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    Oh no! Get well soon Reshmi


    Toni x

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    Hello folks - sorry to hear you're not well bosh 😔 hope it is only a mild 'thing' whatever it is🤞& hope you can rest up & don't have things to do etc. Thank you for your post of yesterday I will reply properly when we get a little update on you I don't want to witter on about trivia if you aren't feeling too good. Thinking of you (also hope it isn't going around HV of course) get well soon xx

    Hi frog, well I did not realize when you said you kept escaping from hospital that you meant it literally 🕵️‍♀️ I thought maybe a record of cancelling appts before you got there & generally evading their clutches. It looks like we are going to be there as security, not just keeping you company 👨‍✈️ we will do our best on both fronts 👍️ within reason 😉. They are magnificent anecdotes, anyway 😂 but not 'funny haha' for you at the time of course, all scary experiences (and very glad none of them were to your detriment!). Do hope bosh will be fine on the day but I will add lemsip and paracetomol and what-have-you to my kitbag in case. Hope the skies have cleared a bit for you by now, we certainly did not have the good rain barely a dribble.. I think.. unless it sneaked a bit in on & off, things were a bit damp this morning so maybe some overnight too but I have watered anyway. Have been doing some tidying & some neglected potting & also a bit more to revamping a garden obelisk (the cost of a can of paint and a few new nuts & bolts is as much as a new one, which always seems silly 🤔 but I thought I'd salvage it). Have a good evening and I will put my mind to finding interesting stories & funny things to post, so as to be in hand for Thurs. What's a few more browsing tabs open, tra la 😉. I installed a couple of new apps this morning (mainly for welcome bonuses), so today's gripe is Please Stop Telling Me I've Left Things In My Basket after 5 minutes 🙄 actually a bigger gripe is going to a website and getting the 'xx is better on the app' message, well it usually isn't and anyway I'll be the judge of that thank you. Oh so many annoying things I could go on 😂 the BBC is an offender for that last one, I was listening to Brain of Britain - I scored 8 & a half - have you noticed you just answer things you have known for years in quizzes.. can't say anything much new ever goes in. Ah well I must go and write an email or two, and think about starting a grocery shop 😕 but am available anytime for tea & pep talks 😉 xx

    Hello joan, what a hospital story that is 🙄 gosh poor Sue. Hope things are alright with you both today, I have got on reasonably well so far and for once have not let it get too late. I might watch back a bit of programme I missed about Agatha Christie, on Channel 4 with Alan Carr. It was a bit 'light' but still interesting in places. Have a good evening :)

    Love to Kitty and Barbara if you nip in for a tea of coffee - I bulk bought chocolate brownies but running a bit down on most other things til shopping day, so I'm afraid it's Hobson's choice 😂 oh well they are only a little short dated, help me out here 😉 xx

    Hope everyone not currently posting is ok xx

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    hi Toni and toady thanks for your card and kind wishes this morning need to get worried tho relatively mild thing whatever it is I think my mum‘s got it too i feel exhausted and stomach prob too more than normal that kind of thing, mum’s got it a bit worse.

    now is the time of day when the whole place smells of dogs…fill in appropriate word. Really not done much today apart from watch a bit of television and trying to get some sleep but still feel I haven’t slept or rested enough, everyone else is okay really, good luck for Thursday procedure T .

    toad don’t worry about trivia etc I enjoy it ha ha

    T it’s nothing to admire about the four months time me it’s something I’d rather forget tbh but thanks anyway I dealt with the situation i was in at the time like I know you have done many times I understand everybody has their fears but the hospital can help you sometimes it’s the only way 😀 As for indignity I’m the expert unfortunately but I’m not sure how an endoscopy involves indignity tbh, anyway not being rude just honest 😀.

    hi Joan thanks for your nice messages hope you’re okay? Tc xx

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    Hi again toady 🐸and Toni 🌺

    am in a bit of a bad mood I must admit, dad’s being his usual selfish self, mum’s stomach is hurting etc she was crying, dad just ignored both of us and got on with one of his stupid cultural society zoom calls, like I told T I’m a member of an as*xual FB group and while it’s ok in some ways there’s a lot of rubbish on there, I was going to post on FB about it but here’s better, more safe, so yes good to know that they’re more “people like me” out there, but this FB culture of certain individuals’ endless need for “validation”, what does that even mean? Also one person posts on there, Ive got nothing against her personally of course, but why wear revealing outfits on a As*xual post?? Are the admins there too afraid to reject them? Political correctness gone mad? Ok that rants over now you may be pleased to hear lol, My goodness I’m sure it’s nothing serious but I hope I feel better tomorrow and there is no more grumpy Bosh good night everyone take care. Xx

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    Just popped in to say 'night to bosh, because I just happen to be online.. doing sensible things of course, not browsing and timewasting and shopping and poking about when I shouldn't still be, oh no, as if I would 😉 pleased to hear you are not feeling tooo grim even though tired etc and hope a night's sleep helps🤞sorry your Mum is not too good though all the best for a better day for you both. I will call in tomorrow with more chit-chat &c. but here is a funny pic for you for a change, or rather a video, of a little mouse drinking its cup of cafe tea ☕️ you would think it would rather have cheese for supper but then again maybe mousie found there was a bit of a shortage on account of certain members of the EF having got there first 😉 Have a good night :) xx

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    Edit because I am still here (and coincidentally that's FB related too because I was trying to accomplish something & failing😕) just to say sorry I missed your last post bosh by doing mine without refreshing, will get in sync tomorrow but hope you feel better for rant, definitely do come here for that where we are sensible objective types :) x

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    Morning everyone who calls by regulars or newbies

    I've put the kettle on

    Morning Joan how are you today I answered your post from yesterday already but i think we're on a new page now. No rain for you yet? We had quite a bit but still not enough so Staffordshire is still in a drought. Ah well I will keep conserving water. ((())) xxx

    Kitty if you call by I hope you are doing ok and the bungalow plans are moving forwards as they need to? Sending ((())) and my cat to check on you up there in the Tower! xxx

    How are you today Reshmi you were really out of sorts yesterday (I quite like that expression don't you?) I did feel for you.

    As long as your Dad goes to another room for his Zooming and lets you and your Mum watch telly and relax I'd leave him to get on with it🙄I also wouldn't expect any sympathy from him it just doesn't happen😕((()))

    Resting, sleeping, TV hopefully drinking is all you can do with that sort of thing I do hope your Mum is on the mend too?

    Do they actually actively monitor facebook? I tend to think not properly too scared of accusations/repercussions. That I will say for our mods and Admins that wouldn't be allowed at all on here. It is safer. I have to eye roll too about some people's 'endless need for validation' Well said Bosh!

    I understand what you said about not necessarily being strong. People said they couldn't do what i was doing when Lucy was ill! What??? I thought! You do what you have to do. A lad in there with Lucy maybe as much as 18 was terminally ill. I had many conversations with him he said much the same as you: 'I am playing the hand God gave me'.

    I very much hope you are much much better today and please don't ever worry about having a 'grumpy' day we all have them I am with Toady rant away ((())) xxx

    Morning Toady how the diddly are you? No more rain here just a very brief shower when I opened the door for poor Sleek. I must keep an eye on her apparently several cats have gone missing around here😥one on the same road as us.

    I am indeed a recidivist escapee from hospitals😳. Even outpatients and GPs clinics reduce me to tears (before I even get there) I just hate it. I am glad the stories made you smile a bit. They do me now, looking back. It's the modes of transport that make me laugh and probably the Mr Blobby slippers. Hopefully you'll all just entertain me enough so that I don't need to think about pegging it😉 Bring a blow up bed for Bosh in case she needs a sleep as well as the other bits if you can. Actually Aidan AKA Bubbles used to get me to bring out the cloak of invisibility at such times if it helps?

    I LOVED the little mouse! Oh how sweet I actually want one so much. ❤️ He could live here I would look after him.

    I am very pleased you have repaired the obelisk (I have a few and took one in of P's too) it's worth it because we need to 'Reuse, Repair, Repurpose' Recycle must be last on the list surely. Are any photos available?

    They can all just shut UP! We know what is in our basket don't need reminding and definitely do not need more apps thank you very much.

    This is for Barbara who's anniversary it was yesterday 53 years bless her

    blimey I was up all night doing that!

    breakfast anyone?

    anyone ever made overnight oats? I'm going to have a go....

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) how are you doing take care. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) you don’t need 2 of the same thing in your basket just because it thinks you need it. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) how are you feeling have a good day. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) yes thank you I saw yesterday’s post about sue. Don’t worry about tomorrow at least you will know what’s causing you a problem. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) I’m sorry you don’t feel well and your mum (()) I hope it doesn’t last to long. Have a good day take care.

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    hi all wppl (will post properly later). Xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    thanks for mouse and tea vid, v funny, yes I can def foresee world cheese shortages mainly in my stomach lol, went to group for v short while but v tired will rest soon, how are you doing? Bye for now. X

    hi Toni 🌺 I’m v tired but def better than yesterday thanks, good luck for tomorrow, need to rest now, xx

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    Hi all 😊 I am attempting to knock off many annoying or overdue jobs all at the same time, this is doomed to failure but I will have tried 😂 tea, sticky buns and cheering me from the sidelines all gratefully accepted.

    Hello bosh & hope you're doing ok today - talking of sticky buns, yes & no I can eat biscuits &c and stay thin, but more like eat biscuits & get thin as I don't put weight on - I'm skinny not in a good way (underweight). Admittedly I don't put much work into it partly because of iffy digestion as you'll understand, but also because they always tell you things like instead of just a banana, have a banana & 'top' it with a jar of peanut butter & a ton of choc chips - like you're hardly going to notice those extras 🙄 well if I ate that it would be ages before I wanted anything else so it comes to the same thing in the end. Thank you for the tip about the air fryer, I don't have one I'm terribly lazy about cooking 😳 but they are a good idea.. I used to eat more pulses and I do like them 😀 if I made the effort I could add them into things definitely. Anyway basically I don't eat packets of biscuits at once or anything like that, it's just I'd as soon have tea & a biscuit as a cooked meal, if I had to take one or other to a desert island. Hope you & HV all not too bad today despite DV's underwhelming support 😒 and your mum is feeling better. Have you got any more bloods this week? I was thinking back to coffee squash guy's (alleged) career painting GPs portraits, all I can say is he can be grateful he's not immortalizing my lot on canvas 🖼️ good luck doing that just for the love of it 😱 the horror. Talking of artiness your line about 'now is the time of day..' etc sounded exactly like something TS Eliot would write, I had to go & check if he had 😂. See you when you 'pp' xx

    Hi frog, it has just started raining, just because I left my brand new loppers and a nice dry bucket of clippings out for 5 minutes 🙄 grr. The obelisk is only partly done, I don't move at speed on projects 🐢 😂 also the spray paint really reeks, even doing it in the garage in quick stints it's awful so I may have to take it outdoors. It's one of those splay-legged ones and was always a right fiddle to put in place, probably you're meant to poke a leg at a time in and add the higher poles as you go? 🤔 Anyway not a v nice day out there today, this won't ripen my toms 😣 runner beans looking ok though and I had peas in a spanish (ish) omelette yesterday 😀. I do make overnight oats, when I remember; you don't need that many depends how big a portion you want - I use soya milk, just make myself a little quarter small cup of oats and cover, to about halfway up with milk & chuck in a few seeds dried fruit etc. Hope you are coping ok today with 'the run-up', I have been visualizing Dilys Laye in the Carry Ons after your tales of escape.. they were always trying to get out of the ward or get up to something.. I'm sure you don't have the requisite nylon nightie though 😄

    well I shan't dwell on things but yes we will use the cloak of invisibility for sure, that way Joan can bring the dear dogs 😀 that would be lovely, and not selfish of me a bit, ahem. I dreamt next door's cat brought me 2 live mice, which I put in a shoebox and then had to wander round with endlessly looking for someone to hold it for me while I could get them a bigger one - this is what you get for posting wind-up mice before bed. How awful that there have been some cat incidents oh dear you will have to send Sleek to an MI5 safehouse or something! I do hope it isn't anything sinister 😥. Have a good afternoon and I will be around & about the place if tea is required xx

    Hope Joan & Sue are well today, yes I don't like being pestered about my shopping and I don't really want suggestions either they are never anything you would buy. Tesco don't have any ordinary sugar for me for tomorrow not even caster, shan't be paying out for cubes so will have to eke out what I have. There are always things they don't stock that you can't really see the reason for.. I check the site and see things and forget I'm not logged in, then you find you can't have it from your store 😕. Have a good day xx

    Barbara Happy Anniversary 🥂😘 love to both & family xx Toni has got you a lovely cake thank goodness, here's me offering you slightly old brownies - hope you have been able to do something you want today 😀 xx

    Love to Kitty too will love to hear more news when there is some 😊 xx

    See you all anon xx

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    hi Joan

    how are you and S today? I’m not too bad thanks very tired and still not feeling 100 percent but definitely better than yesterday mum is okay at the moment I think dad is being a pain otherwise not too bad thanks hope you have a nice evening. Tc xx

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    Hi again Toni 🌺

    how are you this evening? hope you’ve got everything ready for your procedure tomorrow? It’s morning or afternoon? Hope it goes well don’t be scared I know it’s easy for me to say that but trust me it’s not as bad as it may seem to be and I’ve had it done twice 😀.

    sorry I didn’t write much today got very tired after going to the group for a tiny amount of time plus there was all the Reading Festival traffic so that didn’t help either There was a new girl in the group she asked me if I go to the festival I almost said “I’m very flattered that you think that’s I’m in my early 20s at the most but no I’m not a festival attender haha” I like all sorts of music but I never have really been a festival person it’s a bit muddy and dirty for me, did you used to like going to music festivals when you were younger? I don’t think they’re particularly safe either COVID wise of course, but I always hear about assaults etc happening at the Reading one, def best to stay home and stay safe in my opinion 👍.

    “Out of sorts” yes that’s a good expression lol, yes I was that indeed, felt v weak all day just stayed in bed almost all day but still didn’t feel refreshed and not much appetite at all, which was v unlike me, lol. Am feeling considerably better today, but not 100 % yet. Family and EF are ok thanks.

    Anyway won’t go on too much at this time will let you rest🤗.

    bye for now and good night Toni, xx

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    Waves and frog again for a little bit of solidarity 👍️ see you tomorrow you will be back here before you know 😺 tea anytime - I am expecting to be up at various hours so by the time I either can't sleep or have to get up in case of the milkman who comes at some godawful hour or the postman - just nudge me. xx

    Oh and I made a muck of my post somehow it was mean to be an edit to bosh, whose last post I had just seen, to say glad you got to the group even for a bit - lovely willow pattern teacup, my Mum used to have loads of embroidered table linen like that 😀 xx

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    Morning everyone

    Wet outside have we had enough yet? Probably not never mind.

    The kettle is on

    Morning Joan I'm glad you found both posts yesterday. You're right I probably should have had the camera years ago it is best to know what's going on. Thanks ((())) xxx

    Kitty me duck how are you? I hope all systems go for the move back into society! It's been along time I bet you are looking forward to getting your independence back. Take care see you soon here I hope.

    It was a relief to see you back yesterday Reshmi, but I still appreciated the quick message the day before so we knew you were ok. Definitely 'out of sorts' but at ok. I do hope that today you are even better than yesterday ((()))

    You did well to at least call into the group briefly. Getting out is just so important for us I think especially those of us who have HV or should I say DV to contend with. Imagine that a new young girl thinking you would want to go to a festival! I love music too like you, but not now I am far too old for that sort of malarkey and COVID risk is probably still too high.

    Remember to do COVID test Toni before you go in this afternoon...😷

    Right the gastroscopy is this afternoon. I have to be there for 3.30 so will aim for about 15 minutes before. Charley is driving me and Kari there then will pick us up afterwards. Yesterday I made some soup with some root veggies I had to hand (carrots, swede and onion) incase I have a sore throat when we get back. With sedation it may well be lateish. Thanks for the reassurance you've managed 2 wow. Well done.

    Next time I post i hope all will be done and I will be here to tell the tale!

    Morning Toady ok we'll use Aidan's cloak of invisibility this afternoon. I have to stop eating (stop eating???!!!!) 6 hours ahead and drinking tea and coffee then. Can drink squash until 2 hours before. The COPD likes lots of drinks but I'll manage I suppose..... I think I have persuaded Madame La Sleekipuss to not bring any herrings, cockles or fishy lattes.🤞so that should help you. Although I accidentally ate garlic last night😖I hope the staff will be wearing masks!

    How could you put that pic of me in my nightie on here for the world to see😂eeeh lass them were t'days!

    Thanks for the overnight oats recipe I will do them and see if l like it. I use soya so your recipe should do nicely. I had planned to add chia seeds and some fruit I keep a lot in the freezer for puddings and to go on ice cream so all geared up for that.

    The weather (are we complaining again?) has stopped the repair of the obelisk. You must paint outside it's no good for your lungs even in the garage. Well done eating your own veggies in your omelette Don't they taste soooo much better than shop bought?

    A quick wave to Barbara if your eyes let you in. I'm sure you'll be there this afternoon anyway so I'll see you later. No giggling nor leaving biscuit crumbs😉


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    Good morning everyone hope you’re all ok?

    good luck T 🌺

    wppl (will post properly later)

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) have a good day I hope you will soon hear when you can move into your bungalow. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) we have never had a delivery from Tesco. Have a good day I hope you get your jobs done.

    Barbara (()) have a good day Happy Anniversary to you both. You are a lovely lady and Mr B (()). Love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) thank you saying it was 3 30 I will be there. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) I hope you feel better soon love to your mum (()) does she still feel the same.

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    Morning all - well in the end I was indeed up at all hours owing to a spider in the bathroom (on the cistern!! 😱) and a big flappy moth in the bedroom. All safely escorted outdoors thankfully. So have not exactly been up since the crack of dawn apart from taking the front door off the latch but I am all present & correct here for the off this afternoon - good luck frog & kudos for making some lovely soup 😊 - I hope bosh is bringing an umbrella I haven't got a very good one and this rain seems 'in for the day' maybe.

    See you all later 👍️ xx

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    Hi again Toni 🌺

    i know it’s almost endoscopy hope it goes well 👍

    homemade made root veggie soup 🥣 that sounds like a good soothing option

    for me my throat was sore just very temporarily felt fine by the time I got back home

    yes loads of people infest Reading at festival time I call them the “festies” tho who originally came up with that name I’m not sure now lol.

    when the music gets going it’s so loud we can hear it from our house makes sleep difficult 😞

    anyway like heatwaves it doesn’t go on forever 😀

    not too bad today thanks very tired they didn’t even manage a walk and then the GP phoned just when I was just about to get some sleep 😡

    shes still tweaking lithium dose but that’s okay i guess I got blood test on Thursday of next week just weekly ones at the moment 👍

    yes it is nice to go to the group sometime that’s true

    EF all coming on Saturday for the birthday related festivities

    tiny LA story for you here I’m calling it “the condition of brotherly love” lol, LA said to BR “ you know I love you BR but if you break my Lego tower I won’t love you any more”, Little BR is of course too young to understand non-baby language at the moment really but he did manage to copy and say “love you, love you, love you”, the fate of the Lego tower is unfortunately unknown at this juncture, bless them.

    Hi Joan how are you and Sue today? I’m very tired and not quite sure if my stomach has settled yet but otherwise ok thanks and excess family are coming to visit on Saturday, mum seems a bit better now in the morning she was feeling a bit tired and unwell but she didn’t let me know the details even though I did ask 🤷‍♀️

    anyway I think the main thing is she’s feeling better now 👍

    bye for now xx

    toady 🐸

    Hi how are you? Yes I do have an umbrella for T , a brand-new one in fact with a round wooden handle - type thing, almost as hard as a certain GPs head! i’ll make no further comments for fear of censors ha ha, that’s funny you thought it was TS Elliot 😂

    okay I’ll stop waffling for now and try to sleep

    bye for now all Tc . Xx

    Ps alternative umbrella for Toni 🌂, lol. Xx

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    Hello all this will rake some time but I get there..its like motion sickness wugh these eyes..all moving and going into one..🥺

    Toni thankyou so much for making the cake.. if you knew the fiasco that was our wedding you wouldn't believe hiw we lasted 🤣 I gave never had an endoscopy abd like you dread them..but it will come and go .my late mum wouls say..will be thinking if you xx

    I'm so pleased Lucy has anew job bless her I know she is so good with children xx

    Joan thankyou not much pain just horrible eyes...but we all plod on are you and Sue doing and the doggies of course xx

    Reshmi we need to sort your dad out ,I really feel fir you abd your mum ..I'm so pleased you are feeling a little better...maybe stress frim dad doesn't help xx

    Toady don't you worry brownies weren't stale 🤣they qent down well with the cuppa

    You sound like ys we gave been moving for the last 40 years..something not to be rushed 😅loving the pic of the black bird bless ...and the feather..he donated..I wish we could tell ours apart ..the young sometimes give the show away with the warning noise xx

    Thars me fir now

    Love to Kitty hope the move is not long now xx

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    Well that all went to plan 😣 Tesco man was late, which took me til past 2 outside of my slot, in which time I missed a phone call from THE BUILDER through not hovering over my mobile.. followed by a round of texts and calls & to & fro messages, the upshot of which was him coming at around 3. I'm so glad bosh was here holding the fort with tales of EF and umbrellas and pretty cups of tea! I was not supposed to be dragged away at the 11th hour, WHY does this stuff happen 🙄 I mean how often do I have anyone here, the chances of 2 things happening together is so ridiculously unlikely. Sorry frog, I was there under the cloak of course and hope all's well - Kari will have picked you up long since I assume. Hope you are feeling ok and look forward to hearing from you next!🤞xx

    Hello bosh good luck with the EF visit and any special occasion type things that may or may not be going on, glad your Mum is feeling a bit better hope that continues. If you managed to have an afternoon sleep hope it was one of the nice ones, being good & fitting in rests &c must be helping you keep that groovy festival-goer visage 😀 ooh, nice compliment! I was asked once did I want my shopping rung through with the discount for 'old people day' at the supermarket, this was years ago too 🤨. Have a good afternoon & evening, oh it's Thursday not Friday 🙄 (I'm all over the place after this morning), well I'll just repeat good wishes for Sat tomorrow, ignore me. xx

    Love to Joan & Sue and will see Sue tomorrow 😀 I may not stay with Tesco long term, you can no longer renew your delivery plan (pay up front and choose from midweek slots only) for 6 months not a year, and they used to triple your loyalty points which virtually paid for a year's delivery but they're stopping that too. Will have to have a think when my plan is up. Have a good evening :) xx

    Love to Kitty and Barbara too 😘 xx

    edit I have just missed Barbara actually, well we were here at near enough the same time for a tea & chat - we will see how I get on with this builder, if the house falls down once he starts poking at bits of it then moving will be a case of having to 😂 see you next time 👋 xx

    hope to post more when I have time to gather my wits xx

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    hi and thanks Barbara and lovely to hear from you , yes you have a point there stress from dad may well be a factor, hope you have a good night and that maybe your eyes feel a bit better tomorrow. Tc. Xx

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    Thanks toady good night will write more tomorrow. Xx

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    Morning everyone

    I'd better put the kettle on before I start

    First of all you all have a very embarrassed 😳 friend here😳😳


    Now I didn't actually run away, but failed all the same. Yet again I was last must have been at least half 4/5 before I got in. Horrible consultant who was so impatient with your terrified friend. He didn't even get as far as trying the sedation although I had had the cannula in since 3.30. He had a golf lesson booked (which had cost him £40 I might add) and really needed a nice quick easy gastroscopy before knocking off and he got me instead - a bawling gibbering wreck😓

    You'd never know would you? I 'sound' pretty calm, but nope I'm a wimp. Sorry everyone. Sorry Charley and Kari for all their help too for nothing and all of you for being there for me. I think I may just have to put up with it now. We'll see.

    Morning Joan thank you for thinking of me yesterday I'm so sorry it all went wrong, but thank you anyway. If it's Sue do tell Joan what happened love to you both and enjoy your day out ((())) xxx

    Morning Kitty me duck how are you I bet it's all systems go at the moment for you Jonathan and Dawn. I can't wait to 'see' you in the Bungalow with everything as you want it. You carers coming in regularly and above all good neighbours and NO STRESS!😻

    Morning Reshmi I'm so sorry I let you all down😕I put Kari and Charley out too. Kari stayed the night anyway bless her and Charley stayed for a coffee. All the preparation we did for nothing. Will send Kari home with some of the soup and freeze the rest of it.

    It does sound as though that virus is a lingerer. Hmmph. Hopefully you and your Mum will feel pretty much normal today.

    The Festies had just better stay safe. P's daughter rang me yesterday morning, to catch up bless her, her two boys (16 and 19) were there. I hope they behave mind they are well brought up. Both went to Rugby don't you know!

    What an adorable story BR saying he loves LA I know it was just repetition, but your sister will have been enchanted as am I!💕I hope that LA was chuffed and that his lego tower is still intact🤞 You'll be able to check out tomorrow when you see EF. I am wondering whose birthday celebrations just in case it's you our friend here's a cake

    I know the Dr rings you far more than you'd like, but it's so good she is getting things right for you too.

    Thanks for the lovely umbrellas and the pic of the books and cup of tea so restful just what I needed.

    Barbara you did a great job yesterday posting it was lovely to see you. I am sorry it was making you feel queasy those eyes!

    Thanks Lucy is so excited starts officially on the 5th.

    I think haveing a fiasco of a wedding day may well be what made you so determined to stick together🤭 Either way I think it's a real achievement so well daone.

    Take care ((())) xxx

    Morning Toady. Hope you are well today.

    By now you will know that I made a fool of myself yet again. I am so cross with me and also cross with the Dr I hope his golf ball got stuck in the rough (is that right? ) or one of those sand pit thingies.

    So sorry to disturb you all, but I do now have the name of the consultant who I will be seeing properly about the issue although I really don't want an appointment through the letterbox. What a waste of NHS money I have been.😓

    I'm very pleased to hear that you have finally communicated with the builder and that he came. When can he start? I hope very soon and all will be well.

    Don't worry about not being there for me nothing was happening at 3 other than a cannula going in. Quite painless. It was later on I needed to be sat on by you all I think. A nicer consultant might have helped too.

    I think today I will have my walk and just fill in the 30 or so molehills in the greenbelt part of the garden....restorative yes? The rain has got them chomping worms🙄

    Since I don't have a sore throat we can have something more solid than the overnight oats I made

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