back to the shopping, have a good day everyone xx

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    Hi Toady 🐸

    thanks for your nice message to be fair I had met the coffee squash guy before long time ago at the same group so it’s not like he asked an almost stranger to create a diversion tho as you so rightly pointed out what kind of diversion could anyone realistically create? Haha, interesting about the Star Trek episodes yes they definitely have a charm about them, I see about the eBay shops, maybe we should all become bitey wolves I could think of worse ways of living, haha, no need to go to Tesco anymore just hunt in the forest won’t go into more details otherwise otherwise the Netflix horror film censors will have a field day lol. Hope you have a good night too take care toady. Xx

    Ps forest 🌳 pic. Xx

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    Happy Sunday everyone😊

    The kettle's on

    Still no news from Kitty yesterday? Hmmm....might have to try to track her down and just check in with her🤨Hope all is well with you me duck ((())) xxx

    Morning Joan I'll cope with the camera sounds as though there is something they can do to help according to Bosh's Mum I will ask about it. Thanks the Juke passed first go bless him. Thanks also about Lucy she is do pleased. I hope you are having a good weekend yourself? ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi how are you today? I hope the MTX hangover is backing of and the time of the month hurries up and goes too🙄

    We went out to a garden party yesterday in the village it was lovely (the lady has COPD like me so super covid cautious) it was their 50th wedding anniversary and outside in their garden. It was good to see people I enjoyed it. Weird though to be socialising with anyone but family I think!

    Please thank your Mum for her tip about the camera I will ask for that I really am very very nervous. I made the GP laugh when I told him I have 'run away' from hospital 3xs now😳They scare me. I feel sort of powerless? vulnerable? Something close to that. Maybe you understand?

    Oh dear Dad is back on form🙄has he finished his meds? If so send him out to his club with his friends that's what I'd do🙄coat or no coat🙄 Waking you up! Totally unnecessary and unfair 😠

    Mum wasn't quite right yesterday? I hope she is ok today?

    I love solitude. Yes love it. As long as it's not forever. I think it does us all good to be alone at times. The dog meme/pic oh that is wonderful poor wolves😂look how that turned out🤣

    Art guy certainly sounds a bit of a character. Referring to the cheese monster would certainly distract her, but I think yes talk to her about star trek😁 Perhaps not! What is Art guy like??!! Talking of star trek have you seen the one with the tribbles yet? Let me know when you do that's the only one I remember.

    Morning to Barbara if you manage to get in today. I think about you every day and miss your tales about the family ((())) xxx

    Morning Toady how are you this sunny morning?

    I managed to get in the garden yesterday!! It was lovely Sleek 'helped' sitting nearby and keeping me safe. My old cat Eric did this up until the day before he died. So sweet.

    then she sat on the table and 'made' me sit down too.

    I will do the other pics from my phone they come up smaller that way. My harvest onions and garlic...

    Poor Mrs B I hope she's ok. You can't move house! They would have to move with you!

    I hope the builder get's in touch soon it won't be before Monday now though I think. Well done for the sale all profit is good👍️

    I often have anything up to 30 tabs open my brother is horrified when he sees me. I hope things are clearer today for you and you can find what you want and do what you want.

    Thank you for the kind words about the camera. I hope they do find something to explain the symptoms too and that it's treatable😊 I didn't like the 2 week referral bit though I expect it's just a post covid thing and honestly i am quite well.

    Breakfast it's SUNDAY so we can be naughty!

    vegan veg option available.

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) have a good day I hope things are going well for you. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) good luck with all your online work I hope it goes well.

    Barbara (()) have a good day all of you. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) yes I could have the sedation but you have to stay all night it would have ment having a carer to stay all night with sue she don’t like being on her own because she can’t get out of bed the bed has sides on it. I’m sorry you have COPD.Have a good day. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) did you get on alright at your club (()) love to your mum (())

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    Hi Toni 🌺 toady 🐸Joan etc

    How are you all?

    sorry v tired atm, don’t worry T we all fear something 😀, HV 🌋🌋 plus in pain

    bye for now xx

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    Hi again toady 🐸Toni 🌺Joan etc

    sorry didn’t mean to alarm anyone with that message, there’s pain yes but nothing extreme, Ive had some painkillers now, so feeling a bit better, group was good ty Joan, though artist guy is a bit of a character as T said lol,

    ok T will keep an eye out for that episode 👍

    don’t worry T I was in hospital for 4 months once 👍 also endoscopy should give doc clear answer about your stomach probs, Ive had 2 one in India v painful, one here not so much, you’ve been through much worse things 🤗

    how are you toady 🐸 ? another sweaty nasty day for me, DV really flared up too 🌋, anyway that’s over now, where did you buy the dr who teapot? Was it a sort of antique shop? The shops in my town centre are fairly generic mostly, there’s an alternative bookshop and cafe slightly out of town, they also sell fair trade “ stuff” as far as I remember, little ornaments, etc, books about human rights and so on, pretty costly though, also the cafe is great in theory but I really didn’t like the menu, I went there a long time ago and even though it was lunchtime I just had a tea while the friend had lamb burger, lamb - my nightmare food really 🤢. Just thought I’d ask have you always been a vegetarian? Ok hope your day and everyone’s day is going ok , bye for now xx

    Ps Family all ok btw but that dad…well will write more later.

    Ps pic is of a tea - drinking monster apparently, but has a certain LA - type put cheese 🧀 in his tea.? I certainly hope not, no doc would approve of that, lol. Tc xx

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    Hi all, just popping in now as I must make a phone call later and fit in a little rest beforehand.. should have had a walk but haven't, but did do a reasonable bit outdoors tidying up and so on. Lovely to see your 'produce' frog they look super! 🌰 😊 and Sleek on the table, oh her little face 😍. My new cat gate is a success (even though she will prob still get in elsewhere), I have seen her sitting on the outside of it and she can't negotiate it - but the other side to things is that of course I feel mean, seeing a cat looking in like a sad kitty locked out of the playground. I hate doing it but nor can I encourage her, oh it's an awful situation 🙄. Take Mrs B if I move?, well don't think I haven't thought of that angle - if only! Anyway she's just fine, and here is a little pic of her (I asked permission 😉) with her poor tail down to the quills practically while she grows new - she gave me one of her beautiful tail feathers. Nothing much else happening, I have finished my shopping sort of, all rather unsatisfactory though. Oddly I can pay more money sometimes for arguably things that are less good value, others I get on an utter loop looking for best prices and bargains etc (probably some sort of Gemini trait!) 30 tabs, well I am never letting your brother look over my shoulder 😳 yikes. The thing is if I bookmark something instead I lose it and I am always doing at least 10 things at once so 30 tabs would go nowhere. I am always going to buy a separate machine just to run very cleanly and pared down for browsing, but I know I wouldn't keep it that way. I am with you on everything you say about hospitals including wanting to run for the hills, we will all come with you though 👫👭 [< home-made small group of people emoji] 👍️ xx Hope everything ok with your Sunday and glad you could go to the garden party yesterday.

    Hello joan I have just about finished my shopping and must stay offline for a bit. There is so much to do though, I have become interested in this bit of family tree research I am doing, but it takes time - I am bad at splitting things into sensible little sessions. Hope you are having a nice Sunday it was quite pleasant outdoors earlier 😊.

    Hi bosh, glad you posted again to say you did not have especially bad pain today, even if requiring painkillers, hope it settles after those and is better tomorrow. Yes it is a stuffy humid sort of day, odd because I'm not hot as such but it is sticky, definitely. Have not done much today or had a walk even, maybe later would be better. My teapot is new it is one of a set that's an official BBC licensed range, you can get them quite a few places. It's orange with a Dalek on lol I liked the others too. *Talks about Toni behind her back* 😉 fancy only being able to remember one episode of Star Trek 🤨 oh deary me, and a novelty one at that. Seriously that one does stick in people's minds haha. I like the one where they go back in time to 1930s New York, Mr Spock has to wear a hat over his ears so as not to be conspicuous 🧢😄. Joan Collins is in it, apparently she had never heard of it when asked to do it but her children were fans which is why she agreed. Yes shops in town centres are mostly much the same these days.. an alternative bookshop would be better than none, independent bookshops aren't really able to compete on price with the internet but it's such a shame so many have closed 😔. I've been vegetarian about since I left school so 16ish, I ate fish for a long time after which I can't really explain 🙄 I am edging towards vegan options slowly as well. At least the tea-drinking monster looks good-tempered.. could he give DV a few lessons in cheery demeanour 😬 hope things not tooo bad, and you can have a good peaceful-ish Sunday :) xx

    Hello Barbara, here is my dear Mrs B looking how we all feel at the hairdresser, poor thing 😂 I promised her I will post another pic when she has her new tail feathers. Love to all 😘 xx

    Hope Kitty is ok 🤞xx

    Tea, definitely - she you all soon :) xx

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    My lovely Mrs B and one of her tail feathers she 'let' me have 😍 x

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    Morning everyone

    Just popping the kettle on

    rather gorgeous, but a bit too heavy for us lot.... will top up that fabulous teapot Bosh just posted.

    Hi Joan I might take the sedation if I can go home they said I could but someone would have to stay with me. Kari says she will (what would we do without our sisters?) Paul is on site in Bournemouth for two days. Anyway how are you doing? ((())) xxx

    I heard from Kitty yesterday she was ok although very bored. Sundays can be like that. Things are happening at the bungalow for instance the carpet is going down this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has some perfect neighbours who are going to let the fitter in. Soon have lots more to do Kitty than just drink coffee and be fed biscuits every five minutes😁

    Ah Reshmi you had a tough day yesterday I do hope today is much better for you ((())) Less pain and less HV 🌋

    I adored the flowery teapot so pretty thanks for that it made me smile. Mind you so did that tea monster who I agree is probably not dissimilar to a cheese monster🤭

    How on earth did you cope in hospital for 4 months you are one strong person to do that. Reassuring that the endoscopy here was easy. Toady is going to get you all together to come with me so kind. If you can bring Sleek with you too? Just keep telling me funny stories about LA BR and Toady can chatter about the birds and the garden....annoying neighbours.....

    Talking of the boys how are they and the rest of the EF doing?? I hope all well at least. Is your Mum 👌 good job you have each other to cope with DV isn't it?

    Take care.

    Morning Toadster

    I just needed a prompt I now remember Spock in the hat and another one with a woolly hat to cover his ears. I caught you talking about me behind my back😉 my own ears were 🔥

    You know your you leave them there for days on end too like me? I get so cross when my lap top closes without my consent and won't reopen them. I will keep my brother away I promise he is rather techie you see. I used to have a favourites thing but it got so long I gave up I wish I was tidier, but like you I am always multilpy multi tasking.

    Ok so you are feeling guilty about the 🙀 I get that, but Mrs and Mr B's lives are at stake. Could you just go round the front and pet the cat there encourage him to play somewhere else instead? Hopefully Mrs B will recover her feathers soon she certainly looks well enough otherwise. Sleek read what you said about her face she is preening😊

    Thank you I am pleased with my onions and garlic can't wait to get eating them. I know some are small but they will do for when we only need a small amount.

    Aren't hospitals scary places?! I just don't give in easily to being looked after. Get off me and leave me alone! That's how I feel. They have those all powerful uniforms and are standing i am often lying down in me nightie!!!!!!!!! Nope not for me. I will appreciate all your support lots of normal chatter please and bring Sleek if you can. She usually likes to get in on things medical.

    In fact she's ready...gulp!!

    A quick wave to Barbara form me in case your eyes will let you in today👋 I hope all is well. Fantastic weight loss there. I am very impressed. Yes bro said his BP had to come down that's important with kidneys isn't it? xxx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) not long now and you will be moving in your new bungalow good. Have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) if you move there might be a bird there that needs your help. Good photo. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) how are you all doing i hope everything is going has well has it can. Have a good day. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) thank you for saying about Kitty it’s nice to know how she’s getting on. Have a good day. Did you say a fortnight before you have the appointment that’s worse you have the waiting and worrying until then. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) I’m sorry you have a pain I hope it don’t stay to long. Love to your mum (()) have a good day.

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    How are you today? no worries about the pic I like sleeks outfit ha ha, is your endoscopy today? If Not which day is it this week if you don’t mind me asking please? Hope it goes well anyway can’t really go too badly anyway the procedure itself 😀. Was in hospital for four months with mental health issues but that’s over now thank goodness.

    ER are more or less okay thanks tho La is getting a bit nervous about going to school soon bless him but I’m sure he’ll love it. I’m definitely feeling much better than yesterday but still not 100% but I’m sure I’ll feel a lot better tomorrow thanks for asking.

    it’s relatively cool weather here but still a bit stuffy somehow and sweaty how’s the weather where you are?

    mum is kind of okay it’s just the whole thing with dad is stressing us out yesterday he went food shopping for no reason at all carried a heavy bag difficult dealing with him to be honest with you ☹️.

    Tales about the kids will I do do my best ha ha LA once thought there were two babies in his dads tummy because bills put on so much weight oh dear I’ll leave it there because if I become the constant scribe of the stories I will get fully exhausted and not be able to have tea in the cafe, I’m sure understand 😀.

    i hope have a good day and that the endoscopy goes well today or whenever it is don’t worry it’s just an investigation so the doctors can sort your problem out hopefully take care. Xx

    hi Joan how are you and Sue? thanks for asking about my pain it was combination of time of the month plus normal arthritis stuff I guess a lot better today thanks after painkillers sleep and time hope you’re enjoying the day so far weather is a bit strange here to be honest cooler which is great but also stuffy and humid somehow bye for now take care. Xx

    Hi toady🐸 not able to write too much atm I got to do a few things I’ll write more later hope you’re okay tho? that’s interesting about the fish I love fish tasty and good for you though of course I understand why a lot of people don’t like to eat it 😀, thanks for the S Trek info you take care.xx

    hey Barbara xx

    ps pic I found of an alternative Mona Lisa ha ha. Xx

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    Hi all, funny old day out there.. bit of drizzle that didn't come to anything.. now just dull. Not a lot happening, my phone call didn't happen in the end so I have to do that over again sometime, oh dear, I do like ticking things off. Someone drilling somewhere all morning here 🙄 when we come with you to the appt frog there will be no shortage of neighbour stories.. it will be 'did I tell you about..' and 'you'll never guess what they've done now..' 😴😂. (Is it this Thurs? I'm not sure if your idea of next week is my idea of this week or not. Anyway I will start thinking about tea flasks and spare snacks like those packets of 2 or 3 biccies.. talking of which didn't C'burys snack shortcake used to be nice and now they're nowhere near as.. nothing stays the same 😕). Hope you can sort out the best arrangement re what options/sedation etc. 'Get off me' is absolutely my default with doctors, even if they're trying to help, sometimes because of that, their ideas of help are not necessarily mine haha. I once said to my rheumy that I would rather do what will get me a few good years now than be sensible and worry about my future and she said everyone says that, so it was obviously v. unoriginal 😐️. Sleek is very welcome to her compliment, tell her, I would be preening if told I had a sweet little face 😏 although in that uniform, well, gulp indeed! A little bit too professional and keen looking if you ask me 😬. Joan reminded me by her post that I hadn't asked after Oreo, and then I still didn't mention it when I meant to, dozy so-and-so 🙄 but pleased to hear things are ok with him. Unfortunately I can't lure 'next-door's' elsewhere to play, a) there's nothing much out front and b) it's too busy, and c) most of all, the back garden is where the fun & the wildy bits & the mousies are so of course she wants to be there. Oh well when the weather is less nice (heaven forbid) she will want to be poking about a bit less I suppose but it's no fun for any of us. Right, must go and finish another bit of online shopping - oh, tabs, do I leave them open? indeed I do 😄 in fact I only ever hibernate because of the fear of the non-reopening. I do back up my session file now & then but that's not copper-bottomed. Oh and while we're hypothetically horrifying your bro, I haven't updated Firefox for aaages because they made SUCH a muck-up of their tab design on one update.. it was awful. I did something as a workaround that I can't even remember what and I daren't upset the boat now. The moral being, 'I' would always be good with my comp if 'they' wouldn't constantly change things spoil things or have issues that make stuff go wrong. It will all catch up with me one day I daresay! Have a good rest of day all of you, has Lucy been able to have a break between jobs? :) xx

    Hello joan, yes I would always look out for the birds wherever I was 😀 and somewhere with a more self-contained garden would be lovely, even though there are always dangers, no cats would be such a good start. It is probably a bit of I think I heard an owl last night it must have been still & clear to carry from further away in woodland or somewhere.

    Waves at bosh, hope you are getting on ok with your stuff to do 👍️ and I will see you when you are next in, definitely take a proper spell to yourself & sit and have tea in the cafe ☕️. I do actually miss fish more than meat and I am not good at all at making sure I get suitable replacements from other food but it's all more fuss, I'm one of those people that would just as soon have a meal in a pill or something and not to have to bother, well tea & biscuits obviously 😉. Have a nice afternoon and I'm sure LA will be fine at school, being bright and funny and all that 😊 but it's tough when you're in those (little) shoes especially first day etc. xx

    Kitty lovely to hear about your carpet and everything that's going on 😊👍️ xx

    Love to Barbara of course 😘 xx

    Have a good afternoon everyone :) xx

  • toady
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    Edit for leaving a bit out of my post to joan, I meant to put something like 'it is probably a bit of a pipe dream moving house but you never know', then I wandered off that train of thought and started talking about owls instead!🦉- sorry Joan x

  • bosh
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    Hi toady 🐸 thanks

    I was just wondering do you have an air fryer? I was just asking as we’ve got one fairly recently and they’re pretty handy for food prep, do you like pulses and lentils - chickpeas for example? Great source of protein and also quite tasty at least in my opinion 😀.

    So you’re One of those ladies who has tea and biccies and still remain skinny lol, well good for you👍

    I’m Def quite tired today also the GP has a glorious habit of phoning after 9 pm but I really couldn’t care less now i’ll just check phone once in a while and go to bed early, Artist guy once told me that GPs don’t get paid very much , what?! He also said that he’s never worked for the money just for the love of it that was when he asked me about horrible job i used to do, there you have it, he’s a Reading artist getting paid more than GPs but for what exactly? Portraits of the partners at a certain GPs practice? Or Has he just bought all the cheese in south-east and his reselling it to cheese monsters and four-year-olds? the mind boggles

    i’ll leave it there t ha ha hope you have a good night take care. Xx

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    edited 23. Aug 2022, 05:55

    Morning everyone

    Looks brighter today after we had loads of rain teatime yesterday. The garden was 😊 Happy!

    The kettle is boiling

    Hi Joan how are you? Did you get the rain yesterday or was it just me? I am supposed to have the camera on Thursday and see a consultant within two weeks. So at least I don't have to wait too long for the worst bit!! Take care both of you ((())) xxx

    Hi Kitty if you call by have you got a date/time for the carpets to go down? Sleek wants to supervise the procedure. She's checked everything else so far and is happy enough with Jonathan's work🤭xxx

    Morning Reshmi how are you today?

    4 months is a long time to be in you did very well I admire you more than you can imagine. Lucy was in on chemo from January to October the first year of her treatment I stayed with her all except one day when Paul covered so I could see my cat. I know everyone is kind and good, but blimey they are tough places to be.

    At least my camera will be done and dusted very soon Thursday is the day. All organised; Kari will be as close as they'll let her be. You are right once that's done the Drs should be able to help. Unless they want to do one the 'other end' too😯

    I love the Mona Lisa complete with her bindi it suits her very much😉

    I saw you mention airfryers to Toady - I'd love one but something else to store🙄 do you roast your chick peas and cashews etc in it? I wonder whether there is such a thing as a teeny tiny air fryer.....🤔

    Sounds as though your Dad is still trying to prove he is the strong man of his youth carrying a heavy bag! Honestly! I do feel for you and your Mum at least you have each other.

    Oh yes BIL was carrying twins bless LA believing that but of course he would if he saw his Mummy's tummy growing with BR.

    I hope you feel much less😴 today. If the weather would cool down i think it would help no end. The rain yesterday was lovely the air smelled lovely.

    Today Sleek is trying to look like your Mona Lisa....

    Morning to you Barbara if you manage to get in. I we don't hear from you I will send you a message it's been a while. Those eyes😠 I hope all is as well as possible.

    You didn't say - did the car get fixed?

    Morning Toady did you not get the 'good rain' we got suddenly yesterday teatime?

    I am very glad to hear I am not the only hospital phobic person. I have a reputation. It's on my file. 3 times I have escaped. First time when I had Charley I was in at 28 weeks with pre-eclampsia. Supposedly on bed rest...yeah right (have you heard the racket on a maternity ward?) so I went home on my own in a taxi in my husband's dressing gown and Mr Blobby slippers. That was a Friday the midwife came to the house every day until I gave in the following week when my Kidneys failed I thought it best. The second time was when I had Lucy I had just had a planned caesarian and was in a lot of pain. A nice nurse took Laucy off to give me a few hours sleep. 10 minutes later another (not so nice) nurse brought her back. 'Your baby's crying - she's hungry!' I think I was disturbing her Christmas card writing (Lucy born 9th Dec and she was writing cards). That time was probably 2 am I agreed eventually to remain just for the night for Lucy not me and went home the next day almost with their blessing. The third time was for a minor op to remove a lump (caused by that darned caesarian) They triaged us (quite a few were men having the snip BTW) and as a (then I was younger!!) non-smoking, slim pre- arthritis younger person they just left me far too long and panic set in. This time l caught the bus and picked Charley up from school scared the life out of my MIL!

    Surgeries since then seem to have oddly resulted in chemical kosh for me asap. Oh the indignity.

    Sleek's nurse outfit has been around since Bubbles/Aidan's cat Pepe had a Dr's kit the two of them used to treat us all quite regularly. To be honest she'd LOVE to stick a needle in or do minor surgery I am sure.

    SO in the nutshell I NEEEEED you all there. I actually do!

    Bring biccies anything to eat I'll be starving no food for 6 hours before might just do 8 to be on the safe side what do you think? You'll need them to keep yourselves entertained while you watch.

    Sleek has the dearest face she really does I could watch her for hours and probably have a million photos of her😻

    Good idea not to encourage kitty out the front of it's not safe. Gosh no.

    I 'sleep' my lap top too none of your 'close down' malarkey. Poor thing isn't it? My brother got it for me during lockdown so it's his job to do the updates I won't say a word about your lack of updates I promise🤐

    Overcast here today let's hope thinsg pick up later so we can get outside.

    Right breakfast anyone?

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) how are you feeling. I think about you. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) have a good day I hope you get your jobs done today. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) how are you and your pains getting on and your eyes. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) yes we will be there for you on Thursday have you asked what film they are putting on for you to watch. We only had a few spots of rain yesterday. Sue left hospital once because when she went to bed she was worried about falling out of bed because there was no sides the nurse said we will put a crash mat on the floor sue said no and came home by taxi. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) sorry you feel tired. I hope you have a good day today and your mum (())

  • frogmorton
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    I totally agree with Sue Joan! Imagine that! A crash mat is far too late like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. Honestly. Here here Sue ((())) xxx

  • bosh
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    Hi all v tired poss mild virus bye for now

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